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BRIAN NELSON, MBA 3320 Midland Court Baltimore, MD 21009 410-569-8894 home or 443-504-5743

cell CORE COMPETENCIES Program Management, Quality Assurance, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analys is, Budgeting, Strategy Development, Financial Management, Inventory Control, Pe rformance Improvements, Productivity Maximization, Staff Management, Human Resou rce Operations, Financial Analysis, Strategic Initiative Development, Business P rocess Development, Procedural Analysis, Procedural Improvements, Regulatory Com pliance, Accreditation Preparations, Efficiency Maximization, Reports, Documenta tion, Customer Service, Contract Management, and Research. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 4/2009-Present Social Worker Fresenius Medical Care Baltimore, MD Successfully collaborated with extensive personnel team in providing dialysis se rvices to over 1400 patients around the world; personally supervise the delivery of services to 4 sites across Maryland. Lead in the organization and management of programs and initiatives delivering services for 182 patients. Drive the pla nning and development of strategic initiatives resulting in financial improvemen ts and increased client satisfaction. Actively conduct studies, analyze data and develop policy recommendations for operational improvement. Consistently genera te groundbreaking efficiencies and continuous process improvement to boost botto m-line profitability. Develop an innovative compliance program, analyzing proble m areas and identifying best course of action. Determined potential positive and negative impact on patients. Successfully increase accounts receivable by 25% i n under 6 months. Lead the implementation of an insurance protocol that improved productivity and efficacy. Strategically implemented an innovative training pro gram, resulting in an increase in clinical outcomes and productivity. Designed s ervice modules for over 20 staff persons to improve staff-patient interaction, b oosting client satisfaction rate to 95%. Effectively create goals, track status, analyze financial activity, and make adjustments as need to ensure optimal resu lts. Serve as Administrator of the compliance registry, conducting surveys of da ta for accuracy and quality control. Consolidate and analyze statistical data an d trends utilizing data to develop reports for management leadership regarding t he status of patient health throughout 3 clinics. Actively administer contract n egotiations for healthcare services. Analyze and research market conditions, and services to monitor changes in costs. Facilitate client-focused, service-orient ed environment vital to maximizing customer satisfaction and retention. 9/2008-4/2009 Facility Administrator Davita, Inc. Baltimore, MD Actively served as Facility Administrator for a busy healthcare company providin g dialysis services to over 1400 patients. Responsible for overseeing all operat ions of 2 dialysis clinics, including all hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis programs. Led clinics to obtain top quality scores in the Region, while improvin g patient outcomes through new qualitative processes. Successfully met budget go als for two quarters through the application of financial management strategies and resource management. Utilized team meetings and outcome evaluations to impro ve team morale and productivity, resulting in a staff turnover of 0% during tenu

re as facility manager. Consistently researched and analyzed financial data, eff ectively identifying data disparities and conducting remediation; met budgeted t argets for 2009. Drove the planning and development of strategic initiatives tha t effectively improved patient outcomes. Strategically developed a business proc ess improvement program to enhance clinic operations, through accountability, ob ject based evaluations and strategic acquisition management. Efficiently optimiz ed human resources to maximize resources, resulting in decreased productivity co sts and efficiency improvements. Responsible for determining employee work sched ules, monitoring financial resource usage and supervising vendor contract negoti ations. Facilitated productive vendor relationships to achieve competitive prici ng and boost bottom-line profitability. Consistently tracked all productivity da ta for all healthcare clinics, effectively consolidating statistical data and tr ends from multiple program sites for analysis. Successfully drafted Quality Assu rance reports summarizing clinical outcomes, audits and correction plans. 3/2006-9/2008 Social Worker DCA, Inc. Baltimore, MD Sharp business acumen and experienced in managing broad scope of operations, fro m program management, budgeting and document control to procedural analysis and process improvements. Strategically reviewed production standards, identified pr oblems and made recommendations for appropriate resolution. Led staff in the id entification of problems impacting clinic operations, reviewing financial impact and recommended change to improve clinical operations. Collaborated in the deve lopment of plans to achieve goals to positively impact clinical outcomes and lab or relations, successfully increasing financial outcomes through quantitative an alysis. Need analysis resulted in the development and implementation of innovati ve community marketing campaign, increasing patient volume by 25%. Proficiently designed a detailed document control system, effectively improving detail and ac curacy of federal, state, and local audits of patient health records. Drove proc edural analysis initiatives, resulting in an overall improvement in patient outc omes and reduction of patient mortality. Collaborated with Nursing Home staff in augmenting patient diet to decrease patient mortality. Oversee and track budget ary performance goals, following-up with the implementation of strategies to mee t performance indicators. Efficiently developed reporting documentation to maint ain compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Skillfully created operation al tools to enhance clinical effectiveness and efficiency. Spearheaded the impro vement of admissions, discharges and work flow processes. Responsible for the de velopment of new processes to screen admissions. Designed innovative Quality Ass urance improvement to improve clinical outcomes. 10/2006-9/2008 Territory Manager Northern Pharmacy and Medical Equipment Baltimore, MD. Created multiple business service lines to enhance profits. Initiated new busine ss development territories not previously served, led to an increase in sales of 50%. Developed and executed a territory business plan; sold and promoted produc t lines to meet territory sales goals for assigned region; identified and develo ped new client opportunities; responsible for prioritizing project planning, mee ting competing customer requests/deadlines, and organized territory management. Developed and demonstrated a thorough understanding of selling skills, sales for ecasting and budget tracking; monitored and evaluated competitive services, pric ing and other activities. Developed and maintained an accurate database of targe ted health providers and health prospects information; including the tracking o f and progress of lead generation activities. Delivered oral and written communi cations in a coherent manner; worked in conjunction with marketing and other sal es teams to develop and implement sales and marketing plans. Conducted sales pre

sentations and implemented meetings with key stakeholders at customer sites. Cre ated value added services to new and existing accounts. Top producer for 3 sales quarters in a row. 5/2006-11/2006 Facility Administrator Davita, Inc. Baltimore, MD Strategically managed dialysis clinic, including all hemodialysis and Peritonea l Dialysis programs. Drove the design and development of a detailed business pla n to meet strategic company goals in 2006. Successfully created an innovative co nflict resolution training program, to educating team in work collaboration and teamwork skills. Efficiently implemented a system planning initiative to improve patient outcomes by accurately reporting clinical outcomes through information management systems. Actively developed strategic initiatives to improve patient outcomes. Drove the creation of an innovative business process improvement progr am to enhance overall clinic operations, including accountability, object based evaluations, and accreditation/certification. Responsible for planning, allocati ng and maximizing resources, resulting in decreased productivity costs and impro ved program efficiency. Strategically researched and implemented appropriate te chnology to maximize efficiency. Supervised the tracking of productivity for hea lthcare clinics. Developed and consolidated reports on behalf of upper level man agement. Skillfully consolidated and analyzed statistical data and trends from m ultiple program sites to determine potential problems and improvements. Effectiv ely trained, motivated and directed staff and actively collaborated in Human Res ource operation functions such as career counseling, evaluating performance and providing guidance/mentoring. Consistently supervised staff, ensuring effective, efficient operations. Tasked with developing work schedules for personnel and e nsuring efficient use of human and financial resources. Directed operations for all staff, including nursing, technical, social work, dietician, and support per sonnel. Responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring a budget to ensu re fiscal maximization. Efficiently created policies and procedures to assist in meeting budgetary goals. Developed tracking tools and productivity outputs to m eet all daily goals. Actively researched and analyzed all financial data; identi fying and correcting disparities and incompatible information in existing data. Utilized quantitative techniques in the analysis of financial data, successfully improving revenues, increasing productivity and meeting budgeted goals for 2006 . 6/1999-5/2006 Regional Point Social Worker GAMBRO HEATLHCARE/DAVITA INC Baltimore, MD. Led staff in identifying, reviewing financial/budgetary impact of operations and recommended changes to improve clinic operations. Responsible for developing bu dgetary guidelines and cost containment. Developed plans to achieve goals impact ing clinical outcomes, and labor relations. Increased financial outcomes through quantitative analysis. Developed new processes to improve operational efficien cies. Analyzed budgetary trends making adjustments. Compiled and analyzed accoun ting records to determine financial resources required to meet budgetary goals. Developed, supervised, coordinated, and presented numerous program initiatives t hat directly impacted clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and retention. De veloped reporting documentation to be compliant with federal, state, and local l aws. Created operation tools to enhance clinical effectiveness, and efficiency. Managed documentation for various governmental agencies, ensuring compliance wi th federal, state and local laws. Developed process improvements in admissions, discharges, and work flow assignments. Developed new process to screen admissio ns. Designed Quality Assurance tools to improve clinical outcomes. Implemented strategies to be compliant with various laws. Monitored healthcare treatments to

ensure laws are followed. Develop strategies to enhance patient safety, and dis charge plans. Created a community marketing campaign that resulted in an increas e of 50% of patients. EDUCATION Cornell University Graduate Certificate in Finance August 2010 Strayer University Master of Business Administration Majoring in Management Specialization Graduated: 2006 GPA: 4.0 University of Maryland Masters Degree in Social Work Majoring Clinical/Program Management Specialization Graduated: 1998 GPA: 3.9 University of Baltimore Bachelor of Arts Degree Majoring in Sociology/Business Major Graduated: 1995 GPA: 3.8 AWARDS Volunteer of the Year: NKF, 2007