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Day 4

The light that shines the farthest will shine the brightest at home. G. Campbell Morgan said that the church did the most for the world when the church was the least like the world. Today, many churches have the idea they must imitate the world in order to reach the world. A nation will not decay and collapse because of the people who peddle pornography or illicit drugs, but because of Christians who are no longer as salt and light. Sinners will act like sinners. When saints begin acting like sinners, their compromise hurts not only themselves and their families and churches, but also contributes to the decay of the entire nation. This does not necessarily mean that we should run cross grain with the world all the time. However, it does mean that we are to love!!!

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Your light - If you are a Believer, The real a supernatural "light". And you you are mark of a Believer is that he makes it easier for others to believe. ‘Good Works’ are responsible for letting your light refers forth. Each believer for Christ’s sake. shine to the things we do has the ability While weas onlyGod first in We are we help to shine make they can. our lives, others understand cooperate andthe Believer. brighter when we the nature of shine We also must understand that the goal to together. However, we are also called of ‘doing though no one join to be seen, build shine good works’ is not us. Stop your reputation, make a others for yourself or complaining about how name are not the church, but that GodFocus on your glory. letting their light shine! might receive Do your ‘good unique and reborn by the light. You are works’ reflect your goodness or God’s goodness? Spirit with the express calling to glorify God. Lamps don’t have to talk. They don’t have to because they shine. It is a great deal better to live a holy life than to talk about it. We are told to letverse that There is a nuance in this our light shine, andoverlooked. Itwon't need to tell often gets if it does, we is the nuance of, anybody it does. The light will be its own not just letting your light shine, but of letting witness. Lighthouses don't ring bells and it shine in a certain way. Different versions fire cannons to call attention to their state it in different ways. “Let your light SO shining--they just shine. How bright are shine”, “Let you your light shine IN SUCH A you? etc. The point others shine WAY”, Are you helpingis that we are to be brighter? intentional in developing a certain quality in

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What is the result of revealing the presence of Christ in your life to others, according to this verse? It brings glory to God. Take time today to read Ephesians 4:17-32, and see what elements are to be put away and what elements are to be emphasized, if you are to show Christ to the world in your relationships.

Okay, if you are the light because of the gospel of Jesus, then what are some ways that we keep our light hidden from those who don’t know Jesus? How can we let Jesus’ light shine tomorrow at school?

When Because of the New Birthour we are actively allowing you light to shine, we are Christ through a favor. experienced in not doing God the Spirit, May 15–21 It is because He has done light.favor do not you are emanating us a But that we allow our lights to do their not your light. our is misunderstand; it is work. Letting He light shinetheactuallysource. Jesus life with still is power aligning our gives His His… followers a align a mirror do this right now When you command to with the sun, it reflects light. effectively. way our lives ‘so and do it This is the The concept work. shine’ like the moon puts off nolanguage, Much is written, in the original native light, when it iswhich conveys the idea of in a way properly aligned with the sun, iturgency.the other words,We are to be be reflects In sun’s light. you need to reflecting His Light shine. whole are at stake. in a hurry to to the Lives world. How can you properly reflect light when you are This is also a permissive imperative, not in which means to permit your light to alignment? shine. God has put His light within you; it is your responsibility to let it out. Don’t do anything that will cover it, hide it or snuff it out. To shine is not optional! If we fail to obey our Lord's command we will fail to fulfill His purpose for us in His The reason you have friends is not only glorious plan. Matthew 5:16 to enjoy friendship. The reason you have coworkersLetnot only toso shine before men, that " is your light make the workload easier. The reason yougood works, and glorify they may see your have neighbors is not MISSION FOCUS: only because you live in a crowded society. our interactions with others. We are to your Father Team theHeaven.” also in light are The Japan who is from the youth life All these and other relationshipsof yourgroup What does emphasize words, phrases, notice that the In this week’s verse, kindnesses, will be ramping up their preparations given to you toBy that, Iinto their lives. Little, reveal? “shine” mean, when you relate openness, empathy, onRELATIONSHIP.way context of the verse is and on, in the this week. Pray for Shannon begin to do they every interaction as to others, considersee contentment or that best reflects the heart andmen” of God. Today, missionary, who was here on Sunday, The words “your” and “before glory and for to Japanese light of Christ bitterness? Do they churches that our It is one thing simply to relate to are to let it an opportunitythe shine thesee selfishness or establishes the place where you someone, team will into someone’s ministering with in sacrifice? Do they see honesty or is another shine.entirely to connect with your light thing This verse is not talking Sapporo. posturing? Just as light reveals things them at the heart level; the level that brings about a secret prayer or devotional life; it otherwise hidden, your life also reveals glory to God. about is thepersonal practice is not talking What your “quality” of your things to others. The light of your life relations to others? Do you take pains toin of holiness. It is talking about the place should be exposing the presence of Christ reflect the face ofworld where is our goal as God? That you rub your life and the in you. Is it doing that? Believers and followers of Jesus. shoulders with others of the human race. So the place for the impact of your testimony is in relationships. What is the impact of your testimony? Is it positive or When negative? people see you do well on a Same situation as yesterday, but today paper at school, or behave in the class, do you find some candles, light them, but put you feel proud? What if you were told that them under Jesus thought that saying that you bowls to protect the light from doing well actually is a thunderstorm one to please the Father, have Smart idea? What if during getting out.light, but not showing it, was just a not you? Does that change anything? get little crazy. It doesn’t make any sense. night your lights go out and you go to What kind of light do you think Jesus is the flashlight and it didn’t work, but you talking about? kept holding it anyway? Who in your


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