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Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About FAZAR Infotech Pvt. Ltd. FAZAR Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging IT consulting company providing an end-to-end e-business solutions and software development services, which combines cutting-edge technology with keen business acumen to deliver high quality, "e"nnovative Web solutions and business process automation tools for global enterprises. Our primary focus is to provide affordable software solutions for our clientele with an edge of technological advancement and change driven ideology. FAZAR Infotech has consulting practice and service oriented delivery with experienced IT professionals in Software Engineering, Business process transformation, software quality assurance, Off-the-shelf technology solutions on a case by case basis to satisfy specific requirements of our clients. FAZAR Infotech is a leading software development company in India providing Offshore Software Development Services & solutions with services such as outsourcing software development in India. We leverage our proven expertise in developing technology to drive business efficiency and productivity to satisfy customers increasingly demanding requirement to improve operational efficiency, higher employee productivity, faster go-to market, and maximized customer satisfaction. Our Mission To provide utmost technology services to customers to get the most from their investment in technology deriving optimal performance during its life cycle and to make our customer delighted. Our Vision To become the most reputed and trusted Software Consultancy & Internet Marketing company, through unique, custom-tailored services, matching our client's requirement, in order to expand the business of both of our clients and of ourselves.

Fazar Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Survey. No. 342, Nr. Suryadatta Inst. Of Mgmt., Bavdhan, Pune- 411021 (MH) Tel:- 020 – 65205444, fax No. 020-66522858, Email.: website:

can provide solutions for your specific needs. Email. prepress experts and digital artists. Our Team Our team is a pool of IT professionals.: info@fazarinfotech.fazarinfotech. Bavdhan. Ltd. efficient and reliable technology that can be easily found and indexed by search engines.fazarinfotech..020 – 65205444. No. The Company understands that in order to realize this vision it needs to achieve industry leading benchmarks in corporate governance. Pune. website marketing experts. Our STRENGTHS and IT forte              Unmatchable Quality Assurance Best Support Customer Focused Reliable and Robust Services 24 x 7 Web-Based Support Innovative Leadership Holistic Solutions Diverse Employee Talent Pool Best in Industry Pricing Money-back guaranteed services Creativity and Innovative Approach Software Quality Testing Pre and Post Sales Services Our Core Values At the core of the Company’s philosophy lies its focus on fulfilling the role of a responsible service provider. committed to best practices. Of Mgmt. 020-66522858. photographers. If you are looking for a great looking website underpinned by . fax No.411021 (MH) Tel:. Fazar Infotech Pvt. Ltd. delivery excellence and employee satisfaction. We work with a team of exceptional Programmer. Survey. website designers. Suryadatta Infotech Pvt. web/database programmers. print designers.www. you've come to the right place. website: www. Nr.

Suryadatta Inst. specializes in plethora of interconnected services that are offered to clients aiming to get on top of their Industry. 3D. Ltd.fazarinfotech. .com website: www. Our Company satisfies all kinds of thin and thick solution to clients from individual needs to. Pune. fax No. Of Mgmt. Nr. Why us? We do thorough research around your target consumers and than we do:  Profiling and Segmenting your consumers according to demographic.                  Desktop Application Development Complete Web Solution E-Commerce Application Development Website Designing Web Development Domain Registration SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Multimedia Design and Development Client Server Application Development Website Consultation/Strategic Development Content Management/Copywriting Logo & Corporate Identity Design Architectural Visualization 2D. Infotech Pvt. Flash Animation’ Web Hosting Online Catalogue Graphic Design Fazar Infotech Pvt. Email. 342.fazarinfotech.. Ltd. Ltd.www.020 – 65205444. Bavdhan. 020-66522858.411021 (MH) Tel:. firm.: info@fazarinfotech. Facebook. MySpace etc as per your target audience profile  24 x 7 Customer Support via Dedicated Staff  Advanced Reporting and Strategy Formulation for further business Generate PRODUCTS FAZAR Infotech Pvt. Behavioral and psychographic factors  Developing a customized web solution either a website or web app on Facebook  Integrating it with your website  Attracting the consumers  Branding and Buzz Creation  Improving and Enhancing your Objective(s) conversion Ratio  Advertising on various outlets such as Google Networks. and to corporate enterprise necessity and as a result we welcome you with both hands if you want to hire us.

. 342. Nr. higher efficiency. Ltd. Ltd. FAZAR Infotech communications provides bespoke technological solutions to many entrepreneurs. FAZAR Infotech is a leading customized process-driven software solutions provider based in India.0. Flash RDBMS (Relational Database Tools) MS-SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 MS-Access. Email. is a full-fledge software consultancy and web solution firm.www. and faster to build.fazarinfotech. while ensuring superior quality. Php. VBScript. Pune. Suryadatta Inst. Programming Languages C. lower costs and overall competitive advantage. FAZAR Infotech to meet the most challenging IT requirements. Fazar Infotech Pvt.020 – 65205444.Net Technologies. more affordable. provide plethora of interconnected desktop and internet technologies. enterprises and start up ventures. Headquartered in . IIS 5. Java. Microsoft Windows Web Server Apache 1. Installation and Support Services Software Development FAZAR Infotech Technologies Pvt.     Online Marketing Site Maintenance Website Analysis Web Site Accessibility and Usabilit Our Services FAZAR Infotech specializes in plethora of services ranging from the desktop based software development to high-end Web-based ERP Solution provider. FAZAR Infotech has a profession dedicated highly experienced and skilled team to deliver services in form of designing. MySQL and Oracle 10g Operating Systems UNIX. and modifying software so that it is of higher quality. Ruby. FAZAR Infotech remains the trusted consultant and technology strategist. C++.0 and IIS 6. C#.411021 (MH) Tel:. LINUX ES 3.: info@fazarinfotech. Ltd.0 Consultation.3. 020-66522858.fazarinfotech. Of Mgmt. implementing. Survey. COM. maintainable. fax No. No. VB and J2e Web Technology ASP. Jsp . Bavdhan.0 ERP –(Enterprises Resource Planning) ERP Infotech Pvt. to help them gain maximum ROI for their website: www. DCOM Microsoft’s .

com website: www. design and develop sophisticated e-business solutions including tailormade Web applications which will help you to optimize growth.411021 (MH) Tel:. Images Alt Attributes Heading Tag Optimization Submission into Various Search Engine and Free Directories Keyword Report Generation Optimization of 5-10 Pages Sitemap and Robot. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) We offer two plans: a) Basic SEO Keyword Research including client’s selected keyword up to 10 keywords Optimizing Title Tag. Pune. 020-66522858. 342. Email. FAQ’s etc Press Release Creation and Submission Paid Directory Submission Fazar Infotech Pvt.www. Meta Tag and Description. Survey. clean website development. Ltd.fazarinfotech.020 – 65205444. Web Site Development We conceptualize. plus 30 mins free consultation with our experts via online conferencing Dedicated Staff Support (24x7) Website Analysis Prior to SEO Operations On-Page Website Optimization Content Optimization Content Creation Setup tools like Blogs. Ltd.fazarinfotech. Suryadatta Inst. Bavdhan. As your website creates a first impression on the mind of your potential customer. We provide complete professional website designing starting from small to large scale business & Corporate Customers and offering effective and affordable website designing and promotion services to give your online presence a better and brighter look. compatibility. and outstanding .: info@fazarinfotech. FAZAR Infotech is a professional website design company that stands for Infotech Pvt. Of Mgmt.. Nr. No. Our Website Design Process is composed of multiple phases that help us deliver a quality product to you.txt generation b) Advanced SEO All Services of Basic Plans. fax No. our customer.

fax No.www. Survey.fazarinfotech. Email. Of Mgmt. 020-66522858. Social Media Marketing and Optimization(SMM-O) We offer two plans: a) Basic SMM-O: Research & Creation of Social Media Outlets according to client’s target audience profiles Linking and Integrating the Social Media Outlets with Client’s Website Monthly Reporting on Client’s Social Media Buzz Metrics b) Advanced SMM-O All services of Basic Plan. plus Customized and Branded Facebook Fan Page Creation Customized and Branded Twitter Page Creation Customized YouTube Page Creation Wikipedia Content Creation and SEO Optimization Viral Contents Development RSS Feed Development Advanced Buzz Reporting and Analysis by our experts Social Media Team 24 x 7 Customer dedicated support Conversion Optimization: ConvertX We offer following services under ConvertX plan: Setup of Google Web-Master Account Site Error Removal Services Finding out how Google sees Client site Analyze search data of Clients Site Receive alerts in your inbox Check who links to Client Submitting Client’s Site into Google’s Index Setup and Integration of Google Analytics Account E-commerce Tracking Report Generation Setting up Goals and Sales Funnel Improving the sites performance through analytics by pivoting Click stream data with multiple filters and criteria Fazar Infotech Pvt..411021 (MH) Tel:. Ltd. website: www.020 – 65205444. Pune. .: info@fazarinfotech.fazarinfotech. Nr. Suryadatta Inst. Ltd. Infotech Pvt.

Ltd. We design every system with search engine optimization in mind. Of Mgmt.www. Improve landing website: www.fazarinfotech. fax . Bavdhan. Nr. All our CMS systems are easy to use. increases the scale and effectiveness of the online campaign. No. Setup and Launch of Google Website Optimizer Account Eliminate guesswork from site design. Increase time spent on Client’s site. documents or presentations. Increase in Leads Increase sales and conversion rates. A/B Testing Multivariate Testing Incorporating Analysis back to website design to further lift the conversion metric till the client’s objective conversion rate has been achieved or till the last subscription period.fazarinfotech. Suryadatta Inst. allowing you to implement on-page and off-page search engine optimization features as well subsequent messaging as a result.. Email. Survey. 020-66522858. Fazar Infotech Pvt. Reporting and Further Website Content Management System Development Do you have an existing web site and need the ability to add and update your own content and images? ClickOn Web Design offer tailored development of content management systems to meet you company’s specific needs. Ltd. add new categories and pages and upload images. Infotech Pvt. 342. allowing non technical people within your company to easily update or change the web sites content.: info@fazarinfotech.411021 (MH) Tel:.020 – 65205444.

Of Mgmt. Bavdhan. Add. Logo Design •We have a creative team of designing a professional logo and brand identity to be used across all business segments.411021 (MH) Tel:. Spell checker within the WYSIWYG editor 3. Upload and manage movies files 5. Upload banners and promotional images 6. Graphic Design •Our dedicated highly experienced team are involved in designing business brochure . signage. Suryadatta Inst. No.020 – Infotech Pvt. 020-66522858. fax No. Survey.: info@fazarinfotech. menus. •We promote customer’s companies or event s with professionally designed posters or flyers? Posters & Flyers Advertising •We have a creative genius and marketing expertise team to craft an effective advertising message for our customer? Graphic Illustration •We get our customers point across on any media with a clean crisp graphical illustration. Ability to upload PDF documents and allow them to be downloaded by your customers 4. 342. packaging. 1. etc. delete or rename categories 2. Nr. Ltd. Pune. Email. Ltd. Add Movies from third parties Fazar Infotech website: www..

fazarinfotech. 020-66522858.www. Fazar Infotech Pvt. Bavdhan.: info@fazarinfotech. Nr.411021 (MH) Tel:. Ltd. fax No.. Suryadatta Inst. Ltd. Of Mgmt.020 – 65205444. Survey. . website: www. Email.fazarinfotech. Infotech Pvt.