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Jincy Catherine Thimothy 6525W.Ebinger Dr | Niles, IL 60714 | 773-817-0806 | jt5583e2@westpost.

net Objective To obtain an entry level research job where I can utilize my academic research s kills, my internship experience and my ability to work as a team-player. Education Drexel University Philadelphia, PA Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering Graduation Date- Mar 2010 Sathyabama University Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology Relevant Courses Biosimulation I, II Hospital Administration Biomedical Ethics &Law Medical Device Design Work Experience Lankenau Hospital, Philadelphia,PA Clinical Experience Intern, Jan'10 - Mar '10 * Studied problems and issues surrounding the practice of medicine in each depar tment of a modern hospital and prepared reports in the form of affinity diagrams * Suggested ideas for improvements in clinical procedures and facilities involve d in intensive care units, cardiac care units, operating rooms and administrativ e unit Drexel University Philadelphia,PA Medical Device Design Intern, Sep'09 - Dec '09 * Identified and formulated an unmet medical need as a team * Designed and documented an improved approach by designing a cap with incorpora ted position sensors aimed at preventing Plagiocephaly in Premature babies there by increasing the efficiency of an existing solution * Justified that we have a patentable idea after doing an extended patent search and prepared a business plan in order to market our product Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA Research Assistant, Oct '08 - Jun'09 * Worked on a project called "Human liver on a chip" which involved culturing of HepG2 cells and designing new protocols * Assisted in developing miniaturized devices and systems for medical applicatio n using micro fabrication * Cultured and maintained vascular endothelial cells, assisted in writing resear ch papers, ordered general lab supplies as required * Performed Nitric Oxide analysis in NOA 280i for studying the role of mechanics and transport at the cell level in the production of nitric oxide * Conducted research to analyze the difference between the NO2 production in sti mulated and unstimulated cells Cochin University, Senior Design trainee, Kochi, India Dec'07- Mar '08 Medical Sciences I-III Medical Imaging I -III Biomedical Entrepreneurship Introduction to Biosensors Tamil Nadu, India Graduation Date - Apr 2008

* Analyzed the action of Acetylcholine Esterase enzyme in the cerebral cortex of Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats and estimated the mode of action and their effects in each group of rats * Executed routine tasks such as DNA isolation, RT-PCR, Southern blotting, weste rn blotting and other enzymatic assays Computer Skills Languages: C, Java Applications: MS Office Suite, MATLAB, Image J Other Activities * Member of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) * Member of "Society for Biotechnologists, India"