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What is the Chartered  

Financial Analyst  
The Chartered Financial  
Analyst (CFA®) qualification is  
the benchmark of  
professional excellence in the  
investment industry worldwide.  
It assesses candidates on a wide  
range of subjects including:  
• Investment Analysis and  
• Financial Statement  
• Corporate Finance  
• Asset Valuation
Developers for Training & Consultancy-DTC
• Fund Management  
Collaboration with The Institute for Financial
• Portfolio Management
Analysts- IFA are organizing a CFA  –Chartered
The knowledge candidates gain Financial Analyst Schweser Preparatory
while studying will be invaluable Courses, for the first time, in Egypt.
to their future
career. The CFA charter has
become universally recognized Candidates joining our CFA preparatory
by employers and investors as a will be offered a complete package   of study
mark of excellence and integrity sessions modular exams and mock  exams that
within their profession. will help them in ensuring a   successful
To earn the CFA designation, completion of the CFA three levels, provided a
there are three examination sufficient level of study and preparation effort
levels, which you must pass on the personal front.
CFA curriculum and examinations
The syllabus for each of the three levels is based on the same list of topics, contained in the
“Candidate Body of Knowledge”, produced by the CFA Institute, and is specified by way of
a list of “learning outcome statements”. The learning outcome statements relate to chapters or
excerpts from a series of recommended textbooks, professional journal articles and other
readings that are set as reading assignments and these reading assignments effectively
constitute the study material.

CFA Level I emphasizes financial analysis tools and inputs and includes an introduction to
asset valuation and portfolio management techniques.

CFA Level II emphasizes asset valuation and includes applications of the financial analysis
tools and inputs (including economics, financial statement analysis, and quantitative
methods) in asset valuation.

CFA Level III emphasizes portfolio management and includes strategies for applying the
financial analysis tools, inputs, and asset valuation models in managing equity, fixed income,
and derivative investments for individuals and institutions.

CFA Exam Topic Area Weights

Topic Area Level I Level II Level III

Ethical and Professional Standards (total) 15 10 10
Corporate Finance 8 5-15 0
Economics 10 5-10 0
Financial Reporting and Analysis 20 15-25 0
Quantitative Methods 12 5-10 0

Alternative Investments 3 5-15 5-15

Derivatives 5 5-15 5-15
Equity Investments 10 20-30 5-15
Fixed Income 12 5-15 10-20
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 5 5-15 45-55

Total 100 100 100


Join CFA® preparatory course with Developers for

Training & Consultancy and Enjoy.

1. Full and rigorous live study classes taught by our top-notch faculty that would
collectively cover all the 18 sessions per each CFA level.
2. Modular Exams
3. A complete package of study material including outlines of the readings and
4. Four days intensive review (Solving Practice Problems) one month before the
5. Two full mock exams (full day each to simulate the “big” day).

CFA cost USD2,500 per level

About The Institute for Financial Analysts –IFA

IFA, Lebanon is a firm specialized in training courses for professional designations, and seminars for business
decision makers. IFA offers preparatory courses for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), Financial Risk
Manager (FRM®), and Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA®) in Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE,
Bahrain, Jordon and now in Egypt, in association with Developers for Training and Consultancy.

The Institute for Financial Analysts is Managed by Dr. Assem Safieldine

Dr. Safieldine is the managing director of the Institute for Financial Analysts and an associate Dean of Business
School at the American University in Beirut.

Dr. Safieldine is the founding president of the Lebanese CFA Society and was just appointed a Regional Director of
Global Association of Risk Professionals-GARP, the world renowned risk association.

Dr. Safieldine holds a Ph.D. in finance from Boston College, and has held faculty appointment at Michigan State
University and visiting faculty appointment at Harvard University. His research has been published in leading finance
journals such as the Journal of Finance, and the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. His work has been
also profiled in the Business Week and Harvard Business Review, CFA Digest and the National Bureau of Economic

Dr. Safieldine has been teaching CVA, FRM and CFA courses for the past six years.