Winter 2008 INTERNSHIP

55 Gould Street Toronto Ontario M5B 1E9 Office: 416.979.5251 Fax: 416.595.0226 Request: 416.595.1655 WHAT A seven week program of weekly sessions, to introduce progressive community radio journalism, and to develop skills in writing for radio, on-air hosting, interviewing techniques, and technical production. We will look at how to find and cover a story, the technical end of things and putting things in a social justice perspective. We will have guest speakers (and possibly a couple of outings) as part of this program. All participants will take part in all aspects of this program, though we will take into consideration your preferences and interests (i.e. whether you want to host or tech, etc). WHY Because you want to be a part of community radio or independent journalism. Because you are not satisfied with the media as you know it. Because you want to call up people you admire and ask them questions. Because you want your community to be better represented in the media. Because you want to be a host or tech on CKLN 88.1fm! WHEN Wednesday evenings, 5:30-8:30pm, January 16 through February 27. You will probably also work on projects on location or in studio outside of workshop times. WHERE The offices and studios of CKLN 88.1fm, in the Student Campus Centre of Ryerson University (55 Gould Street, near Dundas Station). WHO Anyone is invited to apply. 10 people are selected per session. HOW MUCH This is a free program. You will get a certificate and copy of your work when you are done. HOW DO I APPLY Write a letter answering the following questions, and email it to Tara-Michelle Ziniuk at You can also drop it off at our office. Email or call 416.979.5251 x2375 with questions. Application Questions 1. Why are you interested in this program?

2. What are your goals coming into community radio? (It's fine if you don't know, this is just a starting point. This is asked so we can better gear the program to your interests.) 3. If you were a news host, what guests would you invite? What issues would you address? What stories would you tell? Include at least two or three ideas. Please, be specific! 4. What media do you tune in to, to find out what's happening locally, nationally, globally? 5. Do you have experience or education in journalism or media? Please specify. 6. Do you have experience in the arts, community projects, or activism? Please specify. 7. a.)If you are a CKLN News listener, please let give an example of (news) programming that you have enjoyed and explain why. b.) Please give an example of how you think our (news) programming could be improved. If you are not familiar with CKLN's news programming, you are highly encouraged to tune-in from weekdays from 6-7am for Rude Awakening or 7-8pm (with the exceptions of Fridays, which are 6-7pm) for Word of Mouth to get a sense of what we do. 8. Could you attend all seven workshops? If not, why? (*If you are a student and reading week affects your ability to attend, please specify, as we could take a week off then and add an extra on at the end if there are enough people who require this*) 9. Anything else we should know? *Deadline to apply for this session is Friday December 14.