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Craig T.

69 Northview
Rockport, Tx. 78382
(361) 728 - 8331

With over thirteen years of IT experience, I have been involved in all stages of
the system life cycle with increasing degrees of responsibility. I prefer Proj
ect Management roleas, I am technically adept with hands-on coordination experie
nce across a variety of industries. My strengths lie in facilitating communicati
on within and between teams of clients, customers, vendors, and technical staff.

Technical and Managerial
MS Office and MS Project
Project Management
Supervision and Team Building
Budgeting and Schedule Planning
Technical and User Support
Training and Instruction
Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
QA Management
Process Efficiency
Quality Assurance Methodologies
Creation and Implementation of SDLC
Certified PMP

03/01/2010 a" Current
Recently moved to Corpus Christi, TX. Currently, I am a Project Manager for a we
b interactive agency with national and international clients. Iam currently man
aging and launching multiple websites for Destination Markets.
12/2008 a" 02/2010 Current Maximus Consulting
Leading effort in implementing design and turnkey solutions for the CHIP/Medicai
d service for the Department of Health and Human Services. My team is responsib
le for performing analysis and design for any software modifications which need
to occur from state policies, mandated legislation, related to enrollment and el
igibility, or for Operations. Iam required to be proficient in communication, so
ftware technology, technical troubleshooting skills, and time management.
08/2007 a" 12/2008 IT Project Manager
Managed true SDLC projects plus multiple IT infrastructure implemtations. Provi
ded cost analyses, project schedules, budgets, and work breakdown structures for
redesign timeline. Identified and planned resources, information architects, c
ontent strategists, and creative designers for multiple multi-tiered web design
releases. Hands-on Project Manager, coordinating development, testing, and rele
ase resources on timely delivery of products. Also, was Program Manager for con
struction and infrastructure for new studios worldwide.
10/2003 - 08/2007 a" Avenue A Razorfish Senior Consultant Austin, TX
Drove communication and coordination for planning, resource management, risk man
agement, and implementation strategy. Provide cost analyses, project schedules,
budgets, and work breakdown structures for redesign timeline. Identified and pl
anned resources, information architects, content strategists, and creative desig
ners for multiple multi-tiered web design releases. Hands-on Project Manager, c
oordinating development, testing, and release resources on timely delivery of pr
oducts. I was a Project Manager for various clients like Dell, Scooterstore, and

3/2003 a" 10/2003 EDS Inc, Austin, TX

I utilized Phoenix application to develop new edits and audits to check for appr
oval, rejection, or review of Medicaid claims. Owned Edit 100 for requirements,
testing, and releases. Also wrote queries to update and change data for testing
purposes. Updated data in various spreadsheets for validation rules that were u
sed to establish and create Edits. I drove deliverables and test requirements fo
r claims processing initiatives successful upgrades and releases.
I also led efforts to streamline coordination strategy. Released and reviewed n
ew edits with customer.
8/2000 a" 2/2003 Works Inc, Austin, TX
Implemented and used the Mercury Interactive TestSuite ( TestDirector, Winrunner
, and Loadrunner). Hired to rebuild QA from the ground up and get the team orga
nized. Implemented and developed Project Plan and QA Plan for each release. De
signed, lead, and implemented quality assurance and testing initiatives for clie
nt/server and Java applications to completion. Also, led the effort to implemen
t a Test Framework using Junit and HTTPUnit. Created detailed and reusable Test
Plans, Test Cases, and Test Data. Designed Schedule and Scope Plan according t
o project deadlines and customer requirements.
9/97 a" 8/2000 Appsource\Hyperion Corporation, Orlando, FL
Developed Release Project Plan, Test Plans, Test Data Simulation, and Test Scrip
ts for Software Engineering team. Responsible for budget and schedule estimates
and scope identification for each new release. I was key asignoffa manager for
new product releases. I was involved in the web deployment testing, processes
, procedures, methods and tools. Designed, lead, and implemented quality assura
nce and testing initiatives for client/server and Java applications to completio
n. Create detailed test plans, test cases, and test data. Designed test schedul
es according to project deadlines and customer requirements. I was the companie
s 1st anon-foundera employee. Authored and established a complete Software Deve
lopment Life Cycle. Hyperion acquired us and our division is still thriving and
2/97 a" 9/97 Comsys, Longwood, FL
Developed Project Plan and response plan for deploying new Ethernet network to n
ew Disney resorts. Coordinated, time-sensitive application deployments to resor
t staff at Walt Disney World. Performed close-out tasks as milestones were achi
7/96 a" 1/97 Tybrin Corporation, Shalimar, FL
I was the lead technical analyst responsible for the installation and upgrade of
Windows 95/Windows NT 4.0 for all client computers on the network within the Jo
int Air-to-Air Missiles System development Center on the EGLIN AFB. I was also r
esponsible for the system wide implementation of Netscape as the baseline Web Br
owser. Furthermore, I was the on-site developer for the Joint Missile Developmen
t Center. My primary tool of development was Visual Basic. However, my primary j
ob was to help the current Novell staff move to an NT environment.
1/95 a" 6/96 Appro Systems, Baton Rouge, LA
My duties included NT Server installations and implementation. I had to configur
e NT Server for Disk Mirroring, Disk Duplexing, and RAID. I also analyzed and te
sted new software before it was released to business clients. SQL Server admin
and lead tester. Developed manual and automated test scripts for core programs.
These scripts tested Visual Basic and C++ code. Scripted Visual Test modules to
test certain programs being released to new customers. I also used Crystal Repo
rts as a tool for tracking testing stages.
9/94 a" 12-94 Symantec, Baton Rouge, LA
My duties included supporting various network software products. I also have ins
talled and configured file/servers and workstations on a Novell Network. One of
my primary jobs was testing and analyzing new software before it was released. T
hese products included Norton Disklock, Direct Access, Norton Enterprise Backup,
and Safe.
Gathered and documented functional specifications for software makeras proposed
software redesign.
Conducted client/user review, feedback and acceptance of Content Delivery Applic
ation (CDA) and Content
Management Application (CMA) requirements and functional specifications.
1/94 a" 9/94 Fuelman, Inc., Metairie, LA
My duties included troubleshooting verifone software written in C. I also perfor
med full and incremental backups of all client workstations on the AS/400 system
. I also performed archiving routines for the AS/400 system. Another duty was mo
nitoring the Novell Network. High-level skill assessment of client internal per
sonnel involving developer's skills (coding, administrative capabilities, etc.).
Expected recommendations ranged from training to dismissal. Provided recovery
plan for troubled internal development effort. As direct result of effort, proj
ect implemented on time.

Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA
B.S., Computer Science
Certified Network Administrator, CNA
Trained in CMM (Capability Maturity Model) Level 2
Effective Interviewing Training Course
OLAP Server Training
Quality Assurance - Best Practices
Teamworx a" Teamwork Training
HIPAA Privacy Certification
World of Claims
TestDirector Advanced Management
Member of Austin PMI
Basics of Medicaid Claims
PMP Certified
Participating in entire software development life cycle
Expert in OLAP technology
CMM Level 2

Available upon request