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The story of ‘Servis’ begins with a group of friends - young, energetic, fresh from college - who established Service Industries more than 50 years ago.. These young men, named Ch. Nazar Muhammad (Late), Ch. Muhammad Hussain (Late) – both from Gujrat district and Ch. Muhammad Saeed (Late) from Gujranwala District, started business in 1941 at a small scale in Lahore. At that time, they were only manufacturing handbags and some other sports goods. Within years their business flourished remarkably and they were supplying their products to every corner of India at the time of Partition.

Chaudhry Nazar Mohammad

Mohammad Hussain Chaudhry

In 1954, they installed a shoe manufacturing plant at industrial area Gulberg, Lahore. This started production in the same year. The industry started manufacturing various types of shoes. Later management shifted the factory from Lahore to Gujrat. Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. – the Group’s marketing company – was established in 1959. Humility, fairness, and respect were the values close to the heart of these founders and it were these values that led to phenomenal success of the Group over the years. Today, the production side of the company has flourished into Service Industries Limited (SIL) which has world-class shoes, tyres, tubes, and rubber production facilities in Gujrat and Muridke. SIL is also the leading exporter of footwear. Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. (SSC) is today Pakistan’s leading footwear retailer which is also diversifying into other businesses.

And with our commitment to constant innovation and uncompromising quality.  ITS COLOR IS WHIT WITH RED BACKGROUND . Servis and its roots are grounded firmly in Pakistan and its people. It is Pakistan’s leading footwear brand and retailer. their lives and their dreams.A humble venture of friends has grown into a Group that makes a difference in lives of millions of people every day today. We understand their needs. Servis has been their companion in happiness for over 50 years. At the heart of all our endeavors lies the spirit of our countrymen. BRAND AND BRAND EQUITY: SERVIS is a Brand name which has an identification of its manufacturer differentiation from its competitors. we endeavor to delight our customers with the very best products and services. Middle East. the brand today has a 400+ stores present in Pakistan. and many other regions of the world.  ITS SHAPE IS RECOGNISED AND KNOWN. Sharing in their moments both big and small. 2000+ dealer-base. Starting its journey as a single retail footwear outlet. BRAND ELEMENTS:  NAME: SERVIS   LOGO: SYMBOL: SHAPE: COLOR: IT HAS ITS OWN REJISTERED SYMBOL. and a growing international footprint in Europe.

With a growing portfolio of brands and a nationwide network that touches millions of lives every day. So the customers don’t have to waste time and money to search servis.  THE SOLOGON IS FEEL GOOD! WHY DO SERVIS MATTER? A. .in case there is any kind of deficiency in the product. they take all the responsibility to fix any problem.  Servis Group is one of the most respected corporate citizens of the country and has a rich heritage spanning over half a century.  It has very well competitor recognition in the market as most people prefer to use its product. CHARACTER: SOLGON: SERVIS USE DIFFERENT CHARRACTORS SUCH AS SHAHID AFRIDI AND OTHER SALIRITY GIRLS AND MODLES. Customers:  The servis is accountable for what they serve to the public .  It has well association and loyalty with its customers and hence they have very strong attachments among each other.  All the public of Pakistan belonging to any class of income know about the servis brand to be the best and reliable. So it is very well recognized company in Pakistan to be the best and people like to buy its product.  The firm has a good quality assurance and claim to provide best quality of products to the customers. B. Servis is one of the foremost brands in the country and has overall sales of more than PKR 12 billion.  Servis is Pakistan's largest footwear manufacturer and exporter with interests in wholesale and retail sectors. Firm:  The servis matters for the firm as well because it gains financial returns which enable the firm perform better in the market .

It has also established some of the most loved footwear brands including: . With a strong emphasis on product quality and innovation. tyres & tubes for two-wheelers. It has annual revenues of about PKR 6 billion and is the largest manufacturer of footwear. The Company runs its footwear retail business under ‘Servis’ brand. France and the UK. With its world-class retail systems. SERVIS SALES CORPORATION (SSC) Servis Sales Corporation (Pvt. The Company is at present the largest footwear player in Pakistan by revenue. (SSC) is Pakistan’s leading retailer that has set new record standards and created new benchmarks in the retail industry. Italy.SERVIS INDUSTRIES LIMITED (SIL) Servics Industries Limited (SIL) is a public limited company listed on the stock exchanges of Pakistan. The company employs more than 6.000 people in its facilities located in Gujrat and Muridke and exports its products primarily to Germany. and has been the largest footwear exporter of the country for the last 10 years. SSC is today heading towards becoming a regional retail player. dynamic approach to business and highly energetic team.) Ltd. SIL has built both domestic and international recognition of company’s products.

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