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134 Bayview Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07305
Phone: (973) 841-0128
Reliable and skilled Plumbing / Fire Protection Engineer with 12 years of experi
ence in plumbing and fire protection system engineering. Ability to produce spec
ifications to achieve high performance goals with building design and constructi
on and comply with the code requirements and the clients design criteria. Reputa
tion for using value engineering to attain quality system design and lower proje
ct costs. Proven leadership qualities in team building with fellow engineers to
design complex buildings. Expertise in using Computer Aided Design (CAD) softwar
e like AutoCAD, Revit, SprinkCAD, HASS and Elite Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calcul
ation program to engineer sprinkler systems, deluge systems, pre-action systems,
standpipe systems and clean agent fire suppression systems for facilities like
warehouses, data centers, offices and schools.
Plumbing/Fire Protection Engineer
Kajima Associates, Rochelle Park, NJ (2007 2010)
Acted as a Senior Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineer on the LEED project tea
Selected plumbing and fire suppression systems to comply with codes, client spe
cifications LEED Green Building Design requirements and the projects scope.
Produced the design specifications and construction drawings for the systems en
gineering and installation phases.
Engineered systems with the project architects to attain high performance build
Fire Protection Engineer
Cosentini Associates, New York, NY (2006 2007)
Designed fire suppression systems that included sprinkler systems and standpipe
systems for new and existing high rise, commercial and residential buildings.
Coordinated the fire protection system design with other disciplines to improve
the building design and eliminate any errors during construction.
Used value engineering to improve system performance and fire safety.
Fire Protection Designer
V. Barile, Incorporated, Brooklyn, NY (2005 2006)
Designed sprinkler systems and created sprinkler shop drawings with the use of
Supervised the sprinkler system installation as a field project manager.
Managed the layout, design and installation of sprinkler systems that are value
d at more than 2 million dollars during a 1-year span.
Fire Protection Engineer
HAKS Engineers and Land Surveyors, P.C., New York, NY (2001 2004)
Performed plan reviews for tenant alterations and facility contracts.
Performed final inspections for compliance with building permit requirements.
Assigned as the Risk Management Lead Fire Inspector for the JFK Air Train Syste
m project that is valued at 2.9 billion dollars.
Moses Z. Johnson, Jr., Page 2
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology
Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA
December 1997
LEED Accredited Professional (U.S. Green Building Council)
Engineer-In-Training (NY State Professional Engineering License, Part 1)
NFPA Certified Fire Inspector (Level I)

U.S. Green Building Council
National Fire Protection Association
American Society of Plumbing Engineers
National Society of Black Engineers
Project: Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Group, Charlotte, NC
Company: Kajima Associates, Rochelle Park, NJ
The project involved a renovation of the clients 5th Floor Office Space, which
attained LEED certification for Green Building Design. Acted as the Senior Plumb
ing/Fire Protection Engineer on the LEED project team. Prepared the drawings and
specifications for the renovated sprinkler and plumbing systems in AutoCAD.
Project: Toyo Tire Plant Expansion, GA
Company: Kajima Associates, Rochelle Park, NJ
The building contract is valued at approximately 84 million dollars and involve
d a plant expansion that stores, manufactures and assembles tires. Prepared the
design of the sprinkler and plumbing systems for the Toyo plant expansion, which
is approximately 750,000 square feet.
Project: Telehouse America, Sites K and P, Staten Island, NY
Company: Kajima Associates, Rochelle Park, NJ
Designed the layout of the renovated sprinkler system for the 5,500 square foot
data center space. Responsible for the upgrade of the existing Halon fire suppr
ession system to a Fike Ecaro-25 clean agent fire suppression system. Coordinate
d the design with the fire suppression system contractor to comply with code req
uirements and the clients performance standards.
Project: JFK AirTrain System, Port Authority of NY & NJ
Company: HAKS Engineers & Land Surveyors, P.C., New York, NY
Assigned as the Lead Fire Inspector. Conducted fire safety inspections and test
ing for the commissioning process of the AirTrain stations and terminals. Review
ed project and design specifications for compliance with NFPA and Port Authority
requirements. The project was valued at approximately 2.9 billion dollars.