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April - May 2011

Edition 50
Eight years of Berlin IYP

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AM April - May 2011


We’re celebrating the fiftieth edition of the Berlin Berlin is four times the size of Paris, and even though the
In Your Pocket city guide this edition. IYP headed Greeting city consolidated its 23 districts into 12 in 2001, you’re still Prenzlauer Berg (PB)
west into Germany in early 2003, opening an office left with 23 self contained areas (Kieze) in which Berliners On a low hill northeast of Mitte, ‘Prenzl’ Berg’ is an old
Sin ce th e fall o f th e often find everything they need. Public transportation is working-class district in the former East Berlin that came
in Frankfurt and later in Berlin too. Berlin was a B e r l i n Wa l l a ro u n d 2 0 far-reaching and effective though, and you’ll grow to love it through the war relatively unscathed. The best places to
different city then, still a bit edgy, grubby and relatively y e a r s a go, B e r l i n h a s as you shuttle between the four areas with the most sights: soak up the atmosphere are Kollwitzpl, Helmholzpl. and along
undiscovered. Today Berlin may still be ‘poor but sexy’, experienced breakneck Charlottenburg, Tiergarten, Mitte and Kreuzberg. Kastanienallee (all near U-Bahn Eberswalderstr.). Prenzlauer
as the mayor famously said, but it’s now one of the change: its infrastructure Berg’s few attractions include the Vitra Design museum and a
was modernized from the 19th-century brewery complex that is now the Kulturbrauerei
world’s most-visited cities, and the city centre has ground up, while entire city Mitte (MI)
undergone immense changes to support the year- culture centre. A good time to visit is Saturday when the eco-
districts were either created Since reunification, Mitte has rightly snatched back the title market is open on Kollwitzplatz, or Sunday when everyone
round flow of tourists from across the globe. Now, 49 from scratch or thoroughly of most-visited district from Charlottenburg. On and off the sits outside being cool and eating breakfast all day.
issues after we launched in 2003, Berlin is a city for remodeled. Moreover, Berlin boulevard Unter den Linden, whose trees Marlene Dietrich
everyone, where you can find world-class hotels near has become a capital not once extolled in song, are baroque and classical monuments
to flea-pit hostels, and Michelin-starred restaurants only in the political sense, to Prussian culture. The proximity of state libraries, the State Further afield
but culturally and intellectually as well. As a result, it is Opera, Humboldt University, the old Arsenal (now the German Districts mostly known for their restaurant and nightlife
just down the road from Currywurst stands. Despite now considered one of the most exciting and diverse History Museum), Gendarmenmarkt, Museum Island, Berliner scene are Schöneberg (SB), the centre of gay Berlin,
all the changes and investment, the old Berlin can still cities in all of Europe. Dom, and the abandoned East German Parliament building and Friedrichshain (FH), filled with creatively tattered and
be found by travelling to the suburbs, by chatting to make for more talk, less walk tours. The architecturally tattooed students. Berlin has green spots galore, and after
old men on park benches and by immersing yourself Berlin finds its positive image reflected in its tourist humbler area of Mitte is the Scheunenviertel, whose layout Tiergarten the most popular getaways are the Grunewald
industry statistics: more and more people are visiting looks as if 17th-century planners got interrupted during a forest and lake Wannsee, in the southwest district of
in the city’s alternative culture. our city to see its countless attractions for themselves.
In the year that the Berlin Wall turns 50, enjoy game of pick-up sticks. It’s on these streets that the casually Zehlendorf (ZD).
These include, for example, the ubiquitous traces chic saunter from courtyard gallery to sidewalk café, pointing
spring in Berlin, sit by Spree, wander through of a turbulent and emotional history and the city’s out directions to tourists seeking out the latest hotspots or
Tiergarten, hop and skip from west to east and compelling museums, which invite you to browse the
world’s cultures. The contemporary art scene, too, has
traces of the Jewish community that lived here from the late Europe In Your Pocket
east to west while realising that the city has never 17th-century until the mass deportations of the Nazi era.
long since found a home in Berlin, proof of which can
had it so good. As always, tips and comments are be seen in the city’s hundreds of galleries, many stellar Northern Estonia
welcome at collections – often exhibited in innovative settings – Charlottenburg (CB) Ireland
and, most recently, the new temporary art gallery in the If downtown to you means wide, traffic-filled streets, Ireland Latvia
heart of the city. crowds of shoppers, five-star hotels and tall buildings, then
Cover story Charlottenburg comes closest to fitting the bill in Berlin. Lithuania
Great art can of course also be experienced in Berlin’s Much of what was here was bombed in the war and built
O n Al exa n d e rpl a t z, th e opera houses and its many renowned theaters. Its anew in the 1950s. The nexus of activity is the knot where Belarus
Fernsehturm towers over wide range of orchestras – including the Berliner Kufürstendamm, Joachimsthaler Str, Bahnhof Zoo and
the quirky Weltuhr (‘world Philharmoniker, the Staatskapelle, the Deutsches Tauentzienstr. come together. Follow what becomes an Netherlands
clock’) on the square below. Symphonie Orchester, the Rundfunksinfonie Orchester, increasingly silken ribbon down Kurfürstendamm (Ku’damm)
Installed in 1969 on the spot and countless others – is unmatched in its quality and Germany Ukraine
and the setting becomes more genteel where you can’t see the
of an earlier clock destroyed diversity. And let’s not forget Berlin’s exciting club scene buildings for the trees. Nearby but isolated from the hoi polloi Czech
in the war, for decades it and the many different restaurants, pubs, and bars is Schloss Charlottenburg, the residence of King Friedrich I. Republic
was a meeting place for that make the city the place to be for anyone looking for
Berliners. The clock has cosmopolitan flair and the latest trends. Austria
rotating sections indicating In this spirit, I would like to wish you an eventful stay Tiergarten (TG) Switzerland Slovenia Romania
the time across the globe, in Germany’s capital city – Tiergarten is both a district and the name of the 255 hectare Croatia
with a moving model of the welcome to Berlin! park that began as the Great Elector’s hunting grounds in Bosnia Serbia
solar system above it. the 1600s and became increasingly more civilised with Bulgaria
landscaping in the 1800s. Traffic passes through it, doing a Montenegro Kosovo
dosey-doe around the Siegessäule (Victory Column). Slicing FYR Macedonia
though the park’s length is Str. des 17. Juni, which leads to Albania
Editorial Copyright notice the Brandenburg Gate at the eastern end. Just south of it Greece
Editor-in-Chief Jeroen van Marle Text and photos copyright In Your Pocket are the museums of the Kulturforum and Potsdamer Pl.
Editorial Contributors GmbH 2010-2011. All rights reserved. No
Wendy Wrangham, Christina Knight, part of this publication may be reproduced
In Your Pocket GmbH
Jenny Pons, Michael Nevermann, in any form, except brief extracts for Kreuzberg (KB)
Philippe Krueger, Alex Zuckrow the purpose of review, without written
Axel-Springer-Str. 39 Thanks to a large Turkish community and more hippies,
Research Monika Kierewicz permission from the publisher and
10969 Berlin anarchists and alternative folks than you can shake a
Layout & Design Tomáš Haman copyright owner. The brand name In Your In Your Pocket has broken much new ground of late,
Tel: (+49)(0)30 27 90 79 81 Pocket is used under license from UAB didgeridoo at, Kreuzberg feels neither East nor West. It
Photos Ansgar Meemken (AM), was the black sheep of West Berlin, left alone in its far-off publishing new guides in the Netherlands (Den Bosch,
Fax: (+49)(0)30 24 04 73 50 Jeroen van Marle (JvM) In Your Pocket (Vokieciu 10-15, Vilnius, Lithuania tel. (+370-5) 212 29 76). room to play loud music and draw on the walls (literally, it Utrecht), in Austria (Vienna), in Croatia (Brac and Senj),
Maps Kartographie Eichner, in Slovenia (Celje), in Serbia (Nis) and in Switzerland, was parked in a dead-end, cornered by The Wall). In 1987
Editor’s note social and economic frustration exploded into violence and (Zurich). A new guide to Minsk, Belarus, will be the next
ISSN 1611-9037 Cover: ©
The editorial content of In Your Pocket vandalism during the traditionally political demonstrations In Your Pocket to launch, early in the summer.
© In Your Pocket GmbH, a company guides is independent from paid-for We have also begun rolling out iPhone apps to all our
of UAB In Your Pocket Sales & Circulation of May Day. Every year since, the city prepares for a long
advertising. Sponsored listings are night of stone-throwing and burning automobiles. May 1st cities. We will be launching even more In Your Pocket
Vokieciu 10-15 General Manager Stephan Krämer clearly marked as such. We welcome all
Vilnius, Lithuania Production Manager Philippe Krueger is essentially Kreuzberg’s way of reliving its 15 minutes of guides as apps throughout this year: to find out which
readers‘ comments and suggestions.
tel. (+370-5) 212 29 76 Accounting Martin Wollenhaupt We have made every effort to ensure
fame. The rest of the days are marked by backgammon at the cities we will be covering, and to keep up to date with
Advertising Manager the accuracy of the information at the men’s clubs, café-sitting on the Landwehrkanal, and ambling all In Your Pocket news and events, like In Your
Printed by Druckteam GbR Berlin. Philippe Krüger, Corina Alt time of going to press and assume no down the popular drags Oranienstr. and Bergmannstr. Two Pocket on Facebook (
Circulation: 20,000 copies bimonthly responsibility for changes and errors. major museums, the House at Checkpoint Charlie and the or follow us on Twitter (
Jewish Museum, are planted in the staid parts of the district.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


With three opera houses, seven resident orchestras, doz-

Trains ens of variety and theatre companies and ticket prices to Ask the concierge
DB (Deutsche Bahn, German railways) runs ICE trains (high match all wallets, Berlin is truly a culture-lovers’ paradise.
speed), EC (EuroCity) and IC (InterCity). Seat reservations are Here we present a selection of Berlin’s cultural highlights Berlin’s top hotels all have concierges that are there
sometimes obligatory; check before boarding. Tickets can that are suitable those who don’t speak German. Tickets to make the guest’s lives easier. They can inform you
be purchased at the the DB Centres in the stations, or book for theatre, concerts and other events can be purchased about current events, book tickets, make restaurant
online in advance at DB’s fabulous online train timetable at at the venues, the tourism offices as well as at one of reservations and hand out copies of Berlin In Your many ticket kiosks (convenient ones are in Friedrichstraße Pocket, transport maps, and brochures. Concierges
and Alexanderplatz stations). Online bookings and pay- can be recognised by the crossed golden keys on the
Berlin’s huge new glass-sheathed Hauptbahnhof main ments for most events can easily be done via the venue lapels of their jackets.
station is where all regional and intercity trains stop. websites or
The station has all the essentials; shopping mall, post
office, toilets and showers and the Infostore tourist Philharmonie E-4, Herbert-von-Karajan-Str. 1, TG,
information centre. Zoo Bahnhof (Zoologischer Garten) Opera & Classical music MPotsdamer Platz, tel. (+49)(0)30 25 48 89 99,
and Ostbahnhof (in Friedrichshain, 20 minutes away by Deutsche Oper B-3, Bismarckstr. 35, CB, MDeutsche The crumpled-looking yellow
S-Bahn from Zoo Bahnhof) have been reduced to regional Oper, tel. (+49)(0)30 343 84 01/(+49)(0)700 67 37 modernist building behind the chrome glitz of the Potsdamer
train stations. All three stations are connected by the 23 75 46 (tickets), A Platz developments was once just as revolutionary as its
main S-Bahn line, and some to the U-Bahn. Regional (RE) functional, introvert 1960s building houses the only opera new neighbour. The excellent Phil orchestra is directed by
trains along the elevated east-west track stop at Mitte’s stage available to West Berliners during the Wall era. Italian Liverpudlian Sir Simon Rattle.
Alexanderplatz and Friedrichstraße stations as well. If conductor Renato Palumbo is the current music director.
Public transport your ticket destination is ‘Berlin Stadtbahn’ you can use Staatsoper F/G-3, Unter den Linden 7, Mitte, MFranzö-
Berlin’s integrated network of S-Bahn (Schnellbahn), U-Bahn it to travel further on the elevated S-Bahn track between Konzerthaus F-3, Gendarmenmarkt 2, MI, MStadt- sische Str, tel. (+49)30 20 35 45 55, www.staatsoper-
(Untererdische Bahn, underground), bus, and Straßenbahn Charlottenburg and Ostbahnhof stations. mitte, tel. (+49)(0)30 20 30 90, www.konzerthaus. A grand building on Berlin’s grandest boulevard,
(tram, in eastern Berlin only) is run by the BVG (tel. 194 de. Together with the neighbouring Deutscher and Fran- with beautifully rebuilt interiors and an in-house confectionary.
49, and the system runs very smoothly, even zösischer Dom churches, the Konzerthaus forms Berlin’s Daniel Barenboim has been named chief conductor for life
though they confuse everyone by naming buses and trams Taxis most spectacular architectural ensemble. Originally built of the award-winning Staatskapelle orchestra, one of the
the Metro network. If you remember the number (or colour) Taxi drivers have a fine reputation in Berlin, and not only for as a theatre by Friedrich Schinkel in 1821, it was destroyed oldest (1570) orchestras in the world. The Staatsoper will
and end station of the U or S line you want to use, you’ll soon the splendid cream-coloured Mercedes they drive. Taxis in WWII and only reopened as a concert hall in 1984. The be performing in the Schillertheater until renovations are
be navigating the labyrinth-like stations like a local. Signs queue outside S- and U-Bahn stops, and can also be hailed Berliner Sinfonie-Orchester (conductor Eliahu Inbal) plays finished in 2013.
display the destination of the train, and at U-Bahn stations, from the street at the same rate. The special €3.50 Kurz- at the venue.
display when the next train will arrive. strecke is a set fare for short trips (2km or 5 minutes), and
can only be used in hailed cabs and if you mention it as soon Shows
The same tickets serve all BVG services. Vending machines
at stations and on trams have instructions in English and
as you board. Calling a taxi is an option as well; mention to
the operator if you want to pay by credit card, as not all taxis
Venue list Berlin Admiralspalast F-3, Friedrichstrasse 101, MI, tel. (+49)
(0)30 47 99 74 99, Reopened
accept coins (and on platforms, banknotes too). At larger have card-reading equipment. By the way, Funk means radio. AD – Admiralspalast, Friedrichstrasse 101-102, tel. to the public in 2006, the Admiralspalast was originally a
stations there are S-Bahn information and sales counters. (+49)(0)30 47 99 74 99, bathhouse and club for Prussian soldiers to relax in. Rebuilt
On buses, the driver can sell you a ticket. City Funk tel. 21 02 02 in 1911, it was famous in Berlin’s Roaring 20s for its cabaret,
Funk Taxi Berlin tel. 26 10 26 CH – C-Halle, Columbiadamm 13-21, tel. (+49)(0)30 698 operetta house, spa and brothel. Hitler cleaned up their acts
With a €2.40 Einzelticket (single ticket) you can travel Spree Funk tel. 44 33 22 09 80, in the 1930s, installing a private box so that he could watch
one-way, with transfers, within the AB zone. Buy a €1.40 Würfel-Funk tel. 0800 222 22 55 (tollfree), tel. 0177-222 FM – Museum für Film und Fernsehen Berlin, his favourite operetta ‘The Merry Widow’, and in the 1940s the
Kurzstrecke (short distance) ticket if you want to travel 22 77 (for mobile phones) Potsdamer Str. 2, tel. (+49)(0)30 300 90 30, www. building was spared war damage. Bertold Brecht used the the-
up to three S/U-Bahn stops, or up to six stops by bus or atre for his eyebrow-raising new theatre in the 1950s and 60s
tram. If you anticipate a lot of travelling, consider either the before the theatre went into decline. The complex has been
Tageskarte (day card, valid until 03:00 the next morning; Airports HB – Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, Invalidenstr. 50-51,
tel. (+49)(0)30 39 78 34 11,
restored (without the brothel) and is a new centre of nightlife.
€6.30) or seven-day pass (€27.20).
Berlin has two airports (online at HX – Huxley’s Neue Welt, Hasenheide 108-114, tel. Berliner Residenz Concert B-3, Spandauer Damm
If you’re in a group of up to five people, you can buy a (+49)(0)30 627 93 20. 22-24, Große Orangerie of Schloss Charlottenburg,
Kleingruppenkarte (group day ticket, €15.90). The BVG, the Tegel (TXL), the main airport, is 7km northwest of the tel. (+49)(0)30 25 81 03 50, www.concerts-berlin.
tourist office, and some hotels sell a variety of great-value city centre. Behind the airport information desk in the KH – Konzerthaus Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt, tel. (+49) com. The Berliner Residenz Orchestra plays famous
multiday city cards including the Berlin WelcomeCard and main hall are the BVG public transport ticket office (0)30 20 30 90, Baroque-era works by candlelight, with musicians in period
the City Tour Card (see Sights for more details). If you’re and the luggage office. Nearby are a post office and MG – Martin-Gropius-Bau, Niederkirchnerstr. 7, tel. costumes. Guests can combine the concert with a tour of
arriving in or leaving Berlin by train and your ticket says ATMs. Tegel is well-connected to the city centre by bus; (+49)(0)30 25 48 60, Charlottenburg castle or a trip on the river Spree, and din-
Berlin Stadtbahn, you can travel free on the elevated S-Bahn the TXL JetExpressBus runs every 15-20 minutes MK – Museum für Kommunikation, Leipziger Str. 16, ner amidst 500 candles. Concerts take place up to 6 times
line between Charlottenburg and Ostbahnhof on the day of between 05:00 and 23:30, and is the quickest con- tel. (+49)(0)30 20 29 40, weekly. Q Admission €29-75. Dinner starts at 18:00, the
arrival/departure. nection to Hauptbahnhof station, Unter den Linden and concert at 20:30.
Alexanderplatz. Bus X9 (every 5-10 minutes from 04:50 NA – Neue Nationalgalerie, Potsdamer Straße 50,
Before boarding the S- or U-Bahn, always validate your to 23:00) gets you to Zoo Bahnhof in 20 minutes. Bus tel. (+49)(0)30 2662651,
ticket by punching it in the machine near the end of the N°109 heads to S-Bahn station Charlottenburg and OW – O2 World, Mühlenstraße 12-30, tel. (+49)(0)30
platform. On buses and trams, the machines are on board. N°128 to U-Bahn station Osloer Straße. Single €2.10 20607080,
Public transport uses the honour system, and there are tickets can be bought from machines outside or from
regular checks by plainclothes inspectors. If you are caught the driver, and are valid for two hours. A taxi to the city PB – Postbahnhof, Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, tel.
without a ticket (or with an unvalidated one) you’ll be fined centre will cost about €18. (+49)(0)30 69812820,
€40 on the spot. PH – Philharmonie, Herbert-von-Karajan-Str. 1, tel. (+49)
Schönefeld airport (SXF) is 20km southeast of the city (0)30 25 48 80,
You can go play the night owl, as the nightime transport centre and mostly serves budget flights and holiday char-
options are excellent and have smooth connections. All ters. A shuttle brings you to the nearby S-Bahn/railway TD – Tempodrom, Möckernstr. 10, tel. (+49)(0)30 69 53
U-Bahn trains run every 15 minutes on weekend nights; station. An Airport Express train from here reaches the 38 85,
on weekdays buses marked N travel their routes every city centre in 30 minutes; the S-Bahn take about 40 min- ZS – Zitadelle Spandau, Am Juliusturm, tel. (+49)(0)30
half hour. Also, all tram and bus lines starting with M run utes. Take bus X7 to U-Bahn station Rudow for Kreuzberg. 354 94 40,
every half hour at night.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Dalí - The Exhibition Ellington Hotel events

Wi th over 45 0 exh i bi ts, th e n ew museu m an d Berlin’s grooviest hotel is well-known for its relaxed Jazz
cultural highlight ‘Dalí – the exhibition’ offers the brunches, held Sundays between 11:30 and 14:30 in
most complete over view of Dalí’s vir tuous and the Duke restaurant. A set fee allows you to sample
experimental mastery in almost all art techniques, anything from the buffet, while talented Jazz musicians
right here in the heart of Berlin. As Dalí once said: take care of the atmosphere. Check the website for
“Come into my brain”. In keeping with this spirit
’Surrealism for all’, visitors to Berlin now have the
the programme. Until May, ladies can drop by every
Tuesday and Thursday for an evening of pampering.
Classical concerts
chance to discover ‘their Dalí’. The “Ladies Styling Dinner” includes professional hair
and make-up styling followed by a 3-course meal with
& festive menues
Dalí - Die Ausstellung / Dalí - The Exhibition, bubbly. Book ahead. in the historical setting of Charlottenburg Palace
Leipziger Platz 7, M Potsdamer Platz, tel. +49 1805
10 33 23, Open 12:00-20:00, Sun Drop by on Easter Sunday and Monday (24 and 25 April) April - December
10:00-20:00. Admission €11, reduced €9. for a delicious Jazz brunch, served from 11:30-15:00 for tuesdays, wednesdays, fridays, saturdays
€36 per person.
dinner 6.00 pm | concert 8.30 pm
Ellington Hotel, D-4, Nürnberger Str. 50-55, tel.
(+49)(0)30 68 31 50, Tickets
Tel.: 030 - 526 81 96 - 96
BLUE MAN GROUP E-4, Marlene Dietrich Pl. 1, MI,
Bluemax Theatre, MPotsdamer Pl., tel. (+49)(0) 18 05
44 44 (€0.14/min), The (quite
literally) Blue Man Group has been wowing audiences in the
US with a show that is a kaleidoscope, a whirlwind, a puzzle,
psychedelic, and many more adjectives that people just
haven’t managed to sum up the visually and musically power-
ful show with. Eminently suitable for foreigners, the little text
there is, is in English. Q Tue-Fri 21:00; Wed, Thu, Sat 18:00,
21:00; Sun 18:00. Tickets from €54,90 (plus charges). A
© Friedrichstadtpalast F-3, Friedrichstr. 107, MI, MO-
ranienburger Tor, tel. (+49)(0)30 23 26 23 26, www. No one does over-the-top better Madi-Zelt der Sinne (Madi - Tent of the Senses) B-1,
than the producers and long-legged dancers and acrobats of Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Pl., corner Holzhauser Str., MU Hol-
Friedrichstadtpalast. This venue normally puts on the glitziest, zhauser Str., Tegel, tel. (+49)(0)30 1805/57 00 00, www.
biggest revues in town. Q Tickets €17 - 61. One way to cocoon yourself from winter is
to slip into this cozy, Moroccan royal-style tent in north Berlin’s Tegel
La Vie en Rose F-6, Tempelhof airport, MPlatz der district. You’ll be whisked away to the Orient with a Middle Eastern
Luftbrücke, tel. (+49)(0)30 69 51 30 00, www.revue- four-course meal and 3.5-hour show with belly dancers, story-tellers, Apparently this is the only revue theater in the musicians, acrobats, and jugglers. The brainchild of a Palestinian
world that’s in an airport. La Vie en Rose has daily shows with Berlin resident, the show makes the small audience (there is only
magicians, acrobats, singers, can-can girls and is the only one room for 45 guests in the tent) feel at home with rosewater, a

“The Race Even Marathoners Fear” in town to add a touch of eroticism. Q Shows at 21:00, Sun
20:00. Closed Mon. Admission €20-28, €45 including dinner,
€65 including dinner and drinks.
welcome drink, gleaming mint tea sets, and drags from a hookah
waterpipe. Q Shows Thu - Sat at 19:30, doors open 18:00. (€75).

-The Wall Street Journal, 2010 Palazzo E-2, Humboldthafen, MI, MHauptbahnhof, tel.
(+49)(0)1805 38 88 85 (€0,14/min),
Berliner Residenz Konzerte Not just any show, this is a three-and-a-half-hour dining and
variety experience. Enjoy a multi-course gourmet meal while you
Enjoy beautiful classical Baroque concerts held in the watch a varied programme of acrobats, jugglers, comedians,
beautiful Große Orangerie at Schloss Charlottenburg. musicians and magicians in a purpose-built ‘palace of mirrors’.
Guests can opt for a Prussian-themed, candle-lit three- The emphasis is on the visual effects, so language is not a
course dinner before the concert too. Dates for this barrier. Q Closed Mon. Admission, including food, €79-135.
season include:
Bachs 5th Brandenburg concert, h-moll Suite, Schiller Theater C-3, Bismarckstr. 110, CB, MErnst-
Vivaldies four seasons: Reuter-Pl., tel. (+49)(0)30 847 20 03 12/0180-557
1, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, 15, 19, 20, 22, 26, 27 April 00 00. Musicals animate the stage of this landmark theatre
3, 6, 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20, 24, 27, 31 May that originally opened in 1907 with the German poet and
playwright Schiller’s The Robbers (1782).
Masterpieces of Baroque and early classical music:
2, 23, 30 April Stars in Concert J-6, Sonnenallee 225 (Estrel Festival
7, 14, 21 May Center), KB, MSonnenallee, tel. (+49)(0)30 68 31 68 31, Vegas meets Berlin in the huge Estrel
31 July 2011 Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday hotel and convention centre, where the Stars in Concert show
features impressive performances of lookalike artists Elton John,
WORTH THE HURT.TM Elvis, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker and Sting. Tickets are also available
For times, prices and bookings see www.concerts-berlin. com or contact tel. +49 30 526 81 96 96. for combinations with dinner and/or a stay at the hotel. Q Shows
at 20:30, Sat also at 17:30. Closed Tue. Admission €16-45.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Tipi am Kanzleramt E-3, Große Querallee, TG, MBund- 10 April, 20:00 PH

estag, tel. (+49)(0)180 327 93 58 (€0,09/min), www. Long night of Opera and Theatre Philharmonischer Chor Berlin, Konzerthausorchester BLUE MAN GROUP Continuing a tradition that started a century Berlin
ago in Berlin, the Tipi team wine, dine and entertain guests for
an evening in their surprisingly elegant, year-round tent in Tier-
Conductor: Jörg-Peter Weigle, Evelina Dobraceva (soprano),
Sandra Fechner (alto), Tomasz Zagorski (tenor), Ante
garten park. Before the show starts, gourmet food is served Jerkunica (basso); Antonín Dvorák - Stabat Mater
from their on-site kitchen. Then it’s over to the artists featured
that night to entertain the audience. Q Tickets €18.50-36. 13 April, 20:00 KH
Klassische Philharmonie Bonn
Wintergar ten Variété E-4, Potsdamer Str. 96, Conductor: Heribert Beissel; works by Telemann, Haydn,
Schöneberg, MKurfürstenstr., tel. +49 30 58 84 33, Gounod, and Mozart One of Berlin’s famed variety
theatres, formerly located near Friedrichstraße station but 14 April, 20:00 KH
destroyed during the war, it was revived here ten years ago K&K Philharmoniker, K&K Opernchor
as a dinner theater. Seated around tables, you’ll enjoy a Conductor: Matthias Georg Kendlinger
(mute) show with acrobats, magicians, clowns, jugglers and
more. New shows are put on three times a year. Before the 15 April, 20:00 KH BLUE MAN GROUP is a spectacula
ar sho
how: pure fun, witty,
show, waiters will take orders for good meals (not included), Konzerthausorchester Berlin intelligent, unexpected – simply different! BLUE MAN
which are served during the break. Q Performances Wed-Sat The third edition of Berlin’s popular Long night of Conductor: Lothar Zagrosek; works by Ullmann and Mahler GROUP thrills and provokes with creativity, comedy and
20:00, Sun 18:00. Admission €19-89. Opera and Theatre sees 60 stages showing nearly great music. An internationally unique mix of sweeping
200 productions, including opera, concerts, dance, 15 April, 20:00 PH concert atmosphere, high-class comedy and effects
theater, music, pop, literature, cabaret, puppets, youth Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin like you have never experienced before. First BLUE MAN
Theatre & Comedy theater, improvisational theater and acrobatics. You Conductor: Neeme Järvi; works by Sibelius and Nielsen GROUP goes under your skin – and then never out of
Berlin is full of great theatre, but if you don’t speak German, can watch excerpts from curent and upcoming shows, your head again. Unique in Europe it is staged in Berlin,
you’ll be limited to enjoying the scenery of plays or watching but also special Long Night shows. Free shuttle buses 18 April, 20:00 PH in BLUEMAX Theater Potsdamer Platz. An absolute must
cabarets’ mimes and contortionists silently ply their trade. run between the various venues,and the combiticket is Pianist in Residence: Leif Ove Andsnes for your Berlin visit. Entertainment for the whole family -
Here are the two exceptions. also valid on all forms of public transport that evening. Works by Beethoven, Brahms, Schönberg, and Beethoven and naturally for guests from all over the world. For them
The good news for foreigners is that many shows can the show has been revised now. All German-speaking
be enjoyed without knowledge of German. 19 April, 19:30 ZS elements were translatetd into English. More than this:
The 20th Century: People-Places-Times Saturday 16 April, 19:00 - 01:00. Combiticket Mozartquartett Berlin Language and words are elements of play – the irony
€15/10. Tel. +49 30 47 99 74 74, Streichquartette von Franz Schubert of the language has become a new factor of the show. Exactly hearing and closer inspection leads to a cross-
20 April, 20:00 PH linguistic show experience. BLUE MAN GROUP is now
Kammerkonzert Lang Lang more internationally, more communicatively – and just
Tickets for theatre, concerts and other events can be pur- Works by Beethoven, Berg, and Mozart in English, too. You cannot describe BLUE MAN GROUP,
chased at the venues, the tourism offices as well as at one you have to experience them!
of many ticket kiosks (convenient ones are in Friedrichstraße 21 April, 20:00 PH

algSlihsoh w
and Alexanderplatz stations). Online bookings and payments Anna Netrebko (soprano), Kate Lindsey (mezzo so-
for most events can be done via (click to English prano), English Chamber Orchestra
r n a t io n
and then Tickets). Conductor: Paul Watkins; works by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi Inte an and En
G erm
English Theatre Berlin F-5, Fidicinstr. 40, KB, MPlatz 23 April, 16:00 PH
der Luftbrücke, tel. (+49)(0)30 693 56 92/691 12 11 Staatskapelle Berlin
(box office), Berlin residents, whether na- Conductor: Daniel Barenboim; works by Berg and Bruckner
tive English speakers or not, come to this theatre for the edgy
programming on the little black box’s stage. The entrance is 23 April, 20:00 PH
Schirner Pressebild-Agentur in the back courtyard. Q Admission €14/8. Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Conductor: Kent Nagano; works by Zimmermann and
Mauerbau an der Sektorengrenze Linden- Ecke
Kookaburra G-2, Schönhauser Allee 184, PB, MRosa- Bruckner
Zimmerstraße, Berlin, 18. August 1961 Luxemburg-Pl., tel. (+49)(0)30 48 62 31 86, www.
Stiftung Deutsches Historisches Museum Laughing matters at Berlin’s premier 26 April, 20:00 PH
20 Years of the DHM Photo Collection comedy club, which has English-language stand-up comedy Staatskapelle Berlin
For twenty years the German Historical Museum has every Tuesday at 20:30 and Saturday at 23:45. Kim Eustace’s Conductor: Andrey Boreyko; works by Shostakovitch,
been collecting photographs on contemporary history Comedy Night alternates with the Supernaturals experimen- Alexijevitch, Tchaikovsky
and everyday life. The exhibition shows photographic tal comedy show on Tuesdays, while the hilarious Laugh
highlights with more than 300 motifs in a chronological Olympics improvisation alternates with the Treason Show 30 April & 1 May, 20:00 PH
survey from the last years of the 19th century to the (Brighton) and others on Saturdays. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Rundfunkchor
end of the GDR in 1990. After showing a first extensive Fri, Sat 12:00 - 02:00, Sun 11:00 - 24:00. Closed Mon. Shows Berlin
selection last year, the German Historical Museum now at 20:30. Admission €3-12. Conductor: Philippe Jordan; works by Stravinsky and
additionally focuses on the building of the Berlin Wall on Beethoven BLUE MAN GROUP,
the occasion of its 50th anniversary. This visual symbol Marlene Dietrich Pl.
Classical music 2 May, 20:00 PH 1, Bluemax Theatre,
of the division of Germany and the Cold War was erected
on 13 August 1961. Numerous photographs document 6 & 7 April, 20:00 PH Russische Nationalphilharmonie, David Garrett (violin) Tel. (+49)(0) 18 05 44
the way the Iron Curtain cut through streets and houses Berliner Philharmoniker Conductor: Vladimir Spivakov; works by Tchaikovsky and 44 (€0.14/min), www.
in Berlin and tore families apart. Conductor: Sir Simon Rattle; works by Henry Purcell and Mendelssohn Bartholdy Shows:
Gustav Mahler Tue-Fri 21:00; Wed,
Deutsches Historisches Museum, Unter den 3 May, 20:00 PH Thu, Sat 18:00, 21:00;
Linden 2, Mitte, tel. +49 30 20 30 40, 9 April, 19:30 ZS Stuttgarter Kammerorchester, Daniel Hope (violin) Sun 18:00. Tickets from
Daily 10:00 - 18:00. Joseph Haydn Violinenkonzerte Works by Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Mozart, €54,90 (plus charges).
Marianne Boettcher (violin) and the Haydnquartett Berlin and Brahms

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


4 May, 20:00 PH
Cinemas Cecilia Bartoli (mezzo soprano), Orchestra La Scintilla S U I TA B L E F O R I N T E R N AT I O N A L V I S I T O R S
Works by Vivaldi, Händel, Porpora et al.
Forei gn fil m o f feri n gs i n G erma n ci n e mas are
o f te n d u b b e d , w h i c h i s a n i r r i t a t i o n fo r n o n - 5 - 7 May, 20:00 PH
G erman speakers but is a good gig for th e voice - Berliner Philharmoniker
ove r a r ti s ts. L o ok i n l o c al l i s ti n gs ma ga zi n e s Conductor: Christian Thielemann; works by Richard Strauss
l i ke Tip a n d Zi t t y, fo r s u b t i t l e d f i l m s; t h e s e
are marke d in wi th O mU or O m e n gU (ori gi nal 8 May, 20:00 PH
v e r s i o n w i t h G e r m a n/ E n g l i s h s u b t i t l e s) a n d Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
OF or OV (ori gi nal versi on); D F m eans G erman Conductor: James Gaffigan, David Fray (piano); works by
versi on. C i n eS tar h as th e larges t s el e c ti on o f Birtwistle, Mozart, and Strauss
n on - d u b b e d fil ms.
11 May, 20:00 PH
Arsenal E-4, Potsdamer Str. 2, KB, MPotsdamer Staatskapelle Berlin
Pl., tel. (+49)(0)30 26 95 51 00, Conductor: Pietari Inkinen; works by Sibelius, Prokofiev,
This little art house cinema is in the basement beneath THE FIFTIES VARIETÉ SHOW
and Stravinsky
the Film Museum in the Sony Center. International films,
some in English, some with English subtitles, are the 13 - 15 May, 20:00 PH
normal fare. Q Tickets €6. Berliner Philharmoniker
Conductor: Claudio Abbado; works by Berg, Mozart, and Mahler
CineStar Original E-4, Potsdamer Str. 4 (Sony
Center), Tiergarten, MPotsdamer Pl., tel. (+49)30 16 May, 20:00 PH
26 06 64 00, w w The cinema is Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
loved by english-speakers and film purists for show- Conductor: Sir Roger Norrington, Anu Komsi (soprano); works
ing their movies, including 3D, in their original version: by Bach and Mahler
no dubbing, no subtitles. With sleek ambience, eight
screens, cocktail bar, roomy seating(even love seats), 17 May, 20:00 PH
this were to catch the latest blockbuster or arthouse Maurizio Pollini (piano) m class“
success. Q Tickets €7.50, Mon, Wed €6.50, Tue Works by Schubert and Chopin Berli enpost
€4.50, Thu €5.50.
Movies in their original 20 - 22 May, 20:00 PH
Hackesche Höfe G-2, Rosenthaler Str. 40, MI, Berliner Philharmoniker
language versions MHackescher Markt, tel. (+49)(0)30 283 46 03, Conductor: Yutaka Sado; works by Takemitsu and Shostakovitch Many foreign films play
and in 3D inside the here, so speakers of languages other than German 25 May, 20:00 PH Directed by:
could get by here as long as the films aren’t dubbed Staatskapelle Berlin
spectacular Sony many have German subtitles). You’ll have to climb three
flights of stairs to get here, but there’s a nice row of
Conductor: James Levine (piano); works by Schubert and
Michael Klich
Mahler Showtime:
Center Berlin! banquettes to catch your breath in. Q Tickets €7.50,
Mon €6, Tue €5. Wed – Sat 8 pm
Wintergarten show Sun 6 pm
Highend 54 F-2, Oranienburger Str. 54, (Tache-
Enjoy Germany’s largest les), MI, MOranienburger Tor, tel. (+49)(0)30
283 14 98. Documentaries, anything by Jim Jarmusch
variety of non-dubbed movies or Goran Bregovic, and the occasional reprise of the
Coen brother’s The Big Lebowski are standard fare in
– selected films also in 3D – the intimate theater here. The modern couch seating Saturdays at 4.30 pm
is positively luxurious and quite a contrast to the run-
at CineStar Original! At IMAX
3D you experience 3D movies
down building itself. A cool bar is attached. Q Tickets
€5-6, Mon €4.50. ShowCafé
on Berlin’s biggest screen
IMAX 3D Sony Center E-4, Potsdamer Str. 4,
(Sony Center), TG, MPotsdamer Pl., tel. (+49)(0)30
Peppermint Club
in their German version. Further 26 06 64 00, Wherever they The Afternoon Varieté Show
take you, the combination of towering IMAX screen and
superb cinematography is awe-inspiring. Films last 45
info at minutes, German version only. Q Tickets €8.50, Sat,
Enjoy the highlights of the evening show
in 75 spectacular minutes
Sun €8.70, Tue €6.70.
In 1950s America, petticoats, lipstick and polkadots are without an interval! 25 € including cover
and as much
(1 piece of cake
Paris C-4, Kur für stendamm 211, CB, MUh- all the rage, beatniks dress like Marlon Brando and chew coffee /tea as you like)
landstr., tel. (+49)(0)30 881 31 19, w w w. gum constantly, while the whole country dances inspired The largest air militar y mission rock and roll, bossa nova and jive. The Peppermint Club
in history took place during peacetime in Berlin. The show at Wintergarten recalls these vibrant years with
documentary The Berlin Airlift shows how planes dancing and live music, from rockabilly to German hits
supplied everything 2.5 million West Berliners needed of the time.
for 11 months between June 1948 and May 1949. In Potsdamer Straße 96, D -10785 Berlin Tiergarten
English every Saturday at 11:00. Q Tickets €8, Mon Shows Wed-Sat 20:00, Sun 18:00. Potsdamer Ticket Hotline: +49(0)30 - 588 433 or just print your
€5, Tue, Wed €6. Str. 96, Schöneberg, tel. +49 30 58 84 33, www. tickets at home:
U/S-Bahn to „Potsdamer Platz“, Busses 200, M41, M48, 347

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


13 April, 20:00 OW M.S. Schiffskontor tel. (+49)30 61 62 93 87, www.

Concerts Lena (Pop) This char ter ser vice company with
6 April, 21:00 CH antique boats can cater to any occasion - from a relaxed
Belle & Sebastian (Indie-Pop) 16 April, 20:00 CH business event to a birthday party - and can take you just
Bonaparte (Electro) about anywhere on Berlin’s waterways. Ride near to the
8 April, 20:00 OW waves in the rustic open Oskar, built in 1930, which seats
Jamiroquai (Funk) 23 April, 20:00 HX 16 people and has a canvas top. You’ll look dashing with
The Human League (Pop) dark sunglasses and a flowing scarf on the elegant Italian
10 April, 20:00 TD Afrodite, a pink beauty from 1950; this ship provides cush-
Till Brönner (Jazz) 25 April, 20:00 AD ioned banquette seating and space for elaborate picnics.
R. Kelly (R&B) And there are more elegant boats to choose from. The
11 April, 21:00 PB website is in German, but the office staff speak English.
Pete Doherty (Rock) 13 May, 20:00 OW Prices depend on what kind of tour you want and on food
Sade (Pop) and drinks served.

Irish Harp & Kilkenny 24 May, 20:00 OW Reederei BWSG tel. +49 30 6513415, fax +49 30
Zucchero (Rock) 6519422,,
Kilkenny Irish Pub Conducts various themed tours on the Spree, like the East-
Fun & football, a drink or two and a bite to eat go hand 26 May, 21:00 AD Side Tour past the remains of the Wall and new developments
in hand. And if that’s what you’re after, the Kilkenny Irish Duran Duran (Pop) in Eastern Berlin, and the Architectour, focusing on old, new
Pub is where you find it. Watch all major sport events, and future buildings.
Champions League, Premier League, Formula One etc. Exhibitions
on large screens, together with locals and tourists from Reederei Riedel tel. (+49)30 693 46 46, www.
all over the world. 15 April until 14 August NA Join an informative voyage around the
Stella & Calatrava. The Michael Kohlhaas Curtain. city centre in one of Riedel’s panorama ships, accompanied
Am Zwirngraben 17-20, tel. 2832084, www. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Heinrich von with multi-lingual audio guide texts. The three-hour tour Open daily from 10:00. Kleist’s deat, artist Frank Stella and architect Santiago takes you beneath 63 bridges, through locks, past all the
Calatrava developed a joint project in which they deal with city centre highlights, plus the red brick Oberbaumbrücke,
Kleist’s novella Michael Kohlhaas. Kreuzberg’s park areas and Potsdamer Platz. The 1,5-
hour tour floats by the highlights of the city. Embark at
Until 1 May HB one of ten piers.
Else Lasker-Schüler. Die Bilder
Else Lasker-Schüler is well-known as a poet, but few are Reederei Winkler tel. (+49)30 349 95 95, info@
aware of her work as a painter. Now the National Gallery, Win-
exhibits her works in the Hamburger Bahnhof contemporary kler’s ships star t longer tours at the Schloßbrücke in
art museum, including some 150 drawings, collages, Charlottenburg, with the one-hour tours departing next to
postcards and photographs. After flowing a bucolic 400km from the Czech border Friedrichstraße train station. The longer tours take in the
region to Berlin, the Spree River goes out with a bang city’s bridges and sights by day, lasting 3 hours, though
Until 29 May FM before disappearing into the Havel River in the Spandau one doubles back past the city’s main sights while the
Ingmar Bergman - lies and truth. district. Cutting a southeast to nor thwest passage other makes a round loop (and though it may pass less
Swedish film director and screenwriter Ingmar Bergman is through the city, the river provides tremendous views of spectacular sights, the parts of the city are no less scenic).
one of the most prominent and influential personalities in the urban landscape, including the Berlin Cathedral, the Another tour shows you the city lights by night. Narration
film history. With a variety of exhibits from Bergman’s estate, Reichstag and government district and the Berlin Wall is bilingual on the short tours, otherwise English texts are
Irish Harp Pub this exhibition shows his talent and makes the connection between Ostbahnhof and Warschauer Straße. Some of available. Q Departures at 10:10, 11:00, 14:15 and 15:00.
Just one minute off Kurfürstendamm, the Irish Harp Pub to his private life. the Spree is diverted along park-lined canals and the Tickets from €8,50-18.
is a haven for music and sports fans alike. Two bars, city has more bridges than those boastful cities Venice
a cozy ambience, four large TVs and two big screens Until 29 May MG and Amsterdam. Stern und Kreisschiffahrt tel. (+49)30 536 36 00,
provide the setting for a great night out, or an afternoon Compass. Drawings from the Museum of Modern Art 29 vessels conducting 20 different
full of excitement and entertainment while following in New York Taking in the city from the top deck of a cruise boat is a tours on the waterways of Berlin and surroundings.
international football, rugby and other sports, or playing The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings great way to spend a few hours. A waiter takes orders for
a round of darts. Collection is a comprehensive collection of about 2600 beer, meals, snacks and ice cream. The captain or a guide
works by over 600 artists. It was donated to the museum in narrates (often in German only), but you’ll get the idea when
Giesebrechtstr. 15, Charlottenburg. tel. +49 30 May 2005, and the Compass exhibition is the first show of a passing a great-looking building. Reederei Winkler
22 32 87 35, Open Mon-Fri from comprehensive selection of over 250 works by 120 artists.
10:00, Sat/Sun from 08:00. Boats offering similar 3.5-hour “Brücke” (Bridges) tours Winkler’s ships start their longer tours at the Schloß-
Until 3 July MK leave from various landing spots. To reach the Märkisches brücke in Charlottenburg, with the one-hour tours de-
Rumours Ufer landing (G-2), take the U-Bahn to Märkisches Museum, parting next to Friedrichstraße train station. The longer
Whether in the hallway, at the hairdresser or at the stock walk to the water and turn right; the landing is by the Angolan tours take in the city’s bridges and sights by day, lasting
exchange – wherever people communicate with each other, and Brazilian embassies. Similar tours start from the bridges 3 hours, though one doubles back past the city’s main
sooner or later rumours appear. The rumour is hearsay and Jannowitzbrücke (H-2; S- and U-Bahn Jannowitzbrücke) and sights while the other makes a round loop (and though
retelling, an interplay of omissions and additions. Rumours Kottbusser Brücke (H-4; next to café Ankerklause, near U- it may pass less spectacular sights, the parts of the city
have a dubious reputation yet we all actively help with their Bahn Schönleinstraße). are no less scenic). The evening tour shows you the city
dissemination. Sometimes unconsciously, sometimes lights by night. Narration is bilingual on the short tours,
intentionally. The exhibition exposes all facets of this Tours lasting 1 to 1.5 hours depart regularly from two boat otherwise English texts are available.
fascinating phenomenon. landings near Hackescher Markt (G-2), on the east side of
Museum Island. Another company leaves from the west side Departures at 10:10, 11:00, 14:15 and 15:00.
of the island, opposite the pink-coloured German History Tickets from €9-17. Reederei Winkler, tel. +49
Museum (G-2). A third place to begin a short tour is behind 30 349 95 95,, www. the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (E-2), which has its own bus
stop in Tiergarten.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


The hotel categories are based on the most expensive Hilton F-2, Mohrenstr. 30, MI, MStadtmitte, tel. (+49) Tiergarten park and hosts the top-notch Facil restaurant
double room rack rate price. All prices include VAT and Symbol key (0)30 202 30, fax (+49)(0)30 20 23 42 69, and Qiu lounge; the Friedrichstrasse Mandala Suites are
breakfast unless mentioned otherwise. The room prices, Maybe it’s the excellent close to the action in the heart of the city. Q167 rooms
that we list are rack rates; the price you pay may be P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted breakfast and not the privileged view on Gendarmenmarkt (166 suites €130 - 335). Also at Friedrichstraße 185-190
different depending on the season, holidays, weekend O Casino H Conference facilities that keeps guests coming back. Like the living room your (tel. 20 29 20). Breakfast €21. PHARFLKD
offers, and special events like trade fairs. parents used only when guests came over, these rooms have hhhhh
T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled a formal air. The location is perfect for attending summer
concerts on the square and Mitte attractions are so close Maritim proArte F-3, Friedrichstr. 151, MI, MFriedrich-
Over €200 R Internet W Wi-Fi L Guarded parking
you can’t use long walks as an excuse for indulging in the str., tel. 203 35, fax 20 33 42 09,,
Adlon F-2, Unter den Linden 77, MI, MUnter den Linden, F Fitness centre G Non-smoking rooms exotic spa treatments. Q591 rooms (singles €145 - 345, Part of the last private German chain of
tel. 226 10, fax 22 61 22 22,, K Restaurant M Nearest S/U-Bahn station doubles €145 - 345, suites €220 - 1145). Breakfast €26. hotels, the Maritim is equipped with a huge conference centre, The historic Adlon hotel has views PHARUFLEGKDC hhhhh swimming pool, sauna and fitness area, shops, restaurants,
of the Brandenburg Gate, unfussy 1920s-style rooms with D Sauna C Swimming pool black amethyst bathrooms and W-LAN throughout. Each
cherry wood, black marble and rich fabrics, plus the staff Hôtel Concorde Berlin C-4, Augsburger Str. 41, floor has been named after and decorated by a different
provides impeccable service. However, the Adlon’s excellent in the attached Estrel Festival Center. Superstar look-alikes MKurfürstendamm, tel. (+49)(0)30 800 99 90, fax Berlin artist of the Young Savages school, and indeed it’s
services can often bring noteriety - first Michael Jackson’s sing to live music here and have made the show Berlin’s most (+49)(0)30 80 09 99 99, concordeberlin@concorde- the modern art you’ll remember after checking out. Q403
baby-dangling episode, and now the CEO of the Bundesbank successful. When booking a room, ask about packages that, rooms (374 singles €153 - 223, 374 doubles €172 - 242, 29
has been forced to resign after having Dresdner Bank pay his include it. Estrel is near the S-Bahn, but not central to sights. The latest five-star hotel to open in Berlin, the French-run, suites €300 - 1900). Breakfast €19. PHARUFL
Adlon tab after he stayed here for the euro introduction cel- Q1125 rooms (1125 singles €123 - 235, 1125 doubles €134 11-floor Hôtel Concorde Berlin impresses with its wonderfully GKC hhhh
ebrations. There is no such thing as bad publicity though, and - 246, 69 suites €164 - 639, 1 presidential suite €1790). designed rooms with sleek fine woods, contemporary art,
with such esteemed guests checking in on a regular basis the Breakfast €14.50. PHARUFLGKD hhhh flatscreen TVs and, on higher floors, fantastic views. The Marriott E-4, Inge-Beisheim-Pl. 1, MI, MPotsdamer
Adlon remains the most famous hotel in Berlin, nay Germany. curved corner suites have sliding walls, elegant free-standing Platz, tel. 22 00 00, fax 22 00 01 00,
Q375 rooms (302 singles €240 - 310, 302 doubles €290 Grand Esplanade D-4, Lützowufer 15, TG, MNollendor- bathtubs and electronically adjustable bathroom window com. Ten floors of superb rooms, conference facilities and
- 360, 72 suites €520 - 3800, 1 presidential suite €8500). fpl., tel. 25 47 80, fax 254 78 82 22, www.esplanade. opacity. Back downstairs, there are top-notch conference suites (including the Capital Suite with dining room, piano
Breakfast €29. PHARUFLGKDC hhhhh de. Discover the popular Grand Hotel Esplanade Berlin, a facilities, and the Le Faubourg brasserie. The business cen- and entourage annex room). The lobby has a 3 tonne black
completely renovated and modern design hotel conveniently tre and wellness centre are free to use for all guests. Q311 granite globe spinning serenely on a watery base and the
ARCOTEL Velvet F-2/3, Oranienburger Str. 52, MI, located in between the cosmopolitan Kurfürstendamm and rooms (singles €230 - 280, doubles €240 - 300, 44 suites copper facade of one wall plays an unearthly light show. A
MOranienburger Tor, tel. 278 75 30, fax 278 75 38 00, the Potsdamer Platz, right next to Berlin’s Central Park the €280 - 950). Breakfast €28. wellness centre, classic Art Deco NY bar and grill and execu-, This Austrian-owned, Tiergarten. The hotel is just steps away from the KaDeWe, tive amenities round out one of Berlin’s newest and finest
7-floor design hotel has the cuisine of Lutter & Wegner to keep the New National Gallery and the Sony Center. Arrive at the Hotel de Rome F-3, Behrenstr. 37, MI, tel. (+49)(30) hotels. Q379 rooms (350 singles €159 - 219, 350 doubles
it from getting homesick but otherwise fits well onto gentrifying glass-covered atrium and enter a world of stylish ambiance 460 60 90, fax (+49)(30) 46 06 09 20 00, info.derome@ €159 - 219, 9 suites €350 - 1200, 80 executive room €199 -
Oranienburger Str. A flatscreen TV and CD player are the rooms’ and perfect service. Enjoy the view of an illuminated water, 259). Breakfast €22. PHAFLGKDC hhhhh
technical perks. Forget to draw the curtains in front of your wall wall while taking a break at the Terrace Restaurant or enjoy Overlooking the historical Bebelplatz square just off Unter den
of window and you may end up being the best entertainment a cocktail at the legendary Harry’s New York Bar with Live Linden, this top-class hotel occupies a magnificent palace-like Palace D-4, Budapester Str. 45, CB, MZoologischer
on the street. Q85 rooms (71 doubles €110 - 250, 14 suites Entertainment every night. Work out at the Triangle Health building with three courtyards. Originally the headquarters of Garten, tel. 250 20, fax 25 02 11 19,,
€150 - 450). Breakfast €15. PTHARULGK & Spa, jog through the Tiergarten, Berlin´s Central Park or the Dresdner Bank from 1889 to 1945. Plenty of lovely original Joining the shopaholics shuttling from the
rent a bicycle directly at the hotel to discover Berlin. The details, wooden panelling, marble (and even shrapnel damage) Europa Center next door, sightseers ogling the zoo across the
Berlin D-4, Lützowpl. 17, TG, MNollendorfpl., tel. main train station is only 8 minutes away by taxi. The three pervade the high-ceilinged rooms and communal spaces, and street, and gourmands feasting at the First Floor restaurant
260 50, fax 26 05 27 16,, www. Berlin airports can be reached fast and easily. Q 394 the bank’s vault is now a 20-metre pool. Extreme luxury in are guests schmoozing in the banquet and conference rooms Mostly known for its conference facilities, rooms (singles/doubles from €99, 40 suites from €145). the middle of all the action. Q146 rooms (103 singles €395 that include Tai-Ping carpets, oak paneling, and fireplaces.
the Berlin is a 1950s hotel in a central but rather bland area PHARFGKDC hhhhh - 495, 103 doubles €395 - 495, 43 suites €595 - 4100). The staidly furnished rooms are large. Q239 rooms (59
just south of Tiergarten park. The glam period lobby and singles €200 - 300, 191 doubles €225 - 325, 32 suites
restaurant give way to comfortably furnished rooms, in a Grand Hyatt E-4, Marlene-Dietrich-Pl. 2, MI, MPots- InterContinental D-4, Budapester Str. 2, MI, MZoolo- €325 - 2150). PHARUFLGKDC hhhhh
variety of styles. The Lützow Lounge sports bar shows live damer Pl., tel. 25 53 12 34, fax 25 53 12 35, berlin@ gischer Garten, tel. 260 20, fax 26 02 26 00, berlin@
sports action on big screens, while peace can be found in the, Par t of the, The stretch it’s on Precise Casa Berlin C-4, Schlüterstr. 40, MAdenau-
green summer garden restaurant. Q701 rooms (103 singles mini-city at Potsdamer Platz, the Grand Hyatt has its own is a yawn, but this West Berlin stalwart has been keeping erplatz, tel. +49 30 280 30 00, fax +49 30 28 03 00
€100 - 195, 569 doubles €100 - 245, 29 suites €220 - 900). architecture guide and might just be the coolest hotel in up with the times. The excellent restaurant Hugos has been 50,,
PHARUFLGKD hhhh Berlin, arranged according to ancient Feng-Shui principles. relocated to the 14th floor for a stunning view, east-wing Experience ‘Modern Living’ just off the busy Ku’Damm street,
Perks in the large rooms include books, broadband internet rooms have been recast into minimalist abodes with fur- and within striking distance of nightlife, culture and the trade
Ellington Hotel D-4, Nürnberger Str. 50-55, MWitten- access, and free fruit and mineral water. Q342 rooms (342 nishings you can rearrange through swivel action, and the fair grounds. Casa’s 29 designer rooms feature Philip Starck
bergplatz, tel. 68 31 50/683 15 55 55, contact@ellington- singles €220 - 235, 342 doubles €265 - 280, 14 triples spa has been revamped with several saunas. Q584 rooms taps, quality furniture and elegant finishings, and there’s Wi-, A beautiful 1920s €385 - 400, 5 grand suites €505 - 520, 5 grand executive (534 singles €165 - 350, 534 doubles €170 - 400, 50 suites Fi throughout too. Q29 rooms (singles €74 - 288, doubles
building holds the Ellington hotel, named after the American jazz suites €870 - 885, 2 presidential suites €2520 - 3335). €215 - 2500). Breakfast €20. PHARUIFLEG €74 - 288). Breakfast €12,50. AW
legend. Situated near the Kurfürstendamm and Berlin Zoo, the PHARUFLEGKDC hhhhh KDC hhhhh
rooms here have clean, understated and elegant design, with Radisson Blu Hotel G-3, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 3,
the Tower Suites offering great views over town. The Duke hotel Kempinski Bristol C-4, Kurfürstendamm 27, CB, MUh- MHackescher Markt, tel. (+49)30 23 82 80, fax (+49)
restaurant serves up international cuisine in fabulous surround- landstr., tel. 88 43 40, fax 883 60 75, reservations.bris- (0)30 238 28 10,, www.
ings.Q285 rooms (singles €108 - 238, doubles €118 - 248,, The elite Perfectly located on the river
suites €168 - 428). PJHARUFLK Kempinski and Adlon are sister properties, but this is where Spree and opposite the Berliner Dom. The highlight of the
well-travelled regulars feel more at home - out of the limelight, lobby is the Aqua Dom, the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium
Estrel I-6, Sonnenallee 225, NK, MSonnenallee, tel. but still on a swank corner of Ku’damm. The business lunch boasting 2,500 tropical fish in one million litres of salt water.
683 10/68 31 23 45,, www.estrel. special is a steal. Q301 rooms (249 singles €265 - 326, 427 modern rooms and suites, ten conference rooms, a bar
com. The largest hotel in Germany manages to feel less like 249 doubles €322 - 447, 52 suites €470 - 1800). Breakfast and a restaurant are available for a stay, meeting or event. The
something out of the film Metropolis and more like a sunny €9.90/23. PHARUFLGKDC hhhhh DomLounge, a unique event location on the top floor, offers
Florida mall. Seven bars and restaurants ring a slope-roofed stunning views of the capital. Relaxation is guaranteed in the
atrium above which rise 1,125 rooms and suites. Modern Mandala E-4, Potsdamer Str. 3, TG, MPotsdamer spa area with swimming pool, different saunas, steam bath
art from the owners’ collection fills the public spaces and Pl, tel. 590 05 00 00, fax 590 05 05 00, welcome@ and a 24-hour fitness room. Massage and beauty treatments
rooms. The massive conference center even includes a glass-, w w E xcellent are available on request. Q427 rooms (405 doubles €155
enclosed press box for the boxing matches that take place rooms and apartments for both short and long-term stays. - 380, 21 suites €375 - 675, 1 Nikolai suite €700 - 1200).
here. Even more Las Vegas-style is the Stars in Concert show Ellington Hotel The Potsdamer Platz hotel location has great views over Breakfast €25. PHARUFGKDC

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Ritz-Carlton E/F-4, Potsdamer Platz 3, MI, MPots- cranking with Bang & Olufsen stereos. When you’re done play- HSH Hotel Albergo - Partner of SORAT Hotels
damer Pl., tel. 33 77 77, fax 337 77 55 55, berlin@ ing in your room, downtown western Berlin beckons. Q316 Astoria **** B-5, Hohenzollerndamm 33, tel. 86 88 90, fax, Fake marble rooms (219 singles €160 - 310, 219 doubles €160 - 310, 86 88 91 03,, www.home-suite-
Corinthian columns and a sweeping staircase dominate 14 suites €310 - 480, 11 junior suite €260 - 410). Breakfast Astoria C-4, Fasanen- Once a Russian Orthodox cathedral with onion
the lobby, where the classic dark wooden bar opens with 21€. PHARFLGD hhhhh str. 2, tel. 312 40 67, domes until refurbishment in 1938, the corner building
a ceremony every evening at 18:00 and serves over 400, that now holds the Albergo is a good base for exploring
fine fruit brandies. The French brasserie has sections that The Regent Berlin F-3, Charlottenstr. 49, MI, MFranzö- w w western Berlin and the nearby Ku’Damm shopping mile.
were actually sent over and rebuilt at the Ritz. The English sische Str., tel. 203 38, fax 20 33 61 19, www.theregent- One of the best hotels Decorated in flamboyant by I talian ar tists, the hotel
tea lounge remains a favoured tradition but the (second) flat Within the luxurious digs of the former Four Seasons in town - not for stars or has spacious standard and comfor t rooms wi th ter-
screen TV in every bathroom is a newer addition for the hotel. hotel, the Regent would be stating a truth if it proclaimed from one underground parking, but racotta tiles, cherry wood furniture, desks and wifi, and
An executive lounge, gourmet dining, ballroom and conference of its “Juliet” balconies: “That which they call a rose, by any other for those most important a bright top-floor Mediterranean-style breakfast room.
facilities, health club and other superlative services complete name would smell as sweet.” Will the Hollywood celebrities that factors in the hospitality Q 36 rooms (singles €115 - 150, doubles €140 - 175).
this gilt-edged hotel. Q302 rooms (singles €250 - 360, frequently stayed here (especially during February’s film festival) industry, service and staff, TALGBKW
doubles €280 - 440, 40 suites €330 - 5000). Breakfast €28. recognize Shakespeare’s lines? Nothing that drew A-list guests both of which are excel-
PTHARUFLGKDC hhhhh has changed. The warm public spaces gleam with marble and lent and consistently get Ku’Damm 101 B-4, Kur fürstendamm 101, CB,
plush guest rooms come with DVDs and even flatscreen TVs in the rave reviews from guests. MAdenauerpl., tel. 520 05 50, fax 520 05 55 55, info@
Savoy Berlin C-4, Fasanenstr. 9-10, CB, MZoologisch- bathroom. Q195 rooms (singles €230 - 360, doubles €260 - 395, The rooms are spacious,, Modern and
er Garten, tel. 31 10 30, fax 31 10 33 33, info@hotel- suites €360 - 1950, presidential suite €2950 - 3500). Breakfast newly renovated and come stylish, every room is furnished with designer chairs, and, Utterly un-Berlin, this €29. PHARUFLGKD hhhhh equipped with bath and/or shower and include a good a rubber toy peers back at you from the white-tiled bath-
stylish Cuban-flavoured abode made Latin-music lover David breakfast. Set near the Kurfürstendamm and Berlin Zoo, room meant to emulate the Paris metro. Furnishings echo
Byrne a happy guest. Who knows who you’ll trade smoke Westin Grand F-3, Friedrichstraße 158-164, MI, MFried- it’s a good base for expeditions into town, and Astoria the 1950s and 70s, while 21st century, bi-colour rubber
rings with in the cigar shop off the clubby Times Bar. Q125 richstr., tel. 202 70, fax 20 27 33 62, info@westin-grand. offers a variety of packages so you can combine a stay flooring is underfoot. Business travellers will appreciate
rooms (45 singles €142 - 222, 62 doubles €152 - 232, triples com, Built in GDR times for with a visit to Berlin with a guided walk, boat tour or a the high speed wireless LAN access and the proximity to
€192 - 272, 16 suites €202 - 292). ARFKD hhhh Party bigwigs but now completely overhauled, the Westin is a trip to Madame Tussauds or the zoo. For dinner options, the convention centre, while everyone will like the sunny
classically-furnished delux hotel in an enviably good location. look no further than the nearby Knese restaurant. Q32 seventh-floor breakfast room. Q170 rooms (34 singles
Seehof A-4, Lietzensee-Ufer 11, CB, MMesse Nord, tel. From the huge atrium hall (with a copy of the Adlon’s marble rooms (singles €89 - 160, doubles €126 - 190, triples €101 - 161, 136 doubles €118 - 178). Breakfast €13.
32 00 20, fax 32 00 22 51,, staircase), the round pool, the copyrighted Heavenly Beds and €136 - 210, suites €146 - 220). PHARULGBD hhh With many rooms overlooking the upmarket restaurant to the sumptous suites with butler
a beautiful lake and park, and located between the Trade Fair service, this place breathes quality. Q358 rooms (25 singles Mark C-4, Meinekestr. 18-19, CB, MKurfürstendamm,
and Zoologischer Garten, this is a good place to settle if your €136 - 350, 273 doubles €136 - 375, suites €379 - 930, 15 tel. 88 00 28 02, fax 88 00 28 04, info@markhotel.
business is in western Berlin. Decoration varies from classical junior suites €279 - 565, 1 presidential suite €986 - 1930). Best Western Pr esident D-4, An der Urania de, This comfortable hotel sports
to glam, rooms have large beds with silver/gold gleaming bed- Breakfast €23. PHARUFLGKDC hhhhh 16 - 18, MWittenbergpl., tel. 21 90 30, fax 218 a lobby where dated-looking mirrored columns and an
posts, blue carpets and brown bathrooms with bathtubs. Both 61 20,, www.cca-hotels. eg g-car ton-like drop ceiling meets the homey garden-
the pleasant terrace and the small indoor pool overlook the de. Wireless LAN cards, huge leather reclining chairs, like look of woodwork painted light green. The modern
lake. Q75 rooms (singles €105 - 280, doubles €125 - 195, €150-200 cosmetic tables, and an old-time clubby lounge make rooms are spacious all have a bathroom with showers
1 suite €215 - 275). PHALGKC hhhh Berlin Plaza C-4, Knesebeckstr. 63, MUhlandstr., tel. this a smar t choice for business travellers. Hotel with and a fresh flower bloom. The family rooms are a great;
88 41 30, fax 88 41 37 54,, www. restaurant, bar, fitness centre, parking garage and mul- the two bedrooms are well separated from one another,
Sofitel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt F-3, Charlottenstr. The Berlin Plaza was renovated in 2006 and tifunctional meeting rooms with air condition. Located and children under 17 stay free. Guests in the business
50 - 52, MI, MFranzösische Str., tel. 20 37 50, fax 20 offers elegantly simple rooms, equipped with all modern next to Kur fürstendamm and KaDeWe, not far from the class rooms have a separate breakfast room to hobnob
37 51 00,, The conveniences, such as allergy-free bedlinen and free wi-fi. fairgrounds. Connections to all three Berlin airpor ts in. The location is ideal with the Hard Rock Café, Diek-
success of this merger between sleek, modern design and Guests can enjoy German cuisine in the Knese restaurant and train station „Zoologischer Gar ten” are excellent. mann restaurant, EasyInternet and Dunkin’ Donuts on
1980s East German grandeur is best seen in the impressive downstairs. Just off the Kurfürstendamm, the hotel is a short Q 178 rooms (25 singles €79 - 155, 153 doubles €96 - the block. Q 233 rooms (14 singles €79 - 195, doubles
banquet/conference hall, where GDR columns and chandeliers walk from west Berlin’s main attractions and major public 183, 3 suites €189 - 305, junior suite). Breakfast €14. €89 - 195). PRG
meet a post-modern light-emitting floor. The fabulous top-floor transport links. Q131 rooms (singles €80 - 150, doubles PHARFGKD hhhh
fitness and sauna area with great views of the Gendarmen- €79 - 180, triples €105 - 200). HLGKW Precise Myer’s Berlin H-2, Metzer Str. 26, Pren-
markt monuments, the huge buffet breakfast in the light-filled Bleibtreu C-4, Bleibtreustr. 31, CB, MUhlandstr., zlauer Berg, MSenefelder Platz, tel. +49 30 44 01
atrium and the in-house Aigner restaurant compensate for the tel. 88 47 40, fax 88 47 44 44,, 40, fax +49 30 44 01 41 04,,
small rooms, which use smart tricks, like rolling doors, to use It’s hard to tell the hip guests from Entered from a quiet courtyard,
the available space as efficiently as possible. Q92 rooms (29 Apartments the hip neighbours that share the deli and café front- Myer’s is an upmarket private hotel catering to individual
singles €175 - 270, 41 doubles €190 - 285, suites €320 - 750). ing boutique-lined Bleibtreustraße. The design hotel’s tourists and business travellers. Nearly all classically
Breakfast €15-25. PHARUFLGKD hhhhh Whether you’re on a short trip or on a longer work as- rooms operate by remote-controlled amenities but are furnished rooms overlook the cour tyard garden. The
signment, renting an apartment is often much cheaper decorated with natural fabrics and light tones. If only singles are small, but the double rooms offer adequate
Steigenberger Hotel Berlin C/D-4, Los-Angeles-Pl. than checking into a hotel. we could all live in such an airy and stylish apartment space. Premium rooms and a suite are also available.
1, CB, MKurfürstendamm, tel. 212 70, fax 212 71 17, building. Q 60 rooms (15 singles €115 - 157, 45 doubles On the ground floor, a tearoom opens up to the pleasant, HSH Apartments Mitte €125 - 182). ARGK terrace and garden. Q 51 rooms (8 singles €75 - 135,
Centrally located but overlooking a quiet square, the Steigen- E-2/3, Invalidenstr. 32-33, 33 doubles €85 - 185, 1 suites €195 - 345, 10 Premium
berger Hotel Berlin presents the standard five star services in MZinnowitzer Str., tel. 24 Hecker’s C-4, Grolmanstr. 35, CB, MUhlandstr., €115 - 265). HARG
an understated, elegant way. Catering to the businessman as 04 91 00, fax 24 04 91 01, tel. 889 00, fax 889 02 60, info@heckers-hotel.
well as other travellers, there are comfort rooms and execu-, www. de, A superbly swank place Propeller Island City Lodge B-4/5, Albrecht-
tive rooms, as well as suites, plus a choice of restaurants and The - from the entrance next to the steelblue bar to the Achilles-Str. 58, WD, MAdenauerpl., tel. 891 90
a well appointed wellness centre. Q397 rooms (387 singles 42 spacious apartments on spacious double rooms, this h otel breath es subtle 16, fax 892 87 21, reser vierung@propeller-island.
€140 - 319, 387 doubles €169 - 319, 10 suites €439 - 1899). offer for short and long-term stays are comfortable and class. The three beautiful suites are the pride of the de, w w Wi t h u t terl y in di-
PHARUFLGKDC hhhhh well-equipped, with a kitchen and living room and sleep- management, each with a different design (Bauhaus, viduall y decorated rooms, this handcraf ted h otel by
ing 1-4 people. Some apartments have balconies and Tuscany and Colonial), wooden floors, large balconies, musician Lars Strosch en is more like Fan tasy Island.
Swissôtel Berlin C-4, Augsburger Str. 44, CB, there is a courtyard garden where you can enjoy breakfast walk-in closets and marble bathrooms complete with Fetishists of all sor ts can find th eir nich es in rooms
MKurfürstendamm, tel. 22 01 00, fax 220 10 22 22, in summer. Guests can use the sauna and fitness room TV screens next to the mirror. Add the location near like th e Space Cub e, Mirror Room, Two Lions, Forest,, www.swissotel-berlin. at no extra cost. Q 42 rooms (singles €98-195, doubles Savignyplatz, and you’re set for a nice stay. Q 69 rooms Temple, Electric Wallpaper, Nudes, or Upside Down.
com. Perfect for the busy business person, the Swissôtel €115-245, 3-4 bed rooms on request, prices lower for (21 singles €100 - 150, 43 doubles €100 - 170, 3 suites Do ch eck th e websi te b efore makin g a b ookin g. Q 32
also pampers those looking to idle in understated luxury. long stays). TAUFLGBDW hhhh €300 - 350, 2 junior suite €200 - 230). Breakfast €15. rooms (4 sin gles €65 - 180, 28 doubles €90 - 195).
Every room has a Lavazza espresso machine and suites are PHARULGK hhhh Break fast €7. AG

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Riehmers Hofgarten F-5, Yorckstr. 83, KB, MMehring- Expense account diners could probably eat their way
€75-150 damm, tel. 78 09 88 00, fax 78 09 88 08, info@riehmers- through the city’s best restaurants on a two-week stay. Symbol key
Motel One G-4, Prinzenstr. 40, MMoritzpl., tel. 70 07, This grand VAU, Vivo, Hugos, Die Quadriga, and First Floor all have
98 00, Basic but cheap as chips. dame of a 19th-century apartment building maintains her classy German chefs at the helm, though homage to France and P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
A budget hotel with decent standards, the rooms and the composure while the funky shops and gay nightlife unfurl around the Mediterranean work their way onto the menus. Neigh- E Live music S Take away
prices are standard, and check-in outside regular reception the corner on Mehringdamm. She’s unfussy and stylish and near bourhood restaurants and cafés often serve three meals
hours is by computer. Excellent if you’re simply looking for a the popular Bergmannstraße drag. On a balmy evening, join the a day and meld into bars in the later hours. T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled
place to crash in style. Breakfast is €5 extra. Q180 rooms Kreuzberg couples making the pilgrimage to the top of Viktori- This chapter reviews the restaurants in Mitte (F/G-2) many G Non-smoking areas L Guarded parking
(singles €49, doubles €55). apark. Q22 rooms (2 singles €98 - 108, 20 doubles €123 - 163, of which are concentrated around upmarket Gendar-
20 triples €143 - 183). ARUGK hhh menmarkt and the nightlife area on, north and east of O Casino M Nearest S/U-Bahn station
Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz G-3, Alexanderpl. 7, Oranienburger Straße. Turn to the next chapter for restau- R Internet W Wi-Fi connection
MI, MAlexanderpl., tel. 238 90, fax 23 89 43 05, berlin. rants in the Potsdamer Platz area, and in western Berlin,, In Airport hotels Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain (see p.5 for
terms of transportation options, this might be Berlin’s most Mercure Airport Hotel Berlin Tegel B-1, Kurt-Schumacher- more about Berlin’s districts).
central hotel and the best choice for the direction-impaired. Damm 202, tel. 410 60, fax 410 67 00, H0791@accor-hotels.
Germany’s third-largest hotel rises 40 stories and sits at com, This functional and comfortable hotel Beer houses
the transportation hub of desolate Alexanderplatz. Set your is the only option close to Tegel airport. The well-insulated doubles Asian Georgbräu G-3, Spreeufer 4, MI, MKlosterstr., tel.
sights further from your room. The new Business Class cat- all have combined shower/baths. Children under 16 sleep for free. Kamala F-3, Oranienburger Str. 69, MI, MOranienburger (+49)(0)30 242 42 44, With a ter-
egory rooms are newly renovated and all are stocked with a The free shuttle bus can be ordered from the airport information Tor, tel. (+49)(0)30 283 27 97, www.kamala-thaifood. race overlooking the river and flanked by a dramatic statue
coffeemaker and ironing board. Q1012 rooms (318 singles desk or by using the free hotel telephone between gates N°7 and de. Respectable Thai cuisine is served in a colonial atmo- of St. George slaying a dragon (for no apparent reason), the
€89 - 125, 671 doubles €89 - 125, 23 suites €130 - 185). 8. Q184 rooms (singles €69 - 199, doubles €69 - 199). Breakfast sphere, where heavy, dark wood tables are adorned with Georgbräu is a merry, tourist-orientated brewery serving
Breakfast €15. POARFGKD hhhh €16. PHARUFLGKDC hhh woven placements, orchids and tall candles. The Tom Yam great beer. The menu lists wonderful local food, with things
Gai soup is crowded with chicken and piping hot, and the like Big Berlin Balls, which we’re sure to try... next time.
Park Plaza I-2, Storkower Str. 162, PB, MLandsberger curries are rich and buttery. QOpen 12:00 - 23:30, Fri, Sat QOpen 10:00 - 24:00. (€5-11). B
Allee, tel. 42 18 10, fax 42 18 11 11, www.parkplaza. Apartments 12:00 - 24:00, Sun 11:00 - 23:30. (€7-15). AB
com. The neighborhood surrounding this business-oriented ackselhaus H-2, Belforter Str. 21, PB, MSenefelder
hotel in the Forum Landsberger Allee is a yawn, but you will Platz, tel. 44 33 76 33, fax 441 61 16, info@ackselhaus. Manngo G-2, Mulackstr. 29, Mitte, MWeinmeisterstr., Cafés
sleep well in rooms where curves and angles in the attractive de, An In Your Pocket favourite, ack- tel. (+49)30 28 04 05 58, Recently Kaffeebank F-2, Unter den Linden 13-15, MI, MFried-
furnishings declare themselves modern. Five lines of Berlin’s sel’s fully equipped apartments with kitchens are spacious, expanded and still packing them in is Manngo, the deliciously richstr., tel. (+49)(0)30 202 09 30. Get a free peek at
perfectly efficient electric street car (or tram) system stop equipped with WLAN, and each have been individually theme- enticing Vietnamese with a small but perfectly formed menu. the one-room gallery of the Deutsche Guggenheim while also
right outside and will whisk you to the heart of shopping and designed (Africa, Lover’s Nest and Water) with antiques Curry, satay, spring rolls and soups for €5 a plate, while refuelling with the cheapest cappuccino (€1.80) to be found on
nightlife in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg in minutes. There’s also and beautiful colours. Throw in the low prices, delicious fresh juices and Saigon beer also up the ante. Friendly staff, the grand boulevard. A tiny coffee bar in the gift shop serves
an S-Bahn station. A five minute jog brings you to the lovely mattresses, the lush garden, the location between the authentic cuisine and low prices - a match made in culinary caffeinated drinks, beer, small cakes and sandwiches. Just
Friedrichshain park. Q155 rooms (1 single €77 - 86, 154 Kollwitzstraße bars and Mitte, and you’ll keep coming back heaven. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Sat 13:00 - 24:00. Closed three glass-topped tables with low, cushioned seats join
doubles €92 - 102). PARLGKD for more. Q16 rooms (25 apartments €66 - 165). ARG Sun. (€5.50). TANB the displays of art books and merchandise. QOpen 11:00 -
20:00, Thu 11:00 - 22:00. Closes during changes of exhibition.

Pub and eatery in the historical centre of Berlin

We offer
Manngo German
Austrian cuisine!
Brecht-Haus Kellerrestaurant F-2, Chausseestr.
125, MI, MOranienburger Tor, tel. (+49)(0)30 282 38
43, The recipes served here are Große Hamburger Straße 37
those of a busy Austrian actress making do with East Ger-
man ingredients, so though decent, it’s not the Tafelspitz
10115 Berlin
(rump steak) that’s famous, but the spirit of the place where Tel.: 0049(0) 30 283 40 65
playwright Berthold Brecht and his actress wife Helene
Weigel lived. The small basement cellar is full of family Fax: 0049(0) 30 285 99 860
photographs and original set models of plays like Mother
Courage. Also inside is what could only be described as a E-mail:
romantic brick-lined lounge area. A wall separates a terrace
from the cemetery where the couple are buried. QOpen
18:00 - 01:00. (€9-15). B

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Berlin’s best places to eat, Aigner is truly international, as

its name, concept and all the old furnishings originate from
a famous Viennese cafe that closed in the 1980s. Master
chef Herbert Beltle and his team serve award-winning dishes
with ingredients sourced fresh from the market. The ‘cheese
duel’ dessert is a competitive way to end your dinner. QOpen
12:00 - 02:00. AU

Borchardt F-3, Französische Str. 47, MI, MFranzö-

sische Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 81886262. Borchardt didn’t
have to invest much to make a good first impression - the Restaurant PARIS-MOSKAU Restaurant TRAUBE Weingarten
mere height of the ceiling and the building’s original tile floors Alt-Moabit 141 Reinhardtstrasse 33
whisper class and luxury. The money and creative energy
goes into the kitchen, which comes up with a different menu tel. 394 20 81 tel. 27 87 93 93
each day to keep its regular clientele surprised. Leave the
pork to the Germans, the beef dishes here are delectable.
QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. (€20-30). A
Fischers Fritz F-3, Charlottenstr. 49 (Regent Hotel), Ganymed F-3, Schiffbauerdamm 5, MI, MFriedrichstr.,
MI, MFranzösische Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 20 33 63 tel. (+49)(0)30 28 59 90 46, www.ganymed-brasserie.
63,, www. de. Strolling along the Spree or after a show at the beloved The restaurant’s name comes Berliner Ensemble, stop off at Ganymed’s historical rooms
from a tongue-twister and the light, fish-focused menu is for for Alsatian Flammekuchen, French choucroute and beers,
a very refined palate. Chef Chrisian Lohse has won several oysters, wines and the menu du soir. The terrace has a
of the Michelin stars that appear none too oft in Germany. view of the Spree and the trains pulling into Friedrichstrasse
The German chef first trained in Dijon and has since pleased station. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. Kitchen from 12:00 until
gourmands such as those at The Dorchester in London and 24:00. (€7 - 22). AB
the Sultan of Brunei (as a private chef). The dining room has
light woods, deep carpets and a fireplace. Q Open 6:30-
11:30; 12:00 - 14:00; 18:30 - 23:00. PAG German
Alpenstueck F-2, Gartenstr. 9, MI, MNordbahnhof,
Lutter & Wegner F-3, Charlottenstr. 56, MI, MFran- tel. (+49)(0)30 21 75 16 46,,
zösische Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 202 95 40, www.lutter- Wiener Schnitzel with Schwabian Classy, traditional, and with a Paris-Moskau potato salad maultaschen with Bavarian creme are just
link to the actor who put the sparkle in German wine in 1811, a few of the dishes available at Alpenstueck, a designer
this is the place to share a bottle of Sekt before or after a with Mr. Ingo Sperling, the award-winning maitre d’ recom- restaurant with a traditional twist. Chef Peter Geissler
Label 205 F-3, Friedrichstr. 68, MI, MStadtmitte, tel. concert at the Konzerthaus on Gendarmenmarkt. There’s a mending dishes and wines from their selection of 700, with prepares southern German and Austrian home cooking
(+49)(0)30 20 94 45 45, A café literally warren of rooms in which to carve out a cosy niche. Germans California Napa Valley becoming a firm favourite. A good way with fresh ingredients, changing the menu every three
at the bottom of a huge pile of junk, on the lower level of the posh know their roasts, and you can trust the national committee to sample the cuisine is the €35 three-course lunch or the days. A feast for the eyes and the palate. QOpen 18:00
Quartier 205 shopping gallery. Live music is played here several that dubbed the Sauerbraten here the best in Germany in six-course dinner for €95. Q Open 19:00 - 22:30. Closed - 24:00. Closed Mon.
afternoons a week, varying from ‘light classic’ and jazz to shop- 2003. QOpen 11:00 - 03:00. Closed Sun. The warm kitchen Sun. (€18-48). PAG h
per’s blues. For cheap cocktails visit the after work parties on closes at 01:00 while the Weinstube serves cold dishes until Die Schule G-2, Kastanienallee 82, PB, MEberswalder
Wednesdays. QOpen 10:00 - 22:00, Sun 11:00 - 22:00. PE 03:00. (€16-22). AB Maxwell F-2, Bergstr. 22, MI, MRosenthaler Pl., tel. Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 780 08 95 50, www.gls-restaurant.
(+49)(0)30 280 71 21. The restored redbrick courtyard of de. Modern and light German food on Berlin’s prime catwalk.
Operncafé F-3, Unter den Linden 5, MI, MFriedrichstr., Margaux F-3, Unter den Linden 78 (entrance on the Josty Brewery is the come-on to passers-by. The scents Kastanienallee, also known as casting alley, is a perfect
tel. (+49)(0)30 20 26 83, The three Wilhelmstr), MI, MUnter den Linden, tel. (+49)(0)30 of nouvelle French and German cooking and the mature, place to watch Berlin street style. Die Schule has a terrace
Prussian princesses who once lived in this palace would have 22 65 26 11, Rich cuisine by artsy-looking crowd nail the curious to a seat. Dinner items facing the street and the airy interiors belie that these rooms
loved what the current owner has done to the place. Not only Chef Michael Hoffmann at this Michelin-starred restaurant, include leg of lamb with Jerusalem artichoke and lime mari- used to be classrooms (hence the name). You can have all
is a selection of 40 to 50 cakes and pies available each day, which uses only the best ingredients for a daily menu that nated guinea fowl with a mash of aubergine and mushrooms. the German food classics, and even better: you can have
but a complete renovation brought a rococo ambience and is chosen by quality of supplies. Fish are only line-caught, QOpen 18:00 - 24:00. AB them all at once: try German Kleinigkeiten, small samples
ceiling paintings in the style of the early 19th century. The mostly in the Atlantic off the coast of France, and legumes of everything the local cuisine is famous for. QOpen 11:00
cakes are made in-house and the best place to enjoy them cater for vegetarian gourmands. Save room for the French Paris-Moskau E-3, Alt-Moabit 141, TG, MHauptbahn- - 24:00. BW
is outdoors on the terrace that seats 650 people. Lunch and cheese plate. Service is gracious, friendly, and professional hof/Lehrter Bahnhof, tel. (+49)(0)30 394 20 81, www.
snacks are served too. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00. B Many S-Bahn passengers assume this Habel Weinkultur F-3, Luisenstr. 19, MI, MFriedrich-
lonely and unusual half-timber house from 1898 is related str., tel. (+49)(0)30 28 09 84 84,
Sophieneck G-2/3, Große Hamburger Straße 37, to the railroad, as it sits along the tracks that link Paris and Set in the arches under the rumbling S-Bahn tracks and in
MWeinmeister Straße, tel. (+49)(0)30 283 40 65, Moscow. But the fine restaurant inside has more connections an adjacent grand building, this excellent ‘wine brasserie’ A favourite of locals and tour- to the Mediterranean. Dishes including lamb rack with roasted serves delicious German and international cuisine backed up
ists alike, Sophieneck is one of the most charming cafés in artichokes and gnocchi. Q Open 12:00 - 15:00 (Mon to Fri), by their shop offering a stunning selection of wines. QOpen
Mitte. Located near Hackescher Markt since the revamp of daily 18:00 - 23:30. (€20-25). A 07:00 - 24:00. (€9-19). AB
the district in 1984, it has resisted trendification, staying
true to its warm mishmash décor of art nouveau and poster VAU F-3, Jägerstr. 54/55, MI, MFranzösische Str., tel. Hackescher Hof G-2, Rosenthaler Str. 40-41, MI,
art. The menu offers delicious Central European fare, accom- (+49)(0)30 202 97 30, It’s easy to MHackescher Markt, tel. (+49)(0)30 283 52 93, www.
panied by an international wine list. QOpen 12:00 - 02:00. spell and rhymes with wow, and the latter is the word-of- This spacious restaurant at an eye-
mouth that has kept chef Kolja Kleeberg’s restaurant fully catching position within the Hackesche Höfe complex didn’t
booked for the past four years. Using many products from bother coming up with its own name, nor does it seem to
Fine dining the Berlin area, Michelin-starred Kleeberg follows his mentor have invested any energy in coming up with a good team in
Aigner F-3, Französische Str. 25, MFranzösiche Str., Josef Viehhauser’s rule: never more than three products on a the kitchen. The food is disappointing, so best stick to coffee
tel. (+49)(0)30 203 75 18 50, info@aigner-gendar- plate. Q Open 12:00 - 14:30, 19:00 - 22:30. Closed Sunday. and a snack. QOpen 07:00 - 03:00, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 03:00., One of Sophieneck (€35-38). PARG h (€6-17). AB

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


by the kitchen before dropping down into the dining room visible
Indian from the street. QOpen 18.00 - 24.00. (€11-20). PTNG
Aapka G-2, Kastanienallee 50, MRosenthaler Platz, tel.
(+49)(0)30 44 01 04 94, Located on a pretty
street corner near trendy Zionskirchplatz, Aapka offers healthy Japanese
vegetarian, curry and grill dishes in a relaxed bar and restaurant Sushi Circle F-3, Französische Str. 48, MI, MFranzö-
with outside seating. You can drop by for the daily changing lunch sische Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 20 38 79 60. This sushi bar
menu and on Sunday join the young Prenzl’ Berg crowd for a relaxed caters less to the guests of the upscale hotels in the area
brunch. QOpen 12:00 - 01:00, Sun 11:00 - 01:00. and more to shoppers and office workers on the go. If you’re
not quick enough to grab the pieces passing by on the bar’s
Mirchi F-2/3, Oranienburgerstr. 50, MI, MOranien- conveyor belt, be patient and it will circle around again. If not,
burger Tor, tel. (+49)(0)30 28 44 44 82. Mirchi offers ask the sushi chef stuck in the middle to whip a request off
Indian and Singaporean fusion cuisine, tamed down to suit the for you. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00, Sun 18:00 - 23:00. (€1-7).
German palette, but nevertheless pleasing. The Tageskarte
Aapka lunch menu (until 17:00) is especially attractive, with vegetar-
ian, chicken and lamb options priced €4-7; in the evenings the Latin American
Rotisserie Weingrün G-4, Gertraudenstr. 10-12, selection gets wider and dearer. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. Also QBA F-2, Oranienburgerstr. 45, Mitte, MOranienburger
MSpittelmarkt, tel. (+49)(0)30 20 62 19 00, info@ at (H-3) Oranienstr. 204, KB, tel. 61 62 99 93. (€4-20). AB Tor, tel. (+49)30 28 04 05 05, The, country of the man who still thinks beards are pretty neat brings
Set inside the only pre-1900 house remaining in what was you Cuban, Creole and Latin American dishes, drinks and music.
once Berlin’s old town, Weingrün’s fresh and simple interior is International Unsurprisingly, Che and his mates stare down from the walls
DAILY 11.00 – 24.00 a great place to sample regional grill dishes such as Branden- HEat G-3, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 3, tel. (+49)30 238 28 34 with the ubiquitous slogans. Food is reasonably priced, long-
burg duck and roast Saalow herb pig. The cellar is stocked 72,, HEat with drinks go for about €7, and happy hour lasts all day till 21:00.
Modern and light German food on with wines from the owner’s own vineyards in the Pfalz. The its show kitchen offers dishes with authentic influences: spicy QOpen 12:00 - 03:00. Also on Konstanzer Str. 1, CB (€4-10).
restaurant offers good views over the Spree canal. QOpen dishes from the Indian Tandoor oven, crispy crusts from the wood
Berlin‘s catwalk no.1 17:00 - 23:00. Closed Mon, Sun. € 8-18. A oven and freshly grilled dishes from the Rotisol. In addition to the
big terrace and the spectacular view of the Berliner Dom, the Moroccan
Schwarzwaldstuben F-3, Tucholskystr. 48, MI, MO- restaurant offers a wide range of excellent wines from all over Kasbah G-2, Gipsstr. 2, Mitte, MRosenthaler Pl., tel.
ranienburger Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 28 09 80 84. Bambi the world. Flame, the private dining room, has a separate door (+49)30 27 59 43 61, / The light-
Kastanienallee 82 | 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg meets Berlin chic at the trendy Black Forest themed Schwar- to the Spree terrace and is perfect for a private diner or a small ing throws mysterious Oriental patterns of the modern walls
(030) 780 089 - 550 | zwaldstuben, which has a friendly atmosphere, bedraggled meeting and can be booked for up to 12 people. QOpen 06:00 of this fabulous little eatery. It offers a couple of specialities,
animal heads mounted on the walls and heavy mix-matched - 23:00. Breakfast (€25) until 10:30, Sun 11:00. including couscous dishes and kofte (spicy meatballs) and
U2 Eberswalder Str. U8 Rosenthaler Platz furniture. Regional treats include Maultaschen (ravioli-like homemade bread as well as tasty Moroccan tea and wines.
pockets in broth) and Jägerschnitzel, plus Eichbaum beer Oranium F-3, Oranienburger Str. 33-34, MOranienburger The friendly staff will wash your hands in rosewater and give
on tap. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 24:00. Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 30 88 29 67, Just you a bowl of olives. The clubby music played here and the
(€5-13). B down the street from the Neue Synagoge, Oranium is a pleas- cocktails on the menu make it attractive to linger after dinner.
Maximilians F-4, Friedrichstr. 185-190, MU2, U6 ant all-day café/restaurant/bar with plenty of dark wood, a long QOpen 18:00 - 24:00. Closed Mon. (€8-13). PB
Stadtmitte, tel. +49 30 20 45 05 59, info@maximil- Weihenstephaner G-3, Neue Promenade 5, MI, bar and pretty lights. There are great breakfasts (served until, So MHackescher Markt, tel. (+49)(0)30 25 76 28 71. 16:00), lunches and good-value dinner options. The menu is as
you always wondered what Bavaria is like - the beer, the This is the one eatery on the sunny square next to the international as it can get; for something special try the German Oriental
food, Oktoberfest - but you only made it as far as Berlin? Hackescher Markt train station that delivers a “hey, this is Wrap - wrapped around two kinds of sausage - or the chicken Olla Orient Lounge G-3, S-Bahn arch, Monbijoupark
No problem: Maximilians restaurant serves up authentic Germany!” experience. Part of the Wiehenstephaner brewery, with strawberry/chili sauce. Wash it all down with a cocktail 155, Mitte, MHackescher Markt, tel. (+49)30 20 05 45
and delicious Bavarian cuisine just a stone’s throw from the restaurant has dirndel-clad waitresses who serve simple or two. QOpen 09:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 03:00. (€3-15). 15, A German-Arab/Egyptian
Gendarmenmarkt. The menu includes soups and salads, but and satisfying Bavarian specialities (like white sausages). couple started this relaxed lounge bar beneath the arches
the real specialities are the delicious Bavarian meat dishes The outdoor tables have typical blue-and-white checked Reinhardt’s G-3, Poststr. 28, MI, MKlosterstr., tel. of the elevated S-Bahn railway in 2004, and guests have
such as knuckle of pork, steak, and a variety of sausages. tablecloths; inside, the rooms are rustic but elegant. A singing (+49)(0)30 242 52 95. Reinhardt’s friendly staff can whisk been experiencing Eastern-style relaxation ever since. Try
QOpen 11:24:00. €4,50-20. zither musician sits in the front room and jazz takes place a coffee to your table in no time, or if you’re here for the food, the Arabic mazzah starters, vegetarian dishes, salads, sand-
in the back courtyard on Monday. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. one of the light meals. The large restaurant is situated in the wiches and oriental drinks, or have a go at the sheesha, with
Mittmann’s G/H-3, Rungestr. 11, MI, MHeinrich- (€6-14). AEB Nikolaiviertel, and is well-positioned for a break during a city 20 different varieties of tabacco. Friday and Saturday nights
Heine-Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 279 35 02, www.mittmanns. walk. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00. (€10-20). AB see live music and belly dancing acts. QOpen 12:00 - 01:00.
de. Old German advertising covers the brick walls of this old- Zum Nussbaum G-3, Am Nussbaum 3, MI, MK-
style Berlin restaurant that’s been here since before the fall of losterstr., tel. (+49)(0)30 242 30 95. What seems a Traube F-2, Reinhardtstr. 33, MI, MFriedrichstr., tel.
the Wall. Now there’s American license plates lining a ceiling charming old German restaurant is in fact a charming new (+49)(0)30 27 87 93 93, Grape
beam. The wait staff can make suggestions based on what German restaurant. The legendary Under the Nut Tree Inn is a wine restaurant serving gourmet ‘Alpine’ cuisine together
you’re in the mood for, and the kitchen does well with its Kalb used to stand on a street on the island 200m to the south- with an excellent range of wines in an elegant building from
(veal) and fish dishes. The restaurant is on the small side, so west. When the war ravaged area was rebuilt in the 1980s, 1840. Chefs Christian Gau and Jörg Paulick (the tallest chefs
consider making a reservation. QOpen 11:30 - 23:00, Sat the inn was reconstructed here. Most patrons don’t care an in town at 4,14m combined) conjure up extraordinary cross-
17:00 - 23:00. Closed Sun. (€8-16). NB Ampelmann for authenticity, and tuck into the well-priced over dishes from southern Germany, Elsas, Switzerland
Berlin specialities with curious translations, such as ‘brown and Austria. Guests can choose from a la carte dishes or
Operntreff F-3, Unter den Linden 5, MI, MFriedrich- rolls with dripping.’ QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. (€7-10). AB compose their own menus, with our without wines. QOpen
str., tel. (+49)(0)30 20 26 83, 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00-23:00. Closed Sun.
The dance and cocktail bar inside the Opernpalais Unter Zur Letzten Instanz G-3, Waisenstr. 14, MI, MK-
den Linden serves guests over 50 varieties of cocktails losterstr., tel. (+49)(0)30 242 55 28, www.zurletz-
in a casual environment that’s steeped in history. Apart Berlin’s oldest restaurant doesn’t lie on the Italian
from various artistic programmes throughout the week, tourist path, and maybe that’s why German leaders bring Al Contadino Sotto Le Stelle G-2, Auguststr. 34, MI,
you can dance to live music on Friday and Saturday nights. visiting heads of state here when everything in Mitte is too MRosenthaler Pl., tel. (+49)(0)30 281 90 23, info@
Visit on Sundays between 11:00 and 14:00 for the famous noisy and crowded. Mikhail Gorbachev visited in 1989, and, On nights when
Jazz-brunch with the Swing Dance Band (€29.50 including Gerhard Schröder brought Jacques Chirac over for the Berlin other restaurants on the street have more staff than guests, this
a glass of Prosecco and coffee). QOpen 14:00 - 01:00. specialities, including Eisbein, in 2003. QOpen 12:00 - mouthful of an Italian restaurant has to turn passersby away. The
Closed Mon. E 23:00. Closed Sun. (€8 - 13). ARGB entrance looks like that of an apartment, and you get to squeeze Traube

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


For a night out with the locals, head out into a Kiez, the generic
Bars term for a particularly lively sub-neighbourhood of a city district. Symbol key
Atrium Lobby Lounge & Bar G-3, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. Eating out and bar hopping is easy in Berlin because there
3, tel. (+49)(0)30 238 28 34 70, are so many restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs to dip and dive P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted The Atrium Lobby Lounge & Bar, underneath the your way through. With all the choices in each neighbourhood, E Live music S Take away
spectacular AquaDom with its 2500 fishes swirling around, people tend to stick to one area once the night begins (or if
is the perfect place to meet up with friends for coffee and they’re exhausted from the sightseeing, to stay close to their R Internet U Facilities for the disabled
cake, light snacks or to enjoy delicious cocktails to unwind hotel). Though there’s a range of places in each district, bars in G Non-smoking areas L Guarded parking
after a busy day. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00. Potsdamer Platz and western Berlin are often more clean-cut
and targeted at the over-30 set. Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuz- O Casino M Nearest U/S-Bahn station
Keyser Soze F-2, Tucholskystr. 33, MI, MOranien- berg have a mix of hole-in-the-wall and trendy venues, while
burger Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 28 59 94 89. Crap service, but Friedrichshain is really for the unwashed and adventurous.
this renowned bar is perfect on all other accounts. The food, Soda Club
drinks, 20s-30s crowd, location, mysterious name, men’s
toilets and the fact that Toast Hawaii is listed under German days there’s five dancefloors with electro, crossover, black and Prenzlauer Berg
specialities all add to its greatness. We can recommend the dance classics played - and girls get in for free till 01:00. Check
lamb chop, and Swabian specialities including Maultaschen the website for special events.Q Open Thu-Sun 19:00 - 04:00.
(meat-filled ravioli, Wed only). QOpen 08:00 - 03:00. B Cafés
Week-End Club G-3, Alexanderplatz 5, MAlexander- Immer gern H-1, Dunckerstr. 10, PB, MEberswalder
Mai Tai Bar F-3, Mohrenstr. 30 (Hilton Hotel), MI, platz, A club/bar/galerie/lounge Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 55 14 57 85,
MStadtmitte, tel. (+49)(0)30 202 30. There’s live music set on the 12th floor of the beautifully hideous Haus des Rei- A groovy café and cocktail bar on the sunny side of trendy
nightly, but no hula-dancing at this South Pacific-themed bar sens (the GDR state travel agency specialising in saying ‘no’) Helmholtzplatz square. Sink into the comfy couches for coffee,
fronting Trader Vic’s restaurant. The blue-lit ceiling casts on the corner of Otto-Braun-Straße. QOpen 23:00 - 04:00. cakes and crepes during the day, or mingle with the locals
an underwater glow to the room, though the carpeting is Closed Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun. €6-8. later on in the day when DJs and baristas spin disks and
just wrong for a tropical paradise. The well-mixed cocktails’ liquor bottles. Smoking room provided. QOpen from 12:00.
names suggest narratives, like the Samoan Fog Cutter and
Suffering Bastard, but shouldn’t they be paying us to order Pubs Kaffee Fröhlich H-2, Belforter Str. 22, PB, MSenefelder
a drink that sounds like a disease - Shingle Stain? QOpen Kilkenny Irish Pub G-3, Am Zwirngraben 17-20, MHacke- Pl., tel. (+49)(0)30 41 72 52 42. Twenty-two years ago,
18:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 02:00. E scher Markt, tel. (+49)(0)30 2832084, www.kilkenny-pub. owner Herr Daska planted the trees that shade your Czech
de. The 3 large rooms directly in the train station Hackescher or German beer. Patronized by neighbourhood intelligentsia,
Reingold F-2, Novalisstr. 11, MI, MOranienburger Tor, tel. Markt offer more than enough space for natives and tourists to grannies and young families, Kaffee Fröhlich isn’t a trendy
(+49)(0)30 28 38 76 76, A lounge glow- meet & mingle, drink, party and, of course, follow international hotspot, but a place where Daska plans to grow old. The Die Schule
ing in amber tones recalls the thirties with an oversize drawing of sporting events live. 2 large TVs and 2 big screens make sure menu of new and traditional Berlin cuisine changes daily and
Thomas Mann’s forlorn offspring, Klaus and Erika, and leather and that, even in the farthest corner, you won’t miss a single goal. all sauces and condiments are house-made. Breakfast is Zum Schusterjungen G-1, Danziger Str. 9,
velvet seating. Though it often has a DJ, no one dances here. It’s Irish & German beer, whiskey, and other nice cold beverages flow served until 16:00 and the last call for supper is 23:00. Feel MEberswalder Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 442 76 54.
a setting for making stationary moves on your date, or your tapas. more freely than the nearby Spree river. QOpen from 10:00. free to bring your favorite record and lay it on the turntable. After a strenuous afternoon strolling around the quaint
QOpen 19:00 - 03:00, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 04:00. Closed Mon, Sun. Q Open 12:00 - 02:00; Sun 10:00 - 02:00. NB shops and cosy cafés of Prenzlauer Berg, the historic
Schusterjunge is the ideal place to recharge your bat-
teries. A large glass of cool local beer, then it’s on to
Clubs German the man-sized schni tzel wi th fried potatoes and red
Kaffee Burger G-2, Torstr. 60, MI, MRosa-Luxemburg-Pl., Die Schule G-2, Kastanienallee 82, PB, MEberswalder cabbage. The tasty German menu is modest, but so
tel. (+49)(0)30 28 04 64 95, The Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 780 08 95 50, www.gls-restaurant. are the prices, and the staff are friendly and attentive.
patterned wallpaper and wood panelling has withstood decades de. Modern and light German food on Berlin’s prime catwalk. Q Open 11:00 - 24:00.
of the alternative scene’s smoke and its stuck-in-the-Socialist- Kastanienallee, also known as casting alley, is a perfect place
Sixties-look is perfect for DJ/author Vladimir Kaminer’s wild and to watch Berlin street style. Die Schule has a terrace facing
sweaty Russendisko nights. Happenings like poetry slams and the street and the airy interiors belie that these rooms used International
jams start evenings that end with DJs spinning anything from to be classrooms (hence the name). You can have all the Ger- Café Istoria H-2, Kollwitz Str. 64, PB, MSene-
Balkan and surf rock to samba. QOpen from 21:00. E man food classics, and even better: you can have them all at f elder Pl., tel. (+49)(0)30 44 05 02 08, w w w.
once: try German Kleinigkeiten, small samples of everything One of the more reasonabl y priced
Soda Club Schönhauser Allee 36, tel. 44 31 51 55, info@ the local cuisine is famous for. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. BW restaurants on Kollwitzplatz, Istoria star ts the day with, In the courtyard of the
Kulturbrauerei complex, Soda is a fun club with an enthusiastic
regular crowd. Salsa is played on Thursdays and Sundays
(starting off with a free lesson hour), and on Fridays and Satur- Soda Metzer Eck G-2, Metzer Str. 33, PB, MSenefelder Pl., tel.
(+49)(0)30 442 76 56, Opened 1913,
time seems to have stood still in the oldest tavern in Prenzlauer
Berg - and that’s the way the regulars like it. The Eck serves
h ear t y break fasts (ser ved until 16:00) that include
omelettes (not as easy to find in Berlin as you’d think).
Evening diners have a wide variet y to choose from:
turkey wi th cranberr y sauce, 16 pizzas, or homemade
gnocchi or parpadelle. The menu is international, bu t

inexpensive Berlin dishes - sausages, Boulette (hamburger), since the chef is I talian, you can never go wrong wi th
and Bratkartoffel (fried potatoes), and has a letter from artist pasta. Q Open 09:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 03:00.
Heinrich Zille to the first tavern owner hanging on the back wall, (€3-8). B
as well as a savings box that regulars once contributed to. Q
Open 16:00 - 01:00; Sat 18:00 - 01:00. Closed Sun. (€5-9). Gugelhof H-2, Knaackstr. 37, PB, MEberswalder Str.,
tel. (+49)(0)30 442 92 29, During
Zander G-2, Kollwitzstr. 50, MSenefelder Platz, tel. the early bloom of Kollwitzplatz’s gentrification, the success of
(+49)(0)30 44 05 76 78, little Gugelhof was sealed by heads of state: Gerhard Schröder,
This award-winning restaurant epitomizes the culinary revival of Joschka Fischer, Madeleine Albright, and that voracious eater
House - R´n´B - Soul
east Berlin: it’s a fine blend of tradition, innovation, and casual Bill Clinton made a surprise visit to this former working-class
professionalism. Using mainly regional products, Zander serves district in May 2000. German, French, and Swiss dishes share
Danceclassics - electro mouth-watering German and international cuisine and excellent
wines in a stylish and intimate setting. Though the zander is
the menu; this is where to try flammekuchen, a thin-crust
Alsatian-style pizza. The atmosphere is lively and service
is friendly. Q Open 16:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 24:00.
Kilkenny Irish Pub KulturBrauerei a house speciality, the perfectly-composed set menus are
highly recommended. QOpen 18:00 - 01:00. Closed Mon. B (€7-17). A

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011





Nocti Vagus G-2, Saarbrücker Str. 36, PB, MSenefelder offer. The staff know their stuff, the ingredients are first
Platz, tel. (+49)(0)30 74 74 91 23, www.noctivagus. Japanese Bars in Prenzlauer Berg class, and there are snacks available for those needing
de. Fabulous - an utterly dark restaurant. Blind and visually Sushi Imbiss am Wasserturm H-2, Rykestr. 45, August Fengler G-1, Lychner Str. 11, Prenzlauer Berg, sustenance after the third Mojito. QOpen 20:00 - 02:00,
impaired waiters will seat you safely at your table, where you PB, MSenefelderpl., tel. (+49)(0)30 44 04 57 06. MEberswalder Str., tel. (+49)30 44 35 66 40, www. Fri, Sat 20:00 - 04:00. B
can stimulate all senses other than sight with the food and Discounts at happy hour (weekdays 13:00 - 16:00) crowd A neighbourhood bar if there ever was
the live performances. Make reservations, mention if you’re this five-table joint, but there’s takeout as well. Sake Maki, one, there aren’t just foosball tables downstairs, but a Keg- Wohnzimmer H-1, Lettestr. 6, PB, MEberwalder Str.,
an English-speaker, and plan to spend at least two hours here. California Make and vegetarian items all run about €3. All elbahn (German-style bowling alley; call ahead) too. The team tel. (+49)(0)30 445 54 58, If
QOpen 18:00 - 24:00. (€28-50). AEG sushi-lovers speak some Japanese, but if you need any behind the big wooden bar is friendly, and the seating area is the TV show Friends had to relocate to Berlin, Phoebe would
explanations, the Japanese owner/chef and staff speak an undulating mass of coats and groups of friends yakking up vote to hang out here. The large ‘living room’ is ideally set
English. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 13:00 - 23:00. a storm. DJs play classics, soul, disco, and funk in the small up for meeting people. Stools, chairs and GDR-era tables are
Italian Closed Mon. (€9-11). back dance room. QOpen 19:00 - 05:00. constantly being shuffled to make room for the rumpled but
Pizzeria i Due Forni G-2, Schönhauser Allee 12, MSene- attractive crowds. There’s coffee and pastries in the morning.
felder Platz, tel. (+49)(0)30 44 01 73 33. Atypical for Berlin, Fluido H-2, Christburger Str. 6, MSenefelder Platz, QOpen 09:00 - 04:00.
this Italian restaurant is not very chic, the service is rather cheeky, Latin American tel. (+49)(0)30 44 04 39 02. This ‘Bar di Notte’ is one
and the whole place has the feel of an overcrowded student can- Frida Kahlo H-1, Lychener Str. 37, MEberswalder of the best places in Prenzlauer Berg for night owls to
teen in Rome. But the cheap and cheerful pizza is highly praised, Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 445 70 16, A enjoy some of the finest cocktails in town. The trick is Clubs in Prenzlauer Berg
and the lively, convivial atmosphere of i Due Forni is the perfect gastronomic homage to the legendary Mexican painter, Frida to choose quickly: you can easily lose precious drinking Geburtstagsklub H-2, Am Friedrichshain 33, PB,
primer for a night out on the town. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. UB Kahlo is one of the most established eateries in Prenzlauer time while trawling through the myriad liquid delights on MRosa-Luxemburg-Pl., tel. (+49)(0)30 42 02 14 05,
Berg. Offering deliciously authentic Mexican dishes as well Twenty year-olds fill the two
as special brunch and daytime snacks, this tastefully deco- low-ceilinged rooms of this otherwise spacious cellar. Like
rated restaurant on leafy Helmholtzplatz is open from late at many clubs in Berlin, you have to brave the walk down a
morning until after midnight. QOpen 09:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat dark courtyard. The line-up changes every weekend. Q Fri,
09:00 - 03:00. Sat, Sun 23:00 - 06:00.

Icon G-1, Cantianstr. 15, PB, MEberswalder Str.,

Spanish w w Th e b est drum n’ bass DJs in
Tres Tapas H-1, Lychener Str. 30, MEberswalder Str., Europe, including London’s Optical and Grooverider,
tel. (+49)(0)30 41 71 57 18, Open descend into the cavernous cellars of a brewer y (built
from early evening to early morning, with a Spanish brunch 1898) on Saturday night. Between hits on the cement
on offer Sundays, Tres Tapas is one of only a handful of dance floor, take it easy in the lounge areas with low
Spanish restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg, and probably one sofas or high back padded benches. Friday night is for
of the best. Popular for its fresh fish dishes, it also tempts electric, hip hop, and funk fans. Berlin DJs get to shake
its guests with a wide range of tapas, decent to excellent their reputation and play whatever they want on Tuesday
Spanish wines, and young, friendly waiting staff. QOpen Electric Icon nights. Q Open Tue, Fri & Sat 23:00 - 07:00.
Frida Kahlo 17:00 - 02:00. Tres Tapas Admission €3-6.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


vibe. There are delicious schnitzels in different variations,

Western Berlin though you may try the German tapas or have the great

Some of Berlin’s best restaurants reside in hotels in SUKSAN Sunday brunch buffet. QOpen 16:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun
12:00 - 24:00. (€8-15).
the Charlottenburg district (C-3), and there are plenty Sawatdi Kap – welcome to Suksan. Experience a
of esteemed chef-owned restaurants as well. Places in
Schöneberg (D-4) and western Tiergarten (D-3) are
temple for Thai food and cooking culture in the
heart of West Berlin, offering varied dishes with
also listed here. West Berliners tend to be more affluent captivating aromas and tasty combinations that Café de Paris D-4, Budapester Str. 35, CB, MWit-
and fashion-conscious, and the bar and restaurant scene will tickle the palate. Quality, freshness, and tenbergplatz, tel. 25 79 44 87. Opposi te the zoo
caters to that. Young people go out here too, but those healthy and original ingredients are central to our aquarium and with a large terrace overlooking a square,
over thirty will appreciate the more professional service, dishes, without losing sight of modern cuisine. this French-owned café is a typical Parisian bistro in central
more mature company, and the low count of penny- Under bamboo roofs, Suksan seats over 60 guests Berlin. Specialising in entrecôte charolaise, merguez maison,
pinching hipsters. in Thai settings. Let us take you on a culinary trip quiches lorraines and coq au vin, the café is also known for
to the land of smiles. its home-made pâtisseries. Popular with bankers, travel-
lers and lovers of life. QOpen 08:30 - 19:00. Closed Sat,
American Café im Literaturhaus
Sun. AUG
Hard Rock Café C-4, Meinekestr. 21, CB, MUh-
landstr., tel. 88 46 20, w w Suksan D-4, Ansbacher Str. 4, SB, MWittenberg- Café im Literaturhaus C-4, Fasanenstr. 23, CB,
The T-shirts sold at this restaurant must be among the platz, tel. 21 01 86 73, A short stroll MUhlandstr., tel. 882 54 14. Some guests may be
best-recognised on the planet. This is the place to head from west Berlin’s shops and sights, Suksan is a cosy sporting three-piece suits, straw hats, polished canes
to meet both foreigners and locals looking for huge piles Thai restaurant decorated with ample bamboo poles and and freshly fluffed pups, but you don’t have to be all
of food (ranging from burgers and pasta to Tex-Mex) palmleaf roofs. Drop by for the lunch specials, or dine on that precious about eating at this literary hangout. Food
and staff who actually like their jobs. The decoration is spicey Thai dishes accompanied by wine or fresh coconut (ser ved until 24:00) runs from cheap sand wiches for
similar to that of all restaurants in the chain - crammed milk, perhaps followed by a cocktail. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00, aspiring writers and critics, to lamb. The 19th-century
with popstar memorabilia such as guitars, records and Fri, Sat 12:00 - 24:00, Sun 17:00 - 23:00. building has airy rooms that are pleasant to dine in on a
clothing. And yes, they do occasionally play hard rock. sunny day. Adjacent is a well-stocked bookstore. QOpen
Q Open 12:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 24:00. (€8-17). 09:30 - 01:00. (€5-17). GB
PAEGB Austrian
Ansbacherstrasse 4 Ottenthal C-4, Kantstr. 153, CB, MUhlandstr., Grenander Morning Glory D-4, Wittenbergplatz 3a,
Julep’s New York Bar & Restaurant B-4, Giesebre- (corner of Kurfürstenstrasse) tel. 313 31 62, w w The pleasure in MWittenbergpl., tel. 23 62 84 36,
chtstr. 3, CB, MAdenauerpl., tel. 881 88 23, www. tel. 21 01 86 73, this intimate, classy bistro is that of fresh, seasonal Pastries, muffins, croissants and rolls lie in waiting at the The concept is to emulate an old New ingredients, often from the owner’s home town, O tten- counter of this modern, earth-tone café. Great for breakfast,
York speakeasy - an illegal bar during the prohibition years thal. Dail y specials might include foam of goose li ver lunch or indeed something else to glorify your morning.
in the U.S. - but what law-dodging drinker was ever privilege or venison pie wi th apple-celer y salad. The por tion of QOpen 08:00 - 22:00.
to home-baked bread, house-smoked fish and chicken, and east C-4, Grolmannstr. 21, MSavignyplatz, tel. +49 30 Wiener Schni tzel could feed two. Ser vice is excellent,
friendly service? Don’t expect a bar menu: the caliber of the 60 94 09 32, There’s East, and and you can rel y on wine recommendations (the list is
kitchen overseen by a culinary institute-trained New Jersey there’s really East ... The East Restaurant offers something extensi ve). Wines and other products from O ttenthal
native matches that of the expertly made cocktails. Even a of a rarity in Berlin: genuine Chinese cuisine with a modern such as pumpkinseed oil, are available for purchase.
simple appetizer like potato chips comes homemade with twist, served up without artificial aromas or monosodium This is trul y one of our favouri te spots. Q Open 18:00
lemon-pepper oil and rosemary sea salt. Menu items change glutamate. Delicious Oriental food at very attractive prices, - 24:00. (€14-18). AB
every six weeks and everything is prepared fresh to order. and just a short stroll away from the famous Ku’damm shop-
Strip loin and rib eye steak come in S, M, and L. QOpen ping area. The mouth-watering ‘Anyang’ - double baked strips Schnitzelei B-3, Röntgenstr. 7, CB, MRichard-
17:00 - 24:00. €9-16.30. of beef with Szechuan pepper - is a delight for the eyes and Wagner-Pl, tel. 34 70 27 78,
the taste buds of discerning diners.QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. Nearly as far from central Berlin as Austria, Schnitzelei
Route 66 C-4, Pariser Str. 44, WD, MUhlandstr., tel. AUBSW is well off the beaten track, but well worth looking up. No
883 16 02, tacky alpine decorations here, but a light take on the genre,
Kudos to this dual level über-diner of 100m to KaDeWe and ZOO Berlin with oak patterns and subdued lighting creating a good
tableside jukeboxes and murals of
Route 66 attractions. This joint does
a homesick American good, even if
the burgers aren’t grilled. The local TRAVEL FAR.
twenty-somethings filling the booths
appreciate the affordable and huge
Tex-Mex dishes. Q Open 09:00 -
02:00, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 05:00, Sun
10:00 - 05:00. (€5-12). AGB

Aaina Charlottenburg A-2, Stülp-
nagelstr. 2, U Kaiserdamm, tel. 30
20 41 27, Bringing ORIGINAL
the far east to western Berlin, Aaina
serves a surprising mix of Indian, Sin- THAI
gaporean, Malaysian and Thai dishes FOOD
in vibrant Asian setting. Try the tandoor
oven bread or chicken, the Singapor- Ansbacher Strasse 4 Telefon 030.21 01 86 73
ean special noodles or the fish with hot Ecke Kurfürstenstrasse Telefax 030.21 01 86 88
Thai curry. Near the Messe trade fair U-Bhf Wittenbergplatz
centre.QOpen 11:30 - 24:00. Suksan

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


berger Klopse, meatballs with potatoes, the pork knuckle or

the calf liver with apples, onions and potatoes for a taste of
the Berlin of yesteryear at reasonable prices. There’s also a
selection of international meals and desserts for you to tuck
in to. Wash it all down with some good South-African wine.
QOpen 11:00 - 01:00. AB Over 100 years of
Maria & Josef Hans-Sachs-Str. 5, MLichterfelde-West, comfort and quality
tel. +49 30 75 63 31 02,, www. With its large selection of beers and Traditional German cuisine
mouth-watering menu, Maria & Joseph offers a great intro-
duction to the delights of Bavarian dining. There’s plenty of
meat - such as schnitzel, steak and sausage specialties - as
well as seasonal dishes and tasty local and sea fish. Enjoying
a large ‘Weizenbier’ out in the spacious beer garden is one
Renger-Patzsch of the true delights of summer. QOpen 13:00 - 24:00, Sat,
Sun 12:00 - 24:00.

Hugos D-4, Budapester Str. 2 (InterContinental), CB, Marjellchen C-4, Mommsenstr. 9, CB, MUhlandstr.,
MZoologischer Garten, tel. 26 02 12 63, www.hugos- tel. (+49)(0)30 883 26 76. Not just any German restaurant, The InterConti adopted the American floor Marjellchen serves traditional dishes from the formerly Ger-
numbering system for its Michelin-starred French restaurant, man territories of Eastern Prussia, now part of Poland, Lithu-
placing Hugos on the 14th (not 13th) floor and shortening its ania and Russia. Expect delicious Slavic-influenced dishes. Try
Local cuisine name from Zum Hugenotten. Named restaurant of the year
by Feinschmecker magazine, its narrow dining room has a
the bartsch soup, followed by Köningsberger Klopse. Possibly
the best thing about Marjellchen is the old-world feel; dark
dazzling view across the park to Potsdamer Platz. Heavy walls are hung with darker paintings, a record player crackles Mon-Fri 12:00-24:00
menus reveal that chef Thomas Kammeier focuses on just yesterday’s tunes and the owners stand at the bar. QOpen
Wartburgstraße 54 a few main courses; three fish and three meat dishes. The 17:00 - 23:30. Closed Sun. (€10-20). AB Sat, Sun, Holidays 10:00-24:00
Berlin - Schöneberg €4 appetiser with Iranian caviar stands out for its single
digit - but it’s per gram. QOpen 18:00 - 23:30. Closed Sun. Renger-Patzsch D-5, Wartburgstr. 54, MEisenacher
Open daily from 18:00 (€33 and up). A h Str., tel. 784 20 59, Formerly Tel. 030-881 70 40
Tel. 784 20 59 known as the Storch, Renger-Patzsch offers upscale German Bleibtreustr. 48a, Berlin-Charlottenburg German dining with a difference. The interior is kept casual and simple,
with all focus on the people and the food. Serving regional/
Bavarium D-4, Tauentzienstr. 9-12, Europa-Center, domestic cooking, you can order dishes such as sauteed
MKurfürstendamm, tel. 261 43 97, www.bavarium-ber- mushrooms in chervil sauce, pan-seared pike-perch and Zillemarkt C-4, Bleibtreustr. 48a, CB, MSavigny- A traditional Bavarian restaurant in the heart of Prussia, a selection of tasty Alsatian flammekuchen. The Sunday platz, tel. (+49)(0)30 881 70 40, www.zillemarkt.
Leysieffer C-4, Kurfürstendamm 218, CB, MUhlandstr., where buxom waitresses plonk down hearty German dishes roast is a true feast, with wine-braised beef. QOpen 18:00 de. It’s easy to imagine Heinrich Zille, a local artist who
tel. 885 74 80, If you’re going to do it and big glasses of Löwenbräu, Radler and Franziskaner beer, - 23:30. (€7-19). became famous for his charming por traits of Berlin’s
just once in Berlin, have your cake here. For those who really to the merry tune of oompah-music. How much more german lower classes, stroll into this classically decorated fam-
shouldn’t, you can shave off at least a euro by purchasing one can it get? Find the Bavarium on the lower level of the Europa- Schöneberger Weltlaterne D-5, Mot zstr. 61, ily restaurant and order a jellied boiled pork, the stuffed
of the day-old pastries (how they could not be sold out every Center, near the Gedächtniskirche. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. SB, MViktoria-Luise-Pl., tel. 21 96 98 61, w w w. cabbage leaves or a Berliner curr y wurst. Zillemark t
day is cause for wonder). This chocolate purveyor occupies Enough of the New serves every thing from breakfast, coffee, home-made
the former Chinese embassy. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Sat Forsthaus Paulsborn Hüttenweg 90, MOskar-Helene- East... come back to old West Berlin at this wood- cakes and brunch to dinner, and the glass-ceilinged bar
10:00 - 19:00, Sun 11:00 - 19:00. B Heim, tel. 818 19 10. An impressive neogothic hunting panelled tavern on the southwest side of Viktoria-Luise- has discounted cocktails in Happy Hour and serves the
lodge near the Grunewaldsee lake, serving traditional German Platz. Schnitzel variations, Berliner Eisbein (pork knuckle tasty home-made Zillebräu beer.Q Open 12:00 - 24:00,
food and game specialities (fresh in season) including boar wi th pea puree, sauerkrau t, and b oiled pota toes), Sat, Sun 10:00 - 24:00.
Fine dining and deer in the large dining hall with its cosy fireplace. There’s Oma’s Rote Grütze (a vanilla pudding with stewed red
Die Quadriga C-4, Eislebener Str. 14 (Hotel Branden- quality old-fashioned service, just the way granny appreciates berries), and warm apple strudel make up the menu of
burger Hof), WD, MAugsburger Str., tel. 21 40 56 50, it. In summer, sit on the terrace beneath the chestnut trees to traditional Alt-Berlin and Brandenburg cuisine. Q Open International Chef Bobby Bräuer arrived enjoy the peace. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00, Sun 09:00 - 23:00. 17:00 - 24:00. (€4-12). Asado A-4, Messedamm 10, CB, MMesse, tel. 301
with his Michelin star from the Victoria in Düsseldorf. The 60 38, Trade fair and conference
main room of the intimate restaurant is in the style of a Joe’s Wirtshaus zum Löwen C-4, Hardenbergstr. visitors can escape work for a while at this Argentinian res-
classic Berlin salon, with paintings from the Berlin Seces- 29, CB, MZoologischer Garten, tel. 262 10 20, www. taurant serving real gaucho food. Apart from huge steaks (in
sionist movement and KPM porcelain. The cherrywood chair This might be the only place in Berlin to quaff different sizes up to 360gr), Asado offers various other meat
design is by Frank Lloyd Wright, dating to 1904. QOpen Munich’s Löwenbräu by the litre, and it’s definitely the only and seafood dishes, all at reasonable prices. Drop by on
19:00 - 22:00. Closed Sun. Tue-Fri 12:00-14:00 (€26-32). spot to sit in a leather booth from the long defunct East Ger- Thursday (from September to May) for all-you-can-eat ribs.
ARE h man Palace of the Republic. Furnishings from that parliament QOpen 11:00 - 24:00.
building’s Bierstube are in one corner (distinguished wooden
First Floor D-4, Budapester Str. 45 (Hotel Palace), spheres the size of bowling balls). Sit in the beer garden Diekmann C-4, Meinekestr. 7, CB, MUhlandstr., tel.
CB, MZoologischer Garten, tel. 25 02 10 20, www. of tropical potted plants while the weather holds and stop 883 33 21, Herr Diekmann was one A Michelin star has been the beacon over inside for football screenings. The kitchen stops serving its of the first to grace Berlin’s simple tables with some French
Matthias Buchholz’s restaurant for years now, and visit- diverse cuisine (including Argentinean steaks) around 01:00, finesse, even if it was in what began as a sandwich shop in
ing gourmands who can’t move well after a seven-course but the cocktails and drinks flow on afterward. Joe’s can be 1976. Shelves and drawers of an old Kolonialwaren store
meal make a point of staying at the Hotel Palace, which rented out for group events as well. QOpen 10:00 - 01:00. line the walls, and Diekmann still uses French techniques to
also sponsors culinary events throughout the year. The (€7-16). AEB primp excellent ingredients from throughout Germany. Always
cuisine has touches of the Far East and turbot with caviar on the menu are oysters and a selection of French cheeses.
or prawn is often on the menu. Q Open Mon. - Fri. 12:00- Knese C-4, Knesebeckstr. 63, MUhlandstr., tel. 88 41 If you can’t make up your mind on what to order, choose the
15:00, 18:30-23:00 and Wed., Sat. and Sun. 18:30-23:00. 34 48, Alt-Berliner, traditional surprise three-course meal for €35. QOpen 12:00 - 23:30,
(€34-36). PA h ‘Old Berlin’ cuisine, is on offer at rustic Knese. Try the Königs- Zillemarkt Sun 18:00 - 23:30. (€15-21). AB

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Food with a view

When your dinner partner just isn’t that interesting,
these restaurants at least have a nice view to look at.

Funkturm-Restaurant A-4, Messedamm 22, Char-

lottenburg, MMesse Nord/ICC, tel. (+49)30 30 38
29 00. Berlin’s Eiffel Tower is the shorter of the city’s
two TV/radio towers. Its restaurant, sitting pretty at 55
metres has an a la carte menu during the day and a hot
and cold themed buffets in the evening. Dishes like rib eye
with honey sauce and baked, stuffed olives or leg of lamb
with rosemary and maple syrup dressing have the nouvelle
twist the restaurant is known for. A viewing platform at 126
meters (€1.90) is the perfect starter.QLunch 11:30 - 17:00
(€11.50-14.50); dinner buffet 18:00 - 23:00 (€19.75). A
Käfer Dachgar ten F-3, Platz der Republik 1
(Reichstag), TG, MUnter den Linden, tel. 22 62 99
33, When time is money, you
Dressler C-4, Kurfürstendamm 207, CB, MUhlandstr., SMOKING SPACE SINCE 2001 FLAMING SPACE SINCE 2010
tel. 883 35 30, A good place
may as well spend it on a good meal while visiting the to go if you yearn to relive something of Berlin’s roaring 1920s.
Reichstag dome. The line to get into the building can mean Expect red seats, Art Deco wooden panelling, large mirrors,
an hour-long wait, but those with a restaurant reservation and good bistro and proper restaurant meals from a menu Kurfürstendamm 156 / Kurfürstendamm 153 /
can use the side entrance and be whisked to their meal
and a 180-degree view of eastern Berlin. The restaurant
that changes every week. Convenient for visiting the Story / Am Lehniner Platz / Am Lehniner Platz
of Berlin exhibition, in the same building (see Sightseeing).
is run by Käfer, a gourmet-foods specialist from Munich. QOpen 08:00 - 01:00. (€15-27). AB tel. 89 06 49 95 tel. 89 00 68 47
German specialities are highlighted and a regional name
appears in most main course listings. The last orders Duke D-4, Nürnberger Str. 50-55, MWittenbergplatz,
are taken at 21:30. Q Open for Breakfast 09:00-10:15; tel. 683 15 40 00, Creative
Lunch 12:00-14:30; Desserts 15:30-16:30; Dinner international crossover meals are served in the aptly named
18:30-24:00. (€7-26). AB Ellington Hotel restaurant, set in a dazzling 1920s building
near the Ku’damm. The open kitchen allows you to watch
Panorama Café E-4, Potsdamer Platz 1, Tiergarten, chef cook Carsten Obermayr create culinary treats with a
tel. (+49)30 25 93 70 80,, Mediterranean and Asian influence, like roast monk fish with Montevideo D-5, Viktoria-Luise-Pl. 6, SB, MViktoria- The 1930s-style café at sugar pea or saddle of deer calf with glazed fennel. QOpen Luise-Pl., tel. 213 10 20, The Japanese
the top of the Potsdamer Platz viewing point has large 11:30 - 23:00. outdated décor of this old west Berlin bistro - grey carpet- Sachiko Sushi C-3, Jeanne-Mammen-Bogen 584,
windows and an open terrace with great views over Berlin, ing, aqualight candleholders and an exposed heating duct MSavignyplat z, tel. (+49)30 313 22 82, w w w.
and serves coffee, cakes, and other snacks.QOpen from Einhorn C-4, Mommsenstr. 2, CB, MUhlandstr., tel. - is tolerated by the business people having a casual lunch An innovative kaiten sushi restaurant -
11:00. Admission €5,50/4. 881 42 41, A fabulous vegetar- and the grandmothers chatting over coffee and cake. Veg- the oldest in town, dating back to 1995 - beneath the railway
ian lunchbar, with standing space only. Every day there’s a etables are cooked just right and the Königsberger Klöps arches near Savignyplatz. Not afraid to serve classic and
completely different menu, with European and Mediterranean (tender meatballs with caper sauce) make for good comfort new sushi varieties with world wines, here’s your chance to
as well as Arab and Asian dishes. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. food. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00, Sun 10:00 - 01:00. (€7-10). have bonito with Sauvignon Blanc, or tuna rolls with Riesling.
Closed Sat, Sun. (€3-6). Apart from having boats circling the restaurant with some of
Universum Grill B-4, Kurfürstendamm 156, Charlotten- the best sushi in town, Sachiko also regularly offers cooking
Florian C-4, Grolmanstr. 52, CB, MUhlandstr., tel. 313 burg, MAdenauerplatz, tel. +49 30 89 00 68 47, www.uni- courses. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00.
91 84, An especially popular restaurant on a A great new addition to the Ku’damm scene,
street that’s crammed with eateries. Florian’s motto ‘make the futuristic Universum Grill has good-looking staff preparing Yakitori Rokko C-5, Holsteinische Str. 40, Wilmers-
food, not war’ could be extended with ‘not decoration,’ as it’s first class beef steaks, burgers, fish, lobster and other grilled dorf, MGünzelstr, tel. (+49)(0)30 86 39 73 60, info@
a simply furnished place with the emphasis on the food. The dishes right in front of the equally good-looking clientele. After, Proving that
handwritten menu changes often and suggests interesting dinner, dip into the good selection of cocktails - or get a bucket of there is much more to Japanese cuisine than sushi, this
new combinations. QOpen 18:00 - 03:00. (€8-16). AGB vodka or whiskey. QOpen 18:00 - 02:00. Closed Sun. UBX authentic Japanese restaurant avoids raw fish altogether
and specialises in yakitori, delicious poultry skewers grilled on
flaming charcoal and accompanied with various other dishes.
Try the udon (noodles with duck and vegetables), kamameshi
(rice with duck) or bataa-yaki (pan fried chicken in butter
and garlic). You’ll soon see why the loyal Japanese clientele
keeps returning here.QOpen 17:30 - 22:00. Closed Thu. A

Francucci’s B-4, Kurfurstendamm 90, CB, MAdenauer
Platz, tel. 323 33 18, Fabulous food
served in a popular Charlottenburg restaurant - once nominated
as one of the best Italian restaurants outside Italy by their
president. Elegant flagstone floors and subdued lighting set
the scene, while the kitchen churns out fresh, fresh food, with
home-made pasta and bread and plenty of regional ingredients
found back in dishes like the veal scallop with herbs, potatoes
Duke Universum Grill © Franco Francucci and black truffles. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00, Sun 14:00 - 23:00.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


? 2@A. B ? . ; A @ < : : 2?4 .?A2 ; 0 < 0 8A. 6 9/ . ? 9< B ; 4 2 The regular kitchen closes at 05:00, switching straight to
breakfast-mode, so that your Last Supper can simply go
on forever. The business lunch is good value, but if you’re
more than peckish choose a discounted pizza. Q Open
24hrs. Also on Georgenstr. 2, MI. (€8-18). PGB

AndaLucia C-4, Savignyplatz 2, MSavignyplatz, tel.
(+49)(0)30 54 71 02 71,
Located at the chic Savignyplatz, AndaLucia offers a range
of Spanish wines and, of course, mouth-watering tapas. The
restaurant’s cosy and stylish interior and spacious terrace
provide an inviting setting for well-priced Spanish fare, from
Albóndiga meatballs to the monumental mixed grill.QOpen
17:00 - 01:00. AndaLucia
El Dorado C-4, Kurfürstendamm 203, CB, MUhland- and souvenir shop. Once past that, you’re in the familiar
str., tel. 88 92 65 82, w w w.eldorado-steakhaus. surroundings of the generously decorated restaurant/bar
de. Dark woods and coloured tile work make a proper area where you’ll find both foreigners and locals looking
setting for this Spanish restaurant. The various cuts for a good time, with Bud, Miller and Corona beer. QOpen
weigh in between 180 and 500 grams. The non-red meat 12:00 - 02:00. PAEG
dishes include Moorish and Catalan specialities and there’s
also tapas if you just want to snack while watching the Harry’s New York Bar D-4, Lützowufer. 15, MNol-
boulevard’s shoppers pass by. Q Open 11:00 - 02:00. lendorfplatz, tel. 254780, The
(€18-20). AB undisputed king of central berlin bars and lounges. The minute
you walk through the doors, you’ll see why Harry’s New-York
1 6 ; 2 6 ; @ A F 9 2 .A / 2 ? 9 6 ; ¹ @ 5 < A A 2 @ A ; 2 D C 2 ; B 2  < ? 6 4 6 ; . 9 Mar y Sol C-4, Savignypl. 5, CB, MUhlandstr., tel. 313 Bar resides atop of every Berlin bar guide. Step back to a
0 B 9 6 ; . ? F 0 ? 2 .A 6 < ; @ 6 ; : < 1 2 ? ; . ; 1 < = 2 ; @ B ? ? < B ; 1 6 ; 4 @ ´ 25 93, Perhaps the most Mediter- time when the key elements for unforgettable nights were
612.9 3<? . @A F96@5 /B@6;2@@ 9B;05 16;;2? 6; . ?29 .E21 ranean spot in Berlin, sitting on Mar y Sol’s terracotta-and- great drinks, great music, and great friends. Meet and greet
.A : < @ = 5 2 ? 2  < ? . @ B ; 1 .F : < ? ; 6 ; 4 7 . G G / ? B ; 0 5 ' A 6 : 2 glazed-tiles terrace makes you think you never left Marbella. new acquaintances from around the world. Enjoy music filling
9 2 @ @ . ; 1 6 ; A 2 ? ; .A 6 < ; . 9 ´ A 5 2 1 B 8 2 ? 2 @ A. B ? . ; A / 2 ? 9 6 ;  Though the seaview is missing, the point-and-choose tapas the room from a jazzman tickling the ivories. Known for its
;r?;/2?42? @A? " ´"" $%& /2?96; A29 #% "!  DDD1B82?2@A.B?.;A0<:
bar inside the hacienda-style interior should get you into the international drink menu consisting of nearly 200 choices,
mood. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00. (€5-19). AB Harry’s is one of the most popular bars in Berlin. Q Open
Mon-Sat from 19:00, Sun closed.
Il Nido C-5, Fasanenstr. 40, CB, MSpichernstr., tel.
883 18 96. The aromas of Rome and Calabria waft through Bars Joseph Roth Diele E-4, Potsdamer Str.75, MGleis- Marooush
this small, Italian-owned restaurant. Meals are prepared a Alt Berliner Biersalon C-4, Kurfüstendamm 225, CB, dreieck, tel. 26 36 98 84,
la minute with fresh ingredients; pasta is homemade; there MKurfürstendamm, tel. 88 43 99 28, www.alt-berliner- A wonderfully cosy dark brown bar just west of Postdamer
are 14 noodle variations and plenty of seafood and grilled A favourite for many foreigners - a huge bar Platz. Owned by the same people who run the odd Ave Maria
meat dishes as well. The narrow front room is the cosi- with cosy corners as well as areas where wild sports fans religious shop next door, it’s named after a prolific Jewish
est and has a view of the vitrine full of grappa. 300 kinds can watch a large screen. The bar serves well-priced German writer, whose quotes and books decorate the walls and who
are apparently available, but we didn’t ask the waiter to and international food as well as big breakfasts. Groups lived nearby in the 1920s when this street was the beating
recite them all. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Sun 16:00 - 24:00. are welcome - actually you can fit 499 of your buddies plus heart of Berlin. Delicious dinners are served (snacks only on
(€13-20). B yourself in here.QOpen 24hrs. B Fridays), and it’s a fabulous place for a beer or wine after a
show at the Wintergarten Varieté, just opposite. QOpen
La Forchetta A-5, Königsallee 5b, MHalensee, tel. Bar am Lützowplatz D-4, Lützowpl. 7, TG, MNol- 10:00 - 24:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
892 85 97, An upmarket lendorfpl., tel. 262 68 07, www.baramluetzowplatz.
restaurant well within the city limits but overlooking lake com. From his portrait at the back of the narrow, stylish Kumpelnest 3000 E-4, Lützowstr. 23, TG, MKurfürsten- Marooush C-4, Knesebeckstraße 46, MUhland-
Halensee. Only fresh Italian food is served here, including bar, Chairman Mao is forced to take in the scene of suc- str., tel. 261 69 18, Strag- straße, tel. 887 11 83 35,
a tagliatelle with salmon starter and oven baked lamb. In cessful capitalists poring over each other. Professionals glers of all sexual orientations head here for a nightcap or one Refined Egyptian-oriental opulence with a modern twist
summer, a romantic terrace is available.QOpen 12:00 - line what’s reputed to be Berlin’s longest bar counter, or last drunken spin on the tiny metal dance floor. The velvet and gourmet food. The combined restaurant, shisha
23:00. AB settle into the low leather coaches in the back - the most paintings and carpeted walls are fascinating after a couple of lounge and cocktail bar has luxurious and tasteful décor
comfy spot to read the cocktail menu, which listing 150 drinks, and so are the scruffy patrons apparently: it’s known enhancing the equally exotic menu. Puff on a shisha as
Mola D-4, Wittenbergpl. 3, CB, MWittenbergpl., tel. kinds of champagne and 250 cocktails, is thicker (and a as a hook-up bar. QOpen 19:00 - 05:00. you await your meal or come on Friday or Saturday for
21 47 50 60, After charging better read) than the Little Red Book. At these prices, ‘dinner and dance’, with belly-dancers and live music.
your way down Ku’damm and Tauentzienstraße, collapse you’ll be glad you came for happy hour - 16:00 - 21:00. Mommsen-Eck B-4, Mommsenstraße 45, CB, MAde- The Marooush-Club can be booked for special occasions.
h ere wi th your shopping bags. Mola’s pizzas, which QOpen 16:00 - 04:00. nauerplatz, tel. 324 25 80, With QOpen 16:00 - 01:00.
overflow the already huge plates, are delicious. There’s traditional charm a street north of the Ku’damm, Mommsen-
no English menu, but the lengthy list is decipherable if Berlin Plaza Bar C-4, Knesebeckstr. 63, MUhlandstr., Eck is a comfortable and atmospheric pub and bistro boasting
you’ve eaten Italian before. On Sunday, picking at the long tel. 88 41 30,, over a hundred types of best-quality beer, lovingly preserved
brunch buffet table will run you €8. QOpen 09:00 - 24:00. The Berlin Plaza hotel bar serves a variety of German and and served either inside or on the spacious terrasse. Full
(€10-27). B Czech beers to hotel guests and passers-by. Relax at the bar menu, including Sunday brunch.
and try a Redeberger, Berliner, Paulaner, Krusovice or a glass
Zwölf Apostel C-4, Bleibtreustr. 49, CB, MUh- of Berlin’s white beer, often best with a shot of sweet syrup. Trompete D-4, Lützowpl. 9, MNollendorfpl, tel. 23 00
landstr., tel. (+49)(0)30 312 14 33/20 16 69 82, 47 94, Part-owned by actor A worn, classic interior with a vague Har d Rock Café C-4, Meinekestr. 21, CB, Ben Becker, Trompete is an upmarket club often presenting
Tuscany/angel-theme and an open kitchen hide in the alley MKurfürstendamm, tel. 88 46 20, www.hardrock. new live music acts. On every first Saturday of the month
next to the S-Bahn tracks. The best thing about this place, com. Immediately next to the entrance is the place of pil- there’s the Kasino Royale film music party. Q Open Thu
after the great Italian food, is the fact that they never close. grimage for so many travellers - the Hard Rock Café T-shirt 19:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 22:00 - 04:00. Admission €5-7. EB

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Kreuzberg Pagode
Two Kiezes in Kreuzberg stand out with a high concentration
A much-loved self-service restaurant with inexpensive,
of restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs. Oranienstraße
mouthwateringly delicious and award-winning Thai
(G/H-3) is for the alternative set of all ages, nationalities,
■ Berlin‘s first english pub since 1976 and sexual orientation. Those who hang out around the
Bergmannstraße/Mehringdamm area (F-4) are perhaps a
■ British and Irish beer on tap bit more pulled together and grey on the edges, but live music
◄ Drink from the YARD OF ALE (1 litre) and gay venues keep things adventurous.
mouth-blown exclusively for Union Jack
■ Live Music during winter months Asian
Aaina Tempelhof Tempelhofer Damm 216, U Ullsteinstr.,
Schlüterstr.15, 10625 Berlin - Charlottenburg, Tel. 312 55 57,, Monday to Saturday from 19:00 tel. 72 01 25 89, Colourful lighting, outsized
umbrella parasols and buddha statues form the décor for the
second outlet of this Asian restaurant. The cooks conjure up
I r i s h P u b D - 4 , Ta u e n t z i e n s t r . 9 - 1 2 , C B , food from across the region, and there’s ample choice of Indian,
MKurfürstendamm, tel. 262 16 34, www.irishpubberlin. Singaporean, Malaysian and Thai dishes. In summer enjoy sit-
de. Live music on the stage every night, Guinness on tap, ting amidst palm trees on the terrace.QOpen 11:30 - 24:00.
sports on TV and beers in the 36m long bar are the key
attractions that regularly get this place packed with punters. Chantrey H-5, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43, KB, tel. (+49)
The Irish Pub provides all of these with flair. Come (or avoid) on (0)30 177 412 46 02,, www.chantrey.
Mondays for karaoke night.QOpen 12:00 - 03:00, Fri 12:00 de. A sleek new eatery with large pastel paintings of faces, clean-
- 04:00, Sat 11:30 - 04:00, Sun 11:30 - 03:00. cut design, and a surprising menu consisting of typical Asian
street food. There’s everything from Thai spring rolls, Indonesian
Union Jack Schlüterstr. 15, CB, MSavignyplatz, tel. sate, and Cambodian noodle soup to a Vietnamese banana
(+49)(0)30 312 55 57, A dessert. Fresh juices and smoothies too. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. Pagode F-5, Bergmannstr. 88, KB, MMehringdamm,
corner of Scottish highland in the heart of Berlin, this whisky tel. (+49)(0)30 691 26 40. Simply one of the best Thai
pub is one of Berlin’s first true pubs and continues to draw Kimchi Princess H-4, Skalitzer Str. 36, KB, MGörlitzer restaurants in town, and awarded by the Thai embassy in
Union Jack the punters in with an amazing collection of 401 types of Bahnhof, tel. (+49)(0)163 458 02 03, www.kimchiprin- Berlin as one of the best in Germany. It feels crowded, steamy
whisky (from the best Scottish and Irish brands to Canadian Though this is not Berlin’s first Korean restaurant, and noisy, but that’s just part of the authentic self-service
Clubs and Japanese bourbon) as well as various English and Irish Kimchi Princess is being hailed by the capital’s gourmets as atmosphere; wait till you sink your teeth in the fantastic food.
Luxor Club C-4, Knesebeckstraße 46, MUhlandstraße, tel. beers, including John Smith’s and Newcastle Brown Ale, the first one to serve authentic dishes. It’s indeed excellent All the Thai classics are present, as are some other Asian
887 11 83 35, If you want to go clubbing best consumed in the special Yard-of-Ale glass. Solid food is and spicy, and as a result it can be difficult to find a free table dishes. If you like it hot, just ask and they’ll make it hot.
after dinner at the downstairs restaurant, head to the Luxor club, available too - home made snacks and and Walkers crisps. in the evening. QOpen 18:00 - 01:00. Closed Mon. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. (€2-9). B
where you can dance to oriental dance floor classics in rooms with QOpen from 19:00. Closed Sun.
cool colours and fantastic lighting. Admission is free for ladies before
23:00. On Thursdays you can get on a boat-ride party, starting off at
the bar for a cocktail, taking a shuttle to the riverside and partying
on a boat before heading back to finish the night at Luxor (book in
advance). Dress code: elegant. Q Open Thu-Sat 20:00-06:00. E
Irish Harp B-4, Giesebrechtstr. 15, Charlottenburg,
MAdenauerplatz, tel. +49 30 22 32 87 35, info@harp-, A well-established Irish pub serv-
ing all the usual pub grub favourites as well as soups, salads
and sandwiches. On tap there’s Guinness, Kilkenny and a
range of German beers. You can expect major sports events
to be beamed on screens, and there’s quiz nights and live
music too. Q Mon-Fri from 10:00, Sat/Sun from 08:00. B PAGODE - thai kitchen
Irish Harp
Bergmannstr. 88
+49-30-6912640 Gneis
U-Bhf Gneisenau Str.

r Str.
Pub s Café s Lounge


We serve culinary treats

Das traditionsreiche in
idyllischer Lage cuisines.
in Berlins schönem Charlottenburg
und ist doch nur eine Minutettt vom berühmten Kur-
Every Thursday
fürstendamm entfernt. from 20:00 join our popular
multimedia fun-quiz, in both German and English
Monday to Friday from 10:00 Giesebrechtstraße 15 Bergm PAGODE
Fridays and Saturdays live music from 21:00
Saturday and Sunday from 8:00
Live screenings of sports events on big screens!
UFMtGBY asse
See for our calendar of events. JOGP!IBSQQVCEFtXXXIBSQQVCEF

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Austria F-5, Bergmannstr. 30, KB, MGneisenaustr.,
tel. (+49)(0)30 694 44 40. Have your Wiener Schnit-
zel where they do it right, here in Austria. This corner
restaurant is known for its huge portions, so indulge in
the full experience or go for the half portion. The setting
is appropriate - heavy wooden furnishings and antlers
on the wall. All the other dishes, including Salzburger Since 1866
Fritattatorte, are excellent as well. Q Open 18:00 - German specialities
24:00. (€8-17). A
International crossover cuisine
No Kangaroo H-4, Muskauer Straße 13, MGörlitzer Open daily from 9:00
Bahnhof, tel. (+49)(0)30 65 79 96 30, info@nokanga-
Kuchen Kaiser, Austrian, not Australian
- the ski hut decor and gondola bar seats at No Kangaroos
are the setting for alpine treats from the Salzburg region, Brandenburg’ live radio show, and will be opening an new
buffet lunches and brunches, Stiegl beer as well as par- big tent in the garden soon to present even more events,
ties on weekend nights. Check the events online. QOpen Pagode concerts and live cultural acts. A must-see in Berlin. QOpen
12:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 02:00, Sun 11:00 - 24:00. 09:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 01:00. B
Closed Mon. Cafés
Café am Engelbecken H-4, Heinrich Heine Pl, KB,
Riehmer’s F-5, Hagelbergerstr. 9 KB, MMehring- MHeinrich-Heine-Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 28 37 68 16, German
damm, tel. (+49)(0)30 78 89 19 80. Riehmer’s brings Opposite the impressive, Altes Zollhaus G-5, Carl-Herz-Ufer 30, MPrinzenstr.,
together the cuisines of the far-reaching Austro-Hungarian partially-restored redbrick St. Michael’s church is a little pond, tel. (+49)(0)30 692 33 00,,
empire. Standards on the changing menu are Wienerschnit- sunk into a depressed parkway that was once a canal. Hidden A bit of countryside in the
zel, beef consomme (Tafelspitz Suppe) and beef goulash. away at the reedy edge of the pond is a sunny terrace café. city - the beautiful old customs house along an idyllic stretch
The cream-coloured rooms are bare of ornamentation Umbrellas shade white picnic tables and the hip living room- of the Landwehrkanal has a calm, rustic atmosphere in which
save for a portrait of Kaiser Franz Joseph and linen napkins like indoor portion is made up of two construction containers. to try regional specialities featuring things such as goat’s Oranienplatz 11-13
folded into crowns. The coveted simpler seating is on the View of the water or the rustling tall green reeds make this a cheese, dumplings, mustard sauce and compotes. QOpen Tel: 61 40 26 97
cedar chips of the garden that faces an historic apartment peaceful respite from all things city while still being near the 18:00 - 23:00. Closed Mon, Sun. A
complex for Prussian officers. QOpen 18:00 - 01:00. Closed heart of Kreuzberg (and can you believe this very area was
Mon. (€7-16). B once filled with rubble, and part of the Wall’s deathstrip?). Henne H-4, Leuschnerdamm 25, KB, MMoritzpl., tel.
Thai noodle dishes spring rolls, and curry and lentil soups (+49)(0)30 614 77 30, Who
are delicious and at a great price. Cocktails are served until knew that the Germans fried chicken? Other than a few
Biological about 02:00. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00. (€4-7). B Wursts, chicken is all that’s served in this appropriately
Foodo F-5, Bergmannstr. 94, Kreuzberg, MGnei- named old, cosy, corner tavern, along with sides of coleslaw Indian
sennaustr., tel. (+49)30 69 00 11 00, contact@ and disappointing mayonnaise-filled potato salad. The Amrit H-4, Oranienstr. 202, KB, MGörlitzer Bhf, tel., Kreuzberg is the Crossover crisp, salty skin gives you another reason for quaffing yet (+49)(0)30 28 88 48 40, Kreuzbergers
proud home of Germany’s only certified climate neutral Kuchen Kaiser G/H-4, Oranienpl. 11-13, KB, MMori- another beer. For €6, you get a lot of wood-panelled at- love this restaurant, and Amrit loves ‘em back with huge por-
restaurant, on a streetcorner with a beautifully sleek, tzpl., tel. (+49)(0)30 61 40 26 97, www.kuchenkaiser. mosphere. QOpen Tues-Sat from 19:00; Sun from 17:00; tions and free spiked mango juice shots at the end of the meal.
minimalist interior that is good for both intimate dinners de. Located on Oranienplatz, just a few meters from the Closed Mon (€2-6). B Make reservations for weekend nights and be ready for tight
interacting with others at shared tables. It’s so eco- Oranienstrasse in the heart of Kreuzberg, this has been seating. This might be the one Indian restaurant that doesn’t
concious that Foodo’s employees all use bikes or public a melting pot for Berliners, their friends and visitors since Kartoffel Pfanne F-5, Burgherrenstr. 11, MPlatz serve Chana Saag (chickpeas with spinach), but vegetarians
transport to get to work. The cooks use exclusively organi- 1866. Famous for its cakes and tarts, exclusively sent by the der Luf tbrücke, tel. (+49)(0)30 892 59 49, www. can find other combinations. QOpen 12:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat
cally grown seasonal products, many of them regional, Hindenburg to New York in the 1920s, the “Kaiser of cakes” A sandwich sign on Kurfürstendamm 12:00 - 02:00. Also at F-1, Oranienburger Str. 45, MI, and E-3,
and served at afforable prices - breakfast can be had has transformed into a restaurant with a wide variety of sends peckish wanderers on the short detour down to the Winterfeldstr. 40, SB. (€7-14). ABS
from €5.50 and dinner mains start at €8.50. Try one of German specialities and international food. There’s a great best-tasting potatoes in Berlin. The Wiener Schnitzel
the bread baskets for a healthy lunch, or the delicious choice of breakfasts, a low-cost lunch from 12.00 to 15.00 includes a generous portion of the spuds. A single serv-
beef yakitori. Remember to ask for a Good Mojo Tree (under €7), and a huge brunch on Sundays. You can watch ing of vanilla pudding with Rote Grütze (fruit sauce) can International
seed before you leave, to offset any climate-changing the Champions League live, play pool, and sit down for the sweeten the palettes of lovebirds who have just polished off Sage Restaurant H-4, Köpenicker Str. 18-20, MSchle-
you may unintentonall y do on the way home. Q Open special dinner service with fresh, home-made specialities. lamb medallions with garlic butter. The good beer selection sisches Tor, Ostbahnhof, tel. +49 (0)30 755 49 40 71, re-
12:00 - 23:00. No Amex. A The Kuchenkaiser team won the ‘smartest bar in Berlin and includes Warsteiner and Weihenstephan. QOpen 11:30 -, www.sage-restaurant.
22:00. (€4-12). B de. If there’s such a thing as industrial charm, this is where to
find it. Sage is a fantastically designed Kreuzberg restaurant
Weltrestaurant Markthalle H-4, Pücklerstr. 34, KB, with starkly modern and white furnishings contrasting with
MGörlitzer Bahnhof, tel. (+49)(0)30 617 55 02, www. raw factory bricks, peeling paint and chains. The food served Within a historic market is imaginative gastronomy, and includes entrecote, pizza and
hall building, the Markthalle restaurant only 15 years old, a selection of weekly dishes - drop by on Sundays for a rich
yet already has such a rustic atmosphere. The room is long buffet spread. In summer, Sage opens earlier to serve lunch
and tall, with wainscoting, simple wooden furniture and a bar on its riverside terrace with deckchairs and beach bar; in
that locals belly up to. It’s a restaurant that doesn’t let its winter puff away by the fire in the cigar lounge. The kitchen
looks carry it: the kitchen takes pride in its nouvelle takes closes at midnight, but snacks are available longer. QOpen
on German and Austrian standards. The menu changes from 18:00, Sun from 11:00. €7-40. I
weekly, but count on Spätzle, Schweinebraten (braised
pork), and apple strudel. Breakfasts run from Russian to
American-style, and as late as 17:00. After dinner, check
if anything is going down in the Privatclub, the club in the
cellar. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00. (€8-16, weekday lunch menu
€7.50). AB

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Kato I-4, Underneath U-Bahn station Schlesisches Tor, backdrop to drum n’ bass (Fridays), house, or any guest DJ
MSchlesisches Tor, tel. (+49)(0)30 611 23 39, www.kato-x- on the upper or lower dance floors. Q Admission €7-10. This place is right underneath the Schlesisches Tor train
station but don’t worry - you will not hear or feel the steel wheels roar Wild at Heart H-5, Wiener Str. 20, KB, MGörlitzer Bahn-
over head... as you will be engulfed in the sounds sounding around hof, tel. (+49)(0)30 610 74 701, www.wildatheartberlin.
you. So really anything goes and can happen... from punk to electro de. Rock on. One of Berlin’s rare live-music venues brings
and from jazz noises to exploding frog death metal music. The main in hardcore and punk bands touring the planet. There’s an
hall is an integral part of main indie band’s tours from all around the occasional DJ night as well. Booths and seating in the front
world. Look out for posters on the walls or just go and see what may rooms make conversation manageable. Bring earplugs for
happen to you... and try not to get run over! the stage area. QOpen 20:00 - 04:00. E

Sage Club H-4, Köpenicker Str. 76, KB, MHeinrich-

Heine-Str., tel. (+49)(0)30 278 98 30, www.sage-club. Pubs
de. The drag queen managing the velvet ropes may not Dunmore Cave H-5, Maybach Ufer 44, NK, MSchön-
be representative of the scene inside (button-down shirts leinstr., tel. (+49)(0)30 624 12 41. On the Landwehr Canal
and tight tank-tops, all worn in the gender-specific way), but that’s used by many strollers and joggers, this mellow pub
you’re welcome to dress cross-gender anyway. Rock, punk, doesn’t see many tourists. Locals use the Ethernet connec-
age. Guidebooks send tourists here, and journalists working and metal duke it out on Thursday, while Friday and Saturday tion, pool table or dartboard while choosing one (or more of)
Italian nearby may meet visiting colleagues here for a meal, but bring out the house fans. Q Open Thu-Sun 23:00 - 05:00. of 50 whiskeys and 8 draught beers. The pub grub is great;
Gorgonzola Club H-4, Dresdener Str. 121, MKottbuss- on a recent visit, the inexpensive wine by the glass was not on Thursday it’s all you can eat spare ribs for €8.88. QOpen
er Tor, tel. (+49)(0)30 6156473, www.gorgonzolaclub. pleasant, the crème of cauliflower soup could not be pepped SO36 H-4, Oranienstr. 190, KB, MGörlitzer Bahnhof, 17:00 - 02:00. Closed Mon.
de. An In Your Pocket favourite, serving the best and biggest up by pepper, salt, nor oil, and the waiter expressed a bit too tel. (+49)(0)30 61 40 13 06, Live bands
carpaccio we’ve tried, and with lovely seating in the green much disdain for a customer who only wanted a light bite at perform nearly every night at this institution that’s home to
outdoor courtyard. The prices for the fresh pastas, pizzas 23:00. It’s the ‘nicest’ restaurant around Checkpoint Charlie, any alternative lifestyle, from gay Turks and metal heads to Jazz clubs
and other dishes are by all means reasonable, and there and is not far from the Jewish Museum either. QOpen 10:00 punks and hardcore vegans. On popular club nights, like the gay Yorckschlösschen F-5, Yorckstr. 19, MMehringdamm,
are additional changing dinner options too. Next door to the - 02:00. (€10-22). AG Electric Ballroom or Gayhane, show up before 01:00 or face a tel. 215 80 70, A Kreuzberg
Würgeengel bar. QOpen 18:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 02:00. long wait with the friendly door staff. QOpen 23:00 - 05:00. E institution, the Yorckschlösschen (‘small Yorck castle’) has been
here for over a century, gathering fame in the 1970s as an artists’
Osteria N°1 F-5, Kreuzbergerstr. 71, Kreuzberg, MMeh- Japanese Spindler & Klatt H-4, Köpenicker Straße 16, KB, watering hole and now a hub of local social life. Inside, there’s a
ringdamm, tel. (+49)30 786 91 62, Sumo F-5, Bergmannstr. 89, KB, MMehringdamm, tel. MSchlesisches Tor, tel. (+49)(0)30 69 56 67 75, www. busy bar that features regular live music, with the emphasis on
Next to Viktoriapark, this neighbourhood fixture has a fantastic (+49)(0)30 69 00 49 63, Sumo is a Set in a century-old Prussian state bakery traditional jazz, swing and black rhythm’n’blues. Free concerts
Biergarten bordered by lemon, cherry and olive trees. Classic cunningly designed Asian restaurant on three levels serving building, this “bigsize clubrestaurant” is the newest hot place take place Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 21:00,
regional cuisine is prepared by cooks from different parts of much more than sushi; there are soups and a wide range of for horizontal eating and making moves on the dancefloor. Lie Sundays from 14:00. Diner is nicely priced, with most dishes
Italy, and everything is made fresh to order. Order a pasta with asian meat and fish dishes, all with crackling fresh ingredi- down on the oversized beds of the restaurant while you sample well under €11.Q Sun-Thu 17:00-03:00, Fri/Sat 17:00-04:00.
Toscan hare ragout or salmon in orange sauce. Perhaps the ents. Sushi is also as fresh as it can and should be. Photos the Asian fusion food, followed up by clubbing to the latest
most child-friendly place in town, too. Choose from six different on the menu make it easy to choose what to have. A good Berlin sounds. The entrance, a gate that looks accidentally
lunch menus from €7. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. (€7-17). AB place to sample a mix of fusion food and DJ music. QOpen open, is 100 metres south from the street number address.
12:00 - 24:00. (€2-9). Walk straight back to the riverside and turn left. Q Restaurant
Parlamento F-5, Bergmannstr. 3, KB, MMehringdamm, tel. open Thurs-Sat 20:00 - 01:00; Club open Fri.-Sat. from 23:00.
(+49)(0)30 694 77 45. Even during the heat of the day, candles
are lit in this welcomingly dark and cool entoteca-ristorante. The Bars Watergate I-4, Falckensteinstr. 49a, KB, MSchle-
wooden floors and tables are worn, and beyond the tall floral ar- Milchbar H-4, Manteufelstr. 41, KB, MGörlitzer Bahn- sisches Tor, This club right on the
rangements and angel wall fittings that dangle soft lights there hof, It is the foam of beer that edge of the Spree River is great for spying on Universal Music
are many rustic touches to the place. The 3-course meal served lines the upper lip of patrons of Milchbar, home to punks, headquarters across the water, even if the crowd here would
until 19:00 is a steal: €5,95 including water. The gnocchi and herb students, and aging alternative types still loyal to the never dance to their pop artists. Also in view (and right next
butter are homemade and beyond traditional Italian preparations sounds of punk, ska, thrash, and hard rock. The crowd is door) is the turreted Oberbaumbrücke, which makes an odd
of fish, meat, and pastas, nouvelle cuisine slips into creations not so anarchic as to not want to cheer on their teams when
such as mango pepper soup. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00. (€7-15). B football games are screened. The murals and dark décor can
heighten your wooziness if you’ve had one round too many. Weltrestaurant Markthalle
Sale e Tabacchi F-4, Rudi Dutschke Str. 23, KB, QOpen 17:00 - 03:00.
MKochstr., tel. (+49)(0)30 252 11 55. This attractive H-3, Pückler str. 34, KB,
restaurant with a nice garden and real Italian waiters seems Würgeengel H-4, Dresdener Str. 122, MKottbusser MGörlitzer Bahnhof, tel. 617
to have gotten a bit comfortable and not so gracious with Tor, tel. (+49)(0)30 6155560, 55 02, www.weltrestaurant-
Pronounced ‘woor-ge-en-gel’ and named after Bunuel’s film Within a historic
“El Ángel Exterminador”, this dark brown bar is a great place market hall building, the Mark-
for a drink and a snack. The tapas list has a dozen tasty op- thalle restaurant only 15 years
tions, while the cocktail menu has over 50 reasons to delay old, yet already has such a rustic
your departure. To round it all off, there are Cuban and other atmosphere. The room is long
cigars to enjoy. Q Open from 19:00. and tall, with wainscoting, simple
wooden furniture and a bar that
locals belly up to. It’s a restaurant that doesn’t let its
Clubs looks carry it: the kitchen takes pride in its nouvelle takes
Junction Bar F-5, Gneisenaustr. 18, KB, MGneisenaus- on German and Austrian standards. The menu changes
tr., tel. (+49)(0)30 694 66 02, weekly, but count on Spätzel, Schweinebraten (braised
Squeezing onto the bat-cave of a stage is fine for a four-man pork), and apple strudel. Breakfasts run from Russian to
blues band, but Dios mio for the 10-piece Afro-Cuban en- American-style, and as late as 17:00. After dinner, check
sembles. Live music draws an ethnically and generationally if anything is going down in the Privatclub, the club in the
mixed audience every night of the week. After the band, a cellar. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00. (€8-16, weekday lunch
DJ keeps everyone tight on the dance floor. QOpen 21:00 - menu €7.50). AB
Osteria N°1 04:00, Fri, Sat 22:00 - 04:00. E

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Brandenburger Tor F-3, Pariser Pl, MI, MUnter den classic Berlin that with the adding of a lion statue here, a
Essential Berlin Linden. Berlin’s landmark building is one of 14 gates com- fountain there, the film production team of Jackie Chan’s IMAX3D Sony Center
pleted in 1792 by Carl Langhans. Nike, the goddess of victory, Around the World in Eighty Days turned it into 19th-century
Berlin is a huge, fascinating city, but lacks a real Old drives the chariot atop the gate, and German armies used to London in 2003. Luxury hotels use their position bordering Get right into the action with the
Town-type area. Attractions are fairly far-flung, so plan begin their parades here. The proud gate opens onto Pariser it as their drawing card. The square’s name stems from the IMAX experience. Wherever they
your itinerary and get acquainted with the excellent public Platz, and it may as well have been built by the communists, mid-1700s when military regiments were stationed here. The take you, the combination of
transporation. If you’re here for a limited amount of time, so linked in people’s minds is it to the double-wall system that Deutscher Dom (tel. 22 73 04 31) is home to a museum on the towering IMAX screen and
we recommend you join one of the walking tours to get essentially bricked it in. Fascists spoiled the gate as well by the development of the German Parliamentary system, not superb cinematography is awein-
your bearings and see the main sights. staging their torch-lit parades through it. Berliners celebrated dull at all if you’re a politics buff. You’ll have to read German spiring. The lounge chairs on the
Classic sights include the Brandenburger Tor and the the Wall’s fall in 1989 by standing on it in front of the gate. or French to enjoy the Französischer Dom’s (tel. 229 17 60) balcony with a view of the spectacular Sony Center are
nearby Reichstag with its glass dome, the Berliner exhibit on the contributions of French Huguenots to Berlin’s also a perfect spot to take a little break from sightseeing,
Dom (the main cathedral), the museum-churches and Gedächtniskirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial development, beginning in the late 1600s. Q Deutscher Dom enjoy a cup of coffee, and to relax your feet while waiting
concert house on Gendarmenmarkt and the Neue Church) D-4, Breitscheidpl, CB, MKurfürstendamm, open 10:00-18:00, closed Monday. for the show to begin.
Synagoge. Fans of modern architecture shouldn’t miss tel. 218 50 23, The Foreign visitors can enjoy 3D English-language screen-
the Potsdamer Platz area and the Jewish Museum. major attraction in what was West Berlin is this stark reminder Neue Synagoge F-3, Oranienburger Str. 28-30, MI, ings of ‘Tron: Legacy’, about a boy looking for his father
Finally, you can’t leave Berlin without a peek at one of of World War II’s destruction. Kept as an open wound, the MOranienburger Tor, tel. 88 02 84 51, www.cjudaicum. inside a spectacular computer game. The 3D film ‘Under
the remnants of the Wall and the ruin of the Kaiser severe acknowledgement of German culpability is declared on de. Though not worth the extra admission charge or the wait the Sea’ is about white sharks, jellyfish, turtles, seals,
Wilhelm Memorial Church. a plaque near the entrance of the old bell tower: ‘The tower of to stand inside it, the gilded cupola of the New Synagogue is eels, colourful fish and all other inhabitants of the oceans;
the old church serves as a remembrance of God’s judgment, one of the most eye-catching sights in Mitte. Exhibits strikingly learn about this mysterious world and the threats posed
which befell our people during the war years.’ Berliners hold balance the restoration of the Alhambra-inspired synagogue to it by humans and global warming.
little sacred and call the destroyed tower the hollow tooth. from 1866, with preserved evidence of its destruction, first
Main sights The erection of the once enormous church dedicated to the on Kristallnacht on November 9, 1938, and then through IMAX F-3, Sony Center, Potsdamer Str. 4, tel. 26
Berliner Dom G-3, Am Lustgar ten, MI, MHacke- German emperor had been a feat of national pride: even syna- Allied bombs. Documents and photographs remember the 06 64 00,
scher Markt, tel. 20 26 91 36, w w w.berlinerdom. gogues contributed to its funding, and it was first opened in thriving Jewish community of the neighbourhood, many of
de. This Protestant church dating from 1905 might not 1895. Inside is a gilded mosaic of the Hohenzollern dynasty. whom worshipped here in what was the largest synagogue
look as massi ve were the Stad tschloss still standing The modern chapel and tower next door were completed in in Germany. A subtle but effective sound installation adds to
across Unter den Linden (the GDR regime demolished 1961, and are worth entering on sunny days for the amazing the experience. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00, Fri 10:00 - 14:00.
the city castle in 1951). The royal Hohenzollern dynasty blue stained glass windows. Q Old tower open 10:00 - 16:00, Closed Sat. Admission €4.60/3.
worshipped h ere wi thin th e four incarnations of th e closed Sun. Memorial church open 09:00 - 19:00.
church. Their places of rest in the cr ypt are indeed a Nikolaiviertel G-3, Between Rathausstr. and Müh-
yawn. The climb up to the dome’s rim is forgi ving, wi th Gendarmenmarkt F-3, Charlottenstr, MI, MFranzö- lendamm, MI, MAlexanderpl.,
broad staircases, landings, and side exhibi t rooms. sische Str.. Twin cathedrals-turned-museums (dating to Berlin’s tiny medieval heart is the Nikolai Quarter, whose only
Q Open 09:00 - 19:00, Sun 12:00 - 19:00. Admis- the early 1700s) and the Konzerthaus (from 1818, by Carl truly medieval-looking building today is the Nikolaikirche (the
sion €5/3. Langhans) make up this classic square in Berlin. It’s so twin-spired, stone church; open 10:00-18:00, €5/3). The
church dates to 1230 and was rebuilt along with the entire
quarter in the mid-80s to mark Berlin’s 750th birthday in the
area in which the fishermen’s settlement first began. No
Ticket options booklet from any other point of sale. Ticket options: Berlin
CityTourCard 48 AB/ABC €15,90/17,90, Berlin CityTourCard one was trying to outdo Walt Disney here, and many of the
72 AB/ABC €21,90/23,90, Berlin CityTourCard 5 days AB/ buildings have the simple, concrete facades that the Com- up in height as well. Potsdamer Platz’s most popular public
Discounts are a welcome relief, so if you are planning
ABC €28,90/33,90. munist government could afford. The small shops in the area space and architectural attraction is The Sony Center, with
on seeing more than one museum, pick up one of these
mostly deal in toys and souvenirs and tourists gladly fill the its huge atrium and tent-like roof. It’s best to view at night
reduced rate cards.
Berlin WelcomeCard sunny tables at the restaurants that face the Spree River. for its impressive lighting. The neighbouring DaimlerChrysler
The Berlin WelcomeCard is a combined transport and re- On Rathausstraße, there’s a row of restaurants that flaunt complex holds architecture by Renzo Piano and Richard Rog-
Berlin CityTourCard old-fashioned Berlin cuisine and atmosphere. Other rebuilt ers, and the Arkaden shopping mall, with rather humdrum
w w Th e duction card valid for zone AB or zone ABC (includes Potsdam
and both airports) for 48 hours (€16,90/18,90), 72 hours historic buildings in the area date to the 1700s, such as the shops, but the best gelato café in the city.
Berlin CityTourCard is a tourist Ephraim-Palais and Knoblauchhaus. Both have changing
attraction discount card and a (€22.90/25.90) or 5 days (€29,90/34,90). The card offers
transport ticket valid for central reduced admission to several museums, bike tours and rental, exhibits related to Berlin. Reichstag/Bundestag F-3, Platz der Republik 1, Tier-
boat tours, etc. The card is sold at tourist offices, S-Bahn garten, MUnter den Linden, tel. (+49)30 22 73 21 52,
Berlin (zone AB) or Berlin including
Potsdam (zone ABC). The card is offices, hotels and kiosks. Students/youths may get better Potsdamer Platz E/F-4,, MPotsdamer Pl.. Once the,
reductions at museums using their student cards. modern heart of a thriving metropolis, this urban centre htdocs_e/visits. The name together with its monumental
available at any BVG and S-Bahn
was heavily damaged in the war, and suffered again when size make most people associate Germany’s neoclassical
ticket machine or counter. For
Get2riCard, tel. 438 09 80, A card remaining buildings were pulled down to make way for the parliamentary building with the Nazis, but Hitler and his party
free admission at the Pergam-
that allows you to get two for the price of one, whether it’s the Wall’s death strip. After years of construction in the mid-90s, have little history here. After hosting parliamentary sessions
onmuseum, the Altes Museum,
admission to a club, museum, cinema or to a show, nights at skyscrapers have added a cosmopolitan and glassy edge to since 1894, one month after Hitler was appointed chancellor
Bodemuseum or the Alte Nationalgalerie, get the special
a hostel or hotel, or food and drinks at a wide range of bars the city. The literal Potsdamer Platz is an intersection, and in January 1933, it was set on fire by Dutch communist Ma-
CityTourCard Museumsinsel. Cards come with a discount
and restaurants. Check out the possibilities online. The tour- the east side of it, known as Leipziger Platz, is slowly building rinus van der Lubbe. In the years during which it abutted the
and map booklet; if you use a ticket machine, collect your
ist version of the card is valid for seven days and costs €20. Wall as a conference centre, West Berliners played football
on its lawn, while later artist Christo famously wrapped it in
State Museum Card The Tourist information cloth. It did not serve as parliament again until a reunited Ger-
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (state museums) have several man government returned to Berlin in 1999. Renovated by Sir
ticket options for their permanent collections. A single ticket Berlin Infostore E-2, Hauptbahnhof station, tel. 25 Norman Foster, this building is perhaps the most public federal
ranges €4-8. You can buy a €19/9.50 Schaulust three-day 00 25, The help- building in the world through its glass-dome tourist attraction.
ticket valid for all state museums (but remember all are ful staff at the official Berlin tourist offices can provide a On the rooftop, photographs documenting the building’s his-
closed on Mondays). There are groups of state museums wide range of information and publications. Most offices tory circle the rim above the parliament chamber. Two ramps
in several neighbourhoods, and a Bereich-karte (area card, will stay open longer than normal this summer. QOpen spiral up the side of the dome, an engineering feat even more
€6-12) grants admission to those near each another; a 08:00 - 22:00. Also at F-2, Reichstag kiosk; F-2, Bran- fascinating than the panoramic view from the top. Admission
ticket for all the museums on the Museum Island costs denburger Tor (south wing, open 10:00 - 18:00); D-3, to the rooftop and glass dome is for visitors who book a
€14/7. Admission is free for under-16s and for all visitors Budapester Str. (Europa Centre); C-3, Kurfürstendamm guided tour of the building (in advance, by email or phone),
during the last four opening hours on Thursdays. 21 (passage). or who have a reservation at the Dachgarten restaurant. Q
Last admission at 22:00. Admission free.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


The Museumsinsel museums Museums

Because of its long period of separation, Berlin in effect
The cluster of majestic nineteenth century neoclassic buildings has two cities’ worth of museums, and the quality is propor-
on the tip of the island in the Spree makes the trip worthwhile in tional to the quantity. The state museums, many clustered
itself, although the works inside are not to be missed. Whether on Museumsinsel (Museum Island), at the Kulturforum
you want to visit one or all, Museuminsel offers the avid or the next to Potsdamer Platz, and near Schloß Charlottenburg,
temperate museum-goer a number of impressive collections include audio guides and have a combined ticket system
of art, history and ethnology, covering many facets of ancient (see the ticket options). The free Museum infoline (tel.
and oriental culture, as well as their cross-overs into modernity. 90 26 99 444) has all details about all Berlin museums.
One of the museums is closed for long-term renovations,
but the Bodemuseum has been gathering interest since its Bauhaus Archiv D-4, Klingelhöferstr. 14, TG, MNol-
reopening in October 2006. Admission to the museums is lendorfplatz, tel. 254 00 20, Sick of
free during the last four hours on Thursday. centuries of decorative design, a group of young architects
in Dessau under Walter Gropius started the Bauhaus move-
Alte Nationalgalerie G-3, Bodestr. 1-3, MI, MHacke- ment, believing firmly that by bringing design (and foremostly
scher Markt, tel. 20 90 55 77, Deutsche Guggenheim - Yto Barrada, Tectonic Plate, 2010
the architecture and furnishing of homes) back to the basics © Courtesy of Gallery Sfeir-Semler, Hamburg/Beirut
Cézanne, Rodin, Monet, Degas and Liebermann are some of would improve life. The group was joined by big names such
the artists whose works hang around this museum of 19th-
as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, fast-food creation. A spicy sausage snack that first became
permanent e
century art. Head to the top floor for the German Romantics. and was influenced by Piet Mondriaan and Marc Chagall. popular in the late 1940s, these days currywurst can be found
The temple-like structure itself was built in 1876, and is sur- Bauhaus’ top years were in the late 1920s. Soon after, Nazi at train stations and street corners all across the city. This
rounded by a beautifully battered collonade. QOpen 10:00 politics put an end to the liberties of the group, which was quirky and fascinating museum explains the colourful history
- 18:00, Thu 10:00 - 22:00. Closed Mon. Admission €8/4. branded ‘culturally bolshevistic’ and it was forced to move to of this culinary creation in both English and German. It also
Berlin. Many members emigrated to the USA before the war has a neat shop for all your sausage accessories - and there’s
Altes Museum G-3, Am Lustgarten, MI, MHackescher broke out, and work was continued there. This museum holds delicious currywurst available inside, of course! QOpen
Markt, tel. 20 90 55 77, This a large room with examples of Bauhaus interiors, models of 10:00 - 22:00. Last admission 20:00. Regular opening hours
neoclassic building by Prussia’s star architect Karl Friedrich buildings and a collection of original furniture, including Marcel may change in case of special events. Admission €11/8,50.
Schinkel was custom-made for the art collection of the royal Breuer’s famous 1926 steel tube chair. Bauhaus’ influence on
Hohenzollerns of Berlin in 1830. Classical antiquities became everyday design is immense - after a visit here, you’ll start Deutsches Historisches Museum F-3, Unter den
the focus in 1904, and today the ground floor of the museum noticing it everywhere. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Tue. Linden 2, MI, MHackescher Markt, tel. 20 30 40,
uses pottery and sculptures to take you on a well-presented Admission Wed-Fri €6/3, Sat-Mon €7/4 (including audio guide Who’d have thought to look for a Prussian
tour through ancient Greek history. Upstairs is the temporary in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish). war chest in this early 18th-century building sitting pretty-in-
home to the Egyptian Museum (same ticket). QOpen 10:00 pink by the Spree? This former arsenal houses the German opening hours:
- 18:00, Wed 10:00.22:00. Admission €8/4. Berlinische Galerie G-4, Alte Jakobstr. 124-128, KB, History Museum, with its dazzling new extension designed
MHallesches Tor, tel. 78 90 26 00, www.berlinisch- by architect I.M. Pei. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00, Friday 10:00 -
mon - sat 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Bode Museum G-3, Monbijoubrücke, MI, MHacke- This museum for modern art, photography, 21:00. Admission €5. sun + holidays 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
scher Markt, tel. 266 36 66, After architecture, and artist archives concentrates 120 years
a long restoration, the opulent Bode Museum has reopened, worth of creativity forged in Berlin. Artists represent the Se- Gemäldegalerie E-4, Matthäikirchpl. 8, TG, MPots-
once again making available a variety of beautiful artefacts cession, Expressionist, Dada, New Objectivity movements, damer Pl., tel. 266 29 51, Ber- public transportation:
ranging from sculpture and European painting collections, and those representing divided Berlin. Giants of German art lin’s largest art museum has 72 rooms full of works spanning S1/S2/S25 and U2
many religious and/or morbid, to the Byzantine wing, which of- include Heinrich Zille, Otto Dix, George Grosz, Hannah Höch the 13th to 18th centuries. German masters include Dürer,
fers insight into the daily life of a disappeared culture (including Potsdamer Platz
and Wolf Vostell. A much-needed addition to the museum Cranach the Elder, and Holbein. The Italian works of Botticelli,
a popular contemporary gambling machine). QOpen 10:00 scene. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Tue. Admission €6/3. Titian, Raphael and others are from the 13th to 16th century,
- 18:00, Thu 10:00 - 22:00. Admission €8/4. Every 1st Monday of the month: €2. those of the Dutch from the 15th and 16th centuries. The entrance:
Rembrandt collection, one of the world’s largest, has 16 Leipziger Platz 7
Eg yptian Museum G-3, Am Lustgar ten, MI, Dalí - The Exhibition F-4, Leipziger Platz 7, MPots- works. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00, Thu 10:00 - 22:00. Closed
MHackescher Markt, tel. 20 90 55 77, www.smb. damer Platz, tel. (+49)(0) 18 05 10 33 23, www. Mon. Admission €8/€4.
museum. Until the adjacent Neues Museum is finished in The master of surreal, Salvador Dalí, left a
2009, the excellent Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collec- rich heritage of amazing artworks when he went to molten- Hamburger Bahnhof E-2, Invalidenstr. 50-51, TG,
tion are housed on the top floor of the Altes Museum build- watch land himself, and now over 400 exhibits can be viewed MLehrter Bahnhof, tel. 39 78 34 12, www.hamburger-

Hômmage á S.Dalí by DaVial

ing (ticket valid for both). The best and most spectacular at this permanent exhibition near Postdamer Platz. See true If trains still stopped in this converted station,
Egyptian finds are displayed here, including the famous genius and craftsmanship in the many paintings, sketches, now a modern art museum, it surely would have more visitors.
busts of Queen Nefertiti and King Echnaton. QOpen 10:00 books, films, objects, and documents that are on show here. But those curious about the expressiveness of a sculpture
- 18:00, Thu 10:00 - 22:00. Admission €8/4. QOpen 12:00 - 20:00, Sun 10:00 - 20:00. Admission €11/9. made of animal tallow (Joseph Beuys) or urban dwellers fix-
ated by bars of neon lighting (Dan Flavin) should make the Info: 0700 - 325 423 75
Pergamon Museum G-3, Am Kupfergraben, MI, Deutsche Guggenheim F-3, Unter den Linden 13-15, effort to get here. Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp are the (0700DaliBerlin)
MHackescher Markt, tel. 20 90 55 55, www.smb. MI, MFranzösische Str., tel. 202 09 30, www.deutsche- other familiar stars of this post-1960s collection. QOpen
museum. The Pergamon has the best of Berlin’s classical Tickets: 01805 - 10 33 23 Distancing itself as far as possible 10:00 - 18:00, Sat 11:00 - 20:00, Sun 11:00 - 18:00. Closed (0,14 €/min. calling from a landline in germany)
antiquities: the Greek Pergamon Altar, the market gate of from the conservative financial image, Deutsche Bank in Mon. Admission €8/4.
Miletus and the blue-tiled Ishtar Gate and processional a unique joint venture with the Solomon R. Guggenheim
way from Babylon. The Pergamon Altar’s enormous frieze Foundation, hosts world renowned contemporary artists Jewish Museum F-4, Lindenstr. 9-14, KB, MHallesches With over 450 exhibits form private
depicts the battle between the gods and the giants, with in solo shows in this exhibition space designed by Richard Tor, tel. 25 99 33 00, The famous zinc- collections this permanent exhibition
gals like Athena, Aphrodite and Artemis wiping out their Gluckman. Four annual art exhibitions span classic modernism plated fortress designed by Daniel Libeskind contains a provides general insight into Dalí's virtuous
opponents like robed Charlie’s Angels. Near-East antiqui- to contemporary works. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Thu 10:00 - moving perspective on the many ways in which German life
ties, with an emphasis on Assyria and Iran, and Islamic mastery in almost all art techniques,
22:00. Admission €4/3, free Mon. Free guided tours at 18:00. and Jewish history are intricately interwoven. The interior
art, including the great Mshatta palace facade round contains dark ‘voids’ for contemplation, but the exhibits cover in Berlin´s lively city centre.
out the museum’s treasure chest. The audioguide has Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin F-4, Schüt- much more than the Holocaust chapter of Jewish history in
an instructive 30-minute highlights tour. QOpen 10:00 - zenstr 70, MStadtmitte, tel. +49 30 88 71 86 47, info@ Germany. All texts are also in English. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00,
18:00, Thu 10:00 - 22:00. Admission €8/4., www.currywurstmuseum. Mon 10:00 - 22:00. Admission €5/2.50, changing exhibitions
com. According to the myth, currywurst is Berlin’s very own €4/2; combined ticket €7/3.50.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011



© Landesarchiv Berlin
Panoramapunkt E-4, Potsdamer Platz 1, Tiergar-

ten, MPotsdamer Pl., tel. (+49)30 25 93 70 80,,
It takes just 20 seconds on Europe’s fastest elevator to
get shot up to Berlin’s best viewpoint, on the 24th and
25th floor of this red brick skyscraper. Architect Hans
Kollhoff’s magnificent 1930s-inspired building refers to
Deutsche Bank presents Artist of the Year 2011 New York’s skyscraping glory days but also resembles
the Berlin bear, complete with a golden crown. On the top
15.04. — 19.06.2011 floors there’s a short film and an exhibition about the
amazing history of Potsdamer Platz square, which went
Unter den Linden 13/ 15, 10117 Berlin, 10 am — 8 pm, Mon Admission free,
from a world-class entertainment area to a Wall-divided
wasteland and back again within a generation. The café


and rooftop terrace offer great close-up views of Berlin’s
highlights: Brandenburger Tor, the Holocaust memorial,
Unter den Linden, the former Wall zone and Tiergarten
park. On lazy summer days, closing time is postponed
WWW.BERLIN-BUEHNEN.DE Kennedy Museum F-3, Pariser Platz 4a, MI, MUnter den for sunset. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00. Admission €5,50/4,
Linden, tel. 20 65 35 70, On 26 June audioguide €2,50.
1963, US President John F. Kennedy visited Berlin. He peered over

Julia the Wall at Brandenburger Tor, and, impressed after looking totali-
tarianism in the eyes, scribbled some last-minute amendments
to his famous speech. This note with the phonetically spelled
Chinese, Japanese and Korean art and archaeology. Each tradi-
tion has its own gallery, and in the centre, a room dedicated to

aaaaaaaaaaaa words Ish bin ein Bearliener is now on display, together with the
suitcase he held when he was shot in Texas a few months later,
and hundreds of photos documenting the Kennedy family’s
Buddhist art. Chinese and Japanese painting and calligraphy are
of special interest, as well as Japanese woodcuts. QOpen 10:00
- 18:00, Sat, Sun 11:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission €6/3.

history. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Admission €7/3,50.
Naturkundemuseum (Natural history museum) F-2,
Märkisches Museum (City Museum) G-3, Am Köll- Invalidenstr. 43, tel. 20 93 85 91, www.naturkundemuse-
nischen Park 5, MMärkisches Museum, tel. 24 00 21 All the wonders of nature under one roof; a grand

aaaaaaaaaaaa 62, Berlin’s city museum is set in

an impressive purpose-built complex emulating local archi-
tectural styles and donned with a brick tower. Inside, Berlin’s
collection illustrating the evolution of life as well as the diversity
and beauty of nature. Due to renovations, the largest mounted
dinosaur in the world and some of his friends are off-limits,

aaa cultural history with exhibitions about diverse aspects of life

in the city is displayed in 50 rooms. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00,
Wed 12:00 - 20:00. Closed Mon. Admission €4/2, Wed free.

Martin-Gropius-Bau F-4, Niederkirchnerstr. 7, KB,

but then there’s still the aardvarks, the early 20th-century
dioramas, meteorites, the most famous fossil of Earth history
(the ancient bird Archaeopteryx lithographica), giant shells and
the gorilla Bobby from the primates hall. QOpen 09:30 - 17:00,
Sat, Sun 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission €6/€3.50.
MPotsdamer Pl., tel. 25 48 60,
Dusty pink brick, gilded mosaics, stucco work run riot - this is Neue Nationalgalerie E-4, Potsdamer Str. 50, TG,
the work of Great Uncle Gropius, not Walter ‘Bauhaus’ Gropius. MPotsdamer Pl., tel. 266 26 51, www.museen-berlin.
Completed in 1881, the beauty once held an arts and crafts de. You’d think that the art world had gone to minimalist ex-
museum and nothing on the touristy block can hold a candle tremes when passing Mies van der Rohe’s empty glass box
to it. Today the Martin-Gropius-Bau hosts excellent touring of a museum; the 20th century treasures are all underground. Potsdamer Platz 1
shows. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00. Closed Tue. Admission €7.50/6. It was here that the wildly successful “MoMA in Berlin” exhibit
was on view 24 hours during its last three days. Now that the
Museum für Asiatische Kunst (Asian art museum) guest exhibit is gone, the permanent collection greats: Otto daily 10 am - 8 pm
60 VENUES // 7 BUS SHUTTLE ROUTES // PARTY // PARADE Lansstraße 8, Berlin- Dahlem, MDahlem-Dorf, tel. 830 14 Dix, Georg Grotz, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Picasso and
38, Alongside special exhibitions dealing Leger, among others, can make themselves at home again.
SATURDAY, 16 APRIL 2011: FROM 19:00 UNTIL 01:00
INFO- & TICKETHOTLINE: 030.47 99 74 74 with everything from Qing-dynasty painting to architecture, this QOpen 10:00 - 18:00, Thu 10:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 11:00 -
museum has an impressive permanent collection of Indian, 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission €6/3.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Berlin Underworlds Deutsches Technikmuseum

Tour 2, From Flak Towers to Mountains of Debris – Enter Visit the Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Technol-
a devastated albeit fascinating underground world: April ogy Museum) for an eventful and enjoyable journey of
1st – October 31st only, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday discovery through the cultural history of technology.
at 4:00 p.m. The museum presents a broad spectrum of old and
Tour 3 – Subways, Bunkers, Cold War – A political history of new technology and demonstrates the various historical
Berlin from an unusual perspective: all-year, everyday (ex- connections to culture and everyday life. The collection
cept Monday) at 1 p.m., additionally on Tuesday at 11 a.m. includes aviation and space flight objects, a huge variety
Tour M – Breaching the Berlin Wall – Subterranean es- of trains, automobiles, film technology, and the world’s
capes from East Berlin to West Berlin: April 1st – October first computers built by Konrad Zuse. The large museum
31st only, Sundays at 10:30 a.m. park – containing two windmills, a water mill and a brew-
ery – is an oasis of green. Spectrum, the neighbouring
These tours also take place in German and Spanish at science centre, has more than 250 experiments for
other times. Various tours also take place in Dutch, French, discovering physical phenomena through play.
© Berliner Unterwelten e.V/Frieder Salm Italian and Danish
For further information see
The Berliner Unterwelten Association (Berlin Underworlds Tickets (no reservation, just show up) and meeting point are
Association) allows you to experience Berlin´s history from at the southern entrance of the Gesundbrunnen Subway
an unusual perspective, through its underground installa- station (Brunnenstraße 105). Phone: +49-30-49 91 05 17
tions dating back to the Cold War, WWII or earlier. Though
predominantly in the spaces below Berlin´s Gesundbrunnen
station, tours are also offered in several other complexes
usually not accessible to the public. The various tours are
held every day and most of the tours take place year round.
With prior notification, tours can be arranged for groups of
minimum 20 people at other times.
Tours in English: '(876&+(67(&+1,.086(80
Tour 1, Dark Worlds – A bunker from the Nazi era: all-year,
everyday (except Tuesday) at 11 a.m.,
additionally on Mondays at 1 p.m. © Berliner Unterwelten e.V/Stefan Gier 6&,(1&(&(17(563(&7580
Photography museum (Helmut Newton Stiftung) an eye-glazing number of royal Friedrichs and Wilhelms resided. =(,66*52663/$1(7$5,80
C-4, Jebensstr. 2, CB, MZoologischer Garten, tel. 20 Also here is the largest collection of 18th century French paint-
90 55 55. The late fashion photographer Helmut Newton ing outside France plus a beautiful Baroque garden landscape,
fled Berlin with his Jewish family in the 1930s but his love mausoleum, and Belvedere teahouse with a porcelain exhibi- =8&.(5086(80
for his hometown remained. Berlin has the honour of giving tion. Arriving via bus N°109 or 210 will save you a 15-minute
him his final resting place this year, as well as opening this walk from any of the nearest S- and U-Bahn stations. Q Open Zoo & Aquarium
new museum, made up of 1,000 photographs he donated Old Palace 09:00 - 17:00. New Wing 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Zoologischer Garten C-4, Hardenbergpl. 8 and Bu-
to the city before his death. Only 250 works will be on view Mon. Admission Old Palace €10, New Wing €6. dapester Str. 34, CB, MZoologischer Garten, tel. 25
at a time. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission €6. 40 10, Visitor numbers to Berlin’s

Schloss Charlottenburg A-3, Spandauer Damm 20-24,

German Technology Museum (Deutsches Technik-
museum) F-4, Trebbiner Str. 9, MGleisdreieck, tel. (+49)30
fantastic zoo have rocketed since the birth of Knut the polar
bear rocked the world - and in 2007, over 3 million people
CB, MRichard-Wagner-Platz, Sophie-Charlotte-Pl., tel. 32 90 25 40, Unmistakably recognisable from the visited, up 20% from 2006. There’s good reason too, even if
09 14 40, The largest royal resi-
dence in Berlin is Schloss Charlottenburg, named for Prussia’s
U-Bahn by the Douglas C-47 plane suspended above the new
aeronautics building, this is a huge complex set in and around
you’ve had enough of cuddly white bears; with some 14,000
animals of nearly 1400 species, it’s the most varied zoo in
first queen. Though it began as a modest summer palace in an old freight station rail depot, with technical exhibitions, the the world. The kids will have their faces glued to the glass
1695, today’s version, distinguished by its 505-meter length Spectrum science centre with 250 hands-on experiments, and a for hours at the separate aquarium complex. Here, fish,
and central tower, took its final form in 1790. You can tour the park with a Dutch windmill and a brewery. QOpen 09:00 - 17:30, reptiles and amphibians of all shapes, colours and sizes can
luxurious and largely Rococo and Baroque apartments where Sat, Sun 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission €4.50/2.50. be viewed at close quarters in landscape basins and tanks.
Highlights for most children are the blacktip reef sharks and
the crocodiles, though the jellyfish, corals and the rare lizard-


like tuatara also deserve attention. The kids will love you
forever if their visit if it coincides with the daily feeding times;
polar bears at 10:30, penguins at 13:45, wolves and bears
Society for the Exploration and Documentation of Subterranean Architecture at 14:00, monkeys and pelicans at 15:30. At the aquarium,
the sharks, rays and other large fish get fed every second

Berlin from below

Mon at 15:00, and the crocodiles have dinner on Mon and
Thu at 13:30. QOpen 09:00 - 18:30. Admission €12/9 for
zoo or aquarium, combined €18/14.

Cold War and WW II bunker tours

Different tours every day • see:
Subway: Gesundbrunnen (U8), southern entrance-hall • Brunnenstraße 105

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Deutsch-Russisches Museum Zwieseler Str. 4 (cor-

ner of Rheinstr.), MKarlshorst, tel. 50 15 08 41, www. In the southeast, the building where
Germany signed its surrender in May 1945 now serves as the
Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst. More rooms
focus on World War II, but exhibits include Soviet relations to both
East and West Germany and ‘the presence of the war following
the war’. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission free.

Haus am Checkpoint Charlie (The Wall Museum)

F-4, Friedrichstr. 43-45, KB, MKochstr., tel. 253 72 50, A homespun Great Escape
museum of false trunks, tools, videos and stills of tunnel-
digging - and a submarine - attest to necessity and desire
being the mother of invention. Visit this museum for dramatic
stories of separated lovers, freedom-seeking families, and
€29. Check the website for their three-hour tour taking in all the fed-up senior citizens in the GDR who eventually breached
Sightseeing tours sights, and various other trips.QTickets €18. Buses run from the Wall. A worthwhile stop, though unfortunately, the poor
It’s unnarrated, but the cheapest tour through town is on 10:00 - 15:00. translations and outdated texts do little to illuminate the
buses N°100 and 200. These public double-decker buses run events leading up to the Wall’s construction. The museum
between Zoo Bahnhof and Alexanderplatz, with the N°100 pass- Trabi XXL Trabant city tours tel. +49 174 150 50 20, also has art interpreting the concrete division of the city, an
ing the Tiergarten and Reichstag and the N°200 taking a slightly, No trip to Berlin is exhibit on human rights movements, and film screenings.
more southern route via the embassy area and Potsdamer complete without a visit to Checkpoint Charlie and a ride in a QOpen 09:00 - 22:00. Admission €9.50/5.50.
Platz before converging on Unter den Linden. A two hour tour genuine GDR Trabant. But the historic 2-stroke “peoples’ car” has
(€18) on the yellow, double-decker City Circle bus runs every moved on since the fall of the Iron Curtain and is now available as Stasi Museum (Forschungs- und Gedenkstätte
15 minutes. Select your language of choice for the recorded a luxury stretch limo for your private events. For weddings, par- The physical division of Berlin during 28 years, and the Normannenstraße) Ruschestraße 103, Haus 1, FH,
narration piped in through headphones. You can jump on and ties or simply an unforgettable night touring through the sights development of two completely separated cities on both MMagdalenenstr., tel. 553 68 54, www.stasimuseum.
off at the 14 stops between 10:00 - 18:00. Kurfürstendamm of Berlin, the XXL Trabi can be booked for a once-in-a-lifetime sides of the Wall that ran between them, has led to huge de. East Germany’s State Security Service or Stasi was
216 and Alexanderplatz are the two starting points. and fun journey through the most dynamic and fascinating city differences that cannot be erased in a matter of a few responsible for intelligence gathering both at home and
in Europe! Q City tours from €160 (up to 5 passengers). Prices years. Here‘s an overview of sights that give insight into abroad. It spied on its own citizens, sometimes employing
Air Service Berlin Schönefeld airport, tel. (+49)(0)30 for longer individual arrangements upon request. life with the Wall. the friends, colleagues, and family of those they wished to
60 91 37 30/0180-570 87 08 (bookings), www.air- keep an eye on. Today, this humble museum shows the office If you’re a closet balloonist, or always had Alliiertenmuseum (Allied Museum) Clayallee 135, of Erich Mielke, the Stasi minister for 32 years, in its original
a special place in your heart for the DC-3, Air Service Berlin will Viewpoints ZD, MOskar-Helena-Heim, tel. 818 19 90, dull state. In the former cafeteria you can watch a video of
sweep you off your feet. You can go for an hour-long aerial tour Fernsehturm (TV tower) G-3, Panoramastr. 1a, Mitte, The Allied Museum covers 50 years of Mielke testifying before a panel in 1989. Symbols of Com-
of town (€99) in a beautifully restored 1944 Dakota DC-3, the MAlexanderpl., tel. (+49)30 247 57 58 75, West German-Allied (US, British, French) relations in the US munist kitsch can be found in one room, and documents in
plane that helped Berliners beat the Soviet blockade, and that The skewered disco ball may well have been Socialist Germany’s Army movie house Outpost. The prize exhibit is the original German make up the bulk of the exhibits. English tours are
is a familiar sight in Berlin’s skies. You can also tour the city most innovative design, as its form predated the light-throwing sentry box from the Checkpoint Charlie border crossing. available with advance request. QOpen 11:00 - 18:00, Sat,
by waterplane (starting from I-4, Treptower Park), helicopter device of the ABBA era by about 10 years. The 368-metre televi- QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Wed. Admission free. Sun 14:00 - 18:00. Admission €3.50.
and zeppelin. If that isn’t enough, you can also go skydiving. sion broadcast tower, completed in 1969 and 70m higher than the
Eiffel tower, even has a restaurant with a rotating floor (phone ahead Berlin Wall Memorial F-2, Bernauer Str. 111, Trabi Safari F-3, Zimmerstr. 97, MStadtmitte, tel. 27
Berlin City Tour tel. (+49)(0)30 68 30 26 41, www. for a table). Whether one’s in the east or west, the tower’s round MNordbahnhof, tel. 464 10 30, www.berliner-mauer- 59 22 73, East Germany’s cuddly Doubledecker buses with live English head peering over rooftops certainly brings a level of humour to This excellent information two-stroke 26hp plastic car, recognisable by the charac-
commentary circle the main sights all day. The full tour lasts the skyline. Photos circling the enclosed observation level point out centre covers the Wall’s history in film, slides, and English teristic bem-bem sound and cloud of smoke, has nearly
1hr 45mins. Hop on at Tauntzienstraße 16, Town Hall or the landmarks for you. QOpen 09:00 - 24:00. Admission €11/€7. text. German speakers can listen to the propaganda of the been wiped off the streets of Berlin. On a Trabi safari you
Brandenburger Tor. Q Tickets €14/11/5. Studio at the Barbed Wire broadcasts, which vans blasted are shown how to operate the revolver-like gearshift and
via bullhorns to East German border guards between 1961 then off you go on an hour-long trip through the eastern
Berlin Trails tel. (+49)(0)30 34 76 64 64, tours@berlin- Walking & Bike tours and 1965. The guards often drowned out the message from part of town in a column of up to six farting Trabis. Choose See Berlin’s highlights by bus - a small minivan Berlin on Bike G-2, Knaackstr. 97, Kulturbrauerei, PB, the West by playing music. A graffiti-free portion of preserved from a fleet of 60 colourful cars, zebra-striped, cabriolet
with your guide at the steering wheel, that is. Choose between MEberswalderstr., tel. (+49)(0)30 43 73 99 99, booking@ Wall runs along Bernauer Straße; you can walk behind it and or streched. Find Trabi Safari at the Welt Balloon near
several tours, from a 2,5hr classic city tour to the full-on 8hr, Two guided bike-tours peer through a crack to see a preserved section of death Checkpoint Charlie. Q Open 10:00 - 18:00. Day trips
tour that includes bunkers and Stasi prisons. Pick-ups from are offered between 1 April and 1 November. Choose between strip. One stop by tram M10 from the S-Bahn station. QOpen 10:00-18:00, Night trips 20:00-24:00. From €30/person,
hotels and tailor-made trips possible. the Berlin Wall Tour (Tue, Thu, Sat at 11:00) which covers seven 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon. Admission free. book in advance.
miles of the former death strip and includes a visit to one of the
City Safari tel. (+49)(30) 41 93 50 17, www.citysafari- last border watchtowers; and Berlin´s Best (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun Hop onto one of the doubledecker buses decked at 11:00) which cycles past the main sights. Tours start in court 4
out in giraffe, zebra or tiger colours to see the sights of Berlin. of the Kulturbrauerei, or join at the Berliner Bank on the corner of
Tickets are available from the kiosks at Brandenburger Tor, Eberswalder Straße and Schönhauser Allee. Q €18 including rental
Hauptbahnhof, Potsdamer Platzand the Rotes Rathaus, as bike, or €13 with your own. Bike rental without tour €10 per 24 hours.
well as on the buses which run from 10:00-18:00 daily. Then
hop on and off as you please, and make use of a free boat tour.
Commentary en route is provided in 12 languages, and there’s
video too for viewing images of old Berlin. Q Tickets €20/10.

Severin & Kühn tel. (+49)(0)30 880 41 90, www. Big doubledecker buses depart
every 15 minutes to do the two-hour ‘city circle’ tour which comes
with commentary in ten languages. The ticket is valid 24 hours
and allows you to hop off at any of the 16 stops, to reboard when
you feel like it. You can combine the tour with a river cruise for

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


You could ruin a good set of heels window-shopping in

Berlin. Antiques bubble.kid berlin
Stroll Kurfürstendamm, particularly between Uhlandstr. Antique stores cluster so conveniently together that it
and Adenauerpl., for Versace, Jil Sander, Gucci, and Sonia takes all the fun out of having a private driver. Keithstr., The spring/summer 2011
Rykiel. If you’re looking for something other than the same a two-minute walk from U-Bahn station Wittenbergpl., collection of this fresh
old same old, follow Berliners to the boutiques of Annette is lined with shops. The area around Nollendorfpl. - German-designed children’s
Peterman and Nanna Kuckuck on Bleibtreustr. Eisenacher Str., Motzstr., and Nollendorfstr. - is another clothing brand is inspired by
With the exception of Berlin’s proudest department store, centre of dust-collection. The holdings of the shops colours, both classic tints
Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe, ‘Department store of along Georgenstr. can’t be too precious because their and bold and bright. For
the west’), Tauentzienstr. is lined with mass market retail roof is the S-Bahn track between Hackescher Markt and girls there’s clothing with
stores. KaDeWe has an excellent selection of foods as Friedrichstr. iridescent fish, butterflies,
well as a vast array of services, from umbrella repair to exotic flowers amd rain forest colours: papaya, lime and
tailoring. hibiscus. The boys get to wear loose cuts and lightweight
Mitte’s credit card trail is Friedrichstr., between Unter Books materials in cotton and linen in natural and fresh colours such
den Linden and Stadtmitte. Tank-size Bentleys and Berlin Story F-3, Unter den Linden 26, MI, MFriedrich- as aquatic and earth tones. For babies there are light summer
costly ounces of French perfume now define the street str., tel. 20 45 38 42. The city is the muse of Berlin Story, trousers and airy dresses in charming, vibrant summer
where Soviets and Americans faced off in the Cold War. which has souvenirs in addition to books about and guides to colours, as well as bubble.kid’s denim classic.
The Friedrichstadtpassagen and Galeries Lafayette the city. A 25-minute film on Berlin, a 1930 city model, and a
(with a fascinating interior and gourmet basement) are history exhibit are part of the free exhibition upstairs. Those Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 7, U-Bahn Alexanderplatz,
the main emporiums. Mitte’s maze of streets around interested in the film The Downfall, about Hitler’s last days tel. 94 40 42 52, Mon-Fri
Weinmeisterstr. is where to find what’s driving the in his bunker, should take a flip through the book The Führer 11:30 - 19:00, Sat 11:30 - 16:00.
under-thirty crowd into debt. Half-sewn shirts are the new Bunker, available in English only here. QOpen 10:00 - 22:00,
prêt-a-portier. Sun 10:00 - 20:00.
Kreuzberg, where the protesting students of 1968 Books in Berlin C-4, Goethestr. 69, CB, MErnst- Fashion
have grown grey alongside Turkish immigrants, has Reuter-Pl., tel. 313 12 33, A Adidas Store G-2/3, Münzstr. 13, MI, MWeinmeister-
two main shopping streets. Between bars and take- nook devotedly entirely to English-language books. QOpen str., tel. 27 59 43 81. QOpen 11:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun.
out eateries on Oranienstr. are bookstores, wool 12:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun. Bag Ground
specialists, ethnic grocers, internet cafés and Luzifer, Dussmann F-3, Friedrichstr. 90, MI, MFriedrichstr., G-2, Gipsstr. 23b, MWeinmeisterstr., tel.
a long-time maker of monotone linen and wool cloth- tel. 20 25 24 10. Four floors make Dussmann the big- 27 58 31 77, Clas-
ing. Bergmannstr. is less scruffy but still full of funky gest bookstore in Berlin. The English-language section is sic, daring and cute quality handbags from a
gift and household supply stores, as well as a few limited, but music and DVDs are for sale on the ground variety of Germany and international designers.
clothing stores. floor, there are comfy balcony areas for reading upstairs Prices start around €35. QOpen 12:00 - 20:00.
Full of people under thirty, Prenzlauer Berg is where to and there’s a cafe on the top floor. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. Closed Sun.
watch the trends. Kastanianallee and Szredzkistr. are Closed Sun. Birkenstock Shop Berlin G-3, Neue Schönhauser Str.
two streets to comb, but you’re likely to find an interesting Marga Schoeller Bücherstube C-4, Knesebeckstr. 6-7, MI, MHackescher Markt, tel. 28 09 96 94. Made in
window display wherever you walk. 33, CB, MUhlandstr., tel. 881 11 12. A tightly-packed Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) D-4, Tauentzienstr. Germany since 1774. One has to wonder about what reputation
shop of English-language literature, as well as academic 21, CB, MWittenbergpl., tel. 212 10, 18th century Birkenstock sandal wearers had - were they even
books. QOpen 09:30 - 19:00, Thu, Fri 09:30 - 20:00, Sat Berlin’s answer to Harrod’s has seven huge floors with two de- then liberal tree-huggers? Amongst the very cool boutiques
09:30 - 16:00. Closed Sun. voted completely to gourmet food and drink. Have oysters at the selling shoes with tendon-thin heels, it’s refreshing to find a
champagne bar to take the sting out of your shopping spree. If shoe store that wants you to survive walking Berlin’s uneven
anything has come undone on your travels, there are myriad repair cobblestone streets. Comfort is even part of the design of the
Department stores and cleaning services at hand to make it all better, dear. QOpen line by catwalk supermodel Heidi Klum. QOpen 11:00 - 20:00.
Alexa Centre G-3, Alexanderplatz, Grunerstr. 20, 10:00 - 20:00, Fri 10:00 - 22:00, Sat 09:30 - 20:00. Closed Sun. BOSS Orange G-2/3, Max-Beer-Str. 2, MWeinmeis-
MAlexanderplatz, tel. 269 34 00, www.alexacentre. Quartier 206 F-3, Friedrichstr. 71, MI, MStadmitte, terstr., tel. 847 10 78 80. A fantastic new BOSS shop
com. At the eastern end of Alexanderplatz square, the Alexa tel. 20 94 62 40, Berlin’s design aimed at the young, cool end of the market. The sawed-up
Centre shopping mall is a remarkable Spanish-designed and lifestyle department store par excellence. An elegant, cars at the entrance may seem unusual, but then there’s
building, inspired by Berlin’s golden age in the 1920s and cosmopolitan world of shopping on two storeys with an the underground gallery, in what looks like an air-raid bunker.
the city’s tradition of department stores. With five floors imaginative, exclusive and trend-setting range of items. Cover- The wacky changing rooms top anything we’ve seen. A bar in
and 180 shops, restaurants and cafés, there’s something ing 2,500 square metres of retail space in three interlinked the shop serves ‘stylefood’ should you get peckish. QOpen
for everyone here, from fashion to books and groceries to street blocks, and including international designer fashion, 11:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun.
music and film. Both parents and children will love the mas- accessories, popular labels, cosmetics, jewellery, books, art Bubble.kid G-3, Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 7, MI, MAl-
sive kids area, which even has a cinema.QOpen Mon-Sat and flowers, Quartier 206 offers an enriching shopping experi- exanderplatz, tel. 94 40 42 52, A
10:00-21:00 (lower level from 08:00). Food court also open ence. QOpen 10:30 - 19:30, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. young Berlin label producing creative fashion for babies and
Sun 11:00-19:00. LOXX daily 10:00-19:00. children up to 6 years. The German-made cotton clothes are
Galeria Kaufhof G-3, Alexanderpl. 9, MI, MAlexan- functional, trendy, colourful and safe. Online sales available.
derpl., tel. 24 74 30, The best QOpen 11:30 - 19:00, Sat 11:30 - 16:00. Closed Sun.
department store east of Friedrichstraße is modern inside Budapester Schuhe C-4,, CB, MUhlandstr., tel. 882
but a concrete and metal monstrosity seen from outside. 36 76. Men’s shoes get all the fondling nowadays - this shop
The store is linked to an excellent Saturn outlet (electronics carries handcrafted Italian, English, American, and Hungarian
and CDs) via the large 1st floor sports department. QOpen leather shoes. The women’s shoes, primarily by top Italian
09:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun. designers, rely on mechanical precision. QOpen 10:00 -
Galeries Lafayette F-3,, MI, MFranzösische Str., tel. 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun.
20 94 80, French Huguenots did Cijada G-1, Danziger Str. 15,
much for Berlin’s cultural development in the late 1600s, and tel. 48 49 77 16,
the rebirth of Friedrichstraße in the late 1990s wouldn’t have For women whose
been possible without this posh French department store. first priority in buying shoes is
Architect Jean Nouvel designed the building, which has a beauty, style and elegance,
fabulous gaping glass funnel in the centre. Less is indeed Cijada is an essential stop on
more, as you’ll see on the price tag of every dainty accessory. any shopping tour. This inde-
QOpen 10:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun. pendent shoe boutique offers

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


tausche Taschen Onitsuka Tiger Store Berlin Markets

Kunst und Nostalgiemarkt F-3, Kupfergraben, MI,
Different every day. tausche In a remarkable ambiance MFriedrichstr.. Lining the way to the Pergamon Museum
Taschen stands for bags of high quality materials are canal-side stalls carrying crafts and souvenirs including
with exchangeable flaps in and exciting design, com- red-and-green gummi Ampelmännchen. Q Open Sat, Sun
more than 100 different de- bining traditional and 11:00 - 17:00.
signs. Two flaps are included modern Japan, the Japa- Trödel and Kunstmarkt D-3, Straße des 17. Juni,
in the price of one bag. Vari- nese brand Onitsuka Tiger TG, MTiergarten, tel. 26 55 00 96. Most the vendors
ous insets equip your bag to presents the whole variety at this antique and craft market next to Tiergarten S-Bahn
suit any occasion. of its shoe and apparel station are well-organised, making finding that door handle,
collections. Don’t miss the specials celebrating the 60th French glass vase, Turkish kilim, or amber necklace more
Raumerstr. 8, tel. 40 30 anniversary of the brand. of a shopping than rummaging experience. Artisans with
17 70, fax 40 30 17 71, Alte Schönhauser Str. 20-22, tel. 24 63 21 03, new wares are separate from the antique section, which, www. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-19:30, includes second-hand CDs and clothes. Q Open Sat, Sun Sat 11:00-19:00. 10:00 - 17:00.
Trödelmarkt D-5, John-F-Kennedy Pl., SB, MRathaus
Schöneberg, tel. 03322-24 67 23. Less touristy than the
a range of high-quality footwear that is hand-picked to keep Nike Town D-4, Tauentzienstr. 66, CB, MWittenbergpl., Straße des 17. Juni market, this fleamarket offers better deals, of Ampelmännchen figures make for more pedestrian
pace with the very latest fashion trends. Brands include tel. 250 70. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. especially when vendors are wrapping up for the day. Q Open memories of Berlin. Other tiny beings that don’t take up
Birkenstock, Paco Gil, Minnetonka, Fred de la Bretoniere and Closed Sun. Sat, Sun 08:00 - 16:00. much luggage space are the straw and wood figurines of
Bronx. QOpen 11:00 - 19:00, Sat 11:00 - 14:00. Closed Sun. Tausche Taschen H-1, Raumerstr. 8, MEberswalder Trödelmarkt J-4, Boxhagener Platz, FH, MFrank- the Erzgebirge that are sold in many tourist gift shops.
Escada F-3, Friedrichstr. 176-179, MI, MStadtmitte, tel. Str., tel. 40 30 17 70,, www.tausche. furter Tor. The fleamarket on the Boxi may be the funki- Most of the ornaments and nutcrackers are meant for
238 64 04. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. de. Different everyday! tausche Taschen stands for bags est place to trawl though junk including everything from display at Christmas.
Hilfiger Denim Store Rosenthaler Str. 38, tel. (+49)30 with exchangeable flaps in more than 100 different designs. 1970s tape recorders to Polish art posters and second-
24 63 20 91, Denim with sexy Two flaps are included in the price of one bag. Various insets hand clothing. There are plenty of cafés in the area to Erzgebirgskunst Petzoldt G-2/3, Sophienstr. 9, MI,
patterns, cool styles and trendy colours in a designer shop. equip your bag to suit any occasion. Q Mon-Fri 11:00-20:00, combine your treasure hunt with breakfast. Q Open Sun MWeinmeisterstr., tel. 282 67 54. Traditional wooden
Three other outlets in town. Sat 11:00-18:00 10:00 - 18:00. toys and decorative things from the Erzgebirge region. QOpen
MO-A J-4, Oderstrasse 16, FH, MSamariter Str., tel. 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun.
27 57 13 33, Monika Alschweig’s atelier Münz Chirurgie F-2/3, Oranienburger Str. 54/56
is where to pick up the woman of leisure’s must-haves: silk Jewellery Souvenirs & Gifts (Tacheles), MI, MOranienburger Tor, tel. 336 75 69,
kimonos, linen Thai fishing pants, and dresses of comfortable Askania G-3, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41, MHackescher You don’t have to walk far down Unter den Linden from w w Ar tist Tom Petzold makes
elegance. Her pompadour bags in pastels or Asian-inspired Markt, Berlin is a special city, Brandenburger Tor to find souvenir shops le ft and beautiful pendants from normal coins from across the
red and black are featured at the luxurious Hotel Adlon’s shop. and now the buzzing metropolis has its old watchfactory back, (mostly) right. Scores of coffee table books document world by removing the unneccessar y bits with an ex-
Q Tue, Wed, Fri 14:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-14:00. once again producing mechanical masterpieces in line with the changing face of Berlin and its most scarred and tremely fine saw - leaving just the rim and the picture
a tradition dating back more than a hundred years. Discover wounded moments in history. The irrepressible cheer intact. From €50.
the excitement of mechanical watches made in Berlin at
Askania’s impressive store in the Hackesche Höfe courtyards.
QOpen 12:00 - 20:00.
Bulgari C-4, Fasanenstr. 70, Charlottenburg, MUhland-
str., tel. (+49)30 885 79 20. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat
10:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun.
Cartier C-4, Fasanenstr. 28, MUhlandstr., tel. (+49)30 886
70 60. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun.
Christ Juweliere F-3, Friedrichstr. 176-179, Mitte,
MFranzösische Str., tel. (+49)30 204 10 49. QOpen
10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. 17 other
outlets in town.

Heidenreich jewellery
The jeweller y shop
near the Kulturbrau-
erei in Prenzlauer Berg
o f fe rs i n d i vi d u al l y
made wedding rings
and designs in plati-
shoe store
num, gold and silver,
as well as selling the STAR BABY / SHABBIES / AMSTERDAM
work of contemporary
young artists. With
everything from minimal to classic, with or without gems,
any shopper can find something to wear, or have an item
specially made. Near the metro station Eberswalder Strasse.
Danziger Strasse 15 / 10435 Berlin / /
Juwelier Heidenreich, Danziger Str. 17, PB, tel. TEL: + 49 (0) 30 48 49 11 76 / FAX: + 49 (0) 30 48 49 11 79
44 04 22 70, U-Bahn Eberswalder Str. Open Tue-Fri OPENING HOURS: Tue- Fri: 11–19 Uhr / Sat: 11–18 Uhr
11:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-14:00, closed Sun, Mon.

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011


Accountants Language schools

Ernst & Young Französische Str. 48, tel. (+49)(0)30 Berlitz Mitte F-3, Friedrichstr. 95, MI, MFriedrich-
25 47 10,
KPMG Klingelhöferstraße 18, tel. (+49)(0)30 206 80,
str., tel. (+49)(0)30 204 21 24,
Full directory: Inlingua F-2, Kronenstr. 55-58, MLeipziger Str., tel.
Nörr Stiefenhofer Lutz Charlottenstr. 57, tel. (+49) (+49)(0)30 88 47 11 90,
(0)30 20 94 20 00,
PricewaterhouseCoopers Leise-Meitner-Str. 1, tel.
(+49)(0)30 263 60, Money
The only good way to get euros in Germany is to stick your
debit card (with a 4-digit PIN code) into an ATM (bank- ARRIVA Relocation Sybelstr. 43, tel. 32 77 43 11,
Airlines omat in German). Your bank charges you a small transfer
Air Berlin, fee (usually €1-2) and calculates the exchange rate using Enter Berlin Hohenzollerndamm 55, tel. 88 92 02 40,
Air France, tel. 0180-583 08 30, the bank’s middle rate, which is usually better than the
Austrian, tel. 0180-300 05 20, rate that you get at the exchange offices or banks. Credit First Relocating Kissinger Str. 67, tel. 826 14 51,
British Airways, tel. 01805-26 65 22, www.britis- cards can also be used in many ATMs, but may charge high commissions. When changing cash, shop around if you
CSA, tel. 0180 392 00 35, plan to change a large amount - commissions and rates
Deutsche BA, differ. Traveller’s Cheques are outdated and practically Real Estate
Easyjet, superfluous in Europe, but many banks and exchange of- BPC Berlin Property Consultants, tel. 411 98
EL AL, tel. 03-971 61 11, fices still accept them. 39 00, email:, www.bpc-berlin.
Finnair, tel. 01803-34 66 24, com.
Germania Express, American Express D-4, Bayreuther Str. 37, CB, MWit-
Germanwings, tenbergplatz, tel. 21 47 62 92. QOpen 09:00 - 19:00,
KLM, tel. 41 01 38 44, Sat 10:00 - 13:00. Closed Sun. Also at Friedrichstraße 172. Telephone
LOT, tel. 01803-300 03 36, Berlin’s telephone code is 030. When phoning between Ger-
Lufthansa Kaiserdamm 109, tel. 322 10 51, www. Reisebank C-4, Zoo Bahnhof, tel. 881 71 17, www. man cities, the full city code including the zero must be used. QOpen 07:30 - 22:00. Also at Ostbahnhof. Calls to mobiles (Handys in German) require the initial zero.
SAS, tel. 410 13 70, To call abroad, dial 00 followed by the international country
Swiss , tel. 41 01 27 64/01803-00 03 37, www. code and the local number. To call Germany from abroad, Moving to Berlin dial the international access code followed by the German
Volare, The following companies can help with every aspect of relo- country code (49), and the city code (Berlin 030, Frankfurt
Europcar G-3, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 19-21, MI, tel. 240 cation, including moval, permits, acommodation, language 069, Munich 089) or mobile number, dropping the initial zero.
79 00, QOpen 07:00 - 24:00, Sat courses and getting to know the local community. Most public telephones are card-operated.
Buses 08:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun.
Berlin Linien Bus Mannheimer Str. 33/34, CB, MHei- Hertz C-4, Budapester Str. 39, tel. 261 10 53, www.


delberger Pl., tel. 861 93 31, QOpen 07:00 - 20:00, Sat 08:00 - 16:00, Sun
Buses to national and international destinations. Munich 09:00 - 13:00.
€45, Hamburg €25, Frankfurt €44, Prague €38, Amsterdam
€53, Paris €76.
Deutsche Touring (Eurolines) Masurenallee 4, Doctors
tel. 069 79 03 50, One Dipl.-Med. Christa Bottin Prenzlauer Allee 189,
of the founding members of the Eurolines bus network, MEberswalder Str., tel. 442 38 23.
DT has dozens of nicely priced international destina- Dr. Alexandra Heiser Kurfürstendamm 139, MAde-
tions. Prague €35. Q Kaiserdamm 30: 09:00 - 18:00, nauerpl., tel. 89 54 07 50. General medicine & homeopathy. STARCAR – the easy way to rent a cheap car in Berlin.
Sat 09:00 - 13:00. Dr. Karin Wrobel Schönhauser Allee 126 A, MSchön-
ZOB (Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof am Funkturm) hauser Allee, tel. 448 57 67.

C a rs f o r
Masurenallee 4-6, MKaiserdamm, tel. 301 03 80 Dr. med. Michael Oppel Der ff linger str. 14,
/302 53 61, Berlin’s central bus MKurfürstenstr., tel. 44 72 81 28, fax 44 72 81 29,
station is not very central, at the western end of the, w w w.integrative-

city. For tickets, contact the ZOB travel agency, www.
Business connections Benjamin Franklin Clinical Centre Klingsorstr.,
American Chamber of Commerce Charlottenstr. 42, MRathaus Steglitz, tel. 84 45 30 15, www.medizin.
tel. (+49)(0)30 28 87 89 21,
Deutsche Industrie-und Handelskammer (Cham- Campus Charité Mitte Clinical Centre F-2, Luisen-
ber of Commerce) Breite Str. 29, tel. (+49)(0)30 str. 66, MZinnowitzer Str., tel. 450 53 10 00, www.
Campus Virchow Clinical Centre Augustenburger
Pl. 1, MAmrumer Str., tel. 450 55 20 00, w w w.
Car rental
Avis C-4, Budapester Str. 43, tel. 230 93 70, www.avis. German Heart Centre Berlin Augustenburger Pl. 1,
de. Q Open 24hrs.
Budget Tegel Airport, tel. 41 01 33 64, www.budget.
MAmrumer Str., tel. 45 93 10 00,
Charité Universitätsklinikum F-3, Schumannstr. 20-
3x in Berlin - Tiergarten Schillstraße 10
Berlin - Neukölln Neuköllnische Allee 25
Tel: 030 / 25 75 77 0
Tel: 030 / 68 29 68 0
de. QOpen 07:00 - 23:00, Sat 08:00 - 20:00, Sun 08:00
- 23:00. Also at Budapester Str. 24. For Schönefeld Airport
call the above number.
21, MOranienburger Tor, tel. 45 050,
Waldfriede Hospital Argentinische Allee 40, MK-
rumme Lanke, tel. 81 81 02 85,
Berlin: Berlin - Pankow Prenzlauer Promenade 43 Tel: 030 / 80 92 79 50

Berlin In Your Pocket April - May 2011








in k
le r

Ackerstr. FG 2 Engeldamm H4 Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee BC 2 Neue Blumenstr. H3 Skalitzer Str. G 4-I 4

es t e
Straße 70
Adalbertstr. H4 Englische Str. C3 Kantstr. BC 4 Neue Grünstr. F4 Solinger Str. CD 3 Kol. Friedrichsweg


A 111
GH 5
EF 3
FG 4
BC 4
A 3/4 1 tw
e g Hüttigpfad

Heckerdam va ttig
Albrechtstr. F3 Ernst-Reuter-Platz C3 Karl-Marx-Allee G-I 3 Niederkirchnerstr. F4 Sophie-Charlotten-Str. A3 Nordufer

That s Pri
m pfa
Alexanderplatz G3 Esmarchstr. H2 Karlsruher Str. A4 Niederwallstr. F3 Sophienstr. G 2/3 Paul-Hertz- Frie d

Heckerdam dric
Alexanderstr. G3 Fasanenallee D 3/4 Kastanienallee G2 Nikol.-Groß-Weg A2 Spandauer Damm AB 3 h-O
Alexanderufer F 2/3 Fasanenstr. C 4/5 Keibelstr. GH 3 Nollendorfstr. DE 5 Spandauer Str. G3
m Siedlung lbric

Alexandrinenstr. F4 Fehmarner Str. D1 Keplerstr. B2 Nordhauser Str. B3 Spichernstr. C5 Go m
e be l

Almstadtstr. G 2/3 Fehrbelliner Str. G2 Kieler Str. E2 Nostitzstr. F5 Sredzkistr. H2 str. Toeplerstr.

Alte Jakobstr. F4 Feldzeugmeisterstr. D2 Kl. Hamburger Str. F2 Novalisstr. F2 Stallschreiberstr. G4 AS

Kol. Juliusruh Seestr.

Alte Schönhauser Str. G2 Fischerinsel G3 Kleiststr. DE 4 Nürnberger Str. D4 Stauffenbergstr. E4
Alt-Lietzow B3 Flensburger Str. D3 Klingelhöferstr. D4 Oberbaumstr. I4 Steinplatz C4 Jakob-Kaiser-Platz AS Westh

U enweg
Alt-Moabit C 3-E 3 Flotowstr. D3 Kloppstockstr. D3 Oberberger Str. G 1/2 Storkower Str. I 1/2 U Margerit Beusselst.

Altonaer Str. D3 Fr.-Künstler-Str. G4 Knaackstr. H2 Olivaer Platz B4 Stralauer Allee IJ 4
Am Friedrichshain H2 Franz-Klühs-Str. F4 Knesebeckstr. C4 Oranienburger Str. FG 2/3 Stralauer Platz H4 Heilmannring
A 100
Am Hauptbahnhof H4 Französische Str. F3 Kniprodestr. I2 Oranienplatz F4 Stralauer Str. G3 S iem
Am Karlsbad F4 Fraunhoferstr. C3 Kochstr. F4 Oranienstr. FG 4 Straßburger Str. G2 ensdamm


Weg ß-
Am Kupfergraben F3 Friedensstr. H 2/3 Kollwitzplatz H2 Otto-Braun-Str. GH 3 Straße der Pariser Kommune

Am Spreebord B3 Friedrichstr. F 3/4 Kollwitzstr. GH 2 Otto-Suhr-Allee BC 3 I 3/4
Dreieck Am Sie

An der Urania D4 Fritschestr. A 3/4 Kommandantenstr. G4 Pappelallee GH 1 Straße des 17. Juni C 3-E 3 Bahnhorn-
2 Charlottenburg 2

Anhalter Str. F4 Fuggerstr. DE 4 Königin-Elisabeth-Str. A 3/4 Pariser Platz F3 Strausberger Str. H3 Jungfernheide Str. Jungfe tr.

U D heide gens
Sickin Moa

Annenstr. GH 4 Gartenstr. F 1/2 Konstanzer Str. B 4/5 Pariser Str. C5 Strelitzer Str. F2 nd Max-
Ansbacher Str. D 4/5 Gaußstr. B2 Köpenicker Str. HI 4 Passauer Str. D4 Stresemannstr F4 N on n e e Wittstocker





Jungfernheide S Lambert

Anton-Saefkow-Str. I2 Geisbergstr. C5 Koppenplatz G2 Pasteurstr. HI 2 Südstern G5


Arndtstr. F5 Gendarmenmarkt F3 Kottbusser Damm H5 Paul-Lincke-Ufer H5 Swinemünder Str. FG 1/2 str. Gaußst Hut

r Ufer
briciusstr tens

Aschaffenburger Str. D5 Georgenkirchstr. H 2/3 Kottbusser Str. H5 Perleberger Str. DE 2 Taubenstr. F3 tr. Waldens
. Schw er


Auerstr. I3 Georgenstr. F3 Krausenstr. F4 Pestalozzistr. BC 4 Tauentzienstr. D4 arzer


Brah We Huttens

Augsburger Str. CD 4 Gertraudenstr. G3 Krausnickstr. G3 Petersburger Str. I3 Tegeler Weg B 2/3

estr. g tr.



Auguststr. FG 2 Geschw.-Scholl-Str. F3 Kreuzbergstr. F5 Pfalzburger Str. C 4/5 Tempelherrenstr. G5 Klare


Osnab Tu

Axel-Springer-Str. F4 Giesebrechtstr. B4 Kronenstr. F3 Pflugstr. F2 Templiner Str. G2 Erasm



Schloß- U Mierendorffplatz

Str. str. us-

nge str.

B.-Lichtenberg-Str. HI 2 Gipsstr. G2 Krüllstr. I5 Pintschstr. I3 Thaerstr. IJ 3 garten Mierendorff- Kaiserin- Augusta- Allee

Tegele Bo n h o e


Baerwaldstr. G5 Gitschiner Str. F4 Krumme Str. B3 Planckstr. F3 Thaters Privatweg B1 Mind Zwinglistr.

ener platz Goslarer


ier Tauroggen


Barbarossastr. D5 Glinkastr. F3 Kurfürstendamm A 5-C 4 Platz der Vereinten Nationen Tieckstr. F2 Str.

Kuchastr. 4 Morsestr.
Nordhauser Str. Platz



r W
Barnimstr. H 2/3 Gneisenaustr. FG 5 Kurfürstenstr. DE 4 H3 Tiergartenstr. DE 4

A lt


- M o abit


Bartningallee D3 Goethestr. BC 4 Kurstr. F3 Platz vor dem Neuen Tor F 2 Tile-Wardenberg-Str. C3



r. 2


Quedlinburger Str.


Baruther Str. F5 Görlitzer Str. HI 4/5 L.-Hermann-Str. HI 2 Pohlstr. E4 Torstr. FG 2 Carnot-

fer str. str.

Bayerische Str. B 4/5 Görlitzer Ufer I5 Landsberger Allee H 2-I 2 Potsdamer Platz E4 Tucholsky-Str. F3 u fer

r Ufer
A 100 Schloß Halltre.

Bayerischer Platz D5 Gormannstr. G2 Langenbeckstr. I2 Potsdamer Str. E 4/5 Turmstr. CD 2 s str. Lev


Bebelplatz F3 Grainauer Str. C5 Lausitzer Str. H 4/5 Prager Str. C5 Uhlandstr. C 4/5 Charlottenburg etz
ger Am Spreebord Helm ow

Ag str

Behrenstr. F3 Greifswalder Str. HI 1/2 Legiendamm H4 Prenzlauer Allee H 1/2 Unter den Linden F3 Ufe S p r ee rico

AS Eosanders r


Belforter Str. GH 2 Grolmannstr. C4 Leibnizstr. B 3/4 Prinzenstr. F4 Unterbaumstr. F3 tr.



Iburger Ufe tr.






S nge
Bergmannstr. FG 5 Großbeerenstr. F5 Leipziger Platz F4 Pückler Str. H4 Urbanstr. GH 5



Span andauer Damm Brauhofstr.


Bernauer Str. FG 1/2 Große Hamburger Str. G 2/3 Leipziger Str. FG 4 Puschkinallee IJ 5 Veteranenstr. G2 Damm Wu rd


llen Str enbe


zeileburg- Lüd

lv a


r Damm Ei n z u f e r

K aise
Berolinastr. H3 Großer Stern Siegessäule D 3 Lennéstr. E4 Quedlinburger Str. B3 Virchowstr. I 2/3
3 Akazi o- Alt- Lietzow
we . rg


enall Platz N

Bertolt-Brecht-Platz F3 Großgörschenstr. E5 Leuschnerdamm H4 R.-Schwarz-Str. I2 Voßstr. F4 ee Guericke- st e ber
S Gardes-du- e u f ertstr. Gierkepl. Suh str. inu
fer str.



r- Friedrich- Str
Bethaniendamm H4 Gruner Str. G3 Lewishamstr. B4 Raabestr. H2 W.-Kube-Str. I2 Ahorn- Corps -St r. Neue str. - Alle


Crusiu Schustehrus- Gue


Beusselstr. C2 Grunewaldstr. D5 Lietzenburgerstr. CD 4 Rankestr. C4 W.-Stolze-Str. I3 str. s- str. Christ- e

Sieg Hof
Christ- rick

Behaim- str. Gut

hmi r.
str. est



Bismarckstr. BC 3/4 Günzelstr. CD 5 Lietzenseeufer B4 Rathausstr. G3 Wadzeckstr. GH 3

U Richard-Wagner- r.







Bleibtreustr. C4 Gutenbergstr. C3 Lindenstr. FG 4 Rathenower Str. DE 2 Waldemarstr. H4 Seeling- str. Haubach-

AS Platz unh

Richard-Wa g n


Sa i nu
str. ofe



Blücherstr. FG 5 H.-Jadamowitz-Str. I3 Linienstr. FG 2 Regensburger Str. D5 Wallnerstr. H3 rstr.


Kaiser- str. o-

Thra solt

Bodestr. F3 H.-Kapelle-Str. I2 Lobeckstr. F4 Reichenberger Str. G 4-I 5 Wallstr. FG 4

Suh fer



Krumme Str.
Borsigstr. F2 Habersaathstr. EF 2 Lohmühlenstr. I5 Reichpietschufer E4 Warschauer Platz I4 Haeselerstr. r- Tiergarten

Zille- Allee

tr. str. Zillestr. Zillestr.
Bötzowstr. HI 2 Hallesches Ufer F4 Lottumstr. G2 Reichstagufer F3 Warschauer Str. I 3/4 Knobelsdorffs Ernst-

Kno belsdorffstr. Knobelsdorffstr. Reuter- Straße des 17.

Bouchéstr. I5 Händelallee D3 Ludwigkirchstr. C 4/5 Reinhardtstr. F3 Washingtonstr. E3
Horstweg Dt. Oper



r n str

rst Sophie-Charlotte-
U Bismarckstr.
Brandenburger Tor F3 Hannoversche Str. F2 Luisenstr. F 2/3 Ritterstr. G4 Wassertorplatz F4 weg Bismarckstr. üller-


Platz U Ernst-Reuter- Bre

Brandenburgische Str. Hansaufer D3 Lützowufer DE 4 Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz G2 Wassertorstr. F4 U Str. slau-


BC 4/5 Hanseatenweg D3 M.-Beer-Str. G 2/3 Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. G 2/3 Waterloo Ufer F5



Kaiser- Friedrich-

Breite Str. G3 Hans-Otto-Str. HI 2 M.-Sommer-Str. I2 Rosenstr. G3 Wedekindstr. I3
U Schillerstr.


Breitscheidplatz C4 Hardenbergplatz C4 Magazinstr. H3 Rosenthaler Str. G 2/3 Weidenweg I3






SFB (Sender Kaiserdamm

Brückenstr. H 3/4 Hardenbergstr. C4 Mahlerstr. I1 Rückerstr. G2 Weimarer Str. B4 str. tzall



b ee

Freies Berlin) Wu Goethestr. e


fer Str.

Brüderstr. F3 Haubachstr. B3 Manteuffelstr. H 4/5 Rykestr. H2 Weinbergsweg G2 Goethestr. Stein- rgs


e e er Pestalo


Brunnenstr. FG 1/2 Hauptstr. DE 4/5 Marburger Str. D4 Saarbrücker Str. G2 Weinstr. H 2/3 Messe Nord/ICC zen s zzi-


Ma str. platz
Budapester Str. D4 Hausburgstr. I 2/3 Marchlewskistr. I 3/4 Sächsische Str. C 4/5 Welser Str. D 4/5 e t tzense e u f Pestalozzistr.
s ur

S e


ena Wilmersdorfer Str.

Bülowstr. E 4/5 Heidelberger Str. I5 Marchstr. C3 Savignyplatz C4 Werderstr. F3 S Zoolog


llee Amtsgerichts- Kantstr.
Neue Kantstr. U Kantstr.

Bundesallee C 4/6 Heidestr. E2 Mariannenplatz H4 Schaperstr. CD 4 Werkstättenweg A5


Trenburgstr. tr.

Lietzen- Kantstr. Savigny-

U Zoolog

Bundesratufer D3 Heinrich-Heine-Str. F4 Marienburger Str. H2 Scharnhorststr. E2 Westfälische Str. AB 5
Messe Leo

H er b



Burgstr. G3 Heinrichplatz H4 Marienstr. F3 Scheidemannstr. EF 3 Wielandstr. C4 ICC (Int. platz Breitsche

rdts Kantstr.


tr. Savignyplatz S
4 Congress- platz 4

a rt
Charlottenburger Ufer B3 Heinrich-Roller-Str. H2 Markgrafenstr. F 3/4 Schiffbauerdamm F3 Wiener Str. HI 4/5


ergstr. Niebuhrstr.

Kurfürstendamm Kais

st r
Centrum) S


Charlottenstr. F 3/4 Helmholtzstr. C3 Martin-Luther-Str. D 4/6 Schillerstr. BC 4 Wilhelmshavener Str. D2 Niebuhrstr.




orfer St
Rönn Wilh

Chausseestr. F2 Herbartstr. A4 Matthäikirchstr. E4 Schleiermacherstr. G5 Wilhelmstr. F 3/4 U

mm m


st r. m Gedäc

Dern burgstr. Rönn e tr.
Chodowickistr. H2 Herschelstr. B2 Mauerstr. F 3/4 Schleswiger Ufer D3 Wilmersdorfer Str. B 3/4

a inuss Mommsenstr. kirc

U Kurfü



Choriner Str. G2 Hertzallee C4 Maybachufer H5 Schloßplatz F3 Winsstr. H2







Christburger Str. H2 Hiroshimastr. E4 Mehringdamm F5 Schloßstr. B3 Winterfeldtplatz D5 Sybelstr. Uhlandstr. urg

r er



Christinenstr. G2 Hirtenstr. G3 Mehringplatz F4 Schlüterstr. C4 Winterfeldtstr. DE 5 S

Berlin Westkreuz


West- lbro Dam Eis



Karlsruher Str.


Colmarer Str. H2 Hohenstaufenstr. D5 Meierottostr. C 4/5 Schmidtstr. GH 4 Witzlebenplatz A4 asc Adenauerplatz
kreuz S e nd

Danckelmannstr. A3 Hohenzollerndamm BC 5 Meinekestr. C4 Schmollerplatz I5 Witzlebenstr. AB 4 hke
str. Ku rfürst . er

U .

Danziger Str. G 1-I 2 Hohenzollernplatz C5 Melchiorstr. H4 Schöneberger Str. F4 Wöhlertstr. F2
Olivaer Lietzenburger Augsb
aper- str.
Dennewitzplatz E5 Holsteiner Ufer D3 Messe A4 Schöneberger Ufer E4 Wörther Str. GH 2
m Xantener Str. Platz

he Str.



Emser Str.

er str.



Diedenhofer Str. H2 Holzmarktstr. H 4/5 Metzer Str. GH 2 Schönhauser Allee G 1/2 Wullenweberstr. C3



r Str

Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Str. H 2 Hufelandstr. H2 Mittelstr. F3 Schönleinstr. H5 Württembergische Str. C 4/5 Ludwigstr.








Kronprin r S

Dircksenstr. G3 Ilsenburger Str. B 2/3 Mittenwalder Str. G5 Schröderstr. F2 Xantener Str. B4



Grainauer Str.
Albrecht- P Ach

Eisenzahn- born

we dammzen-


Döberitzer Str. E2 Immanuelkirchstr. H2 Möckernstr. F 4/5 Schumannstr. F3 Yorckstr. EF 5 n Wes Parise

orfer St


ur g isc



älisc r.
Dorotheenstr. F3 Invalidenstr. E 3-G 2 Mohrenstr. F3 Schützenstr. F4 Zehdenicker Str. G2 stä AS rfü Str.

erk Ku he Düss



Drakestr. D4 J.-Schehr-Str. HI 2 Molkenmarkt G3 Schwartzkopffstr. F2 Ziegelstr. F3 Kurfürstendamm S Halensee Str. eldo
Sc Str
W rfer

hw .
Spichernstr. Nach

Dresdener Str. G4 Jablonskistr. H2 Mollstr. H 2/3 Schwarzer Weg B2 Zillestr. B3 Rathenau- Str.

Emser Str.



he Str.
platz U

Dunckerstr. H1 Jägerstr. F3 Mommsenstr. BC 4 Schwarzer Weg F2 Zimmerstr. F4 . Hohen-


er We


Str. er


Düsseldorfer Str. BC 5 Jebensstr. C4 Monbijoustr. F3 Schwedter Str. G 1/2 Zinnowitzer Str. F2 stfä Konstanzer Str. Pommersch U zollernplatz

b rne

Tra Gillstr. lisc e

5 bo Motz

mm Hohenzollernplatz
E.-Boltze-Str. I2 Joachimstr. G2 Motzstr. CD 4/5 Schwerinstr. E5 Zionskirchstr. G2 he

Str. a

a Str. Preußen-
rn d ustr.

E.-Fürstenberg-Str. I2 Johannisstr. F3 Mühlendamm G3 Sebastianstr. G4 Zossener Str. F5

Fri P As
tr. na

ots ed park ch

Ebertstr. F3 Johanniterstr. G5 Mühlenstr. HI 4 Segitzdamm F4 Zwinglistr. CD 2 ric z

Bismarck- aff

e Günze Günzelstr.





Bielefelder Str.



Ebertystr. I 2/3 John-Foster-Dulles-Allee E 3 Mulackstr. G2 Seydelstr. F4 lstr.



Nassauische S


ru h



Eislebenerstr. C4 Jonasstr. D2 Müller-Breslau-Str. C 3/4 Siegmunds Hof D3








Fehrbelliner Platz tr.

Elisabethkirchstr. F2 Jordanstr. I5 Museumsinsel F3 Sigismundstr. E4 Str. Günzel



Johanna- U

Emser Str. C 4/5 Kaiserdamm AB 4 Muskauer Str. H4 Simon-Dach-Str. I4 r.

platz Lynarstr. St Hohenzollerndamm


r m

lee rne Ch S dam M




Berlin In Your Pocket
D Wedding E F G Gaudy
H ner ieri I Gü G
Volkspark Gleim


Sta t-S tzs



p el
Goethepark platz

Kü tr. tr. lst


Ah Prenzlauer Allee sels



Humboldthain r St






Am F

St ne tr.

d . lbe Gre


ten üge

cke S

er Gerichtstr. S Humboldthain







ge r

r. Mi





e che

r Geri Alle

tr. Lim we


chts yer-


em riftstr. Ha lan


es Charité
L ux
do tr. tr. e


Ra gel

Lin S

rder S
Dt. Herzzentrum

T um

er S
Wedding U

t -E ost