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MAY 29, 2011





REV. RICHARD MILEK, ADMINISTRATOR REV. JOSEPH P. LYNCH, PASTOR EMERITUS REV. MARIUSZ NAWALANIEC, ASSOCIATE PASTOR IRVIN A. BRYCE, JR. PERMANENT DEACON MASSES SATURDAY 5:00 PM (Sunday Obligation) SUNDAY 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM 1:30 PM AND 5:00 PM POLISH MASSES WEEKDAY MASSES (Monday-Friday) 6:30 AM AND 8:30 AM SATURDAY MASS 8:30 AM HOLY DAYS (Except Christmas and New Year) Vigil Mass - 5:00 PM (evening before Holy Day) 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM - 6:00PM - 7:30 PM SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION Saturday 4:00-4:45 PM SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM 1st and 3rd Sundays at 3:15 PM Baptismal Preparation Class Last Monday of month at 7:00 PM Parish registration and attendance at the Baptismal Preparation Class are required Prior to Baptism. SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE All wedding arrangements must be made with a parish priest at least 5 months prior to scheduled date. All couples are required to participate in a marriage preparation program. Parish registration is a requirement. Times of marriages are as follows: Saturday 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM Sunday—no weddings

RECTORY ………….……………….…(708)423-0321 PLEBANIA (po polsku)……………...(708)423-0321 For Sacraments of Baptism, Marriage, parish registration, convert instruction, prolonged illness at home. PARISH WEBSITE E-MAIL PARISH BOUNDARIES North-75th St. East-Cicero, West-Narragansett, South-87th St. Cicero to Austin) 83rd St. (Austin to Narragansett) MINISTRY OF CARE……………….…(708)423-0321 Deacon Irvin A. Bryce Jr. PRAYER NETWORK………………....(708)966-4068 Mrs. Marlene Rybicki SCHOOL………………………………..(708)424-7757 Mrs. Marilyn Kurowski, Principal 5535 West State Road http;// CCD OFFICE…………………………...(708)636-0406 Mr. Kevin Wiseman, Coordinator 5535 West State Road

SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2011 7:30-For the Parishioners, Stephen Fahy 9:00-Michael Sweeney, Theresa Bendik 10:30-Ros Merino, Clifford Whitehouse Sr. 12:00PM-James Ghilardi, Marilyn Balandis 1:30PM-POLISH MASS -Rev. Mariusz Nawalaniec - Blessing -Maria Kurczak, Tadeusz Truty -Maria & Stanislaw Bukowski -Marianne Formeller 1st Anniv. of Death -Luis Garica 2nd Ann of Death 5:00PM-POLISH MASS -For the Parishioners MONDAY, MAY 30, 2011 - MEMORIAL DAY 6:30-For the Parishioners 8:30-Kenneth Dorsen, Karen Landis - Blessing TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011 6:30-Souls in the Purgatory 8:30-Michael Sweeney WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 2011 6:30-For the Parishioners 8:10-MORNING PRAYER OF THE CHURCH 8:30-Michael Walker, Laverne Kupiec THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 2011 6:30-For the Parishioners 8:30-Souls in the Purgatory, Laverne Kupiec 7:00PM - PARISH HOLY HOUR FIRST FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2011 6:30-Purgatorial Society -Tony Neary, Martin Costello 8:30-Jan Kowalczyk, Penny Bedore 6:00PM-Bernardine Kramer - Special Intention -Adolph Bloczynski SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2011 8:30-Frank & Marie Mattera -Stanislaw Tylka, Theresa & Umberto Botta 12:00 Wedding: Roman Frankiewicz & Marta Radecki 2:30PM-Wedding: Mark Chlebek & Renee Turza 5:00PM-Leo Gutkowski, Joseph Marszalek SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2011 7:30-For the Parishioners, Stephen Fahy 9:00-Bridie Miller, Emily Sekan 10:30-Jackie Paul, Innocenza Sturino 12:00PM-Rozalia Ponicki 2nd Anniv. of Death -Kathleen Brennan 1:30PM-POLISH MASS -Jan Budz, Maria Kurczak -Jan Cybulski, Lucyna Adamczewski 5:00PM-POLISH MASS -Stanislaw Heldak

Memorial Day, May 30, 2011 The best of all possible celebrations of this day would mean a world at peace. In remembering those who have given their lives, let us pray for end of unrest in the world and God’s peace to all.
Memorial Day - Rectory will be closed


“What is the reason for your hope?” Imagine somebody coming up to you and asking you that question. Not “What are you hoping for?” or “What are you hoping to do?” No, this isn’t about our desires for possessions or aspirations for life, it’s “Why do you hope?” Peter today tells us that we ought to be ready to give an answer to this question. Truth be told, few of us spend much time thinking about why we hope. Luckily, the scriptures today give us our answers. We hope because Christ suffered for us, in order that we might come to God. We hope because we know that, in the Spirit, God grants us another Advocate through Christ to remain with us always. No matter what we might hope for, whatever we might hope to do, we must always first know and proclaim the reason for our hope: the presence of God in Christ, with us through the power of the Spirit.
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LET US PRAY For the sick: Andrea Pellicano, Christina Gazda, Sister Patricia Labuda, Walter Marszalek, Cooper Grant, Carter Pierchalski, Jeffrey Andrews, Michael Antoszkiewicz, Carol Berghuis, Johana Pusateri, Rosemarie Maslo, Martin Kreil, Janelle Demski, Walter & Betty Anderson, Denis Hedderman & Family, Loretta Paulus, Shirley McVane, Catherine, Katie & Lucy Hedderman, Lorraine Kritikos, Marilyn Buchalski, Rose Thomas, Don Kupiec, Cheryl Korosa, Betty Anderson, Carol Mariano, Penny Prokop, Mary Ann Riccio. For the deceased: Rosemarie Henderson, Theodora Baich.

I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want first? Lets start with the good news which goes to all children and it says that the school year 2010-2011 is coming to an end. Last Wednesday we had very nice and enjoyable Kindergarten Graduation and all our graduates proved that they are ready for the first grade. Do you remember your kindergarten graduation and going to the First Grade? Last Friday we celebrated the 8th Grade Graduation with the tears in our eyes because we were aware that we are saying goodbye to one of the best graduation classes in our parish. We wish them the best, we thank them for everything they did for our school and our parish and we hope that they will be around. That was the good news about Graduations and upcoming vacations. …..The bad news is that we have to go back to school and continue during the summer studying changes to the Roman Missal so we will be ready for Advent when the changes will be implemented. We hope that the questions and answers below will help you to prepare for the new translation. Is the Mass changing? The essence of the Mass is not changing, but the way it is celebrated will be noticeably different. While the structure and order of the Mass will remain the same, many of the prayers and responses of the liturgy have been newly translated into English from the original Latin text. In addition, new observances for recently canonized saints, additional prefaces for the Eucharistic prayers, additional Masses for various needs and intentions, and updated instructions for the overall celebration of the mass will be added. The most significant change people will notice, however, is the new translation of the actual words of the Mass. What are some examples of the changes made to the prayers of the Mass? A change everyone will notice at the very beginning of Mass is the people’s response to the priest’s greeting, The Lord be with you.” In place of the words “And also with you,” the congregation will reply, “And with your spirit” – wording that better reflects the biblical language of St. Paul in his letters (see Galatians 6:18; Philippians 4:23, 2 Timothy 4:22) and recognizes the unique work of the Holy Spirit through the ordained priest to celebrate the Eucharist. People will also notice a change in the opening word of the Nicene Creed. Instead of saying “We believe in one God…,” the congregation will begin “I believe in one God…,” a more personal expression of faith – as well as a more literal translation of the Latin text of the Creed. Tomorrow we will celebrate Memorial Day praying for all deceased, especially those who gave their lives for freedom and independence. We invite you to one of our morning Masses or to the Mass celebrated in Catholic Cemeteries. The schedule is printed on the following page. Have a Blessed and safe Memorial Day.

God Bless, Fr. Rich
WEEKLY OFFERING MAY 22, 2011 ENVELOPES, CONTRIBUTION $14,090.00 5:00PM……………...…..…..$2,508.00 7:30AM…………...…..……...$1,829.00 9:00AM…………...……..…...$2,142.00 10:30AM…………...…………..$2,321.00 12:00PM…………...……...…..$1,548.00 1:30PM…………...…………...$2,392.00 5:00PM…………...…………..$ 934.00 MAIL IN…………..…...……….$ 380.00 Children Envelopes……..….$ 36.00 CELEBRANT SCHEDULE SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2011 5:00 PM - Rev. Jerry Van Overbeek SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2011 7:30 AM - Rev. Ted Ploplis 9:00 AM - Rev. Rich Milek 10:30 AM - Rev. Phil Hogan 12:00 AM - Rev. Joseph Mol 1:30 PM - Rev. Mariusz Nawalaniec 5:00 PM - Rev. Mariusz Nawalaniec

WEDDING BANNS III-Roman Frankiewicz & Marta Radecki , III-Mark Chlebek & Renee Turza, II-Jacek Zagata & Joanna Wincek I-Arkadiusz Remin & Malgorzata Piszczor, I-Maciej Gasienica & Anna Mikucka

School Registration 2011-2012: Take a look at St. Albert the Great School if you are interested in a faith-based education, academic excellence, a commitment to diversity, and scholarship. We offer 3 & 4 Year Old Pre-school thru 8th Grade classes. St. Albert’s has been well known in Burbank and the surrounding communities for its excellence for over 56 years. Registration for the 2011 – 2012 school year is underway. If you would like information regarding our school, stop in the school office Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., or call 708 424-7757 about scheduling an appointment to view the school and discuss registration for the up-coming school year. The 8th Grade Class of 2011 graduated On May 27. The students were recently presented with their class ribbons at a special Mass which was attended by all the students in school. After Mass the 7th graders served each of the 8th graders a wonderful pancake breakfast and the 6th graders assisted in cleanup. This is one of the ‘Great” traditions at St. Albert. If you would like to send your child to our school, call us at 708-424-7757. An exciting fundraiser based on professional baseball!
BaseballMania last 17 weeks of the professional baseball season. A ticket’s value in any given week is determined by the combined scores of the three baseball teams listed on the back of the ticket for that week. On the back of each BaseballMania ticket, you will see a different set of 3 teams for each of the 17 weeks of the fundraiser. Prizes are awarded each week of the fundraiser to the top 4 highest scoring tickets and the 2 lowest scoring tickets. At the end of the season, tickets with the most and fewest combined points for all weeks win grand prizes. See the front of your ticket for details on prize money amounts. Winners will be notified by the participating organization that distributed the BaseballMania ticket. All ticket stubs must be turned in by June 3, 2011 to St. Albert the Great School or rectory. Thank you for help! Have Questions? Contact Brenda @ 708-670-0675 or St. Albert School at 708-424-7757 FEAST OF FAITH

The Collection: A Privilege As the altar is prepared for the celebration of the Eucharist, the collection is taken up. In the early church, this part of the Mass must have been something to behold, as the people suddenly began to move, bringing forward to the deacons and priests freshly-baked bread and fine wine. Then, after the Eucharistic Prayer, that same community came forward again in the Communion procession, and they received back the very gifts they had given, now transformed into something infinitely more precious than bread and wine: the very Body and Blood of Christ. Beginning around the eleventh century, it became the custom for people to present money instead of bread and wine, and the procession of the faithful gradually disappeared (it survives in the liturgy of Holy Thursday). But the meaning is the same. We continue to bring the fruit of our labors and to offer them freely to God. And God continues to transform them into Christ. It is through our generous sharing of time, talent, and treasure that our parishes can preach the gospel, reach out to the sick and the imprisoned, and celebrate the sacraments. —Corinna Laughlin, © Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.

„Jeżeli Mnie miłujecie, będziecie zachowywać moje przykazania”. (J 14, 15
Jednym z największych ciężarów, jakie z trudem dźwiga ludzkie serce, jest samotność. Nic tak nie boli jak puste miejsce pozostawione przez kogoś, kto odszedł. Nic tak nie sprawia przykrości, jak świadomość nigdy niekończącej się rozłąki. Dlatego Jezus żegnając się ze swoimi uczniami, zapewnia: Nie zostawię was sierotami (J 14, 18). Mówi tak, ponieważ ich kocha, a kochać, to być obecnym. Jezus pozostał z nami w Eucharystii oraz przez dar Parakleta – Ducha Świętego, którego przyjście zapowiada w dzisiejszej Ewangelii. Duch Święty jednoczący Syna z Ojcem jest sprawcą naszej komunii z Bogiem. Greckie paracletos pochodzi z języka sądowego i oznacza obrońcę, adwokata, a także świadka, który zeznaje na korzyść oskarżonego. Duch Święty, którego otrzymają Apostołowie stanie się źródłem wewnętrznej mocy do dawania świadectwa Jezusowi wobec tych, którzy Go odrzucają. To ktoś niezwykle potrzebny w sporze, jaki chrześcijanin będzie musiał toczyć ze światem. W piątek, 20-go maja uroczystą Maszą Świętą zakończyliśmy rok szkolny 2010-11 w Polskiej Szkole im. Mikołaja Reja przy Parafii Świętego Alberta. My Kapłani, którzy uczyliśmy Katechezy przygotowując dzieci do 1-szej Komunii i młodzież do Sakramentu Bierzmowania dziękujemy dyrekcji szkoły, rodzicom i dzieciom za wyrazy szczerej wdzięczności. Zapewniamy o pamięci modlitwewnej w intencji szkoły i tych wszystkich, którzy są z tą szkołą związani. Przypominamy, że nie ma wakacji od Boga i dlatego zapraszamy wszystkie dzieci z rodzinami do Kościoła na Pierwszy Piątek miesiąca czerwca. Spowiedź będzie od godziny 5:00 do 6:00 a o godzinie 6:00-tej będzie Msza Święta o Najświętszym Sercu Pana Jezusa. Poniedziałek, 30-go maja jest obchodzony w USA jako dzień pamięci o zmarłych, a zwłaszcza tych którzy oddali życie za wolność ojczyzny. Msze Święte będą odprawione w tym dniu na różnych cmentarzach i rozklad tych Mszy Świętych jest zamieszczony w biuletynie. W naszej Parafii w tym dniu będzie Msza Świeta za wszystkich zmarłych z naszych rodzin i tych których imiona wypisane są w Księdze Zawierzenia Błogosławionemu Janowi Pawłowi II umieszczonej w kaplicy Matki Bożej przy obrazie Ojca Świętego o godzinie 6:00 pm połączona z ostatnią Majówką. Święto Wniebowstąpienia Pańskiego przypada w tym roku w czwartek 2-go czerwca, ale w USA święto to jest przeniesione na niedzielę i będziemy obchodzić je uroczyście w niedzielę 5-go czerwca.

Szczęść Boże, Ks. Ryszard

W niedzielę 12 czerwca o godz. 1;30 pm zostanie odprawiona w naszym Kościele Msza Święta Odpustowa “Koła Skrzypne”.
Po Mszy Świętej w sali pod Kościołem zostanie podany smaczny obiad, a po nim rozpocznie się zabawa. Do tańca przygrywać będzie zespół “Millenium”. Cały dochód przeznaczony jest na remont plebanii w Skrzypnym. Bilety są w cenie $20.00 - dorośli, $10.00 - dzieci. Bilety można już nabywać po Mszy Świętej lub w tygodniu w kancelarii parafialnej. Do udziału w tej zabawie zachęcamy zaprzyjaźnione Góralskie Koła oraz wszystkich parafian! Telefon kontaktowy: Jan Mrowca 780-430-9518