Developing entrepreneurship is one of most important economic needs of Iran. Today entrepreneurship is the moving engine behind the economy of the countries which have already realized the need. T.R.S.M.S is a modern system for roofs and grounds and it solves lots of problems and brings the comfort you will need to try! This system is invented for the first time in the world and has three patent certificates. There are no similar systems invented inside or outside Iran. This system has broader applications than roofs and grounds. Being maintenance free is one of its major advantages.

Basic Function
In this method the system collects up to 70% of the heat near the roof. How does T.R.S.M.S work? The thermal snow melting system has revolutionized melting roof snow. This system slowly and evenly distributes heat through a network of pipes installed under the surface of the roof. The minimum working temperature of the system is 39 degrees Celsius – changing according to the ambient temperature. The incoming warm water with a an average temperature of 50 degrees Celsius is provided by central heating, package, or solar panels and is distributed by special collectors. Floor T.R.S.M.S is suitable for different types of floorings like stone, ceramic, asphalt and ISOGUM. Having used this system on roof we felt pleasant sun-like warmth on a winter day. When exposed to sun light, it is not the sun itself that makes us feel warm, but the radiating energy that does so. About 60 percent of the generated heat is in the form of radiating energy which can be quickly felt and melts the snow in no time.

The Advantages
Comfort at home Consistent heat to help melt the snow and prevent freezing, comfort you need to try.

Clean ceiling The moisture from snow and rainfalls has familiar damaging effects on roofs.

Safety and health Using thermal snow melting system not only involves no dangers but also provides more safety. Added value to the building The value of a building has direct relationship with the comfort it provides for its residents. This way one has more reasons to use the thermal snow melting system.

Technology has always aimed at bringing more comfort to human’s life. 1. Preventing Corrosion of pipes from inside and outside 2. Preventing sedimentation 3. Low lengthwise expansion coefficient 4. No oxygen permeability 5. Good mechanical resistance 6. Plasticity 7. Low weight

8. High installation speed 9. Reducing related expenses 10.Providing comfortable conditions 11.Fully automatic function 12.Easy and fast installation on different types of radiators (steel or aluminium) 13.Preventing damage to roof coating 14.Using this system saves a lot of expenses. 15.Usable for horizontal or steep roofs 16.Usable for roofs already isolated with tar or Isogum 17.Little need to maintenance

Five layer pipes
The five layer pipes are produced under license of UPORNOR from Germany. Conformity with the present technology, commitment to maintaining and improving the quality and offering adequate services to the customers are necessities of presence in the future international market. Quality control equipment in one of the most equipped laboratories together with a quality guarantee system completes our technical knowledge and using the latest world technology, we guarantee the products you will use is the safest. The thermal snow melting system can be used not only for roofs of houses and stores, but also for yards and industrial buildings. The quality of the services, our experience and the remarkable performance of 5-layer pipes give you enough reasons to choose the thermal snow melting system. Accurate and calculated design Pipe array and the distance between them, the position of collectors, and the temperature of the incoming water are among the very important parameters calculated by computer according to the overall conditions of the project. Fast and trouble-free installation

Licensed installers have had adequate training and have enough professional experience. A professional engineering group is always ready to monitor and consult. Simple system, but a world of complexity! T.R.S.M.S, is a complete set of the required equipments, technical knowledge and experience. Calculations, design and accurate installation play a key role in sound performance of this system. Without this accurate installation the system won’t be economical. This invention is the first of the kind in the world and with our knowledge and experience, the installation is according to international standards.

5-layer pipes coming in different sizes The pipes, with diameters ranging from 16 to 32 millimeters and all the needed equipment make all types of projects possible and using modern control systems, proper temperature is provided at any given time or place. We have provided for the correct installation of the system at any phase.

Technical specifications of the pipes
Standards of the used pipes Under the license of UPONOR from Germany Owner of the first ISO 9001 in Iran’s free economic zones The first pipe to have a license from the building research center Winner of the gold star of quality / Geneva 2000 Winner of the international award for commercial credit Winner of the international European quality award / 2003 The best exporter of Iran’s free zones Winner of the award for culture and industry Sponsor of the great “Me’mar” – builder – award Winner of the national production festival award Member of the building association Owner of the “observer of the consumers’ rights “certificate




The thermal snow melting system is a modern device for yards and roofs of any shape and type. It solves lots of problems and brings about comfort one can only feel through experience. Unlike old methods of shoveling, in this system water is circulated through a network of 5-layer pipes installed under the roof surface and evenly distributes heat throughout the roof. This way snow is effectively molten and freezing is prevented. About 60% of heat is radiated making it quickly felt and the energy saved. This system is a complete combination of comfort and safety. Roof surface quickly dries and is far less slippery. Different types of Thermal Snow Melting System

T.R.S.M.S type A Suitable for buildings having a central heating system provides the necessary heat for melting the snow. T.R.S.M.S type B Suitable for buildings lacking a central heating system heats up water. In this type solar energy In this type hot water

T.R.S.M.S type C Suitable for old historic buildings In this type a current of hot air through the pipes provides the necessary heat for melting the snow. T.R.S.M.S type D In this type, electric heaters with special coating and design are installed on the roof.

Suitable for schools

Preserving ancient monuments

Historic buildings and Cultural heritage
Visiting historic buildings is one of the main tourism discussions; snowfalls and frost in the winter cause lots of problems for these buildings. Using thermal snow melting system you won’t worry about it anymore. Suitable for yards, floor and roof of historic buildings Type C must be used for the floor and roof of the historic buildings. Since historic buildings are in special conditions, we used a current of hot pressurized air through the pipes. Compressors blow the hot air into the pipes. Since hot air fills the pipes you do not need to worry much about leakage. The system can be used during the rainfall; quickly heating up the surface of the roof it making it impermeable to water. Type C of the system is more economical for historic buildings, and unlike type A in this system the pipes are not covered with cement, but for the sake of conforming to the appearance of the building, they are covered with a mud-straw mixture. Since 95% of historic buildings lack any modern central heating system, this type sends hot gas into the roof, floor and grounds pipes, melting the snow and heating up the whole building from the ceiling. The flow of hot air through the pipes gradually dries up the building after any rain or snowfall. This system can be installed on any type of roof (flat, dome …). One of the most prominent features of this invention is its light weight. The system is designed in a way that even in the lowest temperatures the hot air in the pipes does not freeze; in order to ensure this, some electric heaters have been installed on some parts of the pipes to prevent cooling of the hot air in the pipes. Type C of the system can be used for the buildings (historic buildings) whose maintenance is of high importance. The advantages: 1. Preventing drabbling and wetting 2. Gradual drying of the roof right after the end of the rainfall 3. Light weight and low cost 4. No or little need to maintenance 5. Melting the snow as quickly as possible 6. Reliability and comfort 7. Maintaining the national monuments 8. Roof heating – to heat up the inside of the building 9. Relatively long life

10.Usable for religious-historic buildings

Archived News
Part of the Qajar roof of Nooshabad anthropology museum collapses under the pressure of snow
Part of the cone-shaped Qajar roof of the anthropology museum collapses after 3 consequent heavy snowfalls in Nooshabad, Kashan. Reporting the event to the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) The head of the Cultural Heritage Lovers’ association of Nooshabad, Kashan said that negligence of the authorities in charge of the maintenance the building was the main cause of the accident. This is despite the fact that not long ago, the association had warned the authorities of the risk of the roof collapsing, but no measures had been undertaken. Hamidreza Ansarifard added: “there have been three consequent snowfalls this winter, putting much pressure on the roofs and thus damaging them.” According to him, negligence in transferring the sewage and drainage pipe systems from the roof of the building had caused the collapse of the rood this museum. He also stated that this collapse has also damaged the already mended parts.

A Young Worker Dies While Shoveling Snow in Shaft
A young worker falls down from the roof of a poultry farm building in Agha Sayyed Sharif area in Shaft while shoveling snow and dies. Heavy snowfall has interrupted everyday life in Gilan province providing lots of people with the chance to get a shovel and start work as snow-shoveling workers! Hamid Hossaini, a 30-year old worker living in Shaft, died after falling from the roof while shoveling snow.

Heavy Snowfall Challenges People
o You can easily read stress and worry in the faces of people. Snow-shovellers who have just found a profitable business; they demand $ 2 to $3 per square meter. They shovel off the snow from roofs, taking out people’s worries over collapsing their house roofs, but at a high price!

People with Heart Disease Shouldn’t Shovel Snow!
Engaging in any hard physical activity especially in cold, snowy weather can give people with heart disease a heart attack. “One the most common emergency cases on snowy days is people with heart attacks. “Reported Dr. Hamidreza Yoosefi, a heart specialist, in an interview with ISNA’s reporter. He added “being exposed to very cold weather affects heart’s function. This is why undertaking tough physical activities can trigger a heart attack or failure. According to him, Shoveling Snow, pushing cars and even snowballing is TOO dangerous for these people. He emphasized that these people should keep it in mind that they should avoid quickly increasing their body temperature after being exposed to snow, as this would risk their heart’s health.

The right choice of the Thermal Snow Melting System effectively provides the residents of a building with maximum comfort.

T.R.S.M.S: Some Quick Facts
Did you know? Each square mater of snow weighs 200 Kg and each 200 square meters of it weighs 40 tons, the weight causing the collapse of lots of buildings! Did you know? The pipes used in this system do not freeze in the lowest temperatures and the temperature of water flowing in the pipes is sensed by the sensors and then adjusted! Did you know? How important it is for any country to maintain its historic buildings and monuments? Did you know? This invention is suitable for any roof type (mansard, flat, bonnet …) stadium roofs and football fields? Did you know? This system needs no maintenance! Did you know? Besides melting the snow, this system prevents water freezing and ice formation. It can also transfer water to the drainage system.

Did you know? Falling ice deposits after being warmed by sunlight have killed and injured a lot of people! Did you know? This comparatively low cost system efficiently and quickly melts the snow down! Did you know? This system can run fully automatically while you are on long journey! Did you know? After these pipes are installed in place, they are coated with cement and then the whole roof is coated with ISOGUM coating.

Final words,
The Thermal Snow Melting System is a complete set of the required equipment, technical knowledge, and experience. Calculations and design play a crucial role for the performance of the system; without them the system is not likely to be economical or perform well. Now one might ask himself, why not use the Thermal Snow Melting System?

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