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The Jan Lokpal Bill

April 18, 2011

Scams, Scams….

No Punishment. No Jail In Last 63 Years .

Current System Departmental Vigilance Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Departmental Heads Departmental Vigilance Government .

Lokpal Bill Not passed in 42 years 6 times in Parliament .

Leader of Opposition. Sonia Gandhi.The Jan Lokpal Bill A Strong Anti-Corruption Bill Drafted in November 2010 by Shanti Bhushan. JD (S). CPI. met them – but no positive response An all-Party leader meeting called in New Delhi Joint statement of support by CPM. RLD. BJP also supports the Lokpal Bill . JD (U) etc. Arvind Kejriwal and Santosh Hegde All democratic procedures followed – sent to PM. Prashant Bhushan. TDP.

but says he has no time till 13th May and wants to form GoM for Lokpal (not Jan Lokpal Bill) Anna continues with his decision to go on a fast on April 5 . Syed Rizvi and many others join the movement Rallies in 60 cities on 30th Jan 2011 Anna Hazare takes the lead Declares his intent to go on fast unto death for joint drafting committee for Jan Lokpal Bill PM meets on March 7. Swami Agnivesh. ArchBishop Concessao.Converted into Mass Movement Kiran Bedi. Sri Sri Ravishankar. Swami Ramdev. Cardinal Gracius. Mohd Madani.


India’s Second Independence Begins! Entire country erupts in support Lakhs of People come on streets Thousands start indefinite fast Media shows the anger and support of the people All right thinking people come out in support Government Forced to Accept .

India Celebrates! .

India Celebrates! .

Joint Committee: Our Members Anna Hazare: Social worker Shanti Bhushan: ex-Law Minister and SC lawyer Arvind Kejriwal: Resigned from IRS for social work Prashant Bhushan: SC Advocate and a Crusader Justice Santosh Hegde: K’taka Lok Ayukta .

accounts India Against Corruption declares revenue & expenses on website Demand for videography for transparency Meetings begin amidst hope. next meeting on 2nd May .Joint Committee Formed Government accepts joint drafting committee for Jan Lokpal Bill All original people who had drafted have become the part of committee Our members announce their assets.

Jan Lokpal Bill: Salient Features .1 Complaints of acts of omission or commission punishable under the Prevention of Corruption Act Misconduct by a government servant Covers Complaints against the staff of Lokpal Complaints from whistleblowers .

2 Independent Body Can initiate investigations on direct complaints by citizens Autonomy similar to the Election Commission .Jan Lokpal Bill: Salient Features .

3 LOKPAL Departmenta l vigilance CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) .Jan Lokpal Bill: Salient Features .

Jan Lokpal Bill: Salient Features .4 JURIDICTION OVER Politicians including the Prime Minister Government Officers Corruption Cases of Judges .

corrupt people will start filling jail. Punishment will be more severe if the accused is of higher rank.Jan Lokpal Bill: Salient Features .5 Time limit for investigation is between 6 months to 12 months and trial within another 12 months. . Within 18 to 24 months. Punishment not less than one years of rigorous imprisonment and may extend up to life imprisonment.

the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). the leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha. and the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC). A search committee selected from former CAGs. and CECs. . two youngest chief justices of high courts.6 The Jan Lokpal bill proposes a committee selected by the Prime Minister.Jan Lokpal Bill: Salient Features . will invite recommendations from such class of people or such individuals as it deems fit. It will recommend to the prime minister the names three times the number of vacancies that exist. two youngest judges of the Supreme Court.

Jan Lokpal Bill: Salient Features .7 The Jan Lokpal bill has provisions for the complete recovery of money lost due to corruption .

.8 Every public officer will have to put up statement of assets and liabilities annually of their and their family members to their department who will put it up on the internet. Lokpal can confiscate it. All records and information of Lokpal shall be publicly accessible under Right to Information Act.Jan Lokpal Bill Salient Features . If any property is found outside this statement. even at the stage of investigation or enquiry. Complaints against employee of Lokpal will be dealt in a month's time and the strictest punishment awarded.

Politicians and Judges would go to jail within two years of complaints Clean-up of the political system that is thriving on corruption money People with desire to serve will only enter politics India will march towards its destiny! .Impact of JLPB Corruption on day-to-day issues will reduce drastically Most corrupt Officers.

Is the movement supported by RSS or in favour of any political party? The movement is of the people without fear. There was no other way to pressurise the government to draft a strong anti-corruption deterrent.Frequently Asked Questions? Is this agitation against democratic and constitutional norms No. Rajya Sabha etc Is Anna’s fast a form of blackmail? The country has waited 42 years for the Lokpal and all normal democratic methods have been tried. the right cause and the tremendous public support. passage through Parliament. favour or bias. After the Committee’s Report the bill will take the normal course i. There have been thousands of instances of people going on hunger . e. The divide and rule policy of the government will not be able to succeed. Will more and more people take recourse to fasting as a pressure tactic The reason behind this movement’s success was the moral authority of its leaders. Mahatma Gandhi used the same method against the British Rulers.

corporate. so that good people can go into politics and succeed India Can Wait No More… .What Next? 1 2 3 4 5 6 Build the movement till 15th August 2011 and get ready for the next agitation Anna Hazare and others to tour entire country for the next 2 months Public outreach with social. unions. slums groups Explain Jan Lokpal Bill and create supporters Take up next issues beginning from Electoral Reforms. judicial reforms etc Cleanse the political system. cultural. decentralization of power. youth. IndiaAgainstCorruption2010@gmail.Contact Us – Delhi India Against Corruption +91 9717460029 www.twitter.

com/IndiaCor www.Contact Us – Mumbai India Against Corruption +91 96998 85421 +91 73031 50500 +91 98201 83924 www.facebook.