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To obtain a position in a challenging and rewarding environment that allows me

to utilize my creative and organizational skills - one that will provide me with
the opportunity to use my education and personality to professionally interact
with people on a daily basis. To be able to hold the full attention of a person
with whom I am interacting, both creatively and intellectually.
December 2008 - Current The Boxing Gym - West County STL, MO
Volunteer/Nonpayment Position - Office Manager
* Used Health Club Systems, gym member database. Uses include member payment sch
eduling, member status, member personal information, etc.
* Give tours of the gym to new gym interests and members
* Offer new gym members their signup and agreement forms and entering this info
rmation into Health Club Systems
* Answer phones to give gym location, information, to schedule private classes,
group classes, and training for new and current members.
* In charge of initial gym payments and signup information for members.
* Designate cleaning of gym floors, equipment, restrooms, and office organizatio
n to other gym volunteers or perform these myself
* Work one on one with owner to develop new gym promotions, offers, logos, flyer
s, newspaper ads, television ads, and handout ads for surrounding businesses
* Multitasking and administrative work performed on a daily basis
March 2008 - Dec. 2008 Ebersoldt + Underwood Architects STL, MO
Office Manager
* Used operating system of Mac in office environment only.
* Experience in using Parallels media on Mac to operate Windows programs, necess
ary for AIA Documents
* Answered phones and scheduled meetings and AIA certified classes and meeting f
or the office architects.
* Performed all office accounting and employee hours using Quickbooks.
* In charge of all accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll for the of
* Multitasking and administrative work performed on a daily basis.
June 11, 2007 - Nov. 16, 2007 Covert Cadillac and Buick Austin, TX
Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Service Advisor
* Started this job as an assistant to the manager, helping assist with spreadshe
ets for the sales department
* Heavy phone answering
* Worked in the accounting department entering in data for vehicles, doing daily
bank deposits, heavy filing
* Worked in the cashier department checking out customers and scheduling appoint
* As a Service Advisor I would greet customers that had appointments for their v
ehicles, whether it is for maintenance work or severe vehicle problems. I would
listen to the customers and gather the information needed to open repair orders
and get their car into the mechanics hands to be fixed.
* Keeping the customer up to date as to their vehicle status. Calling extended w
arranty companies to get claims processed and following through until the claims
are complete and closed.
* One on one contact and keeping on top of all customer complaints and informati
on as number one importance. Heavy customer service skills, a must for this pos
ition and the fast pace environment and the pressure of the job, which I persona
lly enjoy.
Dec. 11, 2006 - June 1, 2007 Chairman Joe Driver TX House of Rep.
Administrative Assistant
* Answering phones and constituent inquiries and reporting them in CMS and to Ch
airman Driver.
* Opening and sorting all mail; date stamping, scanning, and documenting mail in
* Filing all correspondence and legislation as appropriate
* Responding to constituent letters
* Placing relevant information in LMS for bill analysis
* Responsible for Chairman Driver's schedule - making necessary changes and adju
stments throughout the day and making sure he is aware of the changes and update
* Follow Chairman Driver's bills on the floor and in committee as well as bills
authored by other Representatives
* Attend benefits with Chairman Driver
* Keep the office organized and orderly at all times
August 2006 - December 2007 LA Weightloss Round Rock, TX
Nutritional Counselor/Assistant Manager
* Managed sales and inventory
* Answered phones
* Managed accounting and closing duties for the store
* Demonstrated creative marketing (lots of this to get the stores name out there
* My job was counseling with clients who were using the program to lose weight -
for health reasons mainly, also self-esteem reasons, getting rid of baby weight
, etc.
* The most rewarding part was the counseling and getting to know the clients one
on one and being involved in their lives through this emotional life changing e
* The clients would come in three times a week, weigh in and talk to me for abou
t 10 minutes per session. My job was to make sure they were happy and losing th
eir weight in a nutritionally safe and effective way. If they had nutritional p
roblems, I had been trained to answer them.
* I would review their menu/diary booklets and the meals they have prepared and
eaten and their water intake.
* I would help them through emotional times such as deaths in family, illnesses,
depression, and celebration.
* Wow, what a rewarding job! Working with the most dedicated and motivational p
eople around.
July 2005 - August 2006 Real Images Construction and Design Inc.
Incorporated business
* Owned the company
* Remodeled homes and commercial buildings
* Interior design, decorative portion after the crew finished the remodel
* General accounting and bookkeeping
* Sales and publicity with lots of PR
* Mural Painting
* Creating Mural designs by hand and then converting to the computer by scanning
into Photoshop, or using Illustrator to make images more precise and crisp
* Specializing in hand drawing all primary work, for custom designs
October 2004 - July 2005 OceanCity Worldwide Austin, TX
Customer Service Manager/Executive Assistant to CEO
* Managed meetings for CEO
* Heavy phone skills and PR work for customer service area, training new employe
es, technical help for customer service cases.
* Dealt with senior executives of companies only and helped them with trouble or
questions needing attention by OceanCity Worldwide
* Great fast working multitasked job
* Creative Marketing assistant
2001-March 2004 Austin, TX
Conference Coordinator/Manager
* Strong customer service, responsible for largest company accounts
* Broad sales
* Marketing
* Ability to work in fast-paced environment and to get things done
on time in a precise manner
* Extensive editing transcripts and recordings of conference calls and creating
duplicates in various formats
* TI and TII support
* Generalized work with exchange server
* Continuous multi-tasking
* General supervisory, office, and computer responsibilities
eral supervisory
April 2006 - August 2006 Kid's Kottage Georgetown, TX
Daycare/Preschool - Volunteer
* Supervising children for school ages 16 months to 4 years old
* Taught the 2 year old classroom
* Classroom curriculum consisted of: daily routine of ABC's, counting, colors, s
hapes, name recognition in morning, appropriate snack preparation, potty trainin
g, motor exercises and movement, arts and crafts (best part of the job), supervi
sion of nap time, weekly themes, summer camp themes, lots of fun and playing, et
* Responsible for learning and education requirements of the class to be able to
move forward to the next level in their learning development
* Cleaning classrooms, restrooms, and building
* Presenting an environment of education and fun
1999-2001 University of Texas - Austin, TX Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
* Complete art experience, photography, drawing, painting,
printmaking, metals, etc.
* Additional Graphic Art classes to keep and excel my capabilities in art
1996-1999 Kansas City Art Institute Kansas City, MO
* Credits towards degree
* Received scholarship for outstanding academic and art talent
* Organized, curated, and displayed my work in
student art shows inside and outside of school
* Intense foundation entrance program
* Classes taken toward a degree in design
* Intense graphic design training and orientation
* Moved to Austin with family and finished school at UT.
Microsoft Programs - Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Access, Microsoft Offic
e, IMS, CMS, Adobe PhotoShop 7.0, Adobe Illustrator 7.0, Quark Express, Final Cu
t Pro (video editing), Sound Forge 5.0 (sound editing), Photography (Black and W
hite/Color) skills come from heavy study of the camera, b/w processing and print
ing (darkroom), Quicken, Quick Books, Orthochart (Orthodontic/Dental Programs).
Macintosh Programs - Mac Mail, CS3, Word, Excel, Parallels, Safari, FireFox, and
others used on daily basis for daily tasks (ie: iCal, etc.)
I am dedicated, dependable, and a quick learner. I am extremely social and like
meeting new people. I enjoy working with people who love what they do as much as
I do. Traveling is a major interest as well as outdoor activities.
References provided upon request.
Full-time preferred
Salary (negotiable)

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