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Education Now and Then

Throughout our generation, school has been slowly changing in many different ways. New regulations and standards have been implemented from students, teachers and the school system itself. Different countries had different regulations. Hopefully this essay will inform you about school life now and then. Schools in England have changed a great amount over the years. This is a normal, daily routine of what school would have been for a typical student attending primary school. For most schools in England, school would have started at eight o’clock. If you were late for this then you would have either been given detention or have been caned. If you had a reasonable excuse then you would have been let off. Like nowadays they had registration same as us, everyone had their name on a sheet of paper then the teacher would call out the names, you would respond with a simple miss / sir. You only ever called the teachers sir or miss. Following this you would then have got into your normal lessons. You were given one break and then back to your lessons after that you would have your lunch break. School dinners were described as vile. Most students dreaded it. Meat stew was often a popular course for dinners, a plain tasting salty meat with a thick lumpy brown sauce with vegetables soft and floppy. Lessons were back on after lunch as normal then to go home. The entire children walked home as no one drove like we do now. The daily routine for a pupil nowadays learning in primary school would be this. Every morning you would arrive at school around nine o’clock. We have registration the same way as they did in olden times except if a pupil is not in staff would check and ring home to check why they are not here in case something has gone wrong. Olden day registration is unsafe and dangerous as if something had gone wrong then no one would know. In the morning most schools would have assembly- a time when the whole school sits together and listens to teachers talk about the school and maybe up coming event and school trips. In the olden times schools didn’t have many trips and therefore the children can’t learn much in real life situations and they can’t see as many things as we now can. After assembly we would carry on as normal with our lessons then have a break in the morning. Lessons would carry on after then it would be our lunch at around half past one. School dinners are on option and nowadays we have a bigger variety of food that we can choose from or you could have a packed lunch. In the olden times you couldn’t bring your own food to lunch and therefore you would either put up with the food in the canteen or just go hungry. You would attend your lessons after this again until you get dismissed to have your next break in the afternoon. Then at three thirty you would go back home.

When you are in high school. Furthermore if you said a bad word such as shut up then your mouth would be instantly washed out with soap Punishments now are simply detention. history. In primary school you could get the slipper and blackboard rubbers chucked at you.mathematics. you get given the cane. geography and many more. Most mixed schools separated the lessons apart so that the boys learnt different subjects to the girls. Teachers in the olden times were not at all experienced very well and were not good teachers at all.Schools in the nineteenth century were mostly either boy’s schools or only girl’s schools. Girls now only learn sewing in D. Few of them were mixed schools.T lessons rather than as a main subject. Teachers would normally not make mistakes but nowadays if they did students are not as scared as they were before to point out the mistake and correct them. Boys in those days learnt Latin. . Mixed schools learn with both genders female and male together. In modern schools we learn the same subjects as the opposite gender although we still have single gender schools. science. The passage from Nicholas Nikleby stated that the teacher spelt the word wrong which shows how appalling the teachers were those days and they obviously didn’t have many qualifications to be a teacher as we have. This is a very dull and inconsiderable way of teaching making learning seem a dull and similar thing to do. a wooden stick that’s used to cruelly wack the student with. staying in at break or a call at home to let your parents know. mathematics. Although we don’t learn the same foreign languages most schools all learn them. The slipper is a shoe which is hurled at you if you are in the wrong. If you’re punished physically it can damages your health and also makes you think negatively of learning and therefore causing them to not study very hard. A cap is also well known for a punishment. our teachers all have qualifications and tests to pass to be a teacher they wouldn’t be a teacher otherwise. They simply made them copy words from the blackboard and write it in their books for them to remember things or simply read books and study. literacy. It can lower your self esteem and makes you think negatively of the teacher as well. Girls learned to sew but they also learnt mathematics and literacy as well. on the cap the word dunce written on for the whole school to see. Now. literacy and sports. Punishments were extremely harsh in olden time’s mostly physical punishments. Teachers in those days didn’t have very practical ways of teaching the students. Most schools have a set list of subjects to teach such as.

I thought interviewing my parents and neighbors made me learn a lot about how school has changed and what school was like for them when they were younger. New ways are being explored to help us think of learning in a more positive way and for us to enjoy it as much as learn a lot. Chinese schools were not punished physically. more verbally instead which surprised me. I was quite shocked as they stayed at school for so long but now the times have been changed to the normal amount of school hours. Another great improvement was that before the Chinese used to start school at six o’clock in the morning then go home at ten o’clock at night.Now in school we have new and interesting ways to get us want to learn more and also enjoy learning. Instead they had to clean the classroom or face the wall or simply be kept behind after school. I was definitely shocked by most of this such as going to school six days a week and staying at school for such long hours and also their exceptionally strict disciplines. But it has improved quite a large amount. Back then shockingly. children used to go to school for six days a week leaving them only one day for the children to play and rest. as in other aspects china’s education system has been extremely strict and yet they did not make the children study and behave physically. But they did have breaks up to three hours. Since 1950’s there was a nine year compulsory education system which forced all children to get the education that they needed. Schools in China were also very different back then. This was soon canceled as people realized that this was quite cruel to the children and so leaved them two weekends like other parts of the countries. I have learnt a great deal out of this project and I hope you have too! .