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The Indian chamber of commerce Introduction The Indian Chamber of Commerce, or ICC as it is popularly known, is the premier body

of business and industry in Eastern and North-Eastern India. The membership of the Chamber comprises several of the largest corporate groups in the country, with business operations all over the country and abroad. Set up by a group of pioneering industrialists led by Mr G D Birla, the Indian Chamber was closely associated with the Indian Freedom Movement, as the first organised voice of indigenous Indian Industry. Focus Areas of Operation 1. Policy Advocacy Policy advocacy is the first and foremost function of the Indian Chamber of Commerce. Recognized as a proactive body of business, the ICC has contributed to economic policy making throughout the seven and a half decades of its existence. ICC anticipates future needs, responds to these challenges and prepares the stakeholders of the economy to benefit from these changes and opportunities. Through its linkages with partner chambers, it helps in making the voice of the Indian business community heard across continents.

The bouquet of services offered by the ICC include             Business Information Services at LLC.2. ICC EXIM Initiative ICC Agri Business Initiative ICC Environment Management Center ICC Council of Arbitration ICC Young Leaders Forum ICC North East Initiative ICC Convention Facilities ICC Voice IT Initiative ICC Calcutta Foundation Global MSME Forum ICC Informatics . the ICC offers a plethora of services.Services In order to strengthen the business community with the essential tools of doing business better in a fast paced changing global business environment. replete with a state of the art infrastructure such as video-conferencing and information networks that provide the cutting edge and managed by professional secretariat.

CII is a non-government. Partnerships with over 120 NGOs across the country carry forward our initiatives in integrated and inclusive development. partnering industry and government alike through advisory and consultative processes. industry led and industry managed organisation. diversity management. It also provides a platform for sectoral consensus building and networking. it is India's premier business association. with a direct membership of over 8100 organisations from the private as well as public sectors. which include health. enhancing efficiency.The Confederation of Indian Industry The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of industry in India. competitiveness and expanding business opportunities for industry through a range of specialised services and global linkages. education. not-for-profit. to name . skill development and environment. assisting industry to identify and execute corporate citizenship programmes. and an indirect membership of over 90. Founded over 115 years ago. including SMEs and MNCs. playing a proactive role in India's development process.000 companies from around 400 national and regional sectoral associations CII catalyses change by working closely with government on policy issues. livelihood. Major emphasis is laid on projecting a positive image of business.

the focus for 2010-11 would be on the four key Enablers for Sustainable Enterprises: Education. France. With 64 offices and 7 Centres of Excellence in India. Singapore. and 7 overseas in Australia.a few. Looking ahead. and institutional partnerships with 223 counterpart organisations in 90 countries. Innovation and Entrepreneurship would drive growth and employment generation. CII has taken up the agenda of “Business for Livelihood” for the year 2010-11. .Businesses are part of civil society and creating livelihoods is the best act of corporate social responsibility. UK. While Education and Employability help create a qualified and skilled workforce. CII serves as a reference point for Indian industry and the international business community. South Africa. China. Employability. and USA. Innovation and Entrepreneurship.