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year patient complain of progressive loses of memory with 73 -1 decrees in cognition function . C.T reveal enlarge ventricle and cortical atrophy , diagnosis is a- Alzheimer b-multi infarct dementia c- multiple sclerosis ????????-d female with –ve pap smear you should advice to repeat pap 2-62 :smear every A- 6m b- 12m c- 18m d- no repeat all following are criteria of chronic fatigue syndrome except -3 ???????-b ???????c ??????-d year boy with sinsoneurl hear loose , C.T scan show mass (site in 4-12 brain???) so diagnosis is a- aqustic neroma b-meningioma c- barotraumas ????????d y with uncontrolled diabetes ,complain of black to brown nasal 5-50 discharge. So diag Noses is a- myco myosis b- aspirglosis c-foreign body ????????d

no skin dimple or fathering.benzotropin b-levo dopa ??????c-rubstin ????????-d y baby with gray to green patch in lower back. diagnosis is a. Your advice is a-repeat exam after 2 cycle b-make biopsy c-fine needle aspiration d-oral contraception .pnemothrax d-P.bleeding tendency ?????????d 15y boy with unilateral gyncomastia your advice is -9 a.child abuse b-no ttt need c.50 <<<<<<<<c-100>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>100 <<<<<<d-50>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>100 y female with breast mass mobile and change with menstrual 36 -11 cycle .y complain of dyspnea.E clonidin is decrease effect of -7 a. PND with past history of mitral valve 6-55 disease diagnosis is a-LT side HF resolve spontinsly b-there is variation from person to person c-decrease use of soda oil or fish oil ???????????-d 10-6m baby with mild viral diarrhea . ttt by ORS as a-100ml/kg for 4 hour then 50 ml/kg /day after <<<<<<<<<<b-50>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. no redness or 2 -8 hotness.RT side HF c.

12-50y female with breast cancer and CA125 elevate.referred to cardiology pt with alcohol dinked complain of headache .your -15 advice a.diagnosis is a-arterial inssuficncy b-thrmbophibitis cellulites ??????d . dilated pupil -14 hyperactivity.lyme disease ???????-d old pt with of IHD complain for 2 mon of redness in lower leg -17 and puls dim inched in dorsalis pedis these redness increase in dependant position and limp is cold and no swelling .he had history of alcohol withdrawal last weak so ttt is a-diazepam b-naxtrol c-haloperidol ?????????d 50y man with chronic psychosis and not complian for ttt . ECG normal except HR130 and apical puls is 210 . agitation .depot haloperidol or floxtin b-oral lorasepam c-oral buspiron ???????-d 15y boy appear patch in rt lower leg these patch is clear center -16 red in peripheral. so your advice is a. So elevation due to a-breast cancer b-associate with ovarian cancer c-due to old age d-normal variation 13-25y female with bradicardia and palpitation. no fever no other complain so diagnosis a-contact dermatitis b-tinea corpora c.past history of full ttt ovarian teratoma.struma ovari should be consider b-vagal stimulate should be done c.

water sanitation b.mass ttt ???????????d your advice to prevent plaque disease is-22 a-hand washing b-rodent eradication c-spry insect side ??????????-d pt with sever headache and decrease in visual acuity . so ttt a-pilocarpin drop and ophthalmology referred b-ergotamine c-NSID ???????d .strt heparin /??????????-d female after sexual attack on exam hymen tear in -19 a-2 o'clock """""""b-4 """"""c-6 """"""""d-8 7y boy complain of limb CT show a vascular necrosis in epiphysis -20 of femur your advice with heart disease complain of LL ischemia your advice-18 a-referred to cardiology b-""""""""""""vascular surgery c. for prevention you should-21 a.pupil is-23 dilated.surgical ttt b-splint for 6m c."""""""""""""""""+eradication of organism c.physiotherapy ????????d pt with trachoma in eye .

acyclovir cream b-betamethzone cream c-floclvir d.main ttt of non inflammatory acne is -24 a-ritonic acid ‫يستخدم للسفير اكني‬ . so-27 main drug that cause hypoglycemia a-sulphnylurea b-bugunid c-acabos .b-clindmycin ‫كمان ممكن اضفته للكومودون‬ c-azalic acid ‫للكومودون‬ d-erythromycin ‫هذا الصح‬ pregnant with insulin dependant with good control. so to decrease-25 risk of congenital disease a-good metabolic control before pregnancy b-"""""""""""""""""""""""1st trimester """"" c-""""""""""""""""""""""""2nd """"""" d-""""""""""""""""""""""""3rd female not married with normal investigation except FBS=142..…d-pheni 6m boy with fever you should give antipyretic to decrease risk of -28 a-febrile convulsion b.disseminate bacteria ???????????????d picture in computer appear vesicle . so ttt a-give insulin subcutaneous b-advice not become married c-barrier contraceptive is good d. -26 RBS196. bulla and erythama in chest -29 skin so ttt a.epilepsy c.erythromycin .BMI control diapetic pt come to you with disturbance in conscious RBS 65.

acyclovir d-antibiotic 31-14y girl with athralgia and photosensitivity and malar flush. And protinurea so diagnosis is a-RA b-lupus nephritis c-UTI ??????????-d question about diarrhea and Yesinia bacteria -32 paraplegia pt with ulcer in lower back 2+2 cm and lose of dermis -33 and epidermis these ulcer in stage a. on exa cervical in stage I-34 of labor so pain management is a-morphine IM b-epidural anesthesia """""""""c-general """""""d-local psycatric pt on antipsychotic drug most drug that lead to-35 impotence with antipsychotic is a.I b-II c-III d-IV PREGNANT LADY prim at labor pain .pt with scale in hair margin and nasal fold and behind ear with -30 papule and irregular erythema so ttt is a-nizoral cream b.atovit c.syphilis b.gonorrhea c.HSV .choncroid d.proprnlol b-NSAI c-ACEI /?????????-d man present with painless ulcer in his penis with indurate base-36 and everted edge so diagnosis is a.

5% c-5% d-50% patint complain of right iliac fossa mass so diagnosis-41 a-diverticulitis b-appendicitis c-pancrtitis d-chrons disease pt with long history of U.remove polyp female with hair on different site of body and refuse intake of food-43 and BMI<18 and feel as body is fat so diagnosis a-anorexia nervosa b-bulimia nervosa . most probably cause pylonphritis -40 have long history of urethral stricture present with tender-37 right testis and WBC in urine so diagnosis is a-epddimorchitis b.varicosel ???????-d man use saldinafil.cervical cancer should be consider d-may be due to chronic salpingitis UTI>14 day. to prevent hypotension you should not use-38 a-nitrate b-B blocker c-ACIE d-CCB female complain of painless odorless and colorless vaginal-39 discharge that appear after intercourse so ttt a-give antibiotic b-douche after intercourse c.testicular torchin c.C on endoscopes see polyp and cancer-42 lesion on left colon so ttt a-ttt of anemia b-left hemicolctomy c-total colctomy d.05% b-.

most common side effect is -46 a-increase intraocular pressure b-epilepsy c-growth retardation ?????????????-d curve of HBV marker-47 sickling pt after acute attack .c-body dimorphic syndrome d.broncholitis c-pneumonia d-F. discharge on-48 a. insulin resistance and hairstisim so diagnosis-44 a-poly cystic ovary b-hyperprolctinmia c-familial ????????"?-d boy 3 day after flue symptom develop conjunctivitis with occipital-45 and nick L.N enlarged so diagnosis is a-adenoviruses b-streptococcus c-HSV ??????????D child with asthma use betamethazone.local antibiotic c-daily clean ?????????-d .penicillin b-iron c-vitamin ???????????d 6m with cough and wheezy chest .diagnosis is -49 a.anxiety obese female.B aspiration 50-15y old with pilonidal sinuse so ttt a-incision surgery b.asthma b.