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VIVIAN YU 13465 Gent * Austin, Texas 78729 * (512) 586-3159 * vy5e73ee@westpost.

net OBJECTIVE Seeking a business system analyst/project management position in Austin, TX. SUMMARY A resourceful and reliable information technology professional with a strong bac kground in software engineering, programming and applications development, techn ical support and project management. Established capabilities in object-oriente d design and analysis as well as software development process, including require ments definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, implementation and main tenance. An analytical performer who resolves ongoing issues and defects, secur ing smooth operations and the achievement of objectives. TECHNICAL AND BUSINESS SKILLS * Skills: business and system analysis, ability to produce functional and techni cal requirements, development and evaluation of different technical solutions * Software: Spring, Java, Tapestry, JSF, JSP, Servlets, Multi Threaded Applicat ions, Socket, RMI * Databases: Hibernate, JDBC, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle * Web App Server: Apache Tomcat * Concepts: OOA/OOD (UML, Design Patterns, Refactoring), Multi-Thread Synchroni zation, Agile/SCRUM Methodologies EXPERIENCE PENSON WORLDWIDE, Austin Texas Developer Analyst 2008-2010 * Worked closely with vendors and tracked project progress, tested their work, a nd coordinated schedules and meeting times * Developed and tested multiple exchange and price servers using fix protocols, Java, Eclipse, Spring and XML. * Designed and developed financial reporting and clearing application using Java , Hibernate, Spring, Eclipse and CVS. * Documented processes of financial clearing procedures * Responsible for database design and development using MySQL for projects. * Created and maintained financial trading software, including message applicati on to send and receive trading data to and from different exchanges. KINGSISLE ENTERTAINMENT, Austin Texas Java Developer 2007-2008 * Designed and developed user management application using Java, Tapestry, Hiber nate, Tomcat, Eclipse, Subversion and test track. * Responsible for database design and development using MySQL as well as middle tier to backend development. * Oversaw projects, including billing and subscription management, user authoriz ation and user management, advanced search and dynamic poll. * Developed web applications, such as user authorization and subscription applic ations for website. S1 CORPORATION, Austin Texas

Developer Analyst 2005-2007 * Worked in forward development projects, including web/middleware application d esign and development (different adapters) using FIX and similar protocols, JSF, JDBC, SOAP, XML, Tomcat, Eclipse, ClearCase and ClearQuest. * Designed technical specifications for developers and technical support teams. * Resolved ongoing issues/defects, triaging complex issues with senior productio n support in urgent matters. Worked closely with professional service, QA, and customer support teams, providing oral and written help when troubleshooting end -user concerns and questions. * Created as well as maintained middleware messaging application to pass informa tion from front end to back end. * Developed online bill payment system using Java, JSF, JDBC, SQL Server 2005 an d VMWARE. Created middleware product called Adapters using financial protocols, Java, SOAP, Eclipse, XML and Tomcat. * Worked on sustaining projects within adapter group for $15,000,000,000-asset b ank. * Provided technical support for senior support/project manager on Legacy adapte r and Java adapter TEXAS ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT STATION, College Station, Texas Senior System Analyst 2001-2004 * Developed proof of concept product, made presentation to management, obtained approval and implemented product and energy calculator. Achieved multi-year, $2 ,000,000 funding from Texas state energy office. * Implemented product using multi-threading for server, multi-tier architecture and Java technologies. Used technologies such as JSP and Servlet, Java Network, Thread and shell scripting. * Responsible for prototype, web design and database software to calculate energ y savings for residential buildings. Designed database and reporting applicatio ns to calculate energy usage for university campus. * Provided consulting to client on streamlining data gathering, management and r eporting process as well as design architecture, including requirements definiti on and database modeling (MS SQL server). * Led student software developers in development and testing. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE VIATEL, INC., College Station, Texas, Java Developer, 2000-2001. Implemented ec ommerce projects, enabling customers to sign online for telecommunications produ cts and services, Servlets and EJB. TXU COMMUNICATIONS, College Station, Texas, Web Developer, 1999-2000. Implement ed ecommerce projects, enabling customers to sign online for telecommunications products and services, Servlets and EJB. Initiated enterprise management projec ts providing order fulfillment, product management, marketing and billing. EDUCATION TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, College Station, Texas M.C.S., Computer Science, 1999 M.A., Political Science INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, Beijing, P.R. China B.A., English

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Training, 2004 Crystal Report Certification and Training, 2003-2004