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YOURA GUTZMER 31051 Singletary Rd. * Myakka, FL 34251 612-298-0344 * yg553342@westpost.

net ________________________________________ Versatile business professional eager to contribute broad-scope office managemen t experience toward supporting a dynamic organization in maximizing bottom-line performance. ________________________________________PROFILE * Offer over 13 years of solid and progressive Administrative experience, includ ing expertise within business operations, medical support and customer service c apacities. * In depth knowledgeable of HIPAA and JCAHO rules/ application, CPT/ICD 9 coding and medical terminology. * Adept at developing and maintaining detailed administrative and procedural pro cesses to reduce redundancy, improve accuracy and efficiency, and achieve organi zational objectives. * Skilled at blending strong decision-making abilities with outstanding organiza tional skills, solid leadership attributes, and successful interpersonal relatio nship-building techniques. * Demonstrate strong abilities in handling multiple projects simultaneously, mee ting tight deadlines and working in a fast-paced professional environment. * Technically proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, excellent in Power Point presentation, and health information systems * Dynamic written and verbal communication skills; Fluent in English, French and Mandarin. ________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Inventory/Shipping Clerk SEIKO OPTICAL PRODUCTS OF AMERICA, INC. 2003-Presen t * Sharp business acumen and experience in managing broad scope of operations, fr om processing orders, shipping/receiving and customer service to maintaining phy sical/computer inventory in stocks optical lenses and frames. * Consistently ensured delivery of quality customer service vital to sustaining and growing clientele base. * Actively collaborate in the development and implementation of preventive maint enance training designed to stabilize equipment performance, improve quality and reduce cost. * Successfully handled 18,503 customer orders and shipments per month with accur acy at 99.99% rate. Program Assistant UNITED NATIONS WORLD FOOD PROGRAM 1998-2003 * Facilitated productive communication among government officials and other food aid organizations, ensuring timely and efficient food distribution in the city of Phnom Penh and three other provinces. * Strategically provide detailed reports to program manager, including monthly/y early data analysis. * Effectively managed 170 international NGO's and government partners in food ai d program with 45,000 metric tons of food distributed to 150,000 beneficiaries a year, while maintaining compliance with organization rules. Executive Assistant CAMBODIA DEFENDER PROJECT 1997-1998 * Actively served as Legal Trainer, successfully instructed 2,000 legal trainers , government officials, women, and families on Domestic Violence and National La w. * Proficiently provided counseling to 250 victims of domestic violence and manag

ed 15 projects for training women in rural communities. ________________________________________PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION Master of Health Administration in Health Care Education UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX 2010 Bachelor of International and Domestic Law NATIONAL MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE 00 20

Bachelor of Literature and Arts in Chinese (Mandarin) BEIJING LANGUAGE INSTITUTE 1989 Bachelor of Literature and Arts in English BEIJING FOREIGN LANGUAGES INSTITUTE 1987