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Annidale has already been selecied as team leader.

Team member applications close on Apriol I 201 I with
interviews of the week-ends of April 9-10 and April l6-17
at Gryra.
The team will travel to District 6990 in October-
November 201 1 .
District 6990 is a tropical paradise, home of 2100
Rotarians belonging to 51 clubs.
It draws its members from three Florida counties
(Monroe - 8zzIittle islands known as The Florida Keys,
Miami-Dade and Broward Counties) and Grand Bahama
Island (east of Florida) in the Commonwealth of the
lf you are interested contact Joyce or Harry Durey on
6771 2734 or rhrough, jdurey@big- or PO Box I317, Armidale 2350.

Forum focus
on wind farm
A PUBLIC forum
will be held in the
Armidale Town 1f
Hall at 7pm on
Tuesday as part of + ' ,dt-
the New England
Community Wind
Farm Feasibility
The meeting,
titled 'A New
Community Wind Farm', will be hosted by Sustainable
Living Armidate (SLA) as part of their program of.month-
ly forums, with support from Armidale Dumaresq Council.
In New England there has been a significant take-up of
micro-generation (rooftop solar power, small wind tur-
bines, solar hot water, solar heating and solar farms).
New Engiand is one ofthe regions where the potential for
wind generation is high, as shown by the number of appli
cations for large-scale commercial wind farms. and sup-
ported by findings from government suryeys.
"We want to gauge local support for a proposed commu-
nity-owned wind farm," said Adam Blakester from Starfish
Enterprises, lead partner in the wind farm consortium.
"If it goes ahead, it would be the first community-owned
wind farm in NSW and only the third in Australia."
"There will be a short presentation, but the main part of
the meeting is to hear from the public about their level of
interest in participating as cooperative members, investors,
or as landholders.
"In addition to public forums such as this across the
region, we are conducting an on-line community survey
and we urge everyone to complete it.
"We're also consulting with a range of legal, financial
and community energy specialists, and looking at other
community owned renewable energy facilities in Australia,
such as HepburnWind. and internationally.
A second communiry wind farm forumhill be held at the
Uralla Community Centre at 10am on Tuesday, March 8,
hosted by Uralla Shire Council.

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Turning off heat-producing appliances such as computers and televisions when you'
not using them is an easy way to help keep your home cool and conserve energy t(
For more practical advice and energy saving ideas for summer, call us or visit our websi

18OO ENERGY 01 1800 363 749

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