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Over 20 years experience in all aspects of the information technology industry f
rom personal computer to large scale enterprise resource planning systems. One o
f the first Novell Certified Network Engineers, with experience supporting and d
esigning both PC and Apple networked systems. Experience evaluating and testing
emerging technologies. Experience evaluating, implementing and designing numerou
s reporting and enterprise planning systems including PeopleSoft HRMS , Financia
ls and Enterprise Portal.
CNE (Novel's Certified Network Engineer), Applimations Informia administration a
nd configuration, Enterprise Portal Administration 8.8, People Tools I/II Accel
erated 8.4, PeopleSoft Security 8.4, SQL/SQR for PeopleSoft HRMS 8.01 to 8.9, De
lta MS Project , Six Sigma introduction, CQI Total Quality, PVCS Administration
Completed CompTIA Network+ training course. Currently working on MSTS certificat
ion for SharePoint Server through New Horizon training center expected completio
n 2010.
Software and systems
PeopleSoft ,SQR, PeopleCode, Work flow App Engine, Resumix, CAAMS, PVCS, MS Wor
d, Excel, Project, Access, Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle SQL, MS Power Point, MS Fron
t Page, MS Flow Chart, MS SharePoint server, VBA.
Operating Systems
BM AIX, Linuex, Unix, Novell, Windows server, Windows XP, 2000 and Vista
Systems Administrator II - Jan. 1996 - Jan. 2009
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Jacksonville, FL
* Oversaw the effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and
maintenance of systems hardware and software and related infrastructure. Respon
sible for all phases of software support life cycle, including project managemen
t, system requirements systems evaluation, performance testing and tuning, probl
em identification and correction, change control and release management, team co
ordination, application monitoring, systems forecasting, systems security data m
anagement. Participate
* Managed the Diamond (BCBS of Fl Claims system) training environment team which
included managing all releases and updating both software and hardware, utilizi
ng change control, MS project planning, and share point. Coordinated and planned
work for Oracle and Ms SQL data base administrators, Tuxedo administrators, AIX
administrators, network infrastructure and web administrators.
* Worked with training developers and Oracle, Tuxedo, AIX, Network and Web admin
istrators to correct any issue or problems with the day to operation of the Diam
ond systems.
* Identified a significant training data load and creation issue that was causin
g data integrity issues with the core Diamond Oracle tables. Utilized Oracle SQL
to identify corrupted data and method for correction. Implemented new data load
process method and procedures to correct the problem.
* Managed and trained contractor on the diamond training environment
* Served as Systems Administrator for the Diamond Archival system which utilized
Applimations Informia to archive BSBSFL claims. Key technical resource during t
he project evaluation and implantation and installation on Linux Virtual server
for the Apache web service and Oracle for the database as well as setting monito
rs of all key Linux systems resource and logs.
* Technical project lead and administrator for Proteligence datanet reporting sy
stem which was implemented utilizing an MS SQL data base and several custom FTP
scripts for loading data from the mainframe to a shared folder.
* Systems Administrator for People Soft Payroll, Human Resources, Financials and
Enterprise portal with primary responsibility for the Enterprise portal which i
ncluded installation of software updates and patches for Oracle delivered patche
s and in house devolved SQR's and interface and program. Worked every aspect of
the PeopleSoft systems which includes software evaluation, project budgeting and
monitoring of the AIX and Oracle DB Servers.
* Lead PeopleSoft administrator on portal secure login, time and labor, view pay
check systems load and performance testing and tuning utilizing BEA Web logic T
uxedo and AIX logs and utilities to find and correct performance issues.
* Lead system administrator working with Web administrator to implement secure l
ogin utilize CA Netgrity and PeopleSoft native login.
* Worked with Web administrator to implement load balanced Weblogic service with
in BCBSFL secure architecture.
* Implemented PVCS version control for PeopleSoft in house developed payroll and
human resource SQR
* Lead Systems administrator for Resumix a MS SQL Database resume evaluation and
tracking program, for its entire life cycle at BCBFL (1996 to 2003) which inclu
de numerous hardware and software upgrades and patches.
* Created custom Crystal reports for hiring trends, time to fill position and EE
O reporting.
* Created and managed data conversion of Resumix data to the replacement Telao V
urv recruitment systems utilizing MS SQL script to extract data.
* Systems administrator for PoepleClick CAAMS system used for creating AAP repor
ts and monitoring EEO conditions.Lead administrator for numerous hardware and so
ftware upgrades and technology changes from its original configuration running o
n a local PC utilizing a watcom data data base to the migration to MS SQL server
* Responsible for data integration accuracy, report creation, interpretation and
accuracy. Handled custom data and report requests for for audit, federal audits
and legal cases.
* Systems Administrator for MercerPrism compensation management and salary plann
Business Administration studies
Seminole Community College