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Corporate Vision "We shall achieve growth by continuously offering unique products and services that would give customers utmost satisfaction and thereby be a role model" Profile Success is a journey not a destination. CavinKare began with a young mind choosing the road less taken. In 1983 with a single product, CavinKare started out as a small partnership firm. The Company that began its journey as Chik India Ltd was renamed as CavinKare Pvt. Ltd (CKPL) in 1998. With innovative Entrepreneur C.K. Ranganathan at the helm, CavinKare emerged into a successful business enterprise. Smart marketing and clear product positioning not only ensured CavinKare's growth but also helped the company broaden its product portfolio extensively. The company now markets ten major brands. Over the years, CavinKare has achieved a competitive edge with sound understanding of mass marketing dynamics. The company offers quality Personal care (hair care, skin care, home care) and Food products borne out of a keen understanding of consumer needs and keeping up company's the values of innovation and customer satisfaction. Today, CavinKare, having established a firm foothold in the national market, is increasing its popularity in the international arena. A dedicated Research & Development centre, equipped with latest equipment and technologies, constantly supports the various divisions in their endeavour. The Company, which primarily relied on contract manufacturing for many years has now set up its own world class plant at Haridwar to cater to the demand of both domestic and international market. CavinKare Group has crossed a turnover of 8819 million INR in 2009-2010. The Company has employee strength of 1520, an all India network of 1300 Stockists catering to about 25 lakh outlets nationally. CavinKare's astute professionalism, innovative products and consistent quality are results of its significant corporate practice. " To succeed we believe that we need total commitment and highest standard of ethical and corporate behaviour in order to provide the best for our consumers, stakeholders and employees".

Values and Beliefs:

Values and Belief


Actionable Points

Ethical Behaviour

The Company values honesty and truthfulness in all its interactions and shall be fair in all its dealing with people inside and outside the organization. We will fulfill promises and commitments.

I will not tolerate any actions of dishonesty and will highlight the same to the appropriate in the Company. I will create an environment that is conducive for practicing ethical behaviour


The Company values highly all efforts that lead to high standards in every day work and results. We shall attempt to be the best in class in everything's we choose to work on. We shall encourage any individual or collective effort in promoting excellence.

I will continuously set high standards for self and other. I will continuously strive to break previous records. I will ask always myself ´if given another chance how would I do better?´


The Company values innovative thinking, innovative approaches and innovative solutions in our regular work life. We will always look for newer better ways of doing things; we will seek new ideas to solve problems; we will experiment with new concepts, ideas and solutions to deliver unique products and services

I will continuously develop unique and differentiating ideas which would benefit the stakeholder or business. I will develop break through ideas and experiment on a regular basis. I will create an environment that will enable idea generation.


The Company values the individual belief of ownership and accountability. All our employees are an integral part of the Company and have a high stake in its well being as well as in shaping its destiny. Individually and collectively we assume responsibility for all our actions and their consequences.

I will take responsibility for all my actions and shall not pass the buck. It is my responsibility to guard and protect the interests/ property of my Company.

Stakeholders The Company values all stakeholders Delight and believes that all of them deserves the best deal from us. We shall aim not just to satisfy them but deliver more than their expectations to delight them. (Stakeholders include both internal and external±consumers, customers,employees,vendors,financial institutions,government agencies and share holders.)

I will constantly strive to exceed theexpectation of all the stakeholders (stakeholdersconsumers, customers,employees, financial institutions, government agencies and shareholders).

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