By Matthew J, Clark

Parents Weekend:! ATotali Celebration
weekend starts at 6 p.m. with Cocktails in the Erie Hilton Ballroom, followed by dinner at 7 p.m.. After dinner, parents and their sons or daughters can dance and reminisce to the 50's and 60's music of "The Contels" from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. ^SBukowski commented on why the Dinnerance is the highlight of the weekend that features so many activities. "It (the dinner) provides gan opportumi> fox^ parents, students, and faculty members to enjoy themselves out of the academic setting," he said I The weekend formally concludes with Mass in Christ the King Chapel at 11 a.m., followed by Brunch in the Egan Dining Hall. However, for those who wish to spend more time with their sons or daughters, the SAC is sponsoring the movie "The World According To Garp" in the Student Union video room at 7 p.m. "Student chairperson Chris Riazzi and her co-chairperson Babette Sharp have done an excellent job of organizing Parents Weekend Activities in between their heavy schedules," said Bukowski. < '"Parents Weekend was started as a vehicle daughter in their college environment and a chance for parents to interact with the same people their sons or daughters interact with day-in and day-out,'' Bukowski explained. Bukowski suggested the weekend might also be a reunion for some. "For many, it's their first visit with their son or daughter since the school year began," he said. "What will make this weekend successful is that there is a lot offered to everyone with [events ranging from football to art, "said Bukowski,

Students of Mercyhurst College and their parents will come together this Saturday and Sunday for the special celebration of both Mercyhurst's 11th annual Parents Weekend and the college's 60th anniversary. A wide variety of activities have*been panned for the Oct. 17th - 19th event, including the Parents' Dinner a nee on Saturday J which 'will highlight the weekend. ' This year there are more events and more varied activities than in the past years. It* a total celebration,": stated Chris Ria'zzi and Babette Sharp, student organizers for the event. J 'This year we're expecting well over 300 families to enjoy themselves throughout the weekend," stated Gary Bukowski, Director of Alumni Relations. " Parents arriving to meet their son or daughter on Friday evening can enjoy a mime show starring Keith Berger at 8 p.m. in the Zurn Recital Hall. The event is sponsored by the Student Activities Committee. Also at 8 p.m. on Friday, the national Leavings" will take place in the Little Theatre in Weber Hall. The .show will run again on Saturday night at the same time. Saturday kicks off with registration in the Zurn Hall Student Union from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. At registration, parents will be able to talk to Mercyhurst Student Government Major Reps, who will be available to talk about Student Government and about what's happening in their respective majors. "These students will be available to give parents the opportunity to learn about Student Government operations," /said
toft •

year's "Parents Weekend" Bukowski. There will also be pen and ink sketches, created by 1970 Mercyhurst graduate James E. Sabol, available for purchase during registration. £» Registration will be followed by a picnic
I n n , h
k > t

and dance held at the Erie Hilton,

however, will be the Mercyhurst - Dayton football game scheduled for 1:30 p.m. at Erie Veterans Stadium. n * "The big draw is the Mercyhurst Dayton game. It should be a really exciting ;urday," said Bukowski. Parents and students are encouraged to brsponsored shutlTe'! ing blankets and folding chairs. If and Students to and from the game. The precipitation prevails, the picnic will be first shuttle is expected to leave Baldwin moved to the Blue Room in the basement of Hall at 12:45 p.m. Old Main. The SAC has invited DJ John to An Art Show has been scheduled in the provide the musical entertainment during Cummings Gallery of the Hammermill the picnic from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Also star- Library to accomodate those not attending ting at 11:30 a.m. will be women's tennis the 3 foot ball game. A special showing by action featuring the Lakers taking on faculty artist Daniel Burke, "New Work", |Canisius at St. Mark's Tennis Courts. will be exhibited from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.. A At 1 p.m., The Mercyhurst women's soc- men's soccer matchup at 4 p.m. will pit the cer team battles Daemen at St. Mark's Lakers against District of Columbia. Field. The big sporting event of the day, The Dinnerance that highlights the


12th? Annualfood DrivefSucceeds More Food For Area Hungry

Election i ^Coverage pg. 2 Trio Concert..|4Pg. 3 Movie peview.i....|pg. 6

by Brian Sheridan Over fifteen Mercyhurst volunteers assisted in the 12th annual food drive that was held Monday and Tuesday night. The group braved chilly temperatures, fog and misty weather to go door-to-door, East of State to North of 38th Street collecting food for the Erie Food Bank. Both the turn-out and the results, just after Monday's collection, was even better than its organizers Cindy Carlson and Fred Washburn had expected. "We had the biggest turn out of people ever through we still can't get any faculty members to come." "We collected about 980 pounds of food last year and after last night (Monday) we probably have over one thousand pounds. Hopefully, we will be able to reach two

thousands pounds this year to'donate," generosity of the students as much as the said Carlson. While the Food Bank can onpeople they ask for donations." ly accept non-perishable goods like canned f This year noi only.; marked the-biggest food, some people donated baked goods haul in one evening but another first was which will also be put to good use. * set. "Two students finished their assigned For the most part, people were very streets and called to ask for more streets. receptive to the students. "There were some This was the first time this has happened in that weren't, but you have to expect that; the twelve years we have running the food many of them couldn't have been nicer," drive." commented Washburn. One man, whose wife wasn't home, even invited them into ~pver two dozen boxes and bags of cannhis home to take what they wanted from his ed good of all kinds - tuna, soups, corn, shelves. £ k beans and even peanut butter - were colSr. Elizabeth, of Campus Ministry was le$ed for Erie's indigent. *The nonecstatic over the amount of participation perishable items collected will be placed on this year. "The food drive is as successful," the Mercyhurst shelf at the Food Bank on she said, "as the amount of people that 17th and Ash and then placed in "care" come to help. It really depends on-the packages for the area's needy.

Sportsl Jpgs.ft 8


Qtye Mmiab

OCTOBER 17, 1986

C a m p a i g n '86 Student! Issues Equal State Issues
didates. For governor, the Republican party puts forth the With the 1986 elections ap- ticket of Bill Scranton-D. Michael proaching, the media' have Fisher, while the Democrats offer become the target of conflicting Bob Casey and Mark Singelf press releases from the guberThe major points in the. Scrannatorial candidates. A Each can- ton campaign concern economics, didate charges the other with lack with a focus being on employof job commitment, and then ment. Some facts from the Scraneach further disputes the other's ton scrapbook: accusations. I In the past three years, while Considering the disparity in Scranton served as lieutenant these claims, it is obvious that governor, more than half a voters need clarifications of the million new jobs were created in assert at ions made by these Pennsylvania. political aspirants. Therefore, the Pennsylvania's rate of growth Merciad is giving a balanced in job formation is twice the naperspective of the issues most rele- tional average. vant to Mercy hurst students. Pennsylvania ranked 7th The first step in this revelation among all states in job creation in m is, logically, to name the can1985-86. " * by Chris Kovski 3 In addition to these issues, Scranton also has as one of his goals an increase in the state lawenforcement departments to help combat drug and alcohol violations. $ i The Casey campaign displays an adherence to the Democratic party line. The major thrust of his campaign is also toward economic development, with the added dimension of a high technology development plan referred to as "PENNTECH," In addition to PENNTECH: Casey targets cleaning up 2,250 toxic waste sites as a top priority, since businesses will not move to Pennsylvania areas if people don't want to live here. In education, Casey wants to institute an innovative system of paying for tomorrow's college education at today's prices. > P E N N T E C H will foster Centers of Excellence at colleges specializing in using Pennsylvania's advantages in high-tech fields. Editor's Note: This week we examined the gubernatorial race. In the issue of Oct. 24, we will analyze the senatorial ^ race, followed by the issue of Oct. 31 with the results of a poll iconducted by the Merciad staff. The Merciad would be particularly receptive to viewpoints of students with strong 'opinions, and ESPECIALLY welcomes letters to the editor concerning the upcoming election. •*

Dem Chairman Terms Youth Political involvement Crucial
by Chris Kovski tion, Wofford feels that the can- position. Previously, Wofford "The trouble with Democracy didates are roughly equal in served as a special assistant to is that it takes too many even- qualifications, with the only President Kennedy, at which time mgs," stated Harris Wofford in significant differences being in he helped found the Peace Corps, the September 1986 edition of character and ability to lead. which he headed for a time in "Campaign '86: The Democratic Wofford regards college-age Africa. It was during his exvoters as essential, and is using his perience in the Peace Corps that Picture." f \ ™ With his prior experience in the position as a springboard for he realized the difference young Kennedy Administration, Wof- launching a widespread attempt to people make. The Peace Corps ford, 60, already knew this. Now, get younger people involved in has had 25,000 volunteers during however, the Chair of the Pennsylvania politics. He express- the past 25 years. He has also been Democratic State Committee is ed an interest in doing this for the president of Bryn Mawr embarking on a 15-city whirlwind both parties, not just the College. campaign with a dual purpose: to Democratic, since he sees the ft When asked what the most 'drum up support for the Bob future of our state being dictated significant factor for considera| Casey-Mark Singel gubernatorial by the people who will be most af- tion is in the upcoming election, ticket and the Bob Edgar fected - the youth. he simply replied "Just remember senatorial crusade, and to show Wofford has headed the state to vote for the person who has Democratic party solidarity with Democrats since last spring, when earned the confidence to serve as labor. * he was drafted by Casey after he the chief executive officer of this In regard to the upcoming elec- was nominated for the governor's state."

Trustees Approve Funds
By Matthew J. Clark On Oct. 7, the Board of Trustees approved the Administration's request to borrow $ 3 0 0 , 0 0 0 for i n t e r n a l improvements. , Phyllis Aiello, director of housing, was elated at the news. "It's wonderful and very timely," she said. "Investing that kind of money in the college is always good for us," she said. Among t h e list of improvements are a new roof for Zurn Hall, new windows for Preston Hall replacing those which are 35 years old, and a new electrical substation to separate Old Main and McCauley Hall from the same circuit. & Along with the substation there will be a new backup system for Old Main, which will make power outages less frequent and less disabling by enabling the system to be restored to full potential within a half hour and allowing the Cafeteria and the Old Main telephone system to remain working, » * % I Improvements will also be made to the Athletic fields, including the addition of a new field. And the Big Weber parking lot will be expanded to 38th St. to allow for more parking space for students.

Students Make It Jamaica Again
by Betsy Lanti "Come to Jamaica" beckons the alluring advertisement on your | television set. Now that invitation is extended to Mercyhurst Science majors and other interested individuals by Dr. Diane Dudzinski and Dr. Raymond Buyce/ who will be teaching courses in the tropics Dec 5 - 15. Dudzinski will lead a course in Tropical Marine Biology, while Buyce instructs Modern and Ancient Carbonate Depositional Environments of Jamaica. Both students and faculty will stay at the Hofstra University Marine Laboratory at St. Ana's Bay, Jamaica. "This location was selected because of its close proximity to diverse marine habitats, its excellent laboratory facilities, library, boats and housing accomodations," Dudzinski said. " The cost for airfare, boat fees, room and board, laboratory use and field trips will be less than $1,000," she added. * This cost does not include the college's tuition' fee for either three-credit course, which will be an additional charge.

We at PLASMA-TEC, LTD. would like to make your school year more rewarding by offering an opportunity to earn up to $96 cash a month or just while reading relaxing. For more information on becoming a plasma donor

In order to secure a place in either class, students must submit a deposit of $50 by Oct. 31, 1986. This deposit is refundable in the event that the program should be cancelled. * ^ * According to Dudzinski, about 11 students have displayed an interest, and up to 15 can be taken on the joint biology-geology trip. There will be some overlap bet-

ween the two courses, since both professors intend to combine the terrestrial and aquatic field work involved. "Students may earn credit in either or both courses," Dudzinski commented. £. ^ Interested students should contact either Dr. Dudzinski at ext. 392 or Dr. Buyce at ext. 381 or 825-1482 (home) immediately.

MSG Representative Elections!
9:00-3:001 Zurn Lobby 5:00-6:00 - Dining Hall

Call 454-0070 or stop in at 111 W. 9th Under new management

Tucs. & Weds. Oct. 21 & 22


3tie Mtttinb

OCTOBER 17,1986

Opening Concert Moved To Tech
been met but surpassed. Over 400 ticket requests were received by The D'Angelo School of Music September 14th when the decision is pleased to announce their was made to change the location 1986-1987 Concert and Recital of the series from St. Mark's, Series. This year's series, funded which seats 400, to Tech by the department budget and Memorial High School at 3325 assisted by a grant from the Penn- Cherry Street which accomodates sylvania Foundation on the Arts, 1,100. Over 1,000 tickets have promises to be the * finest in the been sent out at this time. The remaining tickets will be made history of the School of Music. In celebration of the 60th an- available to the Mercyhurst Comniversary of Mercyhurst College, munity by calling the School of the school saught to "bring in the Music at extension 394. % finest artists in America" accorThe series opens on Sunday, ding to Sam Rotman, director of October 26th at 2:30 p.m.featurthe music department. The series ing the Kalichstein- Laredohoped to create a giant impact on Robinson Trio, rhe Trio, conthe entire Erie community by sisting of violin, cello and piano is making tickets free upon request. reputable throughout the country. First expectations to fill St. "I personally feel fortunate to Mark's Auditorium have not only have the Kalichstcin-LaredoI

by Janine Adolphson

Robinson Trio as the Gala Opening Concert of our series. Their performances are a powerful musical experience and this past summer their concerts at Tanglewood (Boston), Ravinia (Chicago), and Mostly Mozart (New York) were all sold out" according to Rotman. John Rockwell of the New York rimes considers them "One of the best blended, most sensitive and intelligent piano trios in the world today.

The kalichstein-l.aredo-Robinson Trio

The series will continue throughout the year with five con certs. These concerts will provide the listener with an opportunity to sample different musical styles and timbres of some of the nations newest rising performers.

Mercyhurst College 1 1 T H A N N U A L P A R E N T S W E E K E N D 1 9 8 6
8:00 PM * f'k Mime Show Kelgh Berger * REGISTRATION „ f PICNIC LUNCH (bring blankets and folding chairs) D.J. JOHN WOMEN'S TENNIS Lakers vs. Canlslus WOMEN'S SOCCER Lakers vs. Daemon MERCYHURST FOOTBALL Lakers vs. Dayton ART SHOW Special Showing MERCYHURST SOCCER ••• Lakers vs. District of Columbia COCKTAILS 3 DINNER DANCE ^^^J ^^PW » "The Contois" ZURN RECITAL HALL (Sponsored by S.A.C.. Admission S1 00) STUDENT UNION .ZURN HALL GARVEY PARK (sunshine) BLUE ROOM (rain) ST. MARK'S TENNIS COURTS

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18th 10.00 AM-1.00 PM 11:00 AM-1 00 PM 11:00 AM-12.00 Noon 100 PM -J)^

^Enrollment Surges To A *Hurst High
by Ann Johnson


largest number remains within the traditional age levels of 18 to 21, 1:00 PM ST. MARK'S FIELD Enrollment figures for 1986 with 1163 students in this group. 1.30 PM have hit record levels this year But the next highest group is the ERIE VETERANS STADIUM with the final total remaining 31- to 35-year-olds who comprise 1 30PM-3:30PM CUMMINGS GALLERY around 1850 students. This con- 138 of the student body. Follow(Hammermlll Library) 4 00 PM ST. MARK'S FIELD tinues a six year trend of steady ing close behind are the 22 and the increases. Naomi Romanchok, 36- to 4 0 - y e a r - o l d s . 6.00 PM ERIE HILTON BALLROOM REMEMBER,? I 7:00 PM editoi of the "Monday Morning*' ERIE HILTON BALLROOM ALL EVENTS I 9:00 PM 1 00 AM ERIE HILTON BALLROOM newsletter, believes, "In a decade ARE OPEN TO 1 BOTH PARENTS 1 ; where many higher education exSUNDAY, OCTOBER 19th AND 1 * 11:00 AM MASS CHRIST THE KING CHAPEL perts are forecasting enrollment STUDENTS! 12:00 Noon BRUNCH EGAN DINING HALL declines, Mercyhurst still shows significant growth." * The total number of students pursuing a degree has increased to 1328, compared with last year's figure of 1279. First-time freshmen make up 356 of the total, which falls slightly short of also present information on the I iioiii 500 B.C. to 1658 A.D., figures of past years, but, unlike By Kelley Moore the evolution of village life, is in past years, Mercyhurst has been Peninsula and 1 ake Erie discussed at the November 5 able to retain more students. The Erie Historical Museum geological backgrounds. series. The whole zone is impossiThe freshman class of 1986 has and Planetarium will offer an adult evening class entitled "ExDr. Charles Kolb of Mercyhurst ble to focus on as Kolb pointed many interests, illustrated by the ploring Erie Past: Prehistory to will conduct the following four out; therefore, he is concentrating diverse range of choices for maon only Northwestern Erie Coun- jors. Hotel Restaurant Manage1812", on Wednesday evenings, courses involving the Tribal Ity. The influence of British and ment garnered 50 first-year starting October 15 through Cultures and Early European exthe French is the major point of students, the most of any major. November 19, from 7:30 to 9:30 ploration of the region. Kolb will European contact with the evolu-j Business came in second with 40 cover the Erie area and peninsula tion of village life, From 1600 to p.m. students, and Criminal Justice The course will examine the in the first of his series starting 1700 A.D. the British and the took third place with 27 students. geological history of the region, October 22. On Oct. 29, the French were the only native These three majors are tradithe archeoiogical history, Euro- regionaTs prehistory from 1000 groupsMn Erie'and surrounding tionally the most popular ones at pean exploration and the early set- B.C. to 500 B.C. will be discussed Mercyhurst. Communications, areas. * It will encompass Lake Erie tertlement of Erie. THE SOfT KAISER BUN. On November 12, Kolb will I n t e r i o r D e s i g n , M u s i c , ritory from Buffalo, NY to L The first two courses, being inTHE FAT TOMATOES discuss4from 1658 to today.!He Psychology and Sports Medicine structed by Mr. Dave Thomas, a Detroit, Mich, and as far south as THE FRESH TOPPINGS. continued their strong § growth. geology instructor at Mercyhurst, Pittsburgh, Pa. Kolb will have will focus on the Indians reaction , iTHEBEEF. - . visual aids and handouts to em- in Fort Duquesne* the fur trade, Sports Medicine made the greatest, THIS IS TNI 6OOO STUfF will cover the study the origin and and the various disease problems. advance in numbers, jumping phasize the findings. history of the Erie area. He will Kolb will have approximately 15 from 1985'si total of three, to IWS COOfON COOO FC* A maps to give specific detail to his 1986's total of 27. : § |j I FREE BIO CLASSIC subjects. He will also lecture on Mercyhurst*s student body I With Purchase of the permanent settlement of Erie, travels -from all parts of the GENUINE Big which occurred in 1795., United States and other countries. I 1 l amm Classic PIZZA & DELICATESSEN Charles Lechner of Gannon The bulk of the student body, Univerity concludes this series 1496, is from Pennsylvania, but Ptlg«P€UVEBV Hours: Tuts, Wed, with his lecture on, Nov. 19 He states as far as Florida, Colorado* DINIINOK CAMY OUT Thurs^ Sun, 5-11:00 pjn.; discusses the history of Erie from and California are all represented. Fri., Sal SI ».m. 455*6119 The number of foreign students is 1795 until the War of 1812. The fee for the class will be $25. at record levels this year, with a .; or » This is an excellent way of finding total of '34 Foreign students URGE FRESH DOUGH CHEESE PIZZA ^ LARGE CAL20NE out the history of Erie. To register residing on campus. With I extra ttsms of your choice With 4 Hems Of Yout Cfioict The age groups at Mercyhurst or obtain more information call ElDHCS 10/24/86 cacti 453-4811. a 1 * » - *• * § also* cover a. wide* range. .The


T w o ' H u r st Profs* T o Teach A t Erie Museum





She fHcrciaii

OCTOBER 17, 1986

Internship Changes Cause Some Concern
By Jackie Rzomp

Mercyhurst students are constantly reminded of the college's motto By Susan Marcy "Carpe Diem." (Loosely translated, this means Seize the Opportunity.) We see it on letterheads, signs, and athletic jackets. In fact, we are often Since it looks as though winter so bombarded with it that we take it for granted. However, the motto, is right around the corner, Think or rather the meaning of the motto, cannot be taken for granted when Spring! | the college stifles the opportunities of any students. The sunny beaches of Florida Recently faculty and students were notified, via memo from Career will be welcoming Mercyhurst Services, of changes in the-college's internship program. Perhaps many students during spring break, students regarded it simply as a bureaucratic change in who shuffles the when the Mercyhurst Student paperwork. For others, those whose opportunities may be limited by Government will sponsor a trip to the change, there seems to be a contradiction between motto and policy. Daytona Beach. j ^ E First of all, why was t he college community notified of the changes ? Last year, students went to Ft. AFTER they had been decided upon? No ifs, ands or buts, was the Lauderdale on bus and paid $269 general feeling conveyed by the administration. The administration for transportation and hotel fees.j stands behind its shield of policy—and the policy which will direct the This year, students can fly to educational life of students had been decided for them. Daytona and stay at the Best Secondly, the success of some of the college's smaller departments - Western Mayan Inn for $369. namely the liberal arts departments - may be at stake due to the change. According to MSG ViceLarger departments aim at sending their grads directly into the career President John Widecan, students world; however, many liberal arts departments construct the undergraduate degrees of their students to prepare them for graduate | school. Since the memo which outlines the ne internship policy reads "Grading is on a Pass-Fail basis only," and many professional and graduate schools are hesitant to accept students whose transcripts reflect any Pass-Fail courses, some students will find themselves in the middle of an unsolicited Catch-22. * • by Chris Kovski [3 Thirdly, the policy states that each student who completes an internship "will be required to complete a research paper." The points which Have you ever sat down to eat subsequently outline this "research paper" are not, in fact, components with a group of people you don't of a research paper. Unless 1 and my rhetoric instructors have sadly know well, such as co-workers or been mistaken, research includes investigation an documentation. The fellow students in an organizarequirement, on the basis of what the memo says it should include, tion, only to have one of them. stand up and shriek "My God!| more appropriately should be called a reflection paper. And the papej Roasted animal flesh!" while seems redundant of the required daily log. '"" ; I am aware that there were individual problems that certain depart- pointing at your steak? £ This individual is possibly an ments had in dealing with internships. Departments with many student majors and shortage of faculty were overwhelmed with paperwork. active supporter of the ASPCA, Also, some departments and advisors did not monitor interns closely but more likely is a member of the and questionable grades were given for internships. However, it is subspecies of humanity known as unclear how Career Services, a small administrative office, is capable of "vegetarians." J Vegetarians scorn those people drastically increasing its workload and being able to evaluate students in that eat the meat from pigs and all academic disciplines. f * i Indeed, in this and every situation there are two sides to the coin. Un- cows whose sole purpose for exfortunately many students are left to believe t hat their coin matters only istence is as foodstuff, yet they eat lettuce and other such plants that when it pays the tuition bill. 2 also feed rabbits, those cute furry little animals that deliver Easter

MSG: An Invitation To Daytona Beach
will take a bus from Mercyhurst to the Cleveland Hopkins Airport in Cleveland and fly from there to Daytona. " J Departure for the trip will take place on Sun., March 8 and students will return on the 15th. Forty spots are available for the trip, ten rooms with four people in each. A $50 deposit will be required by Dec. 1 for those students who are interested in going. The Mayan Inn is located on the beach, right in the center of things according to a spokesperson from the Inn. It is a block and a half from the boardwalk, night life and other activities. Other night spots such as the Beach Comber, Penrods and Rock Video clubs are a half a mile or a 10 minute walk from the Inn. Located right next to the Inn is a night club with a lounge and a dance floor. "We really got a good deal this year, -' said Widecan. "Everything is taken care of and this is the best price we could possibly get," he said. ? Anyone who is interested in the trip should attend a meeting in Baldwin Hall lobby on Oct. 21 at 9 pm. ^ . "Everyone had a great time last year," concluded Widecan.

Kovski s Korner
eggs and go "hippity-hoppity" pant leg, and ask for "a buck for and all that good stuff. some lettuce for the wife and little We must admit that cows and ones". You'll hear the wind play a pigs aren't the cutest creatures on tune on his little ribs, the skin taut this planet, yet bunny rabbits ex- over his once-plump body. The hibit a certain jubilance that is in- fur is matted down, missing in fectious. W ho docsn' t smile when places, and turning prematurely jthey see a bunny sit up and twitch its ears, even if it is only for a moHeed this warning, you ment before they blast it with two vegetarians, and realize that the shots from a 12-gauge? common American jackrabbit is Remember the vegetarians the becoming extinct, following in the next time you see a rabbit walking [footsteps of the American bufon the street asking for handouts. falo, Edsels, and winning Pirate He'll sidle up to you, tug on your baseball teams.



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Janine Adolphson Wendy Kaufman Jackie Rzomp Matt Clark | Betsy Lantz *jjfc # K i Ann Johnson Kelly Moore Angela Chlrillo, Photographer'+ Bridget Presuttl, Typist Dennis McCarthy, Faculty Adviser

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Uncle fady
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mm? t§ Dirk beings his family tree to class 5 Jukiki

OCTOBER 17,1986

fltjc fflerctafc


Spirituality; Retreat Aids Personal Growth
by Fred Washburn On the weekend of October 3-5, I had the opportunity to attend the Creation Centered Spirituality retreat 'sponsored by Campus Ministry. The retreat was held at St. Barnabus House in North East. Steve Torma, of Akron, Ohio, directed the weekend event, gave- lectures and oversaw activities during the retreat. Creation Centered Spirituality is a form of Christianity that not many people are aware exists. It is a lot different from the falledemption tradition that most people are used to hearing. One major point involves where each type of Christianity started. The falledemption tradition starts with all people having original sin, where as creation spirituality started with original blessing. That is, God created, in "six days," all things, and they were good, and that includes us as humans. Another aspect of C.C.S. is see- any activity in which they did not ing the divinity of ourselves, want to participate. People usualothers and in all things in nature, ly said whattwas on their minds from the wind to the rocks. God and seemed to enjoy the weekend. created all of us, He is our fathei For me the weekend answered a Therefore we have in essence lot of questions I've had and gave God's blood in us, and therefore me an opportunity to hear we are divine. Also we will learn another way of thinking in Christo be happy when we recognize tianity. C.C.S. to me seems to our divinity and love ourselves, follow some of the thinking I've and when we see the divinity of had since high school. I have others and in all things. It is not come to view some things with the external material good that greater awe just because of their will bring us happiness, it is the (being. C o m p a r e d to the recognition of self as divine and falledemption tradition, I feel learning to love oneself. One must C.C.S. is easier to believe and to also recognize God in others and understand. It clears up some of in the wind blowing through their the foggy spots I've had in my hair, the rain falling down, and beliefs and it has helped me the rocks on which one walks. become a better person. Of course There was a sense of communi- when I got out of this retreat may. ty created during the weekend. not be what anyone else got out of People were given the opportunity it, but simply what I feel and to ask questions, voice their opi- believe.. nions and to reflect on what was being said. They were also given Mr. Washburn is a Junior the opportunity to refrain from Math Major from Edinboro, Pa.

The Creation-Spirituality Retreat was led by guest speaker, Steve Torma. Steve plays a little drum roll to get activities started. The weekend began with crazy ice-breakers to get the participants acquainted with each other. 4 ?

Fr. Chuck shares some of his personal opinions with ! Karen and Steve during the break. This was followed by another lecture by Steve. He talked jon the 2nd path of Creation Centered Spirituality. The material Steve talked about was very heavy material. The participants weren't expeced to understand it*all - they weren't even expected to accept it. They had the choice to take it * or 'leave tt. The material was based 'on Creation-Spirituality. This was just one way of look' ing at the way of li

After being enriched with Steve's talk on one of the 4 paths of Creation Centered Spirituality, they were given a break. Many people gathered around with refreshments and talked about their feelings on the lecture. Laura Garvey, Tony Marino and Gena Kost took advantage of the refreshments and some others took advantage of discussing their feelings on the lecture. •* • 'yx


Towards the end of the evening, things got a little crazy. Some people started to feel comfortable with each other. * And others, Steve, Fr. Chuck, and Tom Shearon felt very at ease and were able to let their **true personalities" show. Later, everyone was settled ;for our evening prayer. They were all able to enjoy the fun, participate in most activities, and Jbe "able to express themselves much more clearly. We all had a fulfilling and relaxing experience. -f *

teov KFAST
8:00 a.m.-10:30 p.m. $
A lso

Breakfast Platter 1.75
includes 2 eggs 2 sausage with this coupon 3 bacon jFREE Hash browns EVERAGE toast or english muffin with the

purchase of an English Muffin Sandwich
expires 10/31/86

Newsf *


- *I r J t


OUfe fflerciaft

OCTOBER 17, 1986

Playing ]For MTV Can
< <


As a slick con-man, the teenager possess the charm of a something you find on the sidewalk after a rainstorm. A definite piece of miscasting and his overacting doesn't help either. As Danny's friend, Matt Penn just blandly walks about with an expression like he's wondering why his brother Sean gets good roles and he's stuck in teen trash like this. Also on hand is Harold Gould as the gang's mentor ascot and he too deserves better roles. ™ A case can be made that PLAYING FOR KEEPS will appeal to the crowd that sits and stares at MTV all day long. Even by those standards though, KEEPS fails in keeping up with other movies of this genre. Other movies have been more rowdy, more musical and certainly funnier than this one, leaving only the pre-teen girls to enjoy Jordano's affected swaggering bravado. PLAYING FOR KEEPS proves that it isn't as easy as just getting good music that will tap you into the 'MTV vein.' THis time the ime tip dryr-notonlyJ ing substance, but without the ounce of style or charm that these flicks use to cover their shallowness. No one should have worried about PLAYING FOR KEEPS because as it turned out, we would have been better off if they had just kept it.

by Brian Sheridan MTV strikes again! If we haven't seen enough of music video influenced movies here comes PLAYING FOR KEEPS. Not only does it strive to make every note of music oh the soundtrack a independent music video piece, it actuary appears to be written around the idea that the plot, the characters and the action are just excuses for music videos. If the non-music segments were any good. PLAYING FOR KEEPS wouldn't need to be making excuses. *^ Writers, and directors Bob and Harvey Weinstein obviously didn't have any sleepless nights of creative frustration dreaming up the plot. They took three New York high school graduates, gave two of them the customary "expressive" names of Silk (1 eon W. Grant) and Spikes (Matthew Penn) and made the fast talking Italian, Danny (Daniel Jordano) their leader. Danny's the type of guy that will later in life get a job as a sleazy used car salesman.! Then give these three a run-down hotel in a conservative small town and, as they say in the movie biz "hilarious hijinx ensue." Danny and crew want to turn this seedy dump into a rock-androll hotel "with MTV in every room." That is your first indica-

tion that Danny isn't a Mensa member - Who stays at a hotel to watch T.V.? If you're wondering where adults fit into the picture, of course, they are there to be corrupt and to force the kids out of town. They want the land to use as a chemical waste dump. The directing was done by both of the Weinsteins and too many directors spoil the plot. The constant shifting of pace make viewing uncomfortable. It the type of experience that makes you shift in your seat and look at your watch convinced you have been there longei than two hours. The music video sections make it worse since they aren't smoothly integrated into the plot. The Weinsteins even resort to using dream sequences to squeeze even more videos into the film. The music, on its own, is good because of the impressive talent that created new material for the soundtrack. OMD, Pete Townsend, Arcadia, Julian Lennon all have a tune and things would be incomplete without a Phil Collins does to the music, putting it in ineptly directed dance sequences where the cast dances with hardware, borders on the criminal. Jordano, resembles ex-CHIPS star Erik Estrada, and if PLAYING FOR KEEPS is any indication, he'll probably go just as far.

Pictured L Tto R - Matthew Penn, Marisa Tomei, Daniel Jordano, Mary B. Ward, and Leon W. Grant in "Playing For Keeps".

Danny, Spikes and Silk pulling themselves up in the world

MUSIC D.J. John will be appearing in Garvey Park Oct. 18 from 11-1. ACCOUNTING MAJORS^ if The Pennsylvania CPA Journal is s p o n s o r i n g ia s t u d e n t manuscript competition for accounting majors. The. topic is Compute Applications in Accounting. All papers should be 1500-2000 words, accompanied by a 50-75 word abstract. Awards (with matching grants for "the departments of the winners) are $1000, $600, and $400 respectively. The first place entry will also be published in the PENNSYLVANIA CPA JOURNAL and all entrants will receive a oneyear subscription to the journal. For more information» write to The, Pennsylvania Institute of CPA's, 1608 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19103 or call 215-735-2635. *t

boro Student Union. CONCERT K104 presents Alice Cooper with special guest Vinnie Vincent in concert Nov.9 at the Civic Center. Tickets are $13.75 in advance and $14.75 the day of the show and are on sale at the box office and all ticketrons or charge by phone 452-4857. * MOVIES For information on this w e e k ' s movies^ call 868-515 1-Millcreek Mall Cinemas; 454-2881-Cinema World;. 899-4115-Eastway Plaza Theatre; and 455-0050-Plaza Theater. DANCE A 50's and 60's dance will be held this Saturday from 9-1 at St. Boniface, 7615 Wattsburg Rd. D.J. John will be the platter master spinning golden oldies. $5.00 donation at the door with proceeds benefitting the PA State Police's "Gifts for Kids" program. *:

FLU SHOTS Flu vaccines will be given this month in the Student Health Services office, 101 Preston, daily 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00. The is no cost for the service. ALLERGY SHOTS All allergy shots will be given in the Student Health Services office during regular office hours every Thursday and Friday. F E L L O W S H I P S AVAILABLE i

pleting their dissertation. Fellowships will be awarded in the behavioral and social sciences, humanities, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, and biological sciences. The deadline is November 14. For more information write to Ford Foundation Doctoral Fellowships, The Fellowship Office, National Research Council, 2101 Constitution Avenue, Washington, D.C., 20418. * CIRCLE K

SHUTTLES Shuttles will be available to the football game. Watch for times to be posted around campus. MOVIE "The World According to Garp" will be shown Oct. 19 at 7p.m. in the union. CONCERT Youth for Christ presents Dino Kartsonakis in concert at the Warner Theatre Oct. 20 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $8.00 and $10.00 and are available at all local Christian Book Stores. E.U.P. CONCERT Edinboro University presents The Michael Stanley Band with Donnie Iris in concert Sat., Oct.18 at the McComb Fieldhouse. at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are SI0.00 without am E.U.P.I.D.and are available at National Record Mart and Edin* \ •*•

Come join the most rewarding club on campus-Circle K. If you The National Research C .i! are interested in serving your comwill administer the FORD I •; £ munity and campus come to our D A T I O N D O C T O R A L meetings Thursday at 5 p.m. in F E L L O W S H I P S F O R the Faculty Dining Room or conMINORITIES for-beginning tact Michelle McNelis at graduate students and those 825-9698. Sponsored by the Erie students within one year*of com- Kiwanis.f
«. •% % . . . .
. * *

Mi -s

OCTOBER 17,1986

Gtyc dHerctrt


Top-ranked Dayton To Come

Lakers Win Two Games !On The Road
By Jennifer Conmy * The Mercyhurst College Football team returned home from two road trips {victorious, defeating Frostburg State 24-7 before going on to post! a 40-10 victory over Buffalo State. The Lakers will now look toward this week's game against top-ranked Dayton. The Lakers racked up 541 yards while holding the Bengals to just 161 total yards. ^ ^^m£i Laker quarterbacks Brian Rostek, and Greg Haski had a perfect game completing 10 of 10 passes for 179 yards. Again leading the Laker receivers was Scott Gorring with four receptions for 97 yards and r one touchdown. Tim Wilkins gathered in three passes for 27 yards. The Lakers leading rusher was Darryl Lewis. Lewis carried the ball nine times for a total of 77 yards and two touchdowns, Rostek added two touchdowns himself, carrying the ball in from one and four yards out. Rocky Cosby completed the Laker scorjing with a one yard run in the fourth quarter, "f % The Laker defense managed to keep Buffalo in line the entire game, holding the Bengals to only two scores and 60 yards on the ground. Laker defensive back Mike Paris intercepted a Bengal pass for the only interception of the day. -Z In earlier action against Frostburg State, the Lakers finished the game with 371 total yards with Bill Prencipe leading the way with 102 yards on 22 carries. Rostek completed seven of fifteen passes for 108 yards. Gorring led the Laker receivers, gathering in five passes forj 87
yards. ^V^!^ ^^^ i j^^.

A hove: Dave A nastasi sacks the Buffalo quarterback.
Left: Scott Gorring catches one of four passes at Buffalo.

The Laker defense held the Bobcats to only 125 total yards. Fred Galovich led the Laker defense with nine tackles and one interception.* f JJ Laker coach Tony DeMeo felt the team played exceptionally well against Buffalo State, dominating the entire game. The 'Hurst will now look to Saturday's game with Dayton, j The Flyers, who are currently ranked number one by Football Newscome to Erie undefeated. . The Laker defense which are allowing just 62.5 yards rushing I wilTbe putro the tesras the Flyers ' emphasize a powerful rushing offense. Dayton has been averaging 296.8 yards on the ground, second in the country. Saturday's game will be held at Erie's Veterans Stadium with a 1:30 p.m. kick-off time.

Below: Craig Galovich carries the ball past Bengal defenders.

Mercyhurst Buffalo St.

Soccericon't.) Mercyhurst ] Canisius

Mercyhurst Mercyhurst Frostburg StJ 7 Pitt-Johnstown 0

Mercyhurst Elmira

Mercyhurst 1515 VillaMaria j


3)be iflmiaft

OCTOBl.R 17,1986

By Jennifer Conmy

Laker Booters Record At
posting wins over Canisius 8-1, Pitt-Johnstown 9-0 and Slippery Rock 2-0. ^$ Scoring in the match against Elmira were Senile Valertto with two goals; Tom Mulligan, Donnough Shaffrey and Blair Thomson all of whom contributed one goal a piece. Mulligan, Valento, Shaffrey and Chris Mohr all gained assists in the match. • > j The Lakers out-shot Elmira 20 tory over Canisius the goals came from. Shaffrey,^Valento, Mulligan, Denny Keily, Kevin Lagos, Eric Haas and Dallas Kaiser. The Lakers have won ten games to 5. * £ 5 In earlier action the Lakers vie- in a row putting them in first place in the Western Pennsylvania Conference. The Lakers are also ranked 9th in the Eastern Region. • Coach Bums is "very pleased with the quality and intensity of play the team has shown." He added that they had been showing a fighting spirit and playing very hard. i 3 According to Burns, the "last five matches are the toughest on the schedule.'* t The Lakers will be hosting the District of Columbia on Saturday^ at 4:30 p.m. Due to poor playing conditions at St. Marks the game has been moved to Heritage Christian, 3002 East 38th St. Heritage Christian is located approximately two miles from the College^


The Mercyhurst College soccer , team won its four matches over j- the past two weeks upplng Its j season * record to 11-2 1. The ! Lakers defeated Elmira 5-0 after

Ladly Spikers Defeat 1 Villa Maria In Two
By Matthew J. Clark The Mercyhurst women's volleyball team had a tough week, losing two of three matches to lower their season slate to 13-9. However, they ended the week on a positive note. The Lady Lakers had all the elements come together in a rout of Villa Maria, 15-0,15-1. Sophomore Lisa Staszewski had five spike kills, while sophomore Julie Miller had six service aces. The Lady Lakers next test was a dual match between* Gannon, ranked second in the region, and Villa Maria. Again, it was the Lakers battling tooth and nail until the Knights of Gannon finally prevailed, 15-11, 9-15, 2-15, 11-15. It was also another fine outing for former Seneca; teamm a t e s Angle R o b i n s o n ,

Womotf o •SGcoefltProgmna Premiers At The! Hurst
by Jennifer Conmy * A woman's soccer program has r been innaugurated at Mercyhurst. At present the team is being classified as a non-scholarship ! varsity club. However next year | they will become a NCAA Divi*• sion II team. j i According to head coach Andy .Roth, the team was {formed; for j ; several reasons; one of them being ^lo enhance the women's sports program here at Mercyhurst. At i the urgings of several students, led by Julie Dauer, Dr. Garvey decided to start the team late in July. , Because of the late starting time, j'the team has had little time for practice and was able to schedule ! only seven games. Roth; feels that the team has

Staszewski, and Kathy Ziegler as t hey j registered 16, 15, and 12 spike kills respectively. The Lady Lakers battled hard but eventually lost to a determined Edinboro crew, 10-15, 17-15, 8-15, 15-11, 10-15. Staszewski ended the night with a team leadings 21 spike kills, while Robinson and Ziegler also had fine performances with 17 and 13 spike kills respectively .J v^ Despite dropping two of three decisions, Mercyhurst coach Elaine bRuggerio u felt *her team played very well. We did a good job considering we were without one of our best players," she noted. "We're very optimistic about the rest of the season." she said. ..been holding their own in the matRuggerio hopes to have senior ches they have played. He feels Darla Talbert back in the lineup that the women have been playing soon with some big matches comfairly even against teams who ing up. recruit athletes. The Lady Lakers have won one match this season defeating St. Francis 4-0. ft For next season, Roth hopes to have a 10 to 12 game schedule, *with the team on solid ground. He plans*to start recruiting players from the Erie, Pittsburgh, and Rochester areas",to increase the team's competitiveness. The Lady Lakers next match will be on Saturday, Oct. 18th at gl1 a.m. when they host Daemen at St. Mark's field. The team will finish out the season against Gannon at Scott Park.










Tom Mulligan leads the victorious Lakers off the field.

We innovate while others imitate

Lakers Admitted To MECC In '8fSeason
. The Mercyhurst Lakers are the The MECC is an allied member newest members of the Mideast of-the NCAA. Last year was the ,w Collegiate Conference. The first year the conference as Lakers who were admitted by a awarded an automatic bid u- e unanimous 5-0 vote, will e replac- NCAA Division II Men's fe: ing St.. Michael's College. The ball Championship Tournament; Lakers will begin round-robin Current members of the conplay in the 1987-88 season after ference include Adelphi, Gannon, St. Michael's completes it's LeMoyne,- Pace and Philadelphia Textile. membership with the MECC.

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