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c/o Misión Nuevas Tribus, Casilla 274, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, South America

“Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.” Psalm 96:3

May, 2011

Surveying the Simba South of the River

This June, we are planning on making a trip to visit the southern half of the Simba tribe. In the large Bolivia map above, the highlighted area shows where the majority of Simba-Guaraní people live … a region of rugged hills and valleys in the Andes foothills. The insert map shows the three long valleys of the Simba territory, which are divided by the Pilcomayo River. Until recently, this river has served as a natural barrier preventing much contact between the two halves of the tribe. While there are many villages in the north that have been reached with the good news of the Gospel, the southern half of the tribe has yet to hear. In 2002, Bill was able to accompany our co-workers on a survey of this southern area, which confirmed their isolation from the Gospel and from their people in the north. Since then, two bridges have been built, connecting the two halves of the Simba territory; this has made the southern Simba people much more accessible, and we have heard of several groups (including cults) who have begun to work there. The shaded area of the above insert shows the unreached Simba people south of the Pilcomayo River. This is the region we would like to visit for a week or two in June. We are currently prayerfully seeking the Lord to direct us as to where He would have us live once Jesse graduates from High School next year. We don't really know if moving south of the river would be a good option for us or not, so we are hoping that this trip will make that clear for us. Please pray God would guide us in this trip and we would have a better idea of His mind for our future.

Summer Plans
Please pray for our boys as they are involved in various ministries this summer: Josh – In early May, Josh plans to arrive at Camp Sagitawa, which is near our home in northwestern Canada. He will spend the months of May & June there in leadership training and preparation for the summer camps. He has been asked to organize and lead the teen helpers at camp. This is a very challenging ministry, and he would definitely appreciate your prayers throughout the summer. Jonathan – Following a visit to Bolivia in May , Jonathan is also planning to work at Camp Sagitawa for the summer. Jonathan will be taking the leadership training there in June to aid him in his work as a cabin leader. This ministry involves caring for boys in his cabin each week, who will range in age from 7 to 16 years, at the various camps throughout the summer. The majority of the boys are from nonchurch backgrounds, and Jonathan's work with them will include teaching Bible lessons each day. As well, Jon will be teaching various camp skills, such as archery and riflery. Jesse – In June, Jesse hopes to attend a teen Discipleship Camp here in Santa Cruz. The main theme of this two-week camp is 'Servant Leadership.' He is looking forward to growing in his relationship with the Lord through the sessions and activities of this camp. Then, for the rest of June and July, Jesse will be in Taperillas with us as we work on the translation there. Jesse is preparing to teach the Sunday school classes for the Simba children during this time. This will be challenging as the children range in age from 2 to 12 years, and Jesse will teach in Spanish while Kathleen teaches in the Simba language.

Please pray for our time in Taperillas in June and July. We hope to complete the comprehension checking of the Gospel of John, as well as complete the final check on the first few chapters in this book. Our translation consultant plans to be there sometime in June to check our co-worker's translation of 1 Timothy, along with beginning the final check in John. Please pray also for wisdom as we teach in the small church there and disciple the leaders. Praise the Lord for the progress made on the initial drafts of several books in the New Testament these past few months! Bill & Julio have completed the first drafts on the Gospel of John, 1 John, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, and Galatians, and hope to have Matthew and Colossians done by the end of May. Bill will continue to work on the rough drafts of other New Testament books during the summer … please pray he'll have the wisdom needed to translate these Scriptures accurately and clearly. Please pray for Julio as he works on the hymnal revision, and possibly on writing lessons, while we are in Taperillas.
In closing, we want to thank you for your interest and involvement in this work with the SimbaGuaraní … you are a huge encouragement and blessing to us! Bill & Kathleen Mann

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