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01-09-2004, 05:37 PM

A local Machine shop recently donated a very well kept Bridgeport Series 1 CNC (BOSS 5) Mill with teletype and tape reader. I have the original documentation and the machine is perfect working order (as far as I can tell manually) Originally I was looking at connecting via the 20mA current loop interface, which is connected through a round Amphenol connector, that used to be connected to a teletype machine. I was told by a Camsoft salesperson that this machine can be connected directly to RS-232 without any special HW or cabling. All I need is one serial connector and one Amphenol connector. Catch is he would only pass along the required information if I purchased their SW ($$$). Software was donated with the CNC, so now I am just looking for anyone who may have the wiring diagram. I was also told that the 20mA current loop does not work 100%, so that is even more motivation for me to find the necessary RS-232 wiring. We compete in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Robotics Competition ( and the 2004 Robotics season starts tomorrow and we are in dyer need of getting this machine connected to a PC. Thank you for any help or information you may be able to provide. If you have any information that can help, please contact me: Brian Buonomo Technology Teacher / 871 Team Leader West Islip High School 1 Lions Path West Islip, NY 11795 631-8932-3250 x224 Office 631-893-3269 Fax

motomitch1 All ya have to do is buy there softwear that was nice of them :rolleyes:

01-10-2004, 04:54 AM


01-10-2004, 03:20 PM

You might want to try OneCNC They have a program called NC-LINK FREE That shows how to hookup boss 5 [free download]


01-10-2004, 04:07 PM

Hey Motomitch, that's not fair. You read the help file and made us all look bad :D Good find!

bbuonomo hahaha.. Thank you sooo much! The original owner was in today and gave me a nice little training session.

01-10-2004, 04:46 PM

The only problem that I may have now is wether or not this machine does support RS-232, the owner was under the impression that RS-232 was optional and I may need to use a 20mA current loop converter. at about $60 from B&B Electronics, I'm not that upset. I'm hoping to have everything setup and running sometime this week. I'll post the results when it is working. Thanks again for all teh help guys. Brian[22/09/2009 04:15:50 p.m.]

Had to get it sent from England and they must have quit usind or upgraded ittheirs as this was the orginial manual with Bribgeport on the plastic comb holding the pages togther. Pins 1. 01:36 AM http://www. We still have a manual machine class going. The rs232 with xon\xoff enabled is the importasnt part. Remove the large rectangular connector on the ers board and let it hang for Largest Machinist Community on the net! motomitch1 :D 01-10-2004. The turret quit and after almost giving up on it the loose wire showed 08:15 PM Unless someone replaced the ERS board with a different one.php/t-2584. I think there was a wiring diagram for the cable as well. Instructions were so good. but I found someone who makes cables. the machine should communicate using either the 20ma current loop or must 02-17-2005. 07:04 PM Geroge Thanks a lot for the info. 7. Now the mill we be on the front burner. I usually use PROCOMM. The AMP connector is a round 8 pin reverse sex and can be found at Newark Electronics and such. 6. George W. 2 stop bits. Search eBay for "Bridgeport RS232" and you should get this link: http://cgi.3 and 4.'m not sure if I ever posted this here. I do not hold out much hope for it as it was in a hanger for a few years and has some mositure dammage on the electronics. 20 ma was used by the type 33 teletype. c_nut bbuonomo 10-29-2004. He has the instructions on how to convert the system to RS232 nd where to wire the cable. c_nut 02-08-2005. The type 43 could go either way. Thanks again for the info. The card in it that talks 20Ma current loop has a connector that needs to be moved to get RS232 to It was in the docs that were available. no parity and X on Xoff enabled. We woke up a Dyna Mite 3000 lathe while I tried to get the info for the mill and that has been an experience.ebay. Baud rate is set on the ers board using DIP switches 1.4 and 5 were used for 20 ma. Typically use 8 dat bits. I was able to have my students (17 year olds) do it on their own. 11:14 PM I am taking a class at a local college and a Boss 5 is being revived. I found a operations manual on Ebay no has books on CDrom for this machine as well as a comm kit with cable and software.] . I can get them copied but class is not until Tuesday. Pins 5(shield connected at one end only). and 8 are used for RS232.dll? ViewItem&category=11805&item=3847422552&rd=1&ssPageName=WD1V Cost is about $65-80 machintek 02-07-2005. I will check before I go to see if you still need the info.html[22/09/2009 04:15:50 p. instructions and has the software to connect a Bridgeport Series 1 CNC.m.2. 07:23 PM c_nut 10-28-2004. We also have a Dyna mill same age as the lathe any info on that? I do not even have a operation manual on it.3. Machinemanuals. c-nut harolda to find out if supported you must see if all the parts are in board . 04:59 AM I.CNCzone. We did not succeed due to lack of an operating manual.Bridgeport Series 1 CNC w/ BOSS 5 serial cable needed [Archive] . We did not get it working as the class was canceled. or EZ-UTLS from BPT to comm with the machine. Oh yes the college is Delgado in New Orleans. I have Procomm so it should be fairly easy from here.

Those are just huge. 12:48 AM I think you have to send a K to kill the memory on this control and then load in the rest of the NC program. But. George Jim Estes 05-20-2005.000 line program to mill a picture i need more work on that part. 07:41 AM Im I to understand that drip feeding to the Boss 5 is not possible? With rs-232 you can only upload programs completely and they can only be 800 lines or so? I have a friends who bought a Boss 5 and he is wanting me to help him get it going. 04:11 PM I have this same mill and bought the same cable kit.html[22/09/2009 04:15:50 p.I ran a 38. Copyright ©2000-2009..php/t-2584. DNC is only possible on a BOSS 5 with the optional DNC loader or with a more modern device called a BTR (behind tape reader). I was also told some customer used Predator with File Block Feature that allowed a specific # of lines. It makes me have to break up a program into alot of small ones. This would be the way to use large programs with no intervention of an operator. The exception is 3D programs. Before i did that i blew out all the drive transsitors so i did the transformation to the drivers . vBulletin® v3. send a control character. like "K" and then send the rest of the data. MMRC 04-24-2005. Thanks. M&M Race Cars SFA 04-27-2005. The concept of using "K"ill to erase the existing program. If anyone knows how to improve this please post it. George harolda 07:01 AM How do you generate a program? By hand or with a CAM system? This machine supports loops and macros (what they considered macros back then).] . Jim machintek 05-20-2005.4.CNCzone. Do a google search for "behind tape reader". I could take a 8 page program generated by EZCAM and shorten it to about a page and a half by eliminating unneeded lines and using loops. and it works perfect!!!!!! The only complaint is it only holds about 800 or so lines.8. Put on stepper drivers You probly did not want to here that . machintek 04-27-2005. Bridgeport did make a DNC loader which is a very rare item to find. So the operator would still be necessary. William Timm has a post about this. My program starts with 100 and it will hold up to 9XX. There are a few companies that make these devices (parallel interface). 05:05 AM Heres what i do with the boss control SCRAP IT Largest Machinist Community on the net! pull the plug on one of the boards it is a k labeled i can not remember the one i did all that stuff .Bridgeport Series 1 CNC w/ BOSS 5 serial cable needed [Archive] .. I have a name of a company that had written some software to DNC to the control but not sure if they are still around. You are welcome to download a copy from our site and give it a try at no charge. Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. 05:33 PM I believe this was answered in another heading. http://www. I have never tried but then you would have to switch to the edit mode and drop out of the run mode. I have it in the office.