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Tia Diamontopoulos 3614 Bernwood Place #34 | San Diego, CA 92130 T: 302.841.8097 | E: td554580@westpost.

net SALES/ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT & NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Dynamic and results-focused senior sales and marketing leader with a verifiable record of achievement with business to business relationship building, resulting in explosive growth and business profitability. Proven competencies in improvin g organizational productivity through the development and implementation of stra tegies that foster operating synergies and facilitate lasting and positive chang e. Recognized for the ability to lead the professional development of diverse in dividuals and support a team oriented approach predicated on meritocratic princi ples. Promote a winning attitude and foster accountability to consistently excee d performance goals and expectations. Fluent in written and spoken Italian and conversational Spanish. Relevant skills include: Consultative Sales & Support Marketing Program Development Productivity an d Performance Gains Start-up Operations Staff Training and Development Market Penetration Corporate Vision & Strategy New Product Launch Reven ue & Profits HIGHLIGHTS OF RELEVANT EXPERIENCE As Account Manager/Sales Analyst, CHARRIOL USA / ALor International Limited Add significant value in overseeing data and reporting to support all sales fun ctions, and monitor sales and analyze performance trends to identify issues and opportunities. Develop and oversee tools and technologies to aid the sales force in forecasting, territory management and revenue optimization. Cultivate and maintain relationships with over 40 National and Independent comp anies, including Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Canada te rritories. Create and implement innovative and compelling marketing programs, resulting in generating new account customer service and support. Communicate current trends , competitive strategies and customer lifestyles to Executive Management to demo nstrate market trends. Implement visual merchandising standards at the retail level, creating a consis tent and positive brand representation. Conduct visual merchandising clinics, tr aining retail associates on merchandising standards and guidelines. As Owner/Buyer/Account Manager, The Angel Shack Proactively grew the Delaware based business territory for this company culmina ting in the profitable sale of company. Spearheaded the development and implemen tation of a creative, realistic and effective business plan for each product lin e to achieve budgeted goals in sales, margin, supply chain impact and drive exec ution of plan. Key strategist in identification and implementation of successful and new marke ting techniques which developed new business and increase profits. Successful vendor negotiations which resulted in lower total delivered cost, vo lume incentives, rebates, advertising and other applicable allowances. Implementation of new marketing techniques to develop new business and increase profits. Practiced key merchandising strategies to assigned line(s) to ensure s ervice levels with minimum inventory investment and maximum gross margin. Effectively managed positive impact on total supply chain by leveraging knowled

ge of inventory turns and logistics to secure best delivered costs. Established a goal oriented selling culture that focuses on relationship sellin g, building a client base and exceptional service and cultivated a relationship with the community via personal involvement, PR events and advertising opportuni ties. Continued Tia Diamontopoulos PAGE TWO PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CHARRIOL USA / ALor International Limited Acct. Manager, Sales Analyst, La Jol la, CA 2008-Present Recognized as an aggressive and enthusiastic sales / account management professi onal with business-to-business relationship building skills, experience within h ighly competitive and diverse businesses of all sizes including start-up, mid-si ze, and large corporations. Development and implementation of successful marketing strategies, including tal ent for making new contacts, closing sales and generating repeat business throug h effective and innovative sales techniques. Continuously generate repeat and re ferral business, resulting in exceptional sales results. Maintain a thorough market understanding through ng research. Leverage comprehensive knowledge of to provide added value to a diverse client base. edge in many areas including strategic planning, nt, product analysis, market assessment, product ising. supplemental training and ongoi the purchase and sales process Maintain a vast wealth of knowl budget development and manageme launches, promotions and advert T: 302.841.8097 | E:

THE ANGEL SHACK Owner/Buyer/ Manager, Rehoboth, DE 2003-2008 Developed a realistic and effective business plan culminating in establishment a nd documented 5 years of consistent growth and profitable sale of business. Nego tiated with vendors for lower total delivered cost, volume incentives, rebates, advertising and other applicable allowances and identified and implemented succe ssful and new marketing techniques to develop new business and increase profits. 1 Maximized profitability through superior marketing, sales management and custom er service, effective and prompt communication and follow-up on all pending matt ers with the client and maintain above average customer satisfaction. Traveled t o domestic shows to meet new and existing vendors which strengthened and establi shed new business relationships. Reviewed and approved financial and item forecasts with Planners and partnered e ffectively with management staff, marketing, planning, and logistics as needed t o achieve successful corporate goals. Drove extensive business with the merchant group and general problem solving situations and achieved positive results in t op line sales, profit / loss management and inventory control. Monitored financials, turns, and metrics to understand current and future trends and performed extensive market research to stay current on trends and the compe tition. Received the Best of Delaware award since tenure.

EDUCATION/AFFILIATIONS UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO, San Diego, CA Bachelor of Arts, International Relations and Italian Literature

AFS Exchange Student in Fano, Italy LANGUAGES SPOKEN Fluent in written and spoken Italian Conversational Spanish