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Feng Shui Lucky Objects 96
By len7288

When it comes to that elusive stuff called luck, every culture has its own traditions, but it is remarkable how often these cultural traditions overlap. In this article you will read those well known and easily available objects that are believed to be lucky by the Chinese. You may find that your own particular culture has the same or similar beliefs, but what sets the Chinese apart is knowing where to place these lucky objects so as to benefit most from their good vibrations.

How To Benefit from The Lucky Objects
Laughing Buddha

Lucky objects are symbol of good fortune, good health and positive aspirations. You should display them prominently so that their symbolism will be impressed on your mind. These impressions will inspire in you positive thoughts that lead to actions that will help you to attain your goals. Different objects are used for specific goals. Certain objects are considered to be lucky, only if they are placed in the right spot, where the right spot is, depends on the type and purpose of the object. The following are some of the most popular lucky objects and where to place them; these items are available in Chinese stores.

DRAGON The dragon is a symbol of authority, it can be strategically placed in an office to symbolize the authority and power of the chief executive. Place your dragon on the dragon wall (you're left when you face the door) but be sure it does not appear to be heading toward the door or a window.

PHOENIX The phoenix is a symbol of renewal. It is well placed in the front section of the house, just be sure the bird is not "flying toward the door."




but in taels." Page 2 of 4 HORSE The horse symbolizes power and movement. take good care of it. they do notgenerate energy. He is usually prominently placed in the living room. It is often used by people who would like to travel. a cluster or terminator. An ideal location is a corner that is well-protected by solid walls on either side. but it should not be headed toward the door or a window. they are not recommended for an office or workplace. Although originally Japanese. gold is not sold in ounces. They can be placed facing the door or on a fortune table. In order for them to be beneficial. facing the direction of the door. TURTLE A turtles symbolizes longevity and constancy. They can be placed in a den or an office. They are meant to be white. Imitation tael made of shiny golden metal or plastic are considered to be symbols of prosperity. and is furthest from the door. This symbolizes perpetuity. The frog (actually a three-legged toad) holds a coin in its mouth and has strings of coins around its feet. A crystal ball. NATURAL QUARTS CRYSTAL Natural Quartz Crystals are very much in use by modern geomancers because if the piezo electric energy they generate. with a gold and black spots on their fur that look like coins. but not directly facing the door. unlike natural quartz. GOLDEN TAEL In China. but as they are slow moving creatures. A Taels is slightly heavier than an ounce and has a particular shape. has no beam or light directly overhead. or a good incandescent light source. and the proliferation of the family. ELEPHANT Elephants should always have their trunks turned upward.Feng Shui Lucky Objects Tigers represent bravery and strength. Fortune Frog http://hubpages. or near an executive's desk to reinforce his image as a powerful and dynamic man. preferably on a circular table. this meant to herald good news. man-made. but there are now some plain gold versions available. In a store it can be on or near the cash register. shops and private homes. Sometimes multi-faceted. dining room or family hall. crystal balls are used in feng shui. it may attract money into your house. Sometimes several small turtles are placed in a circle. A tiger should not have its mouth open or look as if it is "ready to pounce. If you have a live cat with this coloring. They can be placed in the entrance hall. A LAUGHING BUDDHA This jolly fellow is a symbol of prosperity. A horse painting or sculpture can be placed on. as if trumpeting. joy. FORTUNE FROG Fortune Frogs are great conversation pieces. MONEY CAT These cute cats are very popular lucky objects. they are presently the craze in Hong Kong Money cats can be seen hanging from the rear vision mirrors of most Hong Kong taxis. It should be placed facing the door to catch the money of passers-by. if well-placed. Some are very large and quite garish in color. can diffuse its good energy throughout a room and can neutralize some type of yin chi. but these are only capable of refracting light. The more expensive models in restaurants. FORTUNE TABLE One of the most interesting ways of attracting luck is to have a fortune table. they are usually placed on a fortune table. There is a special feng shui technique in placing a horse that is said to aid an application for visa or emigration.com/hub/Feng_Shui_Lucky_Objects 5/25/2011 . they must be placed or hung where there is natural sunlight. They can be placed in the rooms of the elderly.

AQUARIUM An aquarium is considered lucky and can bring prosperity into the house. The blackmoles absorb negative vibrations that are inherent in the place. If it wilts. It should not have spikey leaves or thorns. and they die easily. An open-mouthed earthenware jar with a few coins inside can be placed next to your table. but the fish are still dying. gold. a fortune frogs. etc. Limit the number of red fish. or beautiful houses and gardens. 6. the aerator and the type of fish food. flying birds. Your geomancer should consider the energy grid of the house and calculate the influence of the annual moving stars before recommending the positioning of your aquarium. Page 3 of 4 http://hubpages. golden taels. fish tanks. their death can then be considered as an indication that the house has negative energy. it is acceptable to place a clock on the left (dragon wall or on the front wall of the room. or 10. or silver is good. as these should be steady. cars and conveyances. particularly the blackmole (blackmoor) variety. or left behind by previous tenants. replace it with a fresh one. When the purpose is to enhance prosperity. 5. In Hongkong. fresh food and fruits. Prosperity paintings can be. 7. Color and number of fish: A predominance of black. Money Cat any item that either moves or depicts movement. hexagonal or rectangular shapes are suitable for an aquarium. or other round gold candies (which can be eaten and replaced occasionally) A live plant can be placed on or beside your fortune table. If you have blackmoles in your tank. a small dish of chocolate gold coins. A prosperity painting should be on the wall behind your fortune table. 1. 8. A fortune table accumulates wealth by stabilizing the chi. as these shapes represent earth and fire which are inimical to the water element. when locals move into new premises. Locate your aquarium in areas of your house or room that require activity. scenes of farmers harvesting golden grain. Fish can also absorb negative chi. If all there are correct. CLOCK Feng Shui consultants often place a clock in an area of the house that has good chi. check the water temperature. The shape of your Aquarium: Round. Do not place your aquarium on the right (tiger) wall. The number of fish in the aquarium is also considered. That would generally be defined as the left(dragon) wall and the front wall.com/hub/Feng_Shui_Lucky_Objects 5/25/2011 . lucky calligraphy or poems. mobile sculptures. It is better not to use square or triangular tanks. it should not be placed facing the main door. Avoid having 2. or on the rear wall. which are very sensitive. cylindrical. therefore. a fish tank containing six or eight blackmoles and one gold fish. do not place on it or near it. and the process continues until all the bad luck is absorbed. this is said to attract money. If you are unable to get expert advice.g. e. a money cat. dead fish are immediately replaced. or 9 fish. fishermen netting abundant fish. so that the movement of the clocks hands or pendulum will stimulate the chi and let it circulate throughout the house. if it is properly positioned.Feng Shui Lucky Objects Some of the items that can be placed on your fortune tables are. Your aquarium should be aerated to enhance its capacity to activate chi. they install near the front door. you can have. quartz crystal balls or clusters. galloping horses. as red conflicts with the water element.

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