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Woodrow Wilson International Center, Cold War International History Project,

One Woodrow Wilson Plaza, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004-3027

International History, History of Communism, 20th Century Foreign Relations

Dr. phil. summa cum laude (1998)
Martin Luther University Halle (Germany)
Master of Public Administration (1991)
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
M.A. (1988)
History, Catholic Theology, Tuebingen University (Germany)
B.A. (1984)
History, Catholic Theology, Political Science,
Tuebingen University (Germany)

Senior Research Scholar, Cold War International History Project,
Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington D.C.
(2007- )
Public Policy Scholar, History and Public Policy Program
Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington D.C.
(January-April 2010)
Visiting Professor, Institute for Far Eastern Studies
University of North Korean Studies, Seoul, Korea
(April-June 2009)
Fellow, The Norwegian Nobel Institute
Oslo, Norway
(May-June 2008)
Research Fellow, German Historical Institute,
Washington D.C., (2001-2007)
Fellow, Hannah Arendt Institute,
Technical University of Dresden, Germany (1998-2001)
Fellow, Commission of the East German Catholic Church for Reappraisal of the GDR
, Berlin
Researcher on U.S. Occupation of Germany (1945-56), History Museum of Baden-Wuer
ttemberg, Stuttgart
(1988 - 1991)

Work in Progress
Book manuscript: "Tigers in the Valley": East Asian Communism and the 'Superpowe
rs', 1968-1976"

The East German State and the Catholic Church, 1945-1989 (New York: Berghahn Boo
ks, 2010, forthcoming)
Ostpolitik, 1969-1974: European and Global Responses (New York/London: Cambridge
University Press, 2009) (edited with Carole Fink)
Historical Justice in International Perspective (New York/London: Cambridge Univ
ersity Press, 2008)
(edited with Manfred Berg)
American Detente and German Ostpolitik, 1969-1972 (Washington D.C.: German Histo
rical Institute, 2004) (edited with David Geyer)
Staat und katholische Kirche in der DDR [State and Catholic Church in the GDR] (
Koln/Weimar: Bohlau, 2nd edition, 1999).
Kirche im Visier. SED, Staatssicherheit und katholische Kirche in der DDR [Targe
t Church: SED, State Security, and the Catholic Church in the GDR], with Dieter
Grande (Leipzig: benno, 2nd edition, 1998).

Other Publications
"'Evil Deception': North Korean Unification Policy, 1971-1975" (Washington D.C.:
Woodrow Wilson International Center/Cold War International History Project Work
ing Paper #44, 2009, forthcoming)
"North Korean 'Adventurism' and China's Long Shadow, 1966-1972" (Washington D.C.
: Woodrow Wilson International Center/Cold War International History Project Wor
king Paper #44, 2004)
The GDR in German Archives. A Guide to Primary Sources and Research Institutions
on the History of the Soviet Zone of Occupation and the German Democratic Repub
lic, 1945-1990 (Washington D.C.: German Historical Institute, 2002) (with Hennin
g Hoff and Ulrich Mahlert)
"Stasi Files and GDR Espionage Against the West" (Oslo: Institutt for forvarsstu
dier/Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, 2002)
Grenzen der Freundschaft. Zur Kooperation der Sicherheitsorgane der DDR und der
Volksrepublik Polen zwischen 1956 und 1989 [Limits of Friendship. State Security
Cooperation between GDR and People's Republic of Poland, 1956-1989], with Jerzy
Kochanowski and Wlodzimierz Borodziej (Hannah-Arendt-Institut: Dresden, 2000)
Selected Articles (since 2004)

"Communist Vanguard Contest in East Asia during the 1960s and 1970s", in Dynamic
s of the Cold War in Asia: Ideology, Identity, and Culture eds. Tuong Vu and Was
ana Wongsurawat (New York: Palgrave Macmillan), pp. 113-126.
"Phnom Penh/Saigon 1975: Vietnamesisch-kambodschanische und chinesisch-sowjetisc
he Machtkonkurrenz in Sudostasien" [Phnom Penh/Saigon 1975: Vietnamese-Cambodian
and Chinese-Soviet Power Competition in Southeast Asia] in Die Sowjetunion und
die Dritte Welt: UdSSR, Staatssozialismus und Antikolonialismus im Kalten Krieg
1945-1991 ed. Andreas Hilger (Munchen: Oldenbourg 2009), pp. 201-218.
"'Krieg schafft Revolutionen, Revolutionen beenden den Krieg': Furcht und Ideolo
gie in China und der UdSSR, 1969-1976", [War Creates Revolutions, Revolutions Te
rminate the War: Fear and Ideology in China and the Soviet Union, 1969-1976] in
Angst im Kalten Krieg eds. Bernd Greiner, Christian Th. Muller, and Dierk Walter
(Hamburg: Hamburger Edition, 2009), pp. 252-277.
"'Europe Must Not Become Greater Finland': Opponents of the CSCE - The German C
DU/CSU and China", in At the Roots of the European Security System: The Early CS
CE Process Revisited, 1965-75 eds. Andreas Wenger, Vojtech Mastny, and Christian
Nuenlist (London: Routledge, 2008), pp. 124-141.
"Ostpolitik, 'Fernostpolitik', and Sino-Soviet Rivalry: China and the Two German
ys", German Ostpolitik and the World, 1969-1974 eds. Carole Fink and Bernd Schae
fer (New York/London: Cambridge University Press 2008), pp. 129-147.
"The Sino-Soviet Conflict and the Warsaw Pact, 1969-1980", NATO and Warsaw Pact:
Intra-Bloc Conflicts eds. Mary Ann Heiss and Victor Papacosma (Kent, OH: Kent S
tate University Press, 2008), pp. 222-234.
"The Catholic Church and the Cold War's End in Europe: Vatican Ostpolitik and Po
pe John Paul II, 1985-1989", Europe and the End of the Cold War: A Reappraisal,
eds. Frederic Bozo, Marie-Pierre Rey, N. Piers Ludlow, and Leopoldo Nuti (London
: Routledge, 2008), pp. 64-77.
"Allied Control Council of Germany", "Germany/FRG, Armed Forces", "Germany/FRG,
Rearmament and NATO", "Hoffmann, Heinz", "Kelly, Petra Karin", "Kessler, Heinz"
in The Encyclopedia of the Cold War: A Political, Social, and Military History e
d. Spencer C. Tucker (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 2008), pp. 72, 514-517, 579,
705, 712-13.
"The GDR in the Warsaw Pact, 1945-1989", Introduction, 27 November 2007. http://
"The GDR, the FRG and the Polish October 1956" inThe Polish October in World Pol
itics ed. Jan Rowinski (Warsaw: The Polish Institute for International Affairs,
2007), pp. 197-216.
"NRD i RFN wobec polskiego pazdziernika 1956 roku", in Polski Pazdziernik 1956 w
Polityce Swiatowej ed. Jan Rowinski (Warszawa: Polski Instytut Spraw Miedzynaro
dowych, 2006), pp. 191-209.
"North Korean Unification Policy in the Early 1970s (as documented in the East G
erman Archives)", Journal of History and Culture 23 (December 2005) <Hankuk Univ
ersity of Foreign Studies, Seoul>, pp. 35-58.
"Berlin Wall", "U.S.-GDR Relations, 'West Berlin" in Germany and the Americas. C
ulture, Politics, and History. A Multidisciplinary Encyclopedia ed. Thomas Adam
(Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 2005), pp. 135-137, 1071-1073, 1134-1139.
"George W. Bush (2001-): Missionarische Prasidentschaft" [George W. Bush: Missi
onary Presidency] in Die amerikanischen Prasidenten. 42 historische Portrats von
George Washington bis George W. Bush [American Presidents in 42 Historical Port
raits, From George Washington to George W. Bush] eds. Jurgen Heideking and Chris
tof Mauch (Munchen: C.H. Beck, 4th edition 2005), pp. 424-437, 472-474.
"Weathering Moscow and Beijing: The GDR and North Korea, 1949-1989", Journal of
History and Culture 21 (December 2004) <Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Se
oul>, pp. 297-336.
"Weathering the Sino-Soviet Conflict. The GDR and North Korea, 1949-1989", Cold
War International History Project Bulletin 14 (2004), pp. 25-38.
"Kissinger's Shadows. A Multi-Panel Conference Report", 2004 Society for Histor
ians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Conference in Austin, TX. http://www. 14 July 2004.


"DDR und Vietnam: Ein spezielles Verhaltnis"
(Vietnam National University, Hanoi, 24 March 2010, paper)
"Cambodia's Fate between China and Vietnam, 1969-1979"
(Meta House, Phnom Penh, 22 March 2010, lecture)
"The GDR and the Eastern Bloc's China Policy Coordination"
(Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest 27 February 2010, lecture)
"Transnational Impacts of East Asian Communism"
(Potsdam, Zentrum fur Zeithistorische Forschung, 10 December 2010, lecture)
"East European Contributions to the Collapse of East Germany"
(Institute for Contemporary History, Prague, 19 November 2009, paper)
"Transitional Justice in Post-Communist East Germany"
(Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA, 10 November 2009, lecture)
"East German Refugees and the Collapse of East Germany"
(Georg Washington University, Washington D.C., 4 November 2009, lecture)
"North Korean Unification Policy, 1971-1975"
(Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington D.C., 15 October 2009, paper)
"Differences in Confidence: East Germany, North Korea and Concepts of the Nation
(Hankuk University for Foreign Studies, Seoul, 22 May 2009, paper)
"The Two Germanys, 1949-1990"
(Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2 May 2009, lecture)
"The Two Germanys and China, 1949-1990"
(Capital Normal University, Beijing, 20/21 April 2009, lectures)
"The Soviet Quest for Security in Asia"
(China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, 18 April 2009, paper)
"Differences in Confidence: East Germany, North Korea and Concepts of the Nation
(Dong-A University, Busan, Korea, 15 April 2009, paper)
"North Korea and China: Flashpoints of an Uneven Relationship"
(Woodrow Wilson Center/U.S. Institute of Peace, Washington D.C., 6 April 2009, p
"Ostpolitik, 'Fernostpolitik', and Sino-Soviet Rivalry: China and the Two German
(University of Hong Kong, 10 January 2009, paper)
"The Soviet Union and the War in Vietnam: Challenge and Inspiration"
(3rd International Conference for Vietnam Studies, Hanoi, 4 to 7 December 2008,
"'Invincible Vietnam': East German Support for Socialist Vietnam, 1965-1989"
(Institute for National Remembrance/Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, 18 Octob
er 2008, paper)
"'Tigers in the Valley': East Asian Communism and American-Soviet Rivalry"
(The Nobel Institute, Oslo, 22 May 2008, lecture)
"Status and Results of Research Related to North Korean System Building during t
he Cold War"
(Kyungnam University, Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Seoul, 2 May 2008, pape
"Socialist Modernization of Vietnam: The East German Approach, 1976-1989"
(German Historical Institute, Washington D.C., 29 March 2008, paper)
"The Ideological Vanguard Contest: Communist China, Vietnam and Korea during the
1960s and 1970s"
(National University of Singapore, Asia Research Institute, 24 March 2008, paper
"'Tipping the Balance?' Chinese and Vietnamese Ideological Impact on Global Comm
unism in the 1970s" (Sun Yat Sen University, Guangzhou, 2 November 2007, paper -
read out)
"China's Coattails and North Korean Overconfidence, 1970-1975" (Woodrow Wilson I
nternational Center, North Korean International Documentation Project, 20 July 2
007, lecture)
"Die BRD ist Deutschland. German Patriotism and Soccer" (George Washington Unive
rsity, Alpha Phi Delta, National German Honor Society, Washington D.C., 3 May 20
07, lecture)
"American-German Relations Since 1945" (University of California Berkeley, Insti
tute for Korean Studies, 26 April 2007, paper)
"The Soviet Union and the Vietnam War, 1968-1975" (Goethe Institute Vietnam, Ho
Chi Minh City/Hanoi, 16 March 2007, paper)
"Limitations: The United States and the Korean War" (German Historical Institute
, Moscow, 26 January 2007, paper)
"'Tipping the Balance?' East Asian Communism and Soviet Global Optimism" (East C
hina Normal University, Shanghai, 20 December 2006, paper)
"East Asian Communism and American-Soviet Rivalry" (Chinese University of Hong K
ong, 16 October 2006, lecture)
"The Vietnam War in East German Records" (Vietnam National University, Hanoi, 12
and 13 October 2006, lectures)
"Between Historical Determinism and Anxiety: The Soviet Union and Sino-American
Rapprochement, 1969-1973," (U.S. Department of State, Washington D.C., 26 Septem
ber 2006, paper)
"North Korean Logic: The Blue House Raid and the Seizure of the USS Pueblo"
(Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington D.C., 6 September 2006, paper)
"The Catholic Church and the Cold War's End in Europe: Vatican Ostpolitik and Po
pe John Paul II, 1985-1989" (Universite de Paris I Sorbonne-Pantheon, Paris, 15
June 2006, conference paper)
"Ostpolitik, Fernostpolitik, and Sino-Soviet Conflict: China and the two Germany
s, 1969-1974" (Ohio State University/Mershon International Center, Columbus, 12
May 2006, conference paper)
"East German Assistance for Vietnam, 1966-1989" (Goethe Institute Vietnam, Ho Ch
i Minh City/Hanoi, 12 and 16 October 2005)
"North Korea and Korean Unification in the early 1970s" (Hankuk University for F
oreign Studies, Seoul, 7 October 2005)
"'Europe Must not Become Greater Finland,' Opponents of the CSCE: China and the
CDU/CSU" (Swiss Technical University, Center for Security Studies, Zurich, 8 Sep
tember 2005, conference paper)
"The Downfall - Hitler's Last Days": Movie by Bernd Eichinger/Oliver Hirschbiege
l/Joachim Fest (Goethe Institute New Zealand, Wellington, 10 July 2005)
"'Redressing Communist Injustice': The Special Case of the GDR," for the roundta
ble, "Injustice, Memory, and Politics: Cases of Restitution" (University of New
South Wales, 20th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Sydney, 4 July
"GDR Intelligence: Features of Stasi History, Stasi Espionage against the West,
and the Stasi Legacy" (University of Melbourne, German Department, 19 October 20
04); (Victoria University, Wellington, Stout Research Centre, 11 October 2004);
(University of Auckland, German Department, Goethe Society Lecture, 8 October 20
"Elite Change in a Post-Communist Society: The Special Case of East Germany" (Un
iversity of Melbourne, Department of History, Contemporary European Research Cen
tre, 19 October 2004); (Canterbury University, Christchurch, National Centre for
Research on Europe, 15 October 2004); (American Political Science Association A
nnual Conference, Boston, 30 August 2002)
"The Demise of the GDR and German Unification" (Canterbury University, Christchu
rch, National Centre for Research on Europe, 14 October 2004)
"Transitional Justice in East Germany and the Role of the West" (University of O
tago, Dunedin, Department of Languages and Cultures, 13 October 2004)
"Impacts of West German 'Ostpolitik', 1969-1989" (New Zealand Institute of Inter
national Affairs, Law School, Wellington, 12 October 2004)
"Historic Landmarks of GDR History: 1953-1961-1968-1989" (University of Auckland
, History Department, 7 October 2004)
"The Sino-Soviet Conflict and the Warsaw Pact, 1969-1980" (Kent State University
, Kent, OH, 24 April 2004, conference paper)
"East German Records and Archival Structures" (Workshop "Secrecy and Freedom of
Information in Mongolia", Foreign Ministry of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, 19 March 20


Woodrow Wilson International Center (2007-2010), U.S. Institute for Peace (2009)
, U.S. Department of State (2007) American Association for the Advancement of Sl
avic Studies (2007), Annual Conferences of Society for Historians of American Fo
reign Relations (2001-2004, 2006, 2010)/German Studies Association (1998-2003, 2
006, 2008), American Historical Association (2004, 2007, 2009); German Historica
l Institute conferences and symposia (2001-2007)


Public Policy Scholar, History and Public Policy Program
Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington D.C.
Fellow, University of North Korean Studies/Kyungnam University
Seoul, Korea
Fellow, The Norwegian Nobel Institute
Oslo, Norway
Senior Scholar, Cold War International History Project,
Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington D.C.
Research Fellow, German Historical Institute
Washington D.C., USA
Best Dissertation Award, Gesellschaft fur Deutschlandforschung (GfD; Society for
German Studies),
Spanish Language Grant, Malaga/Andalucia, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (
German National Merit Foundation), March 1993
Dissertation Fellow, German National Merit Foundation, 1991-1993
John J. McCloy Fellowship at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Unive
Cambridge, MA, 1989-1991
Study Abroad Grant, University of Vienna/Austria, German National Merit Foundati
on, 1986-87
Summer University Grant, Study Tour of the Soviet Union (Leningrad), German Nati
onal Merit Foundation, September 1986
Student Scholarship, German National Merit Foundation, 1982-1988

- Interviews for "News Hour with Jim Lehrer" (PBS Television), Australian Nation
al Radio, Radio Free Asia
- Consultancy for cold war history programs of Japanese TV NHK, Australian Natio
nal Radio, German Public
Television ARD and ZDF
- Advising German TV films on Laos, Cambodia, and topics of Cold War Intelligenc
- Articles in German and Polish print media

German (native), English (fluent), Spanish and Russian (reading skills)
Mandarin Chinese (beginner)