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Julian Assange, Wikileaks and the great power interests

The Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange. Of course I also must say about this guy that he’s controversial. But let me ask the question, why? He haven’t done anything bad (except the sexual crimes why he’s on the Interpol’s wanted list, but who believes this? Please.) He just have shared what nobody else feared to share. The truth about governments, Iraq war, etc. . Julian Assange is truly an extraordinary aussie. In the age of 16 he began hacking with two fellows. Then later he wrote down the early rules of the subculture: “Don’t damage computer systems you break into (including crashing them); don’t change the information in those systems (except for altering logs to cover your tracks); and share information” The answer came from the police in form of an arrest, in 1991. He always was an innovator, a revolutionary. Since 1994 Assange functioned as a programmer and developer of free software. He always wanted to share his knowledge. This is what with the Wikileaks goes on. He just want to share what people have to know. When on 28, November is started to publicate these 250,000 diplomatic cables was the largest unauthorized release of contemporary classified information in history. Of course the U.S. government “loved” this. The Wikileaks is obviously revolutionary. But it can be like that in two aspects. At first the most common is about information sharing, losing privacy. Social networks are the vanisher of privacy but in a slower way. When facebook reached the magical 500-million user mark then comes a page like Wikileaks and influences everything. Everything what we tought about the United States government, war and of course about privacy. When we look at the most succesful and revolutionary sites than we reach all of them are “working” on that people should lose their privacy. But this dazzling site shows an another dimension of open society. I call it the absolute open society. And yes if the world will continue on this way, it’ll result in a – seen from these days – strange society. Let’s imagine it. Everything is open, everybody knows everything, there aren’t business and political secrets, but what about personal secrecy? Who will deal with every human on the globe? Yes, I think the answer is everybody will take care of one. Because the context is very important. If we’ll live in a society where everything is open then people will accomodate to it. With sharing their personal information and things considered before as secrets more directly and easily. Yes, I think that’s Mr.Assange’s vision too. “The aim of Wikileaks is to achieve just reform around the world and do it through the mechanism of transparency.” Julian Assange “What does censorship reveal? It reveals fear.” Julian Assange

As we can see in the first quotation Assange vision is something like absolute open society or absolute freedom of speech. But the second. Think it over. In history when was the censorship on it’s top? In dictatorships like Stalin’s communist regime in the 1940s and ’50s or in the Nazi empire. Always when the leaders feared the people, so they had to censure them. Nowadays there is a conventional censorship too. Conventional censorship? Yes, that should

be. But maybe it isn’t just that, maybe there are facts what people are should know. Then what? Of course a revolution like in the other way. But completely another revolution. Society remains the same, only the governments and persons who have to have secrecy will develop something what provide them the wanted discretion. Should be a network? Just remember how the internet – this tool what extremely shapes our lives – started. Army wanted to have a safe network. What’s that network now with the appearance of Wikileaks? Definitely unsafe! Then what succeed from it? Of course! There is going to evolve a new exceedingly safe network. Maybe it’ll have an other interface than computers. But in this networks first several decades will be secret for the public opinion. Then somebody joins that network, somebody who isn’t that safe what that network demands. Slowly it’ll begin to spread et cetera. Just look up in wikipedia the history of internet. Yes, this guy with a definitely strange hair is a revolutionary. But maybe he’s unaware of his role in the development of the mankind. He definitely have done something amazing what in this age we can’t handle. But only the future will tell if there will evolve an absolute open society or a completely new but extremely influental network. FA