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GILLES OLIVIER 16 Calais Irvine, California 92602 Home: (714) 730-7772 Mobile: (714) 328-8646 go552bcc@westpost

.net QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY Versatile, self-motivated Domestic/International Marketing & Business Management professional experienced in European, North American, Latin America, and Asian business practices. Recognized for the ability to streamline operations, cut was teful expenses, and improve overall profitability. Demonstrated ability to perfo rm both independently and as a productive team member. Proficient in Windows XP and Vista environments, Microsoft (Project, Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Adobe Acro bat, Lotus Notes, and ACT!. Excellent communication skills with fluency in Engl ish, French, and basic skills in Spanish. Sales & Marketing Strategies Global Strategies Leadership/Teambuilding E-Marketing Certified Budgeting/Pricing Certified ISO 9000 Internal Auditor Market Analysis/Research Quality Improvements Marketing Communications SELECT ACCOMPLISHMENTS *Strategized and implemented a global price increase 2 weeks ahead of schedule t o keep up with rising steel costs, immediately increasing the bottom line by $70 0K in the North American region. *Redesigned packaging on pallets, increasing pallet capacity 75% and cutting log istic costs 43%. *Created a new product launch router for successfully managing product launches, coordinating and scheduling activities, including demos, data sheets, product b ulletins, and pricing/advertising strategies. *Redesigned the international co-op program and established a process to monitor requests, issue credit, and provide account statements to customers; ensured pr oper implementation. *Initiated and executed the first OEM price increase in 8 years, increasing bott om line by $1.5M. *Set up pricing procedures to ensure consistency, quick turnaround, and intellig ent pricing on projects, increasing customer satisfaction by reducing turnaround on standard product quotations from one week to 24-48 hours and from 2 weeks to 5 days on engineered custom products. *Initiated, planned and executed the transfer of legacy OEM accounts to the dist ribution network, reducing invoicing cycles and improving follow ups and the DSO ; experienced a 65% and 89% success rate respectively for the commercial and ind ustrial sides. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ACCURIDE INTERNATIONAL, Sante Fe Springs, California, 2000-Present World's largest manufacturer of ball bearing slides, designed for furniture, app liances, industrial equipment, electronic enclosures, and automotive application s. Director of Global Pricing

*Manage global pricing for 200+ Distributors, 300+ OEMs, 5 facilities (affiliate s in N. America, UK, Germany, China and Japan) with over 200 product lines. *Spearhead all pricing initiatives for Mexico, Europe and China manufacturing si tes and perform profitability analysis based on global supply chain models, curr ency exchange, taxes and duties. *Collaborate closely with local engineering and sales teams to make pricing reco mmendations for OEM and distribution channels while addressing global market con ditions. *Assess costs based on manufacturing locations & market segment/region, optimizi ng product profitability. *Plan set up of pricing departments in Europe and China, developing and coordina ting global pricing procedures and tools to ensure process efficiency. *Implemented a pricing database consolidation for European affiliates, automatin g pricing during sales order processing and eliminating duplicate entry and erro rs. Corporate Pricing Manager, Domestic & International Pricing *Managed two project coordinators in the US; built and implemented pricing model s and strategies for Northern America, Canada, Latin America, Oceania, Asia, and affiliates' pricing for Europe and Japan, increasing revenue and improving prof itability in market channels. *Collaborated closely with engineering and sales, making pricing recommendations while addressing changing market trends, dynamics, and increased external price pressures. *Managed product line profitability and assessed demand elasticity by channels/c ountries. *Analyzed competitors' go-to-market strategies and pricing methodologies. *Implemented a conversion of over 20 printed books to e-pricing, generating cost savings. International Marketing Manager *Managed marketing initiatives for international accounts valued at over $17M in Europe, Mexico/Latin America, Asia and Oceania; built long-range strategies, ex panding market penetration. *Established pricing for new and improved products for markets and the intercomp any pricing for the affiliates; developed quotes for multiple international OEMs . *Conducted ongoing analysis of current and potential customer preferences, indus try trends, and competitors' products, prices, and distribution to determine and /or refine market strategies. *Served as advisor to the sales force and oversaw annual market forecasts. *Managed new product development projects, working cross-functionally with engin eering, sales, manufacturing, purchasing and other departments. *Created a "Project Request Form," facilitating customer needs communications by the sales force to the organization; implemented throughout the organization. *Designed a Competitive Intelligence Matrix database compiling competitive data from other departments. *Wrote "Go-to-Market" and "Sales Execution" plans for new and improved products launched into respective markets and organized training sessions for the sales f orce. MARMON/KEYSTONE, Pomona, California, 1999-2000 One of the world's largest distributors of specialty tubular and bar products wi th over 10K sizes and grades of carbon, aluminum, and stainless steel. Value Added Specialist, Western Regional Export & Quality Administrator *Spearheaded Value Added programs for the Western Region; identified customer ne eds and requirements, increasing revenue by 35%. *Selected vendors and managed entire projects from first article presentation to final delivery. *Set up KANBAN & JIT delivery systems; set up bar coding capabilities at the Cal

ifornia locations. *Trained account managers to identify, assess, and develop value added services/ specifications and educated sales force for reading blue prints, and risk/revenu e management; published a monthly review. *Managed Oceania/Asia markets, increasing revenue by 60% through overseas market ing. *Mentored, trained, motivated, and supported an export assistant. *Led ISO 9002 compliance; implemented quality procedures and managed auditor tra ining programs. Western Regional Export & Quality Administrator *Managed Oceania, Asia, and China markets, performing marketing research and seg mentations; defined and implemented marketing strategies for each zone. *Co-managed Europe operations; served as a consultant for new product lines intr oductions. *Set up Los Angeles branch for ISO 9002 standards; facilitated ISO 9002 certific ation. Additional experience as a Sales Executive/Account Manager, Inside/Outside Sales , and QC Supervisor for Kilsby Jorgensen, LTD/Earle M. Jorgensen and Management Trainee for Kilsby Roberts. EDUCATION CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY, Orange, California Master of Business Administration Degree Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree LEARNING TREE UNIVERSITY, Irvine, California E-Marketing Diploma EUROPEAN SCHOOLS FEDERATION, Geneva, Switzerland International Marketing Diploma ESARC BUSINESS SCHOOL, France Marketing Manager Diploma FRENCH MINISTRY OF EDUCATION & SCIENCE, France Mathematics, Physics & Technology Degree International Business Diploma