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Advanced Electric Power Systems
Electric machines Transformers Generation Transmission
Multiple voltages, AC & DC, transformers



2 & 3 phases

Complexity & mathematics

PSCAD Overview
Manitoba Research Centre 3 Products

PSCAD function
Powerful electromagnetic time domain transient simulation environment and study tool Available 1993, result of research and development since 1988 Now has companion products

3rd party plotting and analysis tool Used to visualize and print PSCAD®, PSS/E, CVS output. Allows users to compare results of different result sets, even with recorded values from field based Digital Fault Recorders

3rd party utility Allows PSS/E network data to be imported into PSCAD® Graphical elements are added and routed automatically, reduces large networks to manageable sizes


in both electrical and control systems. the uses or benefits of PSCAD would make a good question for the final Transients Faults 2 . run a simulation. the accuracy and reliability PSCAD® provides. protection. analyze the results. power electronics. research & educational institutions. also known as electromagnetic transients or instantaneous solutions. even insulation levels Also used to coordinate protection strategy While we can’t easily test on PSCAD. meters. These people rely on the extensive library of power and control system models. transformers. PSCAD® has been adopted worldwide by utilities. PSCAD: Why Optimization & Design How will it perform? Existing Load sharing/shedding Faults & fault protection Reaction to added generation or demand in future PSCAD: Why Learning tool Generators. The PSCAD® graphical user interface greatly enhances the power and usability of the simulation environment. and consultants as the premier tool for transient simulation. as well as.4/23/2011 Intel Visual Fortran For large simulation requirements Needed to unleash dynamic memory allocations required by large power system models PSCAD goals Speed of simulation Accuracy Easy to use For design and verification of wide range of power systems Most suitable for simulating time domain instantaneous responses. and manage the data in a completely integrated graphical environment. manufacturers. turbine. transmission lines too expensive to have in lab Software can simulate all these Setup is quicker Simulation is ‘free’ What can we do to reduce cost? PSCAD: Why Calculations Documentation Systems From generation through distribution and loads Steady state Power factor Overload conditions PSCAD: Case studies Used for 160 MW offshore wind farm (Denmark) Modeled double wound induction generator. It allows the user to efficiently construct a circuit schematic. and online plotting functions and graphs. PSCAD® provides intuitive and interactive control input. controls.

power electronics PSCAD . closers. ships. induction… PSCAD Transmission/distribution Transformers (includes inrush currents) Lines Insulation Protection Breakers. relays Simulation interfaces Matlab/Simulink Optimization using multiple simulations What if … more generators but smaller? transmission lines routed differently (cost.4/23/2011 PSCAD – other uses Planning industrial plants Simulate loads.)? aerial or submarine cables/routes vary bundling. reactors. efficiency. optimization PSCAD . etc. capacitor resonance. wind turbines. travel) John Deere simulation example Easy5 transmission simulation + VisualLabs for speed + Fortran compiler for added flexibility + Simulink for interfacing with electronic controllers. load service. modeling engine and vehicle + iSight for optimization studies Excel by export to CSV 3 . evaluate power quality Arc furnaces. others Alternative generation High voltage simulation Power transmission Better understanding.features Interactive controls Electric transportation design Trains. cable types. switches. maintenance. sizes locations of generation (efficiency.features Models Generators Synchronous. capacitors.

freq difference FFT Components I/O Devices Not same as meters. dials. reactors in ohms. vars Wires. Y. insulation Components Active Thyristor GTO IGBT Other switching devices Power electronics converters (complete unit) Components Meters Single/three phase Voltage. current. but output not necessarily shown Sliders. including transposed Loads and filters Surge arrestors.4/23/2011 Components Sources Current and voltage Frequency. which measure. power Real & reactive Phase difference. impedance Single line or 3 phase Components Passive Lines. buttons Plots Optimizers Components Transformers . capacitors. both Single/three phase Breakers Single/three phase Timers Timed faults 4 . phase. switches.

etc. turbine. Models can be frequency dependent Components Machines Synchronous Induction Permanent magnet Rated voltage. no.4/23/2011 Components Transmission lines Aerial Components Transmission lines Underground Frequency. leakage pu and other configurations Components Steam. hydro controls Wind Components HVDC models Components Input functions Ramps Sine/cosine Tabular Pulses Random FFT Digital and analog Filters (Butterworth. current. resistivity of ground Models can be frequency dependent Line geometry Frequency. etc) 5 . of conductors. length. length.

4/23/2011 Components Protection (detection) elements Current/voltage transformers Current/voltage detection Components Logic gates Components Sequencers (state machines) Components Recorders Can ‘play back’ recorded data Try other solutions Analyze existing system Documentation Not everything fits on one page Labels Documentation Sticky notes Run numbers Notes/text 6 .

4/23/2011 Academic Software Limited in model size it can create/evaluate 7 .