TERRY JAMES Franklin Township (Somerset), NJ 08873 Interested in consulting or permanent work in New Jersey State only; Access to public transportation: Suburban Bus and NJ Transit, NO CAR SUMMARY Project Coordinator professional. with demonstrated ability to manage small to l arge projects of varying tasks, light administrative. Highly effective in swift ly learning and mastering business processes through direct experience. Known f or ability to build and maintain harmonious client relationships, proactively fo llow-up to ensure project deliverable are met on time, inspire and help others, work creatively with abstract concepts, and identify gray areas and loop holes i n processes and databases, also identify solutions. Extensive experience in: * Project Management * Internet Research * Liaise with teams and external vendors * Problem Solving/Analytical * Compliance Specialist * Database Management SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS Project Coordinator/Management * Consistently met project deadlines and ensured deliverables were accurate on f inal analysis of investigator payments associated with over 20 clinical trial st udies. * Successfully completed 2 crucial and multiple phase projects which improved th e compliance tracking and electronic management tools for revolving projects and tasks. * Coordinated and conducted all phases of several cat rescues with a cat carrier rather than a cat trap. Liaise with teams and external vendors * Earned reputation of providing excellent and harmonious customer service to te ams. Received referrals from clients to help other teams on their inquiries. * Developed and maintained positive relationships with feral cats in community, home owners, neighbors and a few not-for-profit cat rescue groups- resulting in a good support base of non-financial resources Compliance Specialist * Developed into leadership role by training others on software & applied practi cal knowledge of standard operating procedure to inquiries both general and thos e related to internal investigations * Coordinated, organized and audited employee trade files and internal mutual fu nd file system to ensure adherence to Securities and Exchange Commission record retention guidelines. Received awards and earned various bonuses while in a non -bonus position, also earned promotion. Database Management * Mastered basic to advanced functions of the company's 3-proprietary compliance databases within 2 months. Selected as lead during compliance investigations, g

enerated reports and explained results to investigators and answered questions. * Functioned in dual role as systems administrator and business analyst on compl iance project to integrate 2 proprietary software programs. Problem Solving/Analytical * Crossed referenced study data between databases and electronic repository to i dentify and address discrepancies with team, thereby ensuring accuracy of data * Collaborated with management and convinced them to revise the standard operati ons procedures to reflect solutions that would address gray areas and loops hole s, in the processes, from the study team's perspective. Internet Research * Researched and complied investigator data to create ad hoc reports for audits, committees and external regulatory agencies. * Remained abreast of articles on the developments of clinical trial products. This facilitated more accurate changes or deletions to the project timelines and their associated tasks. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Pfizer Inc., NY, NY 2004 - 2010 Clinical Financial Disclosure Analyst Supported transparency initiatives payments made to healthcare professionals--ba sed on US FDA Rule (21 CFR Part 54) financial disclosure- for ongoing marketing applications, Phase 1 thru Phase 4, and those being considered by US FDA for app roval Pfizer Inc. - WINSTON STAFFING (Consultant), NY, NY 2003 - 2004 Assisted senior and junior analysts of the Clinical Financial Disclosure Team to process and prepare confidential financial disclosure data for clinical drug st udy filings reported to the Food and Drug Administration Short Term Project work, various temp agencies, NY, NY 2002 - 2003 Assisted meeting planners in coordinating large meetings and/or conferences; mis cellaneous Career Momentum Plus and Workforce America, NY, NY 2001 - 2002 Part-time volunteer in exchange for career counseling The Dreyfus Corporation, NY, NY 1993 - 2002 Compliance Coordinator/Analyst 1997 - 2002 Executive Administrative Assistant/Business Analyst 1995 - 1997 Administrative Assistant/Information Sys. Dept. 1993 - 1995 NON-PROFIT VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Independent Cat Rescuer (part-time volunteer), NY, NY 1997 - 2008 Developed and maintained relationships with feral cats in community, home owners , neighbors and a few not-for-profit cat rescue groups. Reduced stray cats in ne ighborhood by getting over 30 cats into adoption programs. Financed 99% via paid salary income from full-time job, and 1% via fundraiser and donations. EDUCATION Hunter College/Lower Senior /Math major (121 credits earned)-NY, NY; American Hi -Tech Business School- Certificate in Accounting & Computerized Bookkeeping- Bro oklyn, NY; Financial Planning Association Continuing Education Credits (8); Vari ous internal Pfizer Learning Day-courses pharmaceutical industry concepts;