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Landman/Operations Manager/IT/Sales

____________________QUALIFICATION HIGHLIGHTS/ EXPERIENCE____________________

* Competent using software including: Windows, Word, PowerPoint, E-mail, Intern
et, Adobe, Dreamweaver, GIS, Deed Plotter the list is pretty much endless. Both
Macintosh and Windows systems as well as Web based Unix systems.
* Effective management, technical, and supervisory skills.
* Recognized for long hours, commitment to customers, attention to detail, profe
ssionalism, and follow-up.
* Resourceful, energetic, competent, multi-task and results-oriented.
* Directed customer relations, sales promotions, supplies ordering and equipment
* Assisted sales team in promoting new client business; helped generate half mil
lion in revenues for the corporation. For the first time ever the Web site gene
rated income.
* Utilize management skills for the development and negotiation of contracts, co
st controls, monitoring of contractual payments, contract accounting procedures,
budgets, cost variance reporting, critical analysis and problem resolution.
* Served as liaison with engineering, manufacturing, and service departments to
ensure compliance with procedures and timely, accurate distribution of corporate
* Implemented targeted, mass marketing campaigns which increased Web site visits
by 34%.
* Researched and prototyped new Web technologies and techniques to realize benef
its of the latest innovations, achieve increased efficiency, and provide highest
quality products.
* Designed routines to receive Web orders, build customer records, create invoic
es, and issue unlock password codes to maintain privacy.
____________________AREAS OF STRENGTHS____________________
* Mediation and problem solving skills.
* Designed comprehensive filing system, reliably filed and retrieved confidentia
l records.
* Promptly answered telephone calls to reflect professional corporate image.
* Utilized skills in MS Excel, creating spreadsheets to effectively track job si
te costs.
* Recognized as expert in networking, as well as building and fostering long-ter
m business relationships.
* Supervised the creation of marketing materials to maintain consistent, high qu
ality message and presentation.
* Improved customer relations skills by practicing techniques to exercise diplom
acy and employ active listening skills.
* Installed and maintained computer-based accounting system to manage office fin
* Managed all aspects of customer relationship management on a daily basis, whic
h resulted in increased customer retention levels.
* Mineral Title Abstracts, Surface Title Abstracts, Oil & Gas Lease acquisition,
Right of Way, Due Diligence,
* Lease checks, suface take-offs, and ownership reports
* Run sheets and Due diligence in preperation of Oil & Gas Wells in San Patricio
* Performed limited lease commitments with Mineral Owners and written legal docu
ments (leases, conveyances, and joint venture agreements)
* Used Excel and Quickbooks to create operating reports for working, royalty and
overriding interest owners.
* Able to work closely with the Railroad Commission of Texas to get drilling per
mits, production reports, proficient with all aspects of paperwork with the Comm
Information Technology
* Analyzed developments in Internet technology and proposed far-reaching Web str
ategy to improve client services and firm's visibility.
* Created a fully automated Web ordering/payment system using PHP, merging custo
mer database with Web presence to provide a personalized experience for customer
* Supported mainframe to PC connectivity and data transfer, enabling expert user
s to employ desktop software to analyze mainframe data.
* Experimented with new technologies and routines to increase efficiency and red
uce processing time.
* Oversaw implementation of networking and data communications programming to in
terface central computing resources with desktop computers.
* Connected remote sites to central network system to allow direct transfer of p
roduction and sales data.
* Reduced stress levels of customers by adopting a cooperative attitude and posi
tive approach to every task and assignment.
* Prototyped system upgrades to identify potential problems and learned to opera
te and troubleshoot new systems.
* Installed, configured, and updated server-based applications, including accoun
ting system and records database.
* Built, maintained, and repaired computer systems to improve speed, reliability
, and efficiency of operation.
* Implemented wide-area network to increase availability of field data at corpor
ate headquarters and improve communications with field technicians.
* Followed departmental procedures to purchase, configure, and install new and r
ecycled hardware systems, maintaining corporate standards for system compatibili
* Currently developing to revolutionize the way oil
and gas mineral rights are bought and sold.
____________________EMPLOYMENT HISTORY____________________
2010 to Present - Craigslist Marketing Consultant
Self Employed, Austin, Texas
2009 to 2009 - Marketing Consultant
Key One Realty, Austin, Texas
2005 to 2008 - Operations/Office Manager
MPG Petroleum, Inc., San Antonio, Texas
1995 - B.A., International Finance
American University, Washington, DC
* Supervision
* Problem Resolution
* Strategic Planning and Growth
* Records and Information Management
* Office Administration
* Client Relationship Management
* Contract Negotiations
* Documentation and Reporting
* Business Development
* Revenue/Financial Reporting
* Regulatory Compliance