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Eric Flores Ms. Stevens English 12 CP Period 4

Stonehenge Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, England is one of the most interesting and one of the most mysterious places in the world. Stonehenge is pillars and rocks that consist of sandstone blocks and bluestone pillars. Stonehenge was built thousands of years ago but, its true origin of whom or what built it is unidentified. Many cultures found it periodically when they arrived in England. Another idea is that extraterrestrials where the ones who built the enormous mass of pillars and rocks, but no one really knows.The true facts of Stonehenge are not accurate but there are estimations of Stonehenge. It was constructed in three phases. The three phases of its construction required more than thirty million hours of labor. Stonehenge consists of around seventy five stones. It went to a full circle and turn into a horseshoe shape. The purpose of Stonehenge was used for spiritual sacrifice. It is also said that it was built for astronomical purpose. It is aligned with the sunrise and summer solstice. Many cultures adapted their beliefs with this sacred monument known as Stonehenge. No one knows who the first people that used Stonehenge were. The Celts were not one of the first people to use Stonehenge. But one of the reasons why they are highly known is due to Stonehenge. The Celts used Stonehenge for spiritual rituals and sacrificing. They also used Stonehenge to celebrate Summer solstice. There was controversy between on who built Stonehenge. The Romans were said to be responsible for building but others say it were the Celts

Many people say that natural energy is contained in the stones surroundings which I find very fascinating. The stone was called Heel Stone. They must . The Celts being the ones who were the recently ones to have history with Stonehenge must be honored to be a part of one of the world¶s mysterious wonders. One tale is that Merlin the druid said that he magically set the stones down and no labor was required.Flores 2 who built Stonehenge. they thought it was a sign but what it really was. One famous person that was involved with these Druid ceremonies was Winston Churchill who is known as one of the greatest world time leaders. it is said that the devil stoned a friar with one of the stones. . Tourists from all over the world come in to see this spectacular display. So the Druid tradition with Stonehenge has still been strong all the way from the sixteenth century. Stone was built long before they arrived to England. were the minerals of the stones. Least and for most . He was the British Prime Minister in the sixties. The Druids sure did a lot with Stonehenge from Spiritual rituals to astronomical alignment. What the Celts found fascinating about Stonehenge is that after it rained they would find red puddles inside of Stonehenge. Evidence shows that neither the Romans nor the Celts were responsible for building Stonehenge. Another legend is that stones were used for healing stones that were brought in from Africa. The Druids have continued with being involved with Stonehenge all the way to the twentieth century. The most fascinating thing about Stonehenge is that nobody really knows who built it. It is hardly ever rare that people can be inside of Stonehenge. It made the water rain turn red. They have recently banned from having ceremonies Stonehenge due to all the damages that were being made to it. Today it is one of the most sacred and monumental places on earth. Many people have dedicated their lives on studying this monument. There are many legends and tales on how Stonehenge was built.

Flores 3 have had a lot of honorand pride with Stonehenge. . Many tourist that visit Stonehenge find it fascinating and amazing.Even though they were not the originators of Stonehenge.

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