VOL. 58 NO.


Low Voter Turnout

APRIL 4,1985

rJL »? * - father permitting. "The reason for the name change " says MSG Pesldent Pat Songer "Is so we can return the day to its original sfc Both are not afraid to go door-to- idea of celebrating spring." door to meet with students, especially f anj one 8 l ' " t e s t e d In assisting freshmen. Whelan is hoping for that i L / [ M S G in planning t h e day ofi j'one to one" with the students events,students are urged to contact ter T1s o f d u t l e s !• 'H. ! » Armstrong is Sue Bennett, MSG Vice President •looking to be "more of a voice of the! Other business discussed concernstudents with the administration " He i n t e n t f o r re r is also looking forward to serving as £ L m ?1 P «sentative the student representative on thei ^ i .°K n 8 ;I h i y fre d u e M o n d a V April 15 Board of Trustees. 1 in the MSG office. mBjgmm «? Special Project coordinators, Matt h n admlts the Co,,e e o^ Slf 9 Senate is Whelan and Bryan Doherty reported MM something new to him, but it will be a wMSm^^m^ that|the contract between Mercyhurst challenge. and John Cafferty and the Beaver Both agree to sponsorlmore ac- Brown Band was signed on Tuesday tivities around sporting events, such Tickets are on sale at the Erie Civic as tailgate parties, to continue the Center and all Ticketron locations. The he Spec al Pro ects ITJ1 * K L ' OoimK! price will be $10.50 for the general have 7m tee and to poUcychanges in the rep at- public and $6.50 for ^Mercyhurst tendance at next year's MSG student with college identification. This excludes Mercyhurst faculty from MSG, its meetings and other thinqs purchasing the tickets at the reduced stro 9 wou,d ke »Ai^ " " to work with iSuGS* -F |#e«8ftg De t r C ee § i c ^ t r r o h » S S » » # | ^ WMCY and. The Merciad by getting a can on,y weekly newspot and a column to report t i J f e & f K Purchase one * J tickeTpe> I.D. and they m '*** l& 4 ^ i m *, ^ M ^ ^ M » Board a C t l V l t l 6 S ° f t h e E w c A v ! Tuesday, in the MSG will go on sale o e r : >!MH office, during **t •«•••«.•.»,, , , ^ ^ j ? ^ ^ ™ u check cashing hours. .1 ' * ""*»^
• H V* \ \ Oro

By Naomi Romanchok 1-1 The voting is over and next year's events, likef Monte Carlo Night, bus Mercyhurst Student Government of- trips to Generations and Football ficers have been elected.* Dave Arm- game^and Family Feud. He also hopes strong willjjserve as president, while to get new Ideas from the students Matt Whelan will take the seat of vice- possibly by circulating questionnaires! Tripp is enthusiastic and looking forpresident. Mary Beth Tripp and Karen ward to the challenge of the position of Komisarski will serve as treasurer and MSG Treasurer. " I am willing to put secretary, respectively. Jim Trocano forth a lot of work and effort" she was elected SAC Chairperson. says. ; Armstrong had 50 percent of the Newly-elected ^MSG Secretary votes among the presidential canKomisarski said, "My work as SAC didates and Whelan had 51 percent Secretary will really help me. I'm lookamong vice-presfdentlal candidates. ing forward to working with the other The other unopposed candidates officers. We'll have an*excellent Exwon handily. Write-in candidate for ecutive Board." Treasurer, Mike Scierka got a total of Commenting on the possibility of 18 percent of those votes. |having a weekly column in The MerApproximately 450 student voters ciad and a spot on WMCY, Komisarski** turned out at the polls last week. Accomments, "If we publicize what MSG cording to current MSG vice-president |S doing, maybe we'll stir up more rived at Merpyhurst," he commented. Sue Bennett4'«Overall, it was a good Whelan also said that the election interest." turnout? but ft was less'than what There is also plenty of enthusiasm in wasn't easy. "I wasn't overconfident " we've had the past few years." as d| a theTcey positions of president and vice- he states.?'Being as I'm involved with ft n i ^ p M m m ^ £ PPp'",ted at th A tf ,, ^£^^L^ lAgD3tronQ and Whelan the Special Project, I hadn't had time sck^or fexcitei1!fein liJTroBlfemiy *Ttte<* o dwell o n t h e eleQ»i™o ^ h e agree It wasn'tfan sasyrtam?mign.*ca e ectlons^'There weren't enough people running. It wasn't a 'healthv'^ cordffig to Armstrong, frhere were a The hewly-elected president^and campaign/* - fl ? ^ couple of candidates who ran fantastic campaigns, but campaigns are not the vice-president encouragef those canUnopposed SAC chairperson canessence of being president of MSG " didates that n tran e and weren't sucdidate Trocano was also disappointed co lnu their involvement He lists two important qualifications °?2?5JL1? at the lack of competition. "It would MSG. "We're holding up nave made it more interesting, without of being MSG President: "One, to be wtth and rotting out the redthe white oarpet," involved in MSG and its surrounding flag a doubt," he stated. quips Armstrong. Trocano bopes for more student In- activities during your college career Armstrong and Whelan have some and two, to know a wide range of-eeoput in SAC activities next year. "The plans for next year and will start to get ple, not just your friends." more students that show up at things underway by staying on campus Armstrong feels he won because he this summer. meetings and the more that get involv* nas the experience and a wide range the , n be more and « S*i f? ^ better ac- of constituents." He is also quick to Both hope for an increased rapport tivities," hef said. He plans t o keep point out that he is the first football with the students. This will be made some ofithisjyear's more*successful easier because of their accessibility to president. "The football player has ar- the students. J j ssP mm^mmri, 8tr 0 w1n b e n iiA ? ?? ** R-A. in McAuley Hall next year and Whelan llill 1 U e to be an SSS QL22S Union. ? , ^sistant at the Iw mm ftm&M%^$M$^ HHi ft&a student jk- ?

Armstrong wins idential

Armstrong and Whelan said with a chuckle that their first order of official business will b*to install a big-screen cable television in the MSG office All new officers will take over the f irstweek in May JThls is.tr, be a "tran•Won perkxMHwhewtheyswMI be wort}mg under the current MSG officers.


Activities Day renamed
As of Tuesday, MSG meetings have been relocated to 206 Main. It was announced this week that this A tivit X2&" S )es Day" will be renamed Spang Fest." 1 i
S Chedu,ed for M a 4


Afire* ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ R ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ P
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* *

* %

• .


• . . . * * . . .


„ .











^ . ^



APRIL 4,1985

Yearbook set for May delivery
By Naomi Romanchok The 1984-85 Mercyhurst College yearbook, Praeterita , is on schedule and should be «ready? for »distribution to | students about the third week of May. According to Martha J. P$Mf Camp, this year's editor, final {drafts of the book were mailed to the publishing company at the end of March.J \ Top row - Dave Armstrong, Tony Marino, Ron Casey, Tom Every full-time student will receive a copy of the book as Buckley. Bottom - Jo Ann Israel, Jothany Williams. part of their $60 Activities Fee. A distribution system has C not yet been determined, but Camp thinks it will be dispersed by the yearbook staff in the Student Union. \ i ^^ Resident Assistants for the three sources. Interviews were t This year's Praeterita will 1985-86 academic year have then conducted with Housing have a brown coverjfeaturing been selected. Of the 42 ap- Director Phyllis Aiello, the Old Main on the front;cover plicants, 18 : students were Residence Hall Directors and and the Gates of the college chosen. on the back cover. * J senior R.A.'s. J In Baldwin Hall next year According to Maree-Lynn -t Camp notes that the first 16 will be Mary Marchwinskl; first Cicon, Director of Baldwin pages are in color. They lend floor, Jo Ann Isreal; second Hall, "When choosing an R.A. themself to *a community floor, and Janell Harrington; a lot of careful consideration theme, starting I with pictures third floor. In Egan Hall will be l £Is needed *' ^ j of the Boathouse, through the ^1 Pat Hautzinger on first* flobr city of Erie, around the college icon |went on to describe and ending up at St. Mark's. and Theresa Kirik*on second the interview process. First, floor. I Camp says* that there the candidates are questioned weren't any!major problems R.A.'s for McAuley Hall for about comments which were with this year's book. "Things next year will \be Allen written about them on their went {well. We started from Passerallo; basement, Tom three personal recommenda- scratch. We had a small staff Parilla; first- floor, Tony tions, as wellfas information Marino; second floor north the applicants wrote about who put*forth*a lot of extra wing, Dave Armstrong; second themsejves. time and effort. We had some floor south wing, Pat Patter* problems getting settled in Later in the interview, the the beginning; getting a room, son; third floor north wing and Mike Hanes; third floor south applicants, were ied|through keys and scheduling." j j^ situational role playing. Accor- |t Shft <tay<uthat t h o d e a d l i n e s wlng.^fc i j i y i j^ ±
!$£*% f^ jSm9f*

to J l

Resident Assistants selected for 1985-86

deadlines were soon after get- pay $15.00, sight unseen." ting back from extended The success or -failure of breaks. § this yearbook may determine Camp |points to the in-the future of a yearbook on the fluence of moderator, Shelle Mercyhurst campus. But Barron in getting the book Camp thinks that on a smaller done. "Shelle's graphic arts in- campus such as this, a yearfluence in,layout and design book will probably remain. was strong. In the technical As for the future, the adareas;she really knew what ministration gave the yearshe was doing." book three years to establish Recent articles have com- itself. Camp hopes they will mented on the decline of col- propose a later deadline to lege yearbooks.. Articles cite allow for a "spring book" to inless student Interest on the clude such ^spring events j as college campuses. Camp says graduation, spring sports and that getting a staff together is toughlShe comments that stu- other spring-time student > 4 dent interest here on campus activities. Otherwise, there will be might pick up when they see what this year's book" looks yearbook editor selections like. "Many students were later in the spring. disappointed when it was @ Photographers have already discontinued." started shooting pictures for Cost is a big reason many next year's yearbook. The colleges* h a v e i s t o p p e d deadline for the color section publishing college yearbooks. is in November. So, even as Camps Is glad she doesn't this year's book is* rolling off have to sell books to the stu- the presses, the| 1985-86 dent body. She adds, "People Praeterita is already under aren't willing, at this point, to way. I ;***

Little Kings Night!
*£ *

R.A.'s will be Chuck Brower; Founders, Theresa Deffinbough; Mercy, and Ken Treshitta; President's. In the Briggs Avenue Apartments next year \ will be Jothany Williams; first, Paul Mack; second, Ron Casey; third and Tom Buckley; fourth. y*S Applicants had to get personal recommendations from

^ r.oy-hurg^

piays consist of Everyday oc- meet. "The deadline for the curanees which an R.A. may color section was only one be faced with." Applicants month after we were hired. were then evaluated by the The spring deadline was tough selection commitee. for spring sports that weren't All the R.A.'s will arrive on fully underway." Other major campus in late August. During that, time theyrwill participate in various workshops to prepare them for the upcoming year. ¥ WS

^jnfia-tp^P —i.uYT



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HraHk 'imfeHH
• • M S

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«5V -

—r-i j

3**. - ^ * * « « « c « ^ « r t « i 3 ^ ^ ^ ^
I I | | t 1

sv.\v,vv*"At* v




APRIL 4,1985



The 1985-86 Academic Calendar has been released by the office*of the Academic
Dean, ij ' * i

Dean dislikes calendar

Mercyhurst College 1985-86 Academic Calendar
Fall T«rm: AUGUST" 30 Frl SEPTEMBER 2 Hon '' 3 • Tu«i 4 V*d 10 1 Tuci

Senate accepts* new core proposal
By Naomi Romanchok The Mercyhurst College Senate passed the proposal for an addition to the foundation core requirements. The class, Research "and Analysis in Literature, passed £ in the Senate by a vote of 13 to 1. The Senate {also requested the Academic Policies Committee to review the number of core courses currently required and also to consider the Tnumber; of credits necessary for graduation. The passage of the new core requirement will not affect any students currently attending the college, but could be implemented with next year's incoming freshman class. The proposal also awaits - approval of the administration. m The Senate meeting lent itself entirely to the proposal submitted by the English department on February 14. Most attending | senators seemed to find a need for such an additional course in the c u r r i c u l u m . .Attending senators brought up specific points and problems of the proposal. Many members brought out the problems of students fitting the extra course into already hectic schedules, the being overloaded with double majors and the problem of adding another core requirement.) Extra personnel and classroom? availability were also mentioned, g ^ c *As shown by the final vote, the senators seem to feel the need for; such a course
p ro b I e m s o f some! students

S«pctmbT 4 - D<ctinb«r f l

I Fall term will start on Us "normal date", according to Academic pDean, Dr. David Palmer. "Last year it began a week later to avoid the problems of traveling during Labor Day." As the Dean comments, "Everything; was put off a week and there was a cash flow problem." J Fall Weekend is scheduled from Octobers 4| through fofctober 6. It now falls one, week after Homecoming ^Weekend and two weeks before Parents Weekend. f | v' Thanksgiving break has been extended. It will start on the Friday prior to Thanksgiving week. I Winter term has been condensed because oft the makeup of the Julian calendar. To allow forj the .required number of contact minutes, pre-registration days before the beginning of Winter and Spring term classes will be held on Fridays. :'f '• The Dean admits problems with the calendar. "It's the worst calendar since I've been here. Nothing felt right.
There's n o t enough*time," he continues, - " I T s t a calendar

• A


.- <if

Faculty Workshop Frothvan Orlancaclon Rag lacracIon/upparclaasean racum First <i*r of claasaa/laca raglacraclon Laac day Co changa/ancar claaaaa • Fall Waakand Kid-tsrm progress reports to taglserar Last day C withdraw/declare p a s s - f a l l O Viatet t o n registration Lsst day of classss/Thaaksgiving vocation begins of tor c l a s s e s Classes re suae V Compietod work for spring and sui ir Incompletes t o Instructors Lost day of classes/spring and sui ir Incompletes t o Registrar rilAL E A S XM ^ ^ > $g FINAL E A S XM FINAL E A S XM WlntarnTsr»:M Jsnuary 6 - March

4-4 rri/sun 23 Frl J


p 22







Registration ^' First day of c l a s s e s / l a t e registration Loot day t o change/enter c l a s s e s . Mid-tertn progress reports to Registrar Loot day to withdraw/declare p a s s - f a i l Spring term registration Completed work for f a l l Incompletes to instructors Last day of classes/Inconpletes to Registrar FINAL E A S XM ; f FINAL E A S XM Spring Tens: March 17 - May 22

FEBRUARY 14 Frl 21 Frl MRH AC 3 Hon

outweighs other such problems. \ \ Dr.j Bud Brown, College Senate President, was "pleased" with the proposal. It took more than two Senate meetings of discussion on the issue and its impacts. According to Dr. Brown, the Senate could have [talked "through more specifics or passed the proposal and then dealt with particulars. S % \ \ \ ty\ Dr. Brown looks forward to the Academic Policies Committee's recommendations. Joy Kolb, of the Sociology department and an attending senator, feels the proposal is useful. "Some students aren't going to need it. There is a way of opting out," said Kolb. The Senate allowed students who scored well enough in high school to opt out of rhetoric, but still must take \ the Analysis course as a prerequisite to World Masterpieces. Further discussion of this Issue awaits .the decision of the Academic Policies Committee. Ir* *

MRH AC 14 Frl

Registration _( First day of c l a s s e s / l a t e registration g Last day to change/enter c l a s s e s Last day of classes/Easter vacation begins after c l a s s e s Classes resume
.. -

Have a great
Classes Resume l April 9 ;W.



with no choice andfthere's nothing you can say." Spring break has been shortened to nine days, and Easter vacation starts only ten days after .the beginning of Spring term 1986. As the Dean states, "It's awkward but unavoidable." \

APRIL--*. 23 Frt

Mid-term progress reports t o Registrar Loot day to withdraw/declare p a s s - f a l l * Foil term registration begins •* Completed work for Incompletes to instructors Last day of classes/winter term Incomplete! to Registrar FINAL EXAMS/oonlor grades t o Registrar FXHAL E A S | XM ''"' t& f * Graduation


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APRIL 4,1985

There's no endfto involvement
The campus is alive with news this week. First of all, congratualations to the new student government officers; Dave Armstrong, Matt Whelan, Karen Komisarski, Mary Beth Tripp and Jim Trocano. It's nice to know there are still a handful of students willing to Seize the Opportunity. | < * jj i * The other four candidates who gave it their best shot should be commendedsfor trying. It's these students who will continue to serve as representatives of MSG. The government still needs participants like you. The opportunity to "Seize the Opportunity" is still in the air. It is still possible to become a leader. The Merciad and MSG need you. Currently, letters of intent are being accepted for each organization. The college newspaper iss seeking individuals to fulfill the positions of editor, assistant editor and business manager. It is usually assumed that these applicants have to be Communications majors. Sorry readers, that is a myth. Anyone can apply. W A Many students on the staff donate their time to this publication but they are not Communication majors. Grant it, this is an experience for the majors but art and business students are also essential to the operation of The Merciad. ,3 : I » MSG is also seeking letters of intent for department representatives. The officer elections lacked .candidates. Two candidates from each department would make a'healthy campaign'. ] I { J i I C'mon, what have you got to loose, jAbsolutely


> * *

> .

/ / /

L /

Assistant Editors Assists the i k ft editor with layout. Serves as a reporter as! well *

Apply Now For The Following f Paid Positions For The 1985-1986 Mercyhurst College Newspaper
Editor-in-Chief * Supervises all aspects of newspaper production. Works with staff, publishers and faculty advisor


involvement^doescL'taStop :with .polities- TholAnriuofrth t ©atl*iriy 6WIWtf" ^^ un sale;

.This looks like a good time to end this editorial. But,




££ &


Business Manager Responsible for handling advertising accounts, ^ f indjng new advertisers an^maintaining^the ^

The Special Projects Chairpersons Bryan Doherty and Matt Whelan have been working deligently to organize this event. However, students are needed to assist with this function. Involvement is not limited to long term projects. This is another opportune time to Seize the Opportunity. M$k- | f * * f There are so .many other outlets for involvement. Campus Ministry is always looking for volunteers. The Commuter Council seems to be falling apart at the seams. These are just*a few ideas promoting student Involvement. . I *2 *
• W

^ ^ ^ T O r marketing or business major


Please Note - If applying for the position of editor, please submit an editorial with your letter of intent. Editorials may pertain to any issue and must be typed and double spaced. i 2 Letters off Intent ffor t h e s e positions must be submitted to F r a n k Moavero, Box 1 2 9 by Thursday, April 1 1 at 3 p.m. The Merclad • For Inquisitive, ambitious and determined students


A thank you extended to maintenance crew
Dear Editor,
While? most of us* are just beginning to think about spring cleaning, the maintenance crew has been cleaning, remodeling, and repairing Mercyhurst throughout the winter. These ever present, seldom acknowledged men and women spend their working hours c l e a n i n g our classrooms and halls, painting r o o m s , | a n d d o i n g the necessary repair jobs around campus. During our vacations at Christmas, spring break, and Eastern the cleaning crew Is busy scrubbing offices and dorm lounges and remodeling offices and classrooms. The new wallpaper in the cafeteria, cleaning the lawns after the usual Mercyhurst weekend party, the education departPRflAniBw curriculum library. and the paint, paper, and scrub job in Campus Ministry are recent works. | ^ \ Many of the men also often work overtime during the winter plowing snow from our streets and sidewalks. When most of^us had the day off because of the storm in February, the maintenance crew was hard at'work in the 4 bitter cold and snow. From Campus Ministry and the entire Mercyhurst Community: Thank you, maintenance) Gena Kost

Colege Preis Service

next issue Merciad appear Campus


* s

APRIL 4,1985



search of a perfect society
I was approached by Naomi Romanchok to write an article about the adventures of being a foreign student. Well, let me tell you, it is not an adventure. But being a'foreign student has allowed me to perceive things differently about myself, my country (Egypt) and the people around me. It gave me a chance to hear different opinions and accumulate different experiences which has helped Ho shape my way of thinking. It all started five years ago. I was so excited about coming to the United States to continue my education. I was told by* friends and relatives who visited the U.S. how advanced it is. Some even speculated that ;the U.S. is at least 50 years more advanced than Europe. • .J jsjm2 1 I I started forming an image of the perfect society. I even thought that could be the promised land. I s j j £& Nor flong after| all these dreams I arrived to the United States. On my|way from the airport!to my uncle's apartment in New York, I was great" ly ^disappointed. There were bumps ini the streets.e#The streets of New York were nor very clean. At 2:00 a.m. I woke up and looked from the window to see astaxiithat broke down, w At|this point I realized that the perfect society,*and the promised land was not in New I found it difficult to express York. I had to wakefup and myself to other people. The start living with reality. idea was,: not justfto get my However, this story mjght point across, I wanted to exnot be very strange to you; press [myself eloquently and some of you might even had it Intelligently. However this problem lasted for a couple of years until I learned the English language. I also found it very hard to get accepted by peers, but that also lasted for a short period. I think these problems existed with foreign students until they adapt ?tof|the American way of life. Though I had a hard time, I had a good time when I was traveling in the United States. I visited many cities that I read about. I also made many friends that I'll never forget. Those friends were*very supportive and helpful. After all, this might be the promised land. | | Finally, I realized that the perfect society that imagined, does not exist. However, it's I Kbalid Massoud up to me to make it exist. in a history class. Well, may be America could be ugly if I not exactly my story, but the wanted it to look ugly in my story of millions of immigrants eyes and it also could look who came to the United States beautiful if I wanted it to look looking for gold, and they were beautiful in j my eyes. This Is greatly disappointed fto find true for everything we?do in that there was none. * f life, we could make it what we Looking back at the last five want; * ^ ' : f S& £ years of my life, I've had some Khalid Massoud Is a senior dfficult times and some good times. The difficult times due Computer Management Major. primarily' to the* language Ho will continue to reside in the U.S. after graduation. barrier.



Thurs. Tues.

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Film: "Eddie and the Cruisers'; Checkout1|ie- flicft mat. made John batferty and 12 the Beaver Brown Band hot! DetailsTBA*& i ^ " } ^ ^ . . " ' | * • , / -;' Sat. Cleveland Indians vs. New York Yankees Vlbme openedfcrtfepmgame ftrne 13- Tickets will be sold in SAC offlce-Transporhition will also be provided. 'jpj " -f Thurs. 18?Cafeteria Beach Party Featuring Erie's#1 Fun One^'D.J. John!" O.J. John will spin your favorite surf and sun.songs...$.Prizes for best costumes...Dinner.Hour. Fri. 19 "In All Seriousness" Erie's only comedy Improv Troupe BPC — 8:00pm — 50c Sat. ,V| f / -.v**?* 20 Father/ Daughter ./Weekend t y ( / Mon. 22 Pittsburgh SteelerS vs. Cleveland Brbwns (They pia'y"Basketball, too?!) Erie Civic Center — 8:00pm Tickets on sale in SAC olf ice Transportation provided .«' Eat your heart out Dr. J! *• l £ '*"{* -j '/ t Thurs. 95 MSG Concert — Warner Theatre "John CeVeriy and the Beaver Brown Band" Tentatively scheduled '* . * ] * f-.l* ' /£ JM Sal. 27 Buffalo Zoo Trip Come to thee It y they call Buffalo to walk with some real Animals

4 Eaater Vacation beg tffne after classes jVf i s S P « * * • « .«- - ,\ 9 CLASSES RESUME 5 KSBBX&SBBNBi 5 •* ' f ' ' ' &>M

Details TBA ?... ^ T * W.'i ^ t \

'$& 2 I ? *


Spring Formal Rainbow Gardens 9pm*'fy 1am I$5 • Food and Refreshments Music: Special guest to be announced '.} Sat. 1*' 4 MSG Day | | %•• ) J;*i . £ 3 VVed.l 8 Erie County Community Bloodmoblle ij.^J » Thurs. 9 ...will be on campus Please Donate...Sometime in their life, 6 out of 10 people will J need blood. Share your godd health! Sign Up at health office! **• -f Thurs. 9 Cafeteria " " Party we'll-sllprise you...Theme TBA! It's that time again...Time to dine to D.J. John.! Details TBA f ^ ''^m « ¥ •? *>%£§ 13 . Fri. 10N.24 Hr. Dance Marathon 6prrt .-*-, 9pm j "i Ai W ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ S E ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B Sat. IV^tudent Union Details Forthcoming! £3 | $|£j ^S^^S^^^^f^^^Si Sun.l 12 "Field Theory" (Jazz) 2pm- Grotto* Weathefcpermlttlng f i | ? ^ ; $&:**^^:~izj* Frl.«? 17 TBA T ' 'j •XJ|;."^-'•>,•, > ' i j Hi*,, Sat. IB ^Sadar Polgt End yoqfcyear rloht with the traditional trip to Sandusky! ticket sales* details wHl be anpounced»7r>ey always go testIt ' '" *»•' • ••• •• **• •* — • Tues. Wallace Book Company Used book purchasing Wed. lam-4pm Student Union M . . T



Spring Term '85 M
« ^
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APRIL 4,1985

APRIL 4,1985



Stadium. Cost of the trip is $8 which includes a reserved seat and transportation. Tickets are available in the SAC office or from Maree-Lynn Cicon in the Student Union. 4

Friday, April 12 -A special showing of the movie "Eddie and* the Cruisers" will be shown in Zurn Recital Hall at 7 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. Admission is $1. Saturday, April 13 - A bus trip to the Cleveland Indians opener against the New York Yankees at M u n i c i p a l

Sunday, April 14 j - This week's movie is "All the Right Moves" starring Tom Cruise. It will be shown In Zurn Recital Hall at 7 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. AdPeninsula Inn - 44 Peninmission is 50 cents. sula Dr. Performing Friday will be "Harpo" there will be a $4 cover charge. Saturday "Rhythm Method" will be playing from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. with a $2 cover. There will also be 99 cent drink specials both nights. On Easter Sunday, there will be a buffet, all you can eat for $5.75. las

Shennanigans - 3728 Pine Ave. Happy hour continues with 25 cents drafts everyday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday night 25 cents for drafts and Wednesday is Little King Nite, 3 for $1. Thursday there will be a live dee-jay spinning your favorite tunes.

Billy's Saloon - 10th and Peach St. "Angel Fire" will be playing all weekend from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. $5. Docksiders - 420 State St. "John Davis" will be performing this Thursday from 10 p.m. till 2 a.m? Friday there wnl be free nachosand Miller and Lite ponies,« 3 store $1.. Saturday "Generic Beat" will fbe playing. W

Plaza - 800 W. Erie Plaza. This week's feature movies include '"Witness", "Friday the 13th- Part V", "The Carebears Wagner's A. M. -11 E. 14th Movie", "Slugger's Wife", and St. Opened a from 1 a.m. to 5 The Last Dragon". Call a.m. Friday and Saturday with 454-0050 for time schedules. Erie's largest Video* music Cinema EWorld - 2206 W. show. Friday, $1 for ladies and 15th SUShowings this week Saturday $5 for couples. Deejays will | b e | spining your are "Police Academy II", "Beverly Hills Cop", "Porky's favorite tunes. Revenge", and "King David". For more time schedule inforBarrett's Pub -1523 E. 38th mation call 454-2881. St. Friday is Ladies night all drinks 35 cents* with complimentary hors d'oeuvres. Saturday is ^arty Night" entitled "Go Hawaiian" which includes exotic drinks, limbo dancing, and live entertainment starting at 9 p.m. Sunday Large pitcher of beer and pizza

Sherlock's - 508 State St. Performing Friday and I Saturday from to p.m. to 2 a.m. will be "Charmer" with a $2 cover charge. There will also be 2 for 1 drafts and shot specials throughout the night.

be "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Check the newspaper for time schedules.

I *

W l *



Townhouse Application* Townhouse applications may be made In the Housing Office," 214 Main,'on April 8 and 9. Only one person has to sign up for the members of the unit. Townhouses will be awarded on April 10, with deposits due on April 11 and 12. Every member oft the unit must make the proper deposit and sign a contract at this time.
> .

sity Will speak on the topic "Hibernation In the Meadow Jumping Mouse, Zapus hudsonlus " on April 18 at 3:30 p.m. Both will be held In 314 Zum. Co-Op Co-op sessions will be held Tues. April 9 at 10:30 a.m., Fri. April 12 at 1:45 p.m., Mon. April 15 at 6:30 p.m., Thurs. April 18 at 11:45 a.m., Tues. April 23 at 3:15 p.m., and Weds. April 24 at 8:45 a.m. in the Heritage Room. Any students who plan to enroll in a summer Co-Op must have their application, credential release, data form, resume, and transcript on file in the Career Services Office before May 1,1985. jf Criminal Justice Majors

Lincoln Theater - 1031 State? St. ? "Jesus Christ Superstar" will beJperformed starting, April 12th. For ticket reservations xa l L

* Erie Civic Center - "Ice ' Capades" will be having seven Kate's at the Holiday Inn I Millcreek Mall - This performances from April 3rd to Downtown "Covered Action" week's *movies include the 7th. Reserved seats cost will be performing Friday and "Baby", "MASK", and "Return $8.50 and $7.50. For more inSaturday from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 of |the Jedl"jg[he midnight " formation call the Civic Center M movie Friday and Saturday will Box Office. a.m.
> *

Curriculum Library M

1 § ft

Spring term hours for the Curriculum Library are as follows: Sun. 6-9; Mon. 9-12, 2-4 and 7-9; Tues. 10-12 and 1-9; Weds. 9-12, 2-4 and 7-9; Thurs. 9-11,1-6 and 7-9; and Fri. 10-12 and 1-2. If other times are heeded please contact Sister Bernadette at 825-0469 (offlce-308M) or at her home, 825-8874. Musical Performances The D'Angelo School of Music at Mercyhurst College will present Barbara Kilduff, Soprano, on Tuesday, April 9 at 8:00 p.m. in the St.?Mark's Auditorium. Barbara *. was * the I984 D'Angelo J.Young Artist Competition winner for Voice* She has performed with the Erie Philharmonic and the San Francisco Opera. i The University of Massachusetts Jazz Ensemble will perform on Sunday, April 14 at 4 p.m., also in the St. Mark's Auditorium/! Both performances are free to the public. St. Mark's is located at 429 East Grand view Blvd. For more information call 825-0394. f. Biology Colloquium

Little Anthony's La Pfzzaria

Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honors Society, will present Mr. John Burke, Directors of Supervision for the PA Board of Probation and Paroler in Harrisburg, on Wednesday, April 17 at 4 p.m. In 206 Main. He will speak on "Parole Supervision: Legalj Issues and Administrative Restraints." The welcoming wine and cheese party will be followed by dinner in the cafeteria at 5:30 p.m. f Check Cashing! •§

Liberty St.

P h . 459-2110


Spring term check cashing hours are Mon. 10:30-12:30,^ Weds. 1:30-3:30, Thurs. 1-3 and Fri. 1:30-3:30 In 209 Main. Safety Reminder 2 ¥

Mini _ _ .... 'tJBO ^ Meatball .... ISO Italian Combo M. *2.7S Pizza. _ . «2.75 Sausage M.M..MHm..M..u.....M... *2.75 with peppers a onions....... *3.00 Ham a Choose *2.75 Steak »3.00 Chili, pint .—..«.............„.„.» '1.50 Spaghetti Dinner... »2.75
IMftMMtflM**** MMftMHM*

Weekdays we deliver up to midnightl I Friday & Saturday 11:30-2 a.m. We Deliver To Mercyhurst FREE Iff Purchase Totals $5. Iff Less Than $5, A Dollar Delivery Charge Is Added To Your Order BUTTER A GARLIC SUBS

S Pisces O

•3.00 «SU»


•12 .Bar™ •2.50 'mull itwlnu 1 • • u • r •! 1 • hi l I infill 1

s. Regular - Medium - Hot

Xtra vegetables a ranch........... .'JO •5.00

The Mercyhurst College Biology Department will present DrP Barry Eckert, Chairperson of the Graduate Programs Committee of the Department of Anatomical Sciences, School Education Majors of Medicine, S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo* Dr. X Eckert, Director fof the " Electron J A mandatory meeting will be held ' Microscopy Program, will speak on the April 18 at 7:30 p.m. In the students1 topic "Studies of thefFunctlon of Incafeteria. Jhe main speaker will be termediate Filaments'?on Wednesday, Robert Agnew, Superintendent, April 10 at 3:30 p.m. i ^ tewillcreek School ; DJs|ilcty}§j£; X ?j$L A', •'. Oj\ -Stevenflopski-of Gannon- UttlverL,«i • > • ii.i »2>SiHffiSBiHtt**

All notices and signs posted on door glass or fire equipment will be removd immedlately^Such signs obstruct vision and present a safety hazard.

item •Small Choose '3.00 Choice of 2 '3.50 Each additional Bm * .so
Mini 4 Piece Pizza........... w '1.50 Popporoni Broad................. '1.90 Largo Anti-Pssto................. '3.50 Small Anti-Pssto .. '1.95 Pizza Balls.. '.50 oa. .
v *


Medium] '4.00 p

Itsas ladiex chant. M I M I . saiuft. atifcnaai. pwers. pajeoeil,

Largo '4.75 •5.50 •1.00 let p p pars. aoJ tlrns. e


* i
• • • * •

m ** »

V 1

v r

t «




APRIL 4,1985

Crew team sinksl Villanova and West Virginia University
The Laker crew teams prov- Saturday beginning at 10:00 at ed I to be tough hosts last the Mercyhurst boat house to weekend as they welcomed Villanova and West Virginia University .to Presue Isle Marina. Mercyhurst captured four *of five men's varsity The intramural basketball events while claiming one of season came to an end recentthree women's races. f ly with the Championship Title The men triumphs came in going to "Try and Stop Us." fr the lightweight 8, heavyweight Try and Stop Us defeated varsity 8, lightweight 4, and the Knights in the final conheavyweight 4 races. Rowing over 1,500 meters, test by a 56-44 count. Mike the Laker lightweight 8 unit Moorehead led all scorers with was clocked in 4:44, beating 14 points. Villanova by thirteen seconds. For the season, Try and The Hurst heavyweight 8 outmanned the WVU crew by a whopping :24. (Mln lightweight 4 action, Mercyhurst was clocked in 5:24 with Villanova and WVU finishing at #5:42 and 6:08, r e s p e c t i v e l y . In t h e heavyweight 4 encounter, the Lakers finished at 5:39 to the Mountaineer's 5:55. \ The only men's defeat came in the novice 8 where Villanova edged the Laker contingent by three seconds. ThoNonel Laker victory in jjvomen' sracesxame^in^he were clocked at 5:39, to WVU's 6:08 and Villanova's 6:10. Villanova's women's varsity 8 team outdid Mercyhurst 5:30 to 6:04, and it's varsity crew boat defeated the Lady Lakers 6:04 to 6:12. The Mercyhurst crew team will be back in action this face challenges from Ithaca aad tough rival Marietta.

omen's hoops

Intramural chaps!

Mercyhurst Collegehrthletic graduated from the Ivy League director Len Cyterski recently institution in ii!979 with* a announced the! appointment degree in English yterafilre. Bengel earned! his Masters of Rick Bengelfas head coach *J ^ .*< " 4AOA Stop Us compiled a 9-1 record. of |the women's basketball in tEducation in i 1982 from The eleven members of the team. Bengel replaces Darlene Edinboro University, serving team should be congratulated Rosthauser who, in tlvo years, as graduate assistant inf the for a superb campaign. Squad compiled a career record of S p o r t s 11 n f o r m a t i o n members include:?Scott Ben- 1-40. I . "|. Departments j | sink, Tony^ Carone, Andy "We are extremely proud In addition to his basketball Casper, Jim Fischer, Chris and honored to have aiperson duties^he will remain aat.the Frasier, Phil Guth, John the Icalibre of Rick Bengel Coordinatorl of Cooperative Hogue, Mike Moorehead, Bill agree to coach ourfwomen's Educatioii at Mercyht)rst| Nesdore, Chris Renolf, and basketball team,'! notes Cyter*Trr| looking forward to Mike Scierka. i m 3 ski!'Welare extremely confi- building a competitive prodent that helwill do arSex- gram that will leoresentkMerWi cell cyhurst well on is! a former relates! Bengel^ "uanene scnooi standout! a| Cathedral Rosthauserlteft a nucleus of Prepf graduating in-; 1975* He talente4|young pla|refsJWa|| played varsity basketball three be |oung, and we lose quite a years for coach BiU| Flaherty!^ of offense to graduation, bit earninojAII-Metro honors as a j l b u t i ' m loo to the served asfan assisHHef. basket bail at |arvard,p^rijtog tant coach |piJunlo^. Vj^lsi^ the ijhstjng He0||ward as a ooachi ^ M f i r c x b y r s ^ p i p f£ so^|o||§re. ; |Be|gd. U p r ^ j S 9 8 2 - 8 ^ f » 1983^4^bJe y ^ bal&eaffl^a?siai^f|j^

Bengel in; Rosthauserlout


Members from Try and Stop Us and the Knights anxiously await a rebound in the championship game.

Gal tarsi «w? ifr finish third? Rosters Due Hod ay!!


^ *
af» % v ^ v >


3Qth 825-9310



Thursday, April 4 L Mexican Night TacoV'AII you can eat" $2.95 Jumbo Margaritas «....99* Friday Night, April 5 Ladies Night -All Ladies Drinks ......35* i Complimentary Hors D'Oeuvres g* 1 Saturday Night "Party Night", April 6 Go Hawaiian I f Includes Exotic Drinks | Limbo Dancing • * j. Live Entertainment - Starts 9 p.m. . Sunday, April 7 ? Jk t i *• Large Pitcher of Beer and Large Pizza ......$5.99 Monday, April 8 * ^fi^ v
Pi77fl hv the ^ l i r p ' 9^*

Fun, Food | & Spirits

Tuesday Night, April 9 ; * f *? Chicken Wings "All You Can Eat"..*. w.a.$2.95 Wednesday Night, April 10 4 I I Student I.D. Night 25* Drafts
• * •!

By R. J. Zonna The 1985 Mercyhurst Laker Baseball f team has headed South. In ^order h o better prepare for- the upcoming season the team will spend a week In St. Petersburg Florida practicing outdoors and playing games with other colleges,. The Lakers .will be staying and practicing at the Southern Regional Headquarters of Little League Baseball from March 30th to April 7th. According to Head Coach Fred Conger the Erie weather is just too unpredictable and not conducive to outdoor practice. The trip to Florida will provide an opportunity for outdoor workouts as * well as some games with the other 8 teams visiting the *Regioal Headquarters. Coach Conger plans on arranging games while in St. Petersburg. ? J Conger also stated that the [Ltrjp was financed by the sell1 "ring of raffle tickets as well as

Laker baseball team m Florida
the Baseball teams Spaghetti Dinner. The players made up the difference in cost after the funds were distributed, i Mercyhurst opens the season on April 11th when they play crosstown rival Gannon University; The Lakers ae tentatively scheduled to play 34 games (16 home-18 away) as well as taking part in the prestigious Wright St. Tournament on April |26th.

Bu*R. J. Zonna The Mercyhurst Lakers Golf team finished a strong third in the Fairmont State Golf Invitational held in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The' Lakers were led by Kevin Kaye who finished third I in individual competition. I 5 The Lakers were in third after the first round with a 320 total and they remained in third with a 322 on Tuesday's final round. Mercyhurst's overall 642 aggregate placed them .third behind Fairmont State'a|613 and OhioHJniversity'sSS-M i Individually, Kaye put together rounds of*75-78 for his 153 and third place finish. Fairmont S t a t e ' s Chris McKnight'finished first with a two total of 145. & l £ -Other Laker scores included Tom Whelan's 158, Tom Buckley's 163, Tony Marino's 168 and Bill Nesdore's 179.

* - * T


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