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Matt Strahl 1360 N. Sandburg #2007 Chicago, IL 60610 312-933-4747 ms556876@westpost.

net Objective: A sales management position in the real estate products and services arena. Expert account management, recruiting, and sales training skills directe d toward the real estate services industry. I've spent the last 15 years accumul ating a wide range of knowledge in all facets of residential real estate includi ng retail and wholesale lending, title, appraisal, underwriting, quality control , fraud, REO/Foreclosure, and auditing. Typically, I manage an account base of a t least 200 accounts and have managed up to 800 accounts on a regular basis. I'v e been involved with REO/foreclosure /default services since the S&L failures in the early 1990's. Summary: Senior Sales Executive -Very experienced in providing a collaborative s ales approach for a wide range of products and services. I try to balance strong due diligence skills to qualify accounts and to identify and design business so lutions to achieve solid results for my clients. Over the years, I've acquired e xpert CRM skills employing a "best practices" approach that are effective in bot h new or existing corporate accounts. 15+ years experience in sales and operations management, including recruiting, m anaging, training and evaluating the sales performance and success of various de partments and operations. I've attended many courses for consultative sales tra ining including SPIN, Miller/Heiman and other sales methodologies. Expert provid ing superior business development/CRM skills that have an immediate impact to th e bottom line. Additional Skills: Strategic planning, project management, full life cycle recru iting. Proficient in agency and contract law as it pertains to real estate, rec ruiting, and similar consultative pursuits. Employment History: 5/09- Current Capital Financial Services Independent Director of Sales / Business Development As an independent consultant, I have functioned over the last few years as VP of Sales, Director of Business Development, and Regional Sales Manager for apprais al and property management companies including default services and VMS/vendor p latform sales. Primarily, I've been managing new business development, developin g sales and marketing plans, and reviewing current marketing efforts of the clie nts. I have marketed my services to a wide range of clients including appraisal, vendor platform, and related mortgage and default services companies. My normal client base includes major lenders, appraisal and AVM companies, and other alli ance partners and resellers. My duties included managing the complete sales life cycle process. Additional duties included product demonstration, training, mana ging and deploying internal and product managers, consultants, and other subject matter experts during the course of the sales, testing, RFP's, training, and sy stems integration. Clients included IRR Residential, Bitsoft International, Alls tate Appraisal, and EAS Valuation/First American. 2/06- 5/09 LandAmerica Title Director of Agency Sales-Midwestern Region Managed all aspects of both current client base and new business development eff orts for a major national real estate services company. I have been involved in new business development, forecasting and projections, teaming with other direct or level account/product managers, integration and deployment groups, internal s

ubject matter experts and others. I've sold numerous types of products and servi ces to both national and regional financial service operations at the senior man agement/ownership level primarily. The range of agency products included end-toend title services, vendor management software, closing services, document manag ement services, title underwriting, and agency oversight management. Strong expo sure to the REO/Foreclosure attorney network and related default services nation ally. As the key business development contact for the region, my duties included high level product demonstration, establishing trial/test accounts and monitoring the overall performance, setting client training frameworks for my internal staff, deploying the necessary teams of internal product managers and experts to assist with my sales efforts, monthly reviews with existing client base, establishing timelines with scope and scale of integrations, and numerous other responsibilit ies. I was the main point of contact for all of the 250+ member title agencies t hroughout Illinois. Also negotiated the on boarding of over 25 new title agency accounts in my first 12 months with favorable terms.

6/05-2/06 Dataquick Real Estate Information Services (Division closed temporar ily) Director of Sales / Strategic Sales Division AVM and Valuations Product Group Responsibilities included calling upon a variety of major financial services com panies. As the major accounts manager in the Eastern half of the U.S., I led the complete sales life cycle process for my territory. I managed the sales channel s and relationships for the top 400 lenders in my region. Additional duties incl uded product demonstration, training, managing and deploying internal and produc t managers, consultants, and other subject matter experts during the course of t he sales, testing, RFP's, training, and systems integration. Company shut down t he AVM division due to the loss of the senior management team. 11/03-6/05 BCE Emergis * Division of Bell Canada/FHLMC (Merged with Fiserv) Director of Sales I managed the overall sales life cycle as with clients from the top 200 financia l institutions in the U.S. I also managed CRM based relationships as well as facilitating partnerships and alliances with major vendors, resellers, and servi ce providers. Managed sales support teams including product managers, technical personnel and director-level staff pertaining to senior-level sales transactions , agents, vendors, Web*Ex and on-site demonstrations. I was responsible for clie nt development, sales management, RFP/RFQs, and addressing contract and pricing issues. Product mix included electronic signature storage, electronic vault stor age of loan documents, and vendor management platform sales that included third party product management similar to Real EC and FNC. 2002-11/03 Fidelity National Financial-FNIS (Merger/downsized) Director of Sales - Regional Manager, Chicago, Illinois Appraisal Services and AVM Loan Products My duties included strategic marketing and client development of appraisal and v aluation services and products to a wide range of financial institutions. I mana ged a Midwestern 14 state region and dealt with both end users and vender resell ers and was very adept at cross selling a wide range of products. I worked with major lenders that needed forensic REO appraisals from defaulted properties and

was involved in various fraud related projects. My product mix was the complete line of appraisal and automated valuation products that Fidelity offered to lend ers, mortgage bankers, and other related users and resellers. I rebuilt a neglec ted territory and doubled the regional production every 90 days to restore it to former levels of production. I managed a monthly pipeline of approximately $500 ,000 per month in revenue after I repaired my region to stability. Expert in ass uming an ongoing concern and repairing damaged client relationships. During this time, I also assumed the responsibility of merging 3 disparate appraisal compan ies: Market Intelligence, Appraisal Enhancement Services, and Hanson Products th roughout the Midwest. I redirected my client base to the correct business units and realigned all client expectations accordingly. I separated the product mix i n to 3 main categories: origination appraisals, BPO/AVM products, and review app raisals and delivered this product mix to all of my clients in a 14 state region . I also managed regional operations, including profit and loss responsibility, contract review and analysis, recruiting, evaluation of sales performance, troub leshooting and problem resolution. 1997-2002 Capital Technology & Financial Services National Managing Recruiter / Consultant Clients included IBM Global Services, 3Com, Trilogy Software, and Candle Corpora tion among others. As the owner, I provided executive recruiting services for building professional practices. The personnel I hired for clients ranged from CFO/CIO levels t o sales directors, practice directors, managers, financial systems and accountin g experts and many other key employees. My client mix included many major lender s nationally as well as some of the best financial services technology developme nt firms in the industry. The technology side of my business led to exclusive en gagements at a director level position of building and hiring top financial and I.T. experts to numerous national practices

1994-1997 First Franklin Financial Services, Chicago, Illinois Senior Wholesale Loan Officer As the first manager of a major satellite office with First Franklin in Chicago, I managed all aspects of the lending life cycle from lead generation and loan s ubmission to broker presentation, loan qualification, and closing transactions. I specialized in new business development consistently with a following of mortg age brokers and bankers and I recruited of 50 new mortgage companies to work wit h us as brokers and correspondents. I offered both wholesale and direct correspo ndent relationships to clients who demonstrated the required financial stability throughout the Midwest. The regional office eventually opened in Schaumburg, IL . 1991-1994 Statewide Capital Funding, Wholesale Lending Manager, Los Angeles/San Fernando As the regional lending manager, I serviced a large 00 conforming mortgage transactions per month, also Chatsworth, California Valley Territory broker base that generated 2 managed the internal operati

ons team, with my personal loan volume averaging $20mm per month. I had 5 direct reports as senior wholesale loan officers around the state of California. Total loan production averaged $100 million per month with primarily FHLMC, FHA, and VA loans. I managed the origination and processing teams, including secondary ma rketing. I was also responsible for hiring and training all new employees direct ly to our mortgage operation. Successfully managed a region comprised of 800 mor tgage broker offices in the San Fernando Valley/West Los Angeles area. 1986-1991 California Federal Bank, Los Angeles, California Senior Loan Officer Senior Retail Loan Officer specializing in SFR and condominium lending. I also s pecialized in new construction condo projects and performed special rate buy dow ns and forward commitments for developers to remove the construction loans and f inance form the first unit sold. I had special commitments to close the first un its in new construction projects to waive the typical Fannie/Freddie pre sale re quirements. I represented most new projects and had an inventory of nearly 600 u nits in 20 projects at all times. I typically closed at least 20 loans per month averaging $4-5 million per month in volume. I created customized business devel opment plans and brochures especially for marketing directly to a variety of ind ustry professionals that included builders, developers, designers, and architect s to top real estate sales experts in the San Fernando Valley. Extensive work wi th our REO division to liquidate our owned SFR and condo properties.

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University Accounting and Telecommunications