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ANNE MARIE LOGAN 112 Comfort St * Rochester NY 14620 * [585] 232-1898 * al558928@westpost.

net OBJECTVE:*To secure employment in an information technology position involving c ustomer, business and software application support while utilizing my experience , education and potential. PROFILE: Work well in a team environment or as an individual contributor Excellent communication skills with customers, business and technical areas, exc ellent problem solving skills Able to multi-task and work well under pressure SIGNIFICANT SKILLS: Analysis - Business and Technical Specification and Requirement Documentation in support of: Marketing, Sales Force, Products, Administrative, Finance, Revenue, Service and Supply Chain aspects of business Programming/Software - MS-Office, MAC OS X, SQL, Cognos-Impromptu, SAS, COBOL, C OBOLII, JCL, ISPF Panels, Dialogue Manager. Some UNIX PL-SQL DATA BASES and OPERATING SYSYTEMS: Oracle, Access, DB2, IMS, SAS Both Mainframe and Client Server - MS Windows 95, 2000, 2003, NT & XP, MS-DOS, T SO-ISPF, , Panvalet, Endeavor WORK EXPERIENCE: Information Analyst, Pinnacle Technical Resources 09/08 - 11/08 Assigned to EDS@Xerox Account, Rochester NY - Legacy Supply Applications Documented a mainframe application involving more than 1000 steps. The person who supported this had non compliance issues and was leaving involuntarily. In cluded COBOL, IMS, DB2, SAS, FTPS with Oracle, EDI, UPS interfaces. Supported additional documentation requests, Source of Records for other Supply Applications. 03/08 - 08/08 Assigned to EDS@Xerox Account, Rochester NY - Supply Chain Applications Implemented a series of online screens to create various Mass Change transaction s for Equipment Financial Master file. Replaced a manual process with ISPF PANE LS, Dialogue Manager. Worked independently with little previous knowledge of the application or software. Added security logic to On Line IMS DB2 programs. Performed a variety of resear ch and testing activities. WORK EXPERIENCE: Information Analyst, Pinnacle Technical Resources 10/07 - 12/07 Assigned to EDS@Xerox Account, Rochester NY - Service Applications Provided Adhoc reporting, Report distribution updates, Sarbox support documentat ion and retirement documentation (analysis of 14 applications) and tracking effo rt hours for the team for 2007.

Information Analyst, EDS, Rochester 03/99 - 10/06 Assigned to Xerox Account, Rochester NY - Marketing & Sales Support/Adhoc report ing team Provided a wide audience of customers with information/reporting from various da tabases and sources. Most requests were short term, unique and urgent; involved extensive customer interface, requirements gathering. Included knowledge of Data - Account and Establishments, Equipment, Industry, Sa les Force Configuration, Data Warehouse - Installs/Orders/Cancels, Post & Sale r evenue. Sales Management Information - Contact and Sales Cycle. Also participated in larger projects - Y2K support, requirements, design, produc e and QC, application migration from SAS, DB2 to Client/Server Oracle. Oracle tables & views, Impromptu, SQL, MS-Access, Excel. Systems Engineer, EDS, Rochester NY 8/94 - 3/99 Assigned to Xerox Account, Rochester NY - Major Accounts & Contracts Reporting Responsible for providing support - development and maintenance for two applicat ions. Contract Performance and Major Accounts Revenue reporting. Worked with cus tomers extensively. Learned new business. Responsible for requirements gathering, technical design, code, test & implement for streamlining the revenue reporting system, flexible processing for new reve nue streams. This application provided a feed that was used to calculate some co mmission pay - accuracy was critical. Supported National Account Managers. Some project lead activities. Mainframe - SAS, COBOL, COBOL2, DB2, VSAM. WORK EXPERIENCE (con): Systems Engineer /Computer Programmer, Xerox Corp, Rochester NY 8/92 - 7/94 Supported an online FOCUS Data Base system that allowed end users to pull canned and Adhoc reporting from a variety of DB2 and flat files. Extensive customer in terface, Data included - A/R, Financial, Invoicing, and Customer Satisfaction. Help Desk functions - tracking and resolving issues. On call. } 10/87 - 7/92 Worked with a large development, cross functional team including requirements pl anners to implement an invoicing application that consolidated equipment, servic e, supply and financed invoices that allowed flexible presentation and summarizi ng. Developed high and low level design - via SDM - System Design Methodology - inte rfaced with contractors to code and test. Provided ongoing support for maintenance. Field customer support. Oncall. Mainframe - COBOL, IMS DB/DC.

1/80 - 9/87 Provided developmental, maintenance and oncall support to a variety of applicati ons. Included requirements gathering, technical design, program, test and imple ment. Applications included Equipment Billing, Major Accounts Contract, Sales an d Revenue reporting. Systems Analyst activities. Supported Order Entry Helpdes k - tracking and resolving issues. Mainframe - COBOL, IMS EDUCATION: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY BS Degree - Applied Sciences - Business/Info Tech/Communications; 2001 - High Ho nors SUNY Alfred, Alfred, NY AAS Degree - Data Processing