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WHITE 2605 Shining Water Drive 101 Louisville, LY 40299 TEL 719-464-1262 e-mail Credentials Teaching English as a Second Language Certification Cross-cultural Language Acquisition and Development Certification California, Community College Instructor, Business and Related Technologies California, Professional Elementary Teacher California, Secondary Business Education Teacher Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives Education Teaching English as a Second Language Program, U. of California Professional Teacher Preparation Program, University of Redlands, California MBA, Healthcare Management, Western New England College MS, Systems Management, University of Southern California MS, Education, Troy State University, Alabama BA, Business, University of Maryland (With Honors) Honors Who is Who in America 1996 Who is Who in American Universities and Colleges 1974 Numerous Academic, Management, and Leadership Awards Second Language Ability Japanese Employment History Retired Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force 2005 to 2010 , Aoyama University, Tokyo , Japan. Instructor, Academic Skills, Academic Listening, Academic Writing, Oral English, Basic Listening, Basic Writi ng, and Reading. Writing, Listening, and Speaking course in the Intensive Englis h Program. 2007 to 2010. Rikkyo University (St. Pauls), Tokyo, Japan. Instructor, Academic Writing, Oral English, English through the Media, and Reading in the English De partment. 2006 to 2010, Gakushuin University, Tokyo, Japan. Instructor English Speaking , Presentation, and Listening in the Department of Foreign Languages. 2003 to 2010, Meiji Gakuin University, Totsuka City, Japan. Instructor, English Reading and Writing for freshmen, and Academic Skills for sophomore students in the International Affairs Program. Also , Academic Writing for the English D epartment. 2002 to 2005, Keisen University, Tama City, Japan. Instructor , Current Affair s, English Expression, Communicative English Presentations, and Communicative En glish Writing. Also served as faculty English language consultant for staff and students preparing for Overseas Field Studies. 2001 to 2010, Ferris University, Yokohama, Japan. Instructor, English Intensive Speaking and English Presentations (Speech) for students in the International Social Culture Program. Also, Business Communications (speaking and writing), Business Presentations, Intermediate English Conversation, and Current Social Is sues Instructor in the Open College.

2000 to 2009, Shohoku College, Hon Atsugi City, Japan. Instructor, Business Co mmunications (speaking and writing) instructor in the program of Business Admini stration. 2000 to 2001, Kitasato University, Sagamihara City, Japan. Instructor, speakin g, listening, and writing for second year Medical Allied Health Profession stude nts. 1999 to 2003, Tokai University, Foreign Language Center, Hiratsuka City, Japan. Instructor, Freshman Speaking/Writing, Sophomore Academic Writing , Oral Fluen cy, Business Communication, and Business Writing for various departments. 1999 to present, Japan Concept Corporation, Ltd. , JAL Academy, ALC Education, I nc., and Crops Create. Business, Technical, Conversational English Consultant/ Instructor. Clients have included Bosch K.K., Jidosha Buhin Kogyo, Tokyu Sharyo Seizo, Ministry of Finance, Tokyo Ohka Kogyo, Ericsson, Nippon Carbon, Ricoh, N issan Technical, Makino Milling, Tomoe Engineering, Isuzu Motors, NS Solutions, Little Fuse, NTT, and Coherent, Inc. 1998 to 1999, Teacher, The Sullivans School, Yokosuka Navy Base, Japan, Departm ent of Defense Dependent School System. Responsible for teaching Language Arts, Science, Social Studies/Geography, Math, and Health in a self-contained classr oom. Served on the School Multi-cultural Committee. 1990 - 1998, Adjunct Faculty, Chapman University (Orange, CA) Master in Health Services Administration Program. Instructed courses in Human Resources Mgt., Et hics, Information Systems Mgt., Marketing Mgt., Strategic Planning, Healthcare M anagement, Healthcare Marketing, Healthcare Plant Operations, and Current Issues in Healthcare. Supervised Long Term Care interns. 1995 - 1998 Teacher (bilingual), Wm. H. Taft Elementary School (A California Di stinguished School), Riverside Unified School District, Riverside, CA. Responsi ble for teaching Language Arts, Science, Social Studies/History, Math, Performin g and Visual Arts, and Physical Education. Served on Bilingual Advisory Council . Also taught Elective Japanese Conversation Course. 1990 - 1992, Adjunct Faculty, Golden Gate University (San Francisco, CA) Graduat e Program in Business Administration. Instructed courses in executive and corpo rate ethics. 1976 - 1977, Adjunct Faculty, Los Angeles Metropolitan College Overseas, Yokota Air Base, Tokyo, Japan. Other Relevant Language Consulting Experience 2003, Conducted workshops at Izusu Motors, Otsuma Womens University, aand Seijo Univeristy for students to prepare for and improve their performance on the Test of English for International Communications (TOEIC). 2003, Seminar Trainer, Tokyo and Kanagawa Boards of Education. Conducted week l ong seminars for Japanese public school teachers of English. Instructed in meth odologies for the teaching of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as research into the acquisition of English as a Second Language. 2001 to 2004, The United Nations Association of Japan, Inc., Tokyo, Japan. Serv ed as Oral Examiner for nation wide English Proficiency Examination (Kokuren Eik en). 2000, MCI, National Panasonic, Tokyo, Japan. Coached members of plant English Debate Team and Speech Team to the company wide championship.

Non-Teaching Experience From 1963 to 1991, served in the United States Air Force at bases in the United States, Vietnam, and Japan. Attained enlisted grade of Master Sergeant and Offi cer grade of Lieutenant Colonel, retiring in 1991. 1990 - 1991, Chief, Plans & Programs, Air Force Inspection & Safety Center, Nort on AFB, CA. 1987 - 1990, Healthcare Management Consultant, Air Force Inspection Center, San Bernardino, CA. 1986 - 1987, Management Fellow/Consultant, Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, M A. 1981 - 1986, Administrator/CEO, Community Medical Group, Los Angeles AFB, El Seg undo, CA. , and Administrator/CEO, Community Medical Group, Hanscom AFB, Boston, MA. 1974 - 1981, Community Hospital, Yokota Air Force Base, Japan. 1980-1981, Admi nistrator/CEO, Associate Administrator, Director Patient Management, and Direct or Resources Management. 1972 - 1974, Education Program Development Officer, Air University, Maxwell AFB, Al.