Third Annual

Madrigal Dinner recreates an English Christmas
By Betsy Lantz * "From the moment you step into the hall, it's like you enter a whole other world. It's like being taken back In time." ' The enchanted setting referred to by senior English major Beth Lawry is Renaissance England, to be authentically recreated this weekend as Mercy hurst College presents Its third annual Christmas Madrigal Dinner. This regal banquet is a cooperative effort by the departments of music, hotel restaurant management, theatre and dance. Noble lords and ladies attending this gala event at St. Mark's Center on Dec. 5, 6 and'7 will be far from the gym on East Qrandview Boulevard. * , sL ~ "The room will look like a medieval castle hall," said Director of Theatre Ig.or Stalsky. Hanging backdrops depic-' ting interior castle walls will envelop diners in an authentic royal atmosphere, with details from candleabras to flags on the ceiling. Guests of the court are welcome to dress in historical attire. .. > The medieval menu will include fresh fruits, rye bread! beef barley soup, corn-on-the-cob, pork, chicken and Wassail, each to be served in the English tradition of the time. "We've improved the dessert for the third time," said Director of the HRM Department John Wolper. "It's a steamed raspberry I English pudding with custard sauce." i throughout the evening will be taken from the Renaissance period. Although the musical entertainment' will primarily be sung a cappella, a harpsichord will be added to this year's instrumental background. Brass and woodwind groups from the school of


to us afterward who were just amazed ^"The HRM students have been overat how much fun they had and at how worked due to the increased size of authentic it was," Lawry said. this year's dinner," Wolper said. "Next "This year's Madrigal dinner* is year I think we will involve the Mersimilar in form to last year's, but ex- cyhurst Community earlier than we did panded and improved," Stalsky com- ?this yeaf In order to alleviate that promented. "We have expanded the size blem." Saturday evening's banquet Is sold out. "I attribute our success to our mailing list. Potential guests are reached two months before the event," Wolper commented. ^ Tickets are still available ifor tonight's dinner and:for Friday evening, at $20 per person. Tickets are $18 for college employees, $15 for Mercyhurst students. For reservations call 825-0333 or 825-0394. AtiLawry's suggestion, Mercy hurst students were invited to attend a fulldress rehearsal of the Madrigal dinner free of charge last night. Including every aspect of the entertainment except the dinner, this evening provided those students who were unable to at11 tend the weekend performances an opportunity to experience the spectacle that these departments have put* together, Lawry explained. Some of the distinguished lords and ladies from last year's Madrigal Commenting that the Madrigal din-* ner has become a well-received Mer-k music will also be performing. of the room, because we have more of cyhurst tradition in just three years,} In addition, 12 dance majors will be an audience this year." As a result, the Chiarelli concluded, "I'm just glad we presenting Renaissance court dances seating capacity was increased from put our heads together to come up and local magician Bob Borgia will be 240 diners per night last year to 320 with the Idea and that the four departmystifying courtiers with his sorcery. this year, according to the HRM ments are able to cooperate and carry It through." "Last year we had people coming up Department. % is


'ftpm me momejM



Snowf lakes and Mistletoe" set for tomorrow evening
also contribute four decorated sheet cakes to the refreshments. A professional photographer will offer picture packages. Prices for the photographs vary according to the package desired. & Shuttles will be going.to the formal and will be leaving from Baldwin Hall at 8:45,9:30 and 10:15 p.mJThe buses, will be leaving Rainbow Gardens at 11:30 p.m., 12:15 and 1 a.m. The shuttle transportation is free to all those attending the formal. f f The cost of the-'formal will be $5 a person or $10 a couple. The S.A.C/.officers stress that the winter formal is not strictly a "couples dance". Tickets may: be purchased In the Student Union Director's office, at the Student Union desk or at the door the night of the formal? S.A.C. Advisor>Lisa Costello comments that this year's formal is going to be a "classy affair.'*-;Costello said that the S.A.C. officers chose festive decorations,_including several flower accents and two natural decorated Christmas trees. -

By Jennifer Con my Snowflakes and Mistletoe is the theme for this year's winter formal to be held tomorrow, Fri., Dec. 6 at Rainbow Gardens from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m.v Friction will be providing the main entertainment for the evening. D.J. Bill Brown will be filling In for the band during their breaks. Added attractions for this year will Include a .raffle of wine and champagne.! Raffle p i c k e t s w i l l be distributed at the door. SfAlso, upon entering the hall, each person will be able to choose one of the handmade wooden ornaments from the Christmas tree. ~ Party trays of cold cuts and cheese will be served along with bowls of punch. The Student Activities Committee, sponsor of the annual event,-.will

jikepAg taken

boM4 ikltime&k
Entertainment will highlight^ the evenings' celebration. A skit to be staged "is a very wild take-off on the story of 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair,* " said Stalsky. "It's almost as If It were done by 'Saturday Night "It involves a lot of audience participation," added an excited Lawry, who will be singing and acting in her third Madrigal performance. J According to Director of the D'Angelo School of Music, Joesph Chiarelli, the music to be performed

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"Rendezvous'with Halley's Comet" planned lor April i
a$tronomio«| phenomenal these factors interfere with marine f M o l o g y l | A i « the visibility," said Jewel I i § I j^A Rendezvous w i t h oritur* of the isjend by She Jamaica is anSSfand 700 Halley's Comet" is what Sister Mary Matthew Baitusf professor of pet ronomyfan d fOr. Marilyn! Jewell, professor of ISnglteh and German, have dubbed their upcoming trip to pamaica. The!purpose of the trip isfto see Hailey?s Comet. The trip will take place April 2 through April 7, that which is ihe time, according to Jewell,: "that Sister Matthew has decided will|be the|optimum time to view the comet.'* ;| By Susan Marcyl

Truman Scholarship candidate selected
Jackie Rzomp, a sophomore political science ^ major, has been "^nominated by the Mercyhurst College Truman Scholarship Nominating Committee to compete for this y e a r ' s ! n a t i o n a l 'Truman Scholarship selections, jj |K The Truman Scholarship Is a prestigious award given to students who have an outstanding potential for leadership In any phase of government. The scholarship awards a maximum of $7,000 to a^student for tuition, fees, books and housing. Thef award can be app l i e d Uo c o v e r t w o undergraduate academic years and two years of graduate studies. Rzomp was nominated by the political science department. She has a double minor in history and business administration. A graduate of St. Benedict Academy in Erie, she served as a peer juror for the Juvenile Court in the City of Erie. >"As a peer juror, I was responsible to evaluate cases of juvenile offenders and formulate correction measures for them to follow," .stated Rzomp. As she plans* to attend graduate school ^to pursue 1 1 «RKJlus> into trie leytelalive a> fairs process and icongres-

»A| comers arf object that

resembles a |f uzzy star and travels along a definite path phrough the solar system. Halley's Comet was In aimed after English astronomer Edmund Hailey, who studied Its paths land predicted that it would reappear every 76 years. | The comet was last observed by a camera on July I, 1 1 I Dr. Marilyn J|wt!l (I) and Sr. Mary 91 iw Baltus will lead a graiiip and wilt return and reach its to Jamaica in. April to secHalley?s Comet. closest point to the! sun on Februarylj, 1988# « • p i jes southeast of Miami. It is faculty involved as well as by The tffp's target participa* the resident marine biologist an independent nation as well tion group is the Erie adult of the facility. This price also as a member of the British community! rJul students are takes care of| lodging fat ihe Commonwealth, it is 144 miles also welcome to participate, Hofstra University facilities, Jong arid 40 miles|wide wit|fa "We know the people of Erie which were once a tourist population close to 2 minion. will be interested in g o | n j , J ^ J*04eW«iii»wH(NS^ a chahWTbf people to seethe J M i 4 ^ ^ Matthew w|ll be spon^Ofa comet without paying a lot of Jamaica was chosen as the ing a contest for Mercyburst money^ said Jewell, I I A site far. the trip because the students dealing with Halley's The cost of the trip will be comet will not be visible in Comet .The winner w ill receive $900. This price Includes air Erie and also fbecause Jthe a free trip forlthe^'Rendevous fare, surface travel* ai|§iM& closer #ne gete to the equator! with *lalte#s Cornet*! me ffor one week, field trips byi the more visible the comet^wiil contest iwlll be|called f Race boat and by bus, and lectures be»|* i ^ alsqpn%H>i|ant to ge|ft>r ^ i P e n d e s v o u s " The on Halieyfe Co|H§At$o In- avtay frojfth$smog and tights <feta8sjbflthe contest are stffl cluded areilectyffcsloniother of cities because! both of e planning stages.


Jackie Rzomp sional politics, Rzomp feels the nomination is an excellent opportunity. "It has the potential to take away worries for a financial burden, \ but puts pressure on me to keep my grades up," she continued. "It would help me get the most of my education." r The application process took plenty of time, according to Rzomp. "As a sophomore, it gave me experience in processing all the paperwork, applications and interviews. You learn something Just being there." n ^ ve m *£ though you're only a sophomore,, it forces^you^t reallzeThat things aren't that far away," she concluded.

^ppy* %JColiSai/s

Shuttles to the Christmas Formal will leave Baldwin Hall at 8:45, 9:30 and 10:15 p.m. Return shuttles will leave J kRainbow Gardens at 11:30, 12:15 and 1 a.m* i


|3702 Pine St.



Hours: Mon.-Thurs. Open at 4 daily Fri.-Sat. 4-1 a.m. Sun. 4-11

1 *.?»

to Mercyhurst: Wed.-Frt.8-12, Sat. 8-12:30




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NOVEMBER 21,1985



Who exactly is the band One Outta Place? They are the newest talent to come from Mercyhurst. With Darryl Lewis on lead vocals, Pete November on drums, Eric Christainsen on keyboards, Rob Heutsche on guitar, and Hans Hetz on the bass, One Outta Place Is a unique group that plays together for the fun of It. One Outta Place got their start just like J most other groups. November, Heutsche, and Hetz brought their instruments to school, heard about each other and got a jam session started with Darryl do-

finds M rcyhu

ing the vocals. Hans knew about Christainsen playing keyboards and asked him to Join the group. From there the band just "clicked" and they have been playing together since then. The band practices nights in the Montgomery Room of the Hammermill Library after the library closes down for 3the evening. These practices eventually led to their first "gig" playing a dance for the Special education Department's dance which benefited mentally retarded children. The band then began playing off and on down at Shennanigans.V ',': One 8 Outta Place can be seen on the Mercyhurst campus Feb. 15 when they will open for the band October In a " m i n i | concert to be sponcered by S.A.C. The band members, who are all excited about their forthcoming concert, plan on getting the audience up and dancing. According U to band members, they would like to have a standing ovation and:come out for an encore. The band hopes that this concert will give them sought after recognition and the^chance^Jo otherVgigs" like it. After the concert they would like to continue playing at bars, hopefully working their way out of Erie at some Members of the band are: Dar- point. * ryl ^ Lewis {sitting), Pete Perhaps the band's success November, Hans Hetz, Rob is due mainly to the fact that Heutsche and Eric Christiansen


Monday's snowstorm forced students to J bundle up against freezing temperatures and strong winds. One Out Of Place they play just for the fun of it. The members of the band gave different but similar answers to the question why they were playing in the band. Lewis and Heutsche say that are "doing it for fun." November's answer was very similar with "I enjoy music and* enjoy playing It. Christiansen and Hetz both say they are playing in the band "for the girls." Hetz also "wants to be a rock star when he grows up. ^ ? V The community here is typically a Top 40 community. Mercyhurst students like to DANCE, As November says, " Our success Is due to the fact that we play the type of music they and everyone else likes to I listen to.? 33*f '•& 1 \\lll,„l\nui

Who's Who Among Students In American) Colleges and Universities

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[ Get rides and give rides with Campus Ministry's Travel Board, located across the hall from 211 Main.


Fourteen students from Mercyhurst have been named to Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities. They are:* David Armstrong 9 Tina Loranty £ | Matthew Duska Scott Maxwell Donald Gibbon Christie Smith Janell Harrington Paula Suchacek Marie Tarasovitch Laurie Hoyt Carrie Tompkins JoAnn Israel Beth La wry Craig Zonna


Hours: Tues., Wed., Thurs., Sun. 5-11:30 p.m.; F i t , Sat. 5-1 afm.

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No excuses
U Well, here It is, DEADLINE HOUR. Never has such an appropriate word been spoken - DEADIine. f I have a difficult time trying to come up with a topic. To me, that is one of the worst parts of this job - deciding on editorial topics. | I ;; Now there are not too many excuses I can use this week, I had the whole staff working on their articles for this week before we left for Thanksgiving break. (Perhaps I was thankful that I don't work for myself so I could enjoy break - even though I did manage to ruin my vacation by catching a nasty cough.) Choosing the right topic has really thrown me. I started about six different editorials. Most of them were laced with messages about the wonderfulness of Christmast Let's face it, there are only so many sugary things one can say about Christmas. (It is my favorite holiday, in case you're interested. The Christmas season has gotten better since my nephew has been around so I now have someone with whom I can be "childish". That and running around the house trying out all his fun toys while I have matured my way up to getting socks and underwear for the yuletide season.) f ? But seriously, there's a certain pressure to writing these words of wisdom for page 4. I would like to believe that most people at least scan the editorial of the week. This is prime space and cannot be taken lightly. With 2,100 copies of my words (or our words when Betsy chips in her thoughts) circulated, editorials cannot be 'blown off" as easy as some people can breeze through an essay that, at best, only one teacher will ever read. ^ Also, there's no room for those maladies like "writer's block". I get that weekly and it hits me like a brick wall. I can't ask for an "extension" or "just another day" and hold the newspaper up while I search for the right editorial or just try and "get myself together". I operate on the "due yesterday" calendar of life. But in all honesty, there is a certain amount of satisfaction in the frustration. Producing something of this magnitude every week has given everyone on the staff a chance to grow and learn new things. (Which is one of the basics of college.) Why just this week I learned what trimetrogon means. Most of us are working on the newspaper in relation to our majors, but I think everyone does it because it's still fun and has value to them. Gathering a diverse group together every week has its advantages. We each bring different personalities, different backgrounds and different interests to the office. And we all can share in writer's block together. And that's what makes the difference in being part of a group, sharing the Joys and the frustrations together. * My appreciation for all the work done isn't always evident, but it is always there. Without being surrounded by a slightly offbeat group like "The Merciad staff, life would certainly be boring and less colorful. I The student body is also part of The Merciad staff. Without them, we would have eight blank sheets of paper weekly. [• So, to finish my rambling and put the newspaper "to bed" (journalistic lingo), I just want to wish everyone a great holiday season and a relaxing break. I know I'll have fun - my nephew is getting some great stuff for Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR naomi

Dead on the line

By j David ^Armstrong, MSG President! i

No to Erie, Yes! to Florida
people who kept MSG running smoothly while I was stomping and rolling on the football fields of opposing schools. Especially I would like to thank Mary Beth Tripp, treasurer, for taking over some of my duties while I was attacking other MSG problems and for not complaining when things got hectic. Also, once again, I would like thank the ever-faithful Matt &Whelan, v i c e - p r e s i d e n t , who understood all the problems and was always willing to do something extra. Finally, congratulations and MSG Executive Board thanks go out to the representatives and concerned students who have made MSG a viable force on campus for this half of the school year. There will be an MSG Christmas Party starting at 7 p.m. on Sun., Dec. 8 in 114 Zurn for all MSG reps and senators. It will take place before the last meeting of 1985 which begins at 7:30 p.m.



For the first time MSG is sponsoring^a^trip to Florida during Spring Break. This is the last week for $50 deposits to save yourself a seat on the bus for "fun in the sun". There are plenty of seats available on the first bus and if these are not filled by X-mas, 'We^will lose the option for the second bus. So if you would like to go, make sure you get Into the MSG Office before Wed., Dec. 11. If it is not possible to get to the office, call 825-0428 or 825-0418 and we will make arrangements to insure your reservation. | 5 Also there is a possibility that MSG officers will be knocking on your door during the week to advertise the trip. jPlease, if we are wearing summer clothes, let us come in and get warm before we go on. ThiSi is the last "MSG Off the Record^for 1985 and I would like to thank all those

also in 114 Zurn. All students and faculty are invited, and encouraged to come take a Xmas ^ break on MSG •'before finals. Thank you for your time and see you Sunday. *• P.S. I could not forget to thank The Merciad for Its support in 1985 and MSG wishes to continue this relationship in 1986, even though we are probably the most difficult contributor to The Merciad. "Off the Record" is an independent contribution of the Mercyhurst Student Government. The MSG Executive Committee is solely responsible for its content. "Off the Record" appears o n . the Editorial Page because t it reflects the opinions and beliefs of Jhe elected MSG officers. s J

The Merciad

i*V IB


Naomi A. Romanchok, Editor Betty L. Lantt, Assistant Editor Chris Cardinal!, News Editor Susan Marcy, Perspectives Editor Debbie Hlsont Co-Sports Editor R.J. Zonna, Co-Sports Editor Jennifer Conmy, Calendar Editor Reno HcareiII, Photography Editor Gary Laurnotl, Graphic Artist


V O L 59 NO. 11


Reporters Jackie Rzomp Jennifer Laird tt Chris Alessi Brian SherWar Mary Loncharic Pat Callahan JeffVona Brendo Lowe Julie Cherico Brigid Nee Cindy Ferraro Photographers JJ MattDuska, Editorial Cartoonist fl H. L Beezub, Business Manager Tool Fleet, Cindy Lochner, Joffle Wiii*ams Dennis McCarthy, Faculty Advisor Distribution Manager Typists* Matt Clark Reno Zicareili, Chris Cardinal!
T h

Have!a safe and happy holiday. The next Merciad will be published Thursday, f January 16,1985>;
v M
\ ^ <

. tf*roUKl is the student-edited newspaper of MenMturst Coltae. 5 0 1 J j g t a f t h Street, Erie, PA 16646 TIM Umrmlmd office is located in the basement ol Baldwin Hall, phone 82WK76 t

The Merciad welcomes your comments and [letters. Letters to the Editor should be typed, double-spaced, and signed by the submitter. Letters are due by noon on Tuesdays to The Merciad office,! located in the basement of Baldwin Hall, room 81. A phone number should be included at the, end of the letter for verification but will not be published.




Photo Opinion

What is your fondest Christmas memory?
• .-

; "One year 1 told my mom 1 didn't believe in Santa and asked her rd prove it In my stocking 1 found Rudolph's! footprint in plaster. 1 think she used our goat's hoof print."

I'The first year my wife and I were married we were sitting together on] Christmas Eve and .she fell asleep. We were poor but 1 had one present for her. 1 was able to*sneak§it under die tree— and said ^Santa had come* Ml never forget \ the expression- on her race," Dr. Frederick Keck Religious StudiesL Chris Renouf HRM

iMaureen Percy Elementary Education

• It



"When 1 was six my

\ dad bought a fake cardboard fireplace because i needed something for Santa ito comeidown ancflro Jiang my stocking
/ /

Natalie Blossey Social Work

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Nothing y Brian Sheridan

Gurus land on Mars
By Jeff Vona the past. My idea would be to send a video-tape to all of your relatives. Have them film themselves watching television and complaining about their medical problems.'Then play it back at Christmas and it will seem like everyone's together. jjOne Christmas classic that's missing this year is the old "Ronco" products. It's something we have to bring back for we all miss those wonderful, hard-sell commercials that symbolized ourvcurrent commercialized attitudes toward the holidays. The company's service was also Invaluable. If you had to buy for someone who had everything, what could you get them besides a "Pocket Fisherman?" Another Christmas tradition should be waiting in line at a department store. We do it anyway, but if we made it a tradition, it wouldn't seem like so much * of a hassle. GaUiertlie"fc!Us"UfrailU Til ay them down to JXLPenney's and stand in line and sing Christmas carols. i W e i nee d t h e s e new Christmas traditions to keep the spirit of the holidays alive. When you go home, try - out some of these traditions or create jj some new ones and have a very, Merry Christmas. 1 New music word has it that there is a new Australian foursome. They call themselves t h e ! Hoodoo Gurus, and they've just released their second album Mars Needs Guitars. " {If you've never heard them before, Jason and the Scorchers is a good starting point. Revivalist rock and roll Is back In full swing, and you'd best catch this triple guitar?attack on WMCY before winter freezes all those important parts. | | § ;The Gurus work from strong guitar melody and deviate from there. Cuts we're featuring now are the harmonious love song "Bittersweet"; the wild rumpus about the victimized daughter of a careless truck-driver-father, "Hayride to Hell"; and the title track, a vicious declaration of noble savagery, In which a ("Stoneage Romeo" makesfpiimitive love because he doesn't have a TV s e l i t ' s enough to turn -you-©ff-te- Doctor Ruth * If you haven't listened to the Metal Matinee, you're missing out one "Metal Christmas". Gary Laurn has two sets of Rough Cutt T-shirts and a pair of personally autographed albums by the band, brand new of course. All you've got to do is send us a metal jingle, a personal adaptation to a famous yule-tide number of your choice. Just put WMCY on your card and drop It of f in the mallroom. The Laurn man has been working hard also with some band interviews. He's done some superb talking to Atlantic recording artists Ded Engine and Malice. If you haven't listened, you're missing out. Laurn is the new god of college radio. >-^On my side, there has been some heavy interviewing going on also. I talked to a guy from lAthens, Ga., Glen Statiras, who heads a band down t h e r e c a l l e d the Upbeats. They've got a delightful southern-pop album called Beat City. f On the other side of the coin and the nation, I spoke with RASZEBRAE ("Raz-zebra"), an all girl punk band from L.A. Their name is a cross between an ancient Indian transcript term (Rasa) and the common terminology for a "constricted animal"? Made for some interesting conversation.*^^ * .^ You can hear these artists and their music on a new monthly show that my ^assistant, Jennifer Montanl, and I put t o g e t h e r ^ c a l l e d ROCK VANGUARD. The premiere is on Frl., Dec. 6, at 8 p.m. It's my last gasp as music director here, so please listen.






Traditions always give let's face it, Perry Como can't Christmas that extra special last forever. We are going to meaning. The older we get as a need new specials to be rerun culture, however, the less we every year. | A star-studded practice the old customs. So If s p e c i a l w o u l d be t h e our children are going to have "Christmas at the Betty Ford any Christmas traditions, we Center", starring Elizabeth better start making them now. Taylor, Tony Curtis and Liza First we are going to have to Mlnelli. A sober good time is change the Christmas dinner. had by al I. The old ham has just too much In keeping with the spirit of fat, cholesterol and sodium for the Eighties, a classic show our health-conscious society. would be "Carl Sagan's How about a Christmas tuna Nuclear Winter Wonderland." to feedithe family, come the For the kiddies, new cartoons holidays? Not only good for would have to be produced you but d e l i c i o u s and also. "Rudolph the Red-Nosed | nutritious. * Reindeer" is great, but it's f Music plays a. large part in been played so much the creating the Christmas spirit. film's worn out."So to teach Frankly speaking though my the children the meaning of Sinatra Christmas album Christmas, you would have 1 sounds like a bowl of Rice them watch "The Towelheads Krispies. After MTV the next Who Hijacked Christmas." generation is not going to This animated show features want to hear such classic holi- Santa's sleigh getting hijackday albums as Andy Williams ed by people who don't believe Christmas or • Phil Specter's in Christmas. Santa gets shot, • Wall of Sounds Christmas and it's up to Rambo to show Album. New records will have *he4eiroristg»tbe true-spirit Of to be recorded. Motley Crue's Christmas using anjanti-tank Have Yourself a Drunken, gun. | £ i| Satanic Christmas and Bruce The tradition of the family S p r i n g s t e e n ' s B o r n in getting together^ at the B ethl eh em 5 are d e stlhed 'for holidays has also disappeared greatness. ^Bing; Crosby's because we have become "White Christmas" can still be spread across' the country. played but only if you are Irish B e s i d e s , w e * r e i n a Catholic. technological era, so people As for television specials, meeting people is a thing of


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Answer the trivia question correctly and win a large pizza compliments pf the Clipper's Cove. Place your name and address in the Trivia Box at the Clipper's Cove. A drawing will be held, from all the correct answers, to determine a winner. The winner will be notified and also announcM; n ed in next week's issue. Deadline is each V-* so i Sunday at 9 p.m. % This week's question - What was John Wayne's last movie? **? *a Last week's question - Who was Mercyhurst's first male president? Answer - Dr. Marion L. Shane Mike Vincent is this week's Pizza Trivia winner.

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with gift certificates. For should contact your RA or more information contact dorm director. ! 3 Gary Bukowski or Bonnie ;Campus Ministry will be Clark in 216 Main, ext. 245 For Sale h o l d i n g i t s a n n u a l or 246. | ^ Christmas Party FrL, Dec. 6 Samoyed puppies will be in 211 Main at 3 p.m. There Library Hours for Exams for sale starting the first will be snacks, drinks, week of December. For music and visitation. AH are more information contact welcome and you may also The library hours for 864-7043. These are Just in bring a friend. finals week will be as t i m e f o r C h r i s t m a s * follows: Sun Dec. 8 from presents. S t u d e n t T e a c h i n g 2-12 p.m.; Mon., Dec. 9 from Banquet % * 8:30 a.m. to ^jmidnight; Art Exhibit Tues., Dec. 10 from 8:30 a.m. to midnight; Wed., Dec Shirley Woodson Reid, a The Student ^Teaching 11 from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. distinguished art ist£'from Banquet will*be held on Detroit, Mich., will have her Dec. 9. Cocktails will be in oil and acrylic works Letters of Intent the Old Main Foyer at 7 featured at the Mercyhurst p.m. Dinner will be served Cummings Gallery. The exat 8 p.m. in the Egan Dining hibit will be open Sun., Dec. Letters of intent for all 1 thru FrL, Dec^ 20. Hall. Any student teacher | who has not responded to freshmen who wish to run the RSVP, please do so:by for SAC representative) in Ski Club calling Mrs. Kaliszak in the the Mercyhurst Student E d u c a t i o n O f f i c e *at Government are due by The ski club will be going Dec. 6. Letters should be to Peek-N-Peak again this 825-0446. |P turned Into the SAC Office year. If you would like to located in the Student F^Phbnathon'86 Join or need more informaUnion. tion,? contact SKaren at 825-8354. " The Phonathon for '86 Dorm Hours will be held Feb. Dec. 16, SAC Thank You 17, 18, 19, 20yz3, 24, 25, 26 and 27 from 6:15 until 9:30. The dorms will close for SAC would like to thank Team and individual sign- Christmas break on Thurs., everyone who donated up forms are available in Dec. 12 at 3 p.m. The dorms clothes to | the clothing the Alumni Office in Old will reopen on Jan. 5 after drive. Thanks to everyone's Main, jjroom 216. Cash 10 a.m. Anyone w i t h effort the drive was a huge prizes will be given along s c h e d u l i n g p r o b l e m s success. ?r .,

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Win 3 Out Of 4
By R.J. Zonna

Lakers off to fast start
" also led the team in assists with seven. Senior Marty Cams dropped in 10 points. The Lakers' center also had a game high eight rebounds. "I thought everyone really came through for us," head coach Billy Kalbaugh said. "Everybody that played did well Nesser's free throws in the last minute and the shooting of Harris and Moss were very important." In the Pitt-Johnstown contest, the Lakers' big men dominated the scoring. Cams led the 'Hurst with 19 points, while Moss added 18.1 Lee chipped in 17 markers and Harris hit double figures with 11. Moss swiped 11 rebounds and Cams added 10. f "I thought the second half was our best twenty minutes of basketball offensively * this 7 season, " noted Kalbaugh afterwards. We got the^fast break going, moved the ball well, and hit the boards." In

The Mercyhurst Lakers men's basketball team Improved their record to 3-1 with a 84-78 win over visiting Pace University this past weekend. The Lakers opened their season with a 83-77 victory over Alliance in the Gary Miller Classic. In their second game, Mercyhurst fell to host Slippery Rock by one point, 59-58. The Lakers' other victory came at Pitt-Johnstown by an 85-72 margin. *£ Alt live starters scored in double figures in the Pace contest. Senior forward Kenney Moss led the 'Hurst with 18 points and also added four assists. Sophomore Nate Harris added 16 points from his guard slot. Junior Todd Lee chipped In 15, markers, while junior point guard Matt Nesser had 11 points, Including seven crucial free throws.-! Nesser

the loss to Slippery Rock, Lee knocked in 16 points, while Harris netted 14. Lee also had double figures in rebounds

with 11^



In the Gary Miller Classic, By R.J. Zonna government. the Lakers were forced to play Zonna, the only Erie native without Lee. Lee had to sit out Four Mercyhurst College to make the team, played his a one game suspension for football a players have* been high school football at Kanty t a k i n g part in a n o n - named to the District II Prep. The -"Zo Show" set a sanctioned summer league. Academic All-American Foot- school mark this season with Mercyhurst used the play of ball Team as selected by the 35 receptions, ^good J for 472 freshman Mark Davis to over- College Sports ^Information yards and two TD's. For his come Alliance.! Davis had 15 D i r e c t o r s of A m e r i c a career, the quarterbackpoints, while Cams and Harris (CoSIDA). turned-receiver had 82 catches had 16 points each. Davis also The four Lakers chosen are for 1,218 yards and nine TD's, led the team in rebounds with senior fullback Tim Ruth, all school records. Adding to senior nose guard Mike that the 568 yards passing and 10^ jj Mercyhurst travels to Hanes, senior wide receiver the 293 yards rushingjhe acRochester Friday forja game Craig Zonna and senior guard cumulated his freshman year against St. John Fisher. The Dave Armstrong. Ruth and at QB, plus the 260 yards he Cardinals were 17-10 last year, Hanes are repeaters from last gained returning punts and with two losses coming at the year, while Zonna and ^Arm- kick offs, Zonna had i2,339 total yards in his college hands of the Lakers. Mer- strong are newcomers. Ruth led the Lakers in career. cyhurst then plays three straight .home games against [rushing with 927 yards on 185 *Zonna has a 3.54 GPA In acEdinboro,* LaRoche and carries and 13 touchdowns, all countingtand was nominated Ashland next week. •*

Lakers nominated for Academic AllAmerican'Honors

Men's Basketball Mercyhurst Alliance Mercyhurst Slippery Rock Mercyhurst Pitt-Johnstown * Gary Miller Classic


Mercyhurst Pace 1 Women's Basketball Mercyhurst Ashland Mercyhurst
Craig Zonna Wide Receiver 3.54 GPA, Accounting Tim Ruth , Fullback 3.25 GPA, Petroleum Geology

A i
yearjpinCshing witri af^chool seasor^record 1Jt6lackies^le became tr|e lLakers* alfclime leading tackier wl$^82^and alsolthe^tllngle^ame^ecwl, register* ng|23 stops j^|Mfred Mike Hanes Nose Guard 3.49 GPA, Art, Art Education, v Art Therapy school records. Ruth is Mercyhurst's all-time leading rusher with 2,205 yards. In the classroom, Ruth earned a 3.25 GPA while majoring in geology? Ruth was also an honorable mention Pizza Hut Ail-American last season. Hanes finished second on the team in tackles with 90, despite missing a game with a knee injury. Hanes also had 15 tackles for losses and finished second on^the team with six QB sacks. p Hanes is a triple major in art, art education and art therapy and he carries a 3.49 GPA. He has had a 4.0 in six of the last seven trimesters and is the Art Department's representative to student 4\



Dave Armstrong I Guard 3.32 GPA, Political for Academic Ail-American honors last year. Armstrong,| an offensive guard, helped fthe Lakere average 271.4 yards rushing and 368.6 yards in total foffense per game this season. A political science major, Armstrong has a 3.37 GPA and is a candidate for a Rhodes Scholarship. He is presently the Mercyhurst Student Government President and plans to attend law school * Eight Mercyhurst Laker f o o t b a l l p l a y e rs were nominated for Academic AllAmerican honors. The four other District II level nominees were Don Glbbon,^Darryl Lewis, Rich/ Uram and John Widecan.

j Mercyhufetll&akersagfHead : Football Ctoacb frorty DeMeo if/aaBrecerilly featured ||n the Trheyf Said | M s e c « o ^ | f | ' Sport^tilustrated.-The section contains ynusual quotes from the florid of sports^ The guote came'out afteYtheftakers* 10-7 loss to Capftai|in the §m$ at Erie Vteterartjis Memorial Stadium. "The field Iwas^so muddy thafcfjhey were planting rice at flaiftime," DeMeo said.
* *
* > *


• •

Even though the takers' ^ t f a y i team failed to make the Division i l l National Playoffs, members of the team are reaping Individual honors, Tim Ruth, Crai# Zonna£ Mike

Hanesf apd Dave Armstrong have %eerfv nominated lor the £$S$DA A o a d e m | c & H i American team. Ruibi*and Haneschave also joined senior linebacker* Don Gibbon and senior center Chartes^Rhodes on the Pittsburgh Press fim [District Tearttg i l l i 1 f i | pf Rytfir^a senior^ullback^aodj Gibbon were * accorded J}rst learn recognition Rhodes and lianas, a senior nose guaroS received ^second teamfselecl jfionsl All four? seniors helped^ Mercyhurst to an 8-2 record [this past season, f $$1 § Gibbon, a 5'11", 230 lb. linebacker, led the Lakers in I tackles for the third straight

Rhodes^is a four year starter a# centei&for Jme ^iurstOAt 6 ' | l p 2 0 t IbsShe irejed on juiciness andpstrength So dominate fopposinajdefensfve lineman^ Rhodes also ^anchored|an offensive line; that averaged *27 ts4 yards jushing per* game andfwas nationally ranked <*moch ofjthe season. Overalt|trfe offense averaged 368.6 total yards pefouti&g/ Kenney Mossia senipt&orward on the lakers men's basketball #eam,^was^named r Athlete of the Week" for trie period of Nov. 25 to Dec. 1. Moss poured in 36 points in wins over Pitt-Johnstown and |Pace University. i

as a junior,


" £ i