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Robert E. Campbell, Jr. 426 Clover St., Etters, PA 17319 Phone: (717) 919-6447 [1]rc557226@westpost.

net Career Summary: Dedicated, results-driven senior procurement and supply chain manager offering 20 years of experience from a position of strength, focus and results. Adept at overseeing and managing multi-million dollar procurement budgets, with expertise in accounting, procurement, and audit supervision. Track record of delivering superior results on time and under budget with ability to satisfy and serve a broad customer base. Innovative thinker with success reaching across departments and disciplines to achieve organizational goals. Awarded Active Secret Clearance. * Areas of Expertise Leadership Supervision Logistics/Operations Budgeting Warehousing/Inventory Professional Experience: Staff Sergeant (E-6) 1990 - Present United States Marine Corps Supply Administration and Operations Supervisor 2008 - 2010 1^st Battalion, 11^th Marine Regiment Camp Pendleton, CA * Oversaw annual budgets averaging $2.25 million. Procured supplies and materials to sustain daily operations for over 100 customers within organization. Independently developed quarterly budgetary reports to ensure sound fiscal spending. Result: Reports consistently accepted and approved as written by higher command. * Led a team of 23 employees. Defined performance goals, developed detailed plans and complicated management studies to identify problems, and proposed solutions to improve performance reviews. Result: Utilizing performance and proficiency formulas, corrected review deficiencies on a monthly basis, resulting in 97% inspection score. * Named Approving Official for government credit card program. Result: Zero purchasing violations during tenure. * Served as Approving Official for government travelers utilizing Defense Travel System. * Reviewed 25 consolidated property record accounts of over $35 million. Result: Findings of sound accounting practices and material readiness reporting. * Achievement: Ratings of 90% and 97% in detailed logistical readiness evaluation in 13 areas of functionality, readiness and standard operating procedures led to section ranking in top 1% of 29 departments. Supply Administration and Operations Supervisor 2004 - 2008 2^nd Battalion, 25^th Marine Regiment Harrisburg, PA

* Created and maintained annual budgets of $750,000. Prepared semi-annual expenditure reports, evaluated financial statements and prepared recurring financial reports to senior leadership for review. * Directed ten subordinates. * Analyzed, prepared and reconciled procurement requisitions for uniform, equipment, vehicle repair parts, weaponry, and optical devices for over 200 Marines to ensure proper asset and tracking processes, along with receipting procedures. Result: Achieved 96% budget accuracy. * Efficiently planned meals and billeting for 200 reserve marines during weekend operation period. Executed logistical and transportation requirements using five commercial buses for 200 personnel. * Served as Organizational Supervisor of two government-leased vehicles valued at $85,000. * Achievements: Attained 97% in a detailed supply and logistical mobilization inspection. Excellence in embarkation load plans, transportation, meal plans, clothing and uniform issuance, and asset accountability led to department award as