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SOGAT Exhibition

MARCH 28–31

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............................ 6 Acid Gas Injection Workshop 4 (March 28) .............. 16 Registration Form Tel: +971 2 674 4040 Fax: +971 2 672 1217 SOGAT 2011 TIMETABLE 07..........00 15................................00 Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon 14..................... 3 Workshop 1 (March 27–28) ...........00 19............................................ UAE Website: www.............00 17.00 Registration – * Workshop 1 * Workshop 2 * Workshop 3 08.................. 9 Sponsorship ...00 18..................................................... 3 Advisory Committee .. 10–12 CO2 Forum (March 31) ........sogat....... 15 Registration Fees & Payment ............................. Accommodation........................ 8 SELEXOLTM Solvent Technology and Applications Social Activities & Networking Opportunities ..........00 13................................................00 20...... 15 Registration Procedure ................... 9 e-Branding . 14 Venue...... 5 Sour Gas Treatment and Effective Management Workshop 3 (March 27) .............. 4 Sulphur Recovery Workshop 2 (March 27–28) .................................................................................................... Organisers SOGAT 2011 Secretariat DOME Exhibitions PO Box 52641 Abu Dhabi....00 Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 1 11................... 9 Exhibition ............... Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co...............00 16... 16 SAIF AHMED AL GHAFLI........ 2 Event Timetable ........................... 9 SOGAT Conference (March 29–30) Email: projects@sogat.................... Visa Information .00 Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 4 Workshop 5 Conference & Exhibition Gala Dinner Conference Welcome Registration Reception March 27 March 28 Registration – * Workshop 4 * Workshop 5 Workshop 2 Workshop 4 Workshop 5 March 29 Conference Registration Conference & Exhibition Luncheon March 30 Conference & Exhibition CO2 Forum & Exhibition Sulphur Management Forum & Exhibition Luncheon Conference & Exhibition CO2 Forum & Exhibition March 31 Forum Registration Luncheon Luncheon Sulphur Management Forum & Exhibition * Workshop 1 – Sulphur Recovery * Workshop 2 – Sour Gas Treatment and Effective Management * Workshop 3 – Acid Gas Injection * Workshop 4 – Mercury Removal and Measurement Technologies *Workshop 5 – SELEXOLTM Solvent Technology and Applications page 2 www...............................Contents Organisers ............... 13 Sulphur Management Forum (March 31) .......... 2 Overview ......sogat....00 12....................00 10. 7 Mercury Removal and Measurement Technologies Workshop 5 (March 28) ..... Ltd will deliver the Keynote Address at the 7th International SOGAT Conference...............00 09.....................................................................

a standard and well respected feature of the event. France PDO. Canada Gas Technology Institute. where it is expected that 45 billion cubic metres of gas will be needed by 2020. Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co. in addition to its well established and focused events. Oman and the UAE. KSA Texas A&M University.. UK URS Energy & Construction.OVERVIEW D eveloping sour gas fields in a cost effective manner from reservoirs with complexities and low permeability gives the international hydrocarbon sector many major challenges. 2014. USA Dana Gas. will the Gulf sulphur producers fare better than traditional suppliers given the all important logistics question of the supply and demand equation? ADVISORY COMMITTEE Kamal Morsi Hisham Sadaawi Dean King Renaud Cadours Salim Al Ojaily Ahmed Somali Martin Mair Othman Zarzour Thomas Chow Peter Clark Dennis Leppin Peter Griffin Pierre Crevier Steve Pollitt Johnny Johnson Ralph Weiland Mohamed Al Khouri Mas Nohara Richard Hands Afshin Javan Ismail Alami Bruce Palmer Mahmut Sengul Mahin Rameshni Mohamed Hassan Jan Kiebert Dimitris Bantanidis ADNOC. The technical scope of SOGAT 2011 will debate the latest international findings when not only is the technology continuously being developed to sweeten the sour fields but it will also address the vital associated issues of dealing with the serious side effects of contaminants such as BTX.g. A feature of recent SOGAT meetings has been the in-depth subject reviews of specific topics within the overall sour gas field management – the SOGAT Workshops. These various sour gas field developments will result in significant increase in sulphur by-product with the UAE expected to produce 9. www. from its Shah Field Development. Oman Saudi Aramco. South Yoloten) and China (e. Iran. is an important and integral part of the SOGAT event. For SOGAT 2011 the Organisers have invited leading international experts to present their findings on: – Sulphur Recovery – Sour Gas Treatment and Effective Management – Acid Gas Injection – Mercury Removal and Measurement Technologies – SELEXOLTM Solvent Technology and Applications The latest commercial aspects associated with sour field management will be demonstrated in the SOGAT exhibition. USA ASRL. UAE Qatargas. USA Gas Liquids Engineering. now in its fifth year. It is estimated that about 2600 TCF or 36% of the world’s natural gas reserves are sour and with increasing power demands. UAE Sulphur Experts.g. Astrakhan). Kazakhstan (e. Turkmenistan (e. Canada Crevier Process Consulting. UAE ADCO. USA WorleyParsons. Bahrain WorleyParsons. mercaptans. UK National Iranian Gas Export Co. Ltd. However. The technical management issues are by no means limited to the Gulf with other sour field projects under review in Russia (e. Iran Saudi Aramco. The Netherlands Dow Oil & Gas. mercury. to name a few.. it is appropriate to include the 1st International Sulphur Management Forum.sogat. Kuwait. UAE Fluor Energy & Chemicals. KSA Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co.g.000 t/d. NH3 and COS/SC2. Kashagan). Canada SULPHUR Magazine. In the UAE. USA ADNOC.200 t/d when Shah is operational and Qatar eventually producing page 3 .g. development of these sour reserves are now progressing in Saudi Arabia. USA Optimized Gas Treating Inc. Ltd is on track to deliver first sales gas by Q3. Qatar TOTAL. Puguang). to debate the associated issues that will need to be managed by this considerable increase of sulphur by-product. These sour fields also contain large amounts of CO2 and the dedicated International CO2 Forum. UAE Masdar. UAE Enersul. Qatar Schlumberger. UAE Thus for SOGAT 2011.

Farsin Derakhshan. Optionally a set of two books entitled ‘Sulphur Recovery’ and ‘Capability of the Modified Claus Process’ will be available at extra cost.40 Liquid Sulphur Handling and Degassing H2S in liquid Sulphur Hazards.00 Refreshments 15. Farsin has been involved in all aspects of the Sulphur Experts’ product lines. pitfalls and considerations for accurate measurement 15.00 Introduction to Sulphur Recovery History. Ways to increase the reaction furnace temperature. production around the world. design and construction companies at all levels. . Being involved with more than 150 projects in over 25 countries. Farsin has been a process engineer for Sulphur Experts.00 Registration 08.15 Refreshments 10. research.30 Reaction Furnace Process chemistry.WORKSHOP 1 March 27–28 SULPHUR RECOVERY WORKSHOP TIMETABLE AND PROGRAMME Sunday. Middle East & Asia (Senior Engineer) Since 2005 Jan is Manager. operating conditions. Jan graduated from Haarlem Polytechnic and holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. SO3.15 Luncheon 13.00 Workshop concludes Page 4 www. Middle East & Asia for Sulphur Experts.40 Basics of the Modified-Claus Process Chemistry. Jan worked with Duiker Combustion Engineers and was involved in specifying and supply of combustion equipment for SRUs.30 Tail Gas Treating Viable processes and range of recovery efficiencies for most common processes: Amine Based Tail Gas Treating. Superclaus 12.00 Catalytic Convertors continued 15. Jan is involved in all aspects of the process engineering consulting work conducted by Sulphur Experts. recommended operating conditions. plant configuration.40 Oxygen Enrichment Impact on process and capacity. Maintenance and Environmental Staff and the principles are applied extensively by operating. catalyst deactivation mechanisms.20 Condensers and Rundowns Design. rundown and seal leg function and design 17. 08.00 Incineration Incinerator Requirements.sogat. Operational Supervisors. Kiebert. Typical operating conditions.00 End of day 1 WORKSHOP LEADERS Jan B.45 Reheaters Types of reheaters. limitation of the control scheme. Europe. His primary responsibilities include sulphur plant testing and sulphur plant simulation software.15 Reaction Furnace continued 14. The fundamentals and background information regarding all aspects on sulphur recovery will be presented in a format allowing for discussion with the presenters and other attendees. CO and BTX. sulphur vapour losses. levels of Oxygen enrichment and impact on equipment 16.45 Refreshments 15. March 27 07. Design aspects 12.15 Testing & Efficiency Monitoring How to measure or estimate performance. pros and cons 16. Please see the Registration Form. Manager – Europe. Prior to joining Sulphur Experts. NOx.15 Luncheon 13. Sulphur Degassing processes 10. recommended operation 08. He has provided expert advice and consulting services in the area of SRU and TGTU plant testing and plant optimization for the sour gas and oil refining industries. The workshop format is intended to be highly interactive to allow participants to raise actual design and operating concerns. Senior Process Engineer Since 1996. Optimisation / Fuel Efficiency 15.15 Seven Sins and Summary 17. The information presented will be contained in a complete set of workshop notes that will be provided to every attendee. design aspects 14. March 28 08.15 Refreshments 10. types of catalyst. Sub Dewpoint. Farsin worked for Amoco Canada Petroleum Ltd in Alberta as a Facilities Engineer.15 Start-ups and shut-downs Key points/steps to consider when starting up and shutting down 14.00 SRU Control Standard control systems. possible recovery efficiency 10. Farsin graduated from the University of Calgary and holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. uses of sulphur T his workshop will be of immediate benefit to Plant Engineers. How to manage the safety hazards. feed gas impurities (NH3/BTX) and requirements. Prior to joining Sulphur Experts. Monday.00 Catalytic Convertors Process chemistry.

00 each day Refreshments will be taken at 10. He holds B.S. Important Parameters in Acid Gas Removal – Understanding temperature profiles in absorbers. Jaime Nava joined Optimized Gas Treating. Competing reactions. making reclaiming decisions. Contamination of Amine Solvents – case studies showing penalties and benefits of heat stable salts.30 The workshop will conclude at 17.00 on Sunday. managing energy requirements. Review of basic terminology with emphasis on meaningfully interpreting solvent analyses. redistributors and channeling in packed towers. WORKSHOP LEADERS Nate Hatcher joined Optimized Gas Treating. he is responsible for making improvements and adding functionality to the ProTreat TM gas treating process simulator. In this role. CO2 Removal with MDEA? – Chemistry and limitations of treating with MDEA. as Vice-President. phase equilibrium. effect of feed preheating versus reboiler duty on performance. He developed the first mass transfer rate-based model for amine columns for Dow Chemical and is responsible for the development of the Windows-based ProTreat TM process simulation package. Inc.. Under-circulated and over-circulated systems. fundamental insight into many of the issues in sour gas page 5 .. liquid distributors. Dehydration – Dehydration challenges of gases with high CO2 and H2S content using ethyleneglycols. mass transfer characteristics of trays and packing. Corrosion in Sour Gas Systems – Wet H2S corrosion theory. downcomer flood. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto. tray jet flood. March 27 The workshop will begin at 08. tray operating regimes. He is responsible for ProTreat TM licensing and technical support. He helped develop the first basic training course for ProTreatTM users and has provided ProTreatTM training to engineers in North and South America as well as Europe. WORKSHOP TIMETABLE Registration will be at 07. Ralph Weiland founded Optimized Gas Treating in 1992 and has been active in Canada. caustic versus amine treating of mercaptans and H2S. when to reclaim and to what extent. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University. Using a charge balance to dissect and validate an analysis. Case studies showing deficiencies caused by ignoring mass transfer rate limitations in facilities design for treating high CO2 gases with MDEA. Mixed Amines and Physical Solvents – Process performance with piperazine and other reactive amines. even at high pressure.Sc. case studies showing the effect of hydraulics on mass transfer and treating selectivity. heat integration. tray weeping.30 Luncheon will be taken at 12. technical support and process simulation development. Please see the Registration Form. M. and Ph. preventing and controlling contamination in amine systems. inherent limitations of common analytical methods. first in design and startup and later in plant troubleshooting. advantages and disadvantages. defending against corrosion. Technology Development in 2009. Important parameters will be discussed with an emphasis on chemistry to understand the fundamentals. Regenerator behavior. stripping promoters – case studies showing when to use them and how much to use. Australia and the United States in basic and applied research in gas treating since 1965. primarily in acid gas simulation.A. He is a member of the Amine Best Practices Group and serves on the Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference advisory board. He has spent most of his 16 year career involved with sour gas treating and sulfur recovery. designing a blend to meet treating goals. hydrocarbons. Amine Analyses – What to look for and why. www. The workshop uses numerous case studies to develop a clear understanding of: Principles of Mass Transfer Rate-based Simulation – Compelling reasons why a rate model is needed. Optionally a 350 page soft bound text book entitled ‘Advanced Gas Treating: The Engineering Science’ will be available at an extra cost.March 27–28 WORKSHOP 2 SOUR GAS TREATMENT AND EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP PROGRAMME T his two-day workshop is aimed at developing a solid.15 and 14. Ralph also spent ten years in tray R&D with Koch-Glitsch LP. Caustic Treating – Mercaptans and trace acid gas removal. Applications in selective treating and acid gas enrichment. as a Sales Engineer in 2003 and is currently Manager. treating with contaminated solvents.A.D. Selecting Column Internals – Tray and packing hydraulics.sogat.Sc. managing corrosion in sour water and amine systems. Using SELEXOL™/ Genosorb® -type solvents to achieve high selectivity. Software Sales & Licensing. He has over 10 years experience in the natural gas processing industry. heat stable salts. Inc. particulates.00 each day WORKSHOP NOTES A complete set of workshop notes will be provided to every attendee. He holds a B.

Geostorage Process Engineering at Gas Liquids Engineering in Calgary. fluid phase equilibrium and acid gas injection. which include natural gas sweetening. Warsaw. Workshop includes: Effective calculation methods that have practical application in working with acid gas Discussions about various software calculation programs and the efficiency of their calculation methods Comprehensive workshop notes which include examples presented during the workshop WORKSHOP TIMETABLE AND PROGRAMME Registration will be at 07.30 Luncheon will be taken at 12. in chemical engineering in 1990 at the University of Alberta.D. Caracas.00 Refreshments will be taken at 10. Dr Carroll is Director.sogat. He is a registered professional engineer in the Provinces of Alberta and New Brunswick. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 papers in scientific journals. ■ Selection of an Injection Zone What are the criteria for finding a reservoir to place the acid gas? ■ Injection Profiles How to estimate the required injection pressure PART III – ADDITIONAL CONCEPTS ■ Health. He has worked on a variety of projects. Environment (HSE) What are the concerns about acid gas injection? What can be done to mitigate them? ■ Economics How much does acid gas injection cost? Page 6 www. and is associated with several chemical and engineering associations. This workshop has been successfully held in Doha. Kuala Lumpur. hydrocarbon processing. Beijing.15 and 14. Alberta.00 The workshop will begin at 08. Safety.WORKSHOP 3 March 27 ACID GAS INJECTION OVERVIEW What is acid gas injection? What are the benefits of acid gas injection? Should I consider acid gas injection? What problems are typically encountered? What are the physical properties of acid gas? How are they calculated? Should the acid gas be dehydrated? Learn the answers to these and many other questions in this one day workshop.00 ■ Introduction What is acid gas injection? When should it be considered? PART I – SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES ■ Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide How to calculate the properties of acid gas mixtures ■ Non-Aqueous Phase Equilibrium What are the various phases encountered in acid gas injection? How to map the phase region on a pressure-temperature diagram ■ Water Content of Acid Gas How is the water content of acid gas different from hydrocarbons? Why is it important? ■ Hydrates Are hydrates significant for acid gas mixtures? PART II – ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES ■ Compression How is acid gas compression different from sweet gas? And the same? Can acid gas be dehydrated using compression alone? ■ Pipeline What are the considerations for designing an acid gas pipeline? WORKSHOP LEADER Dr John Carroll obtained his .30 The workshop will conclude at 16. 10 articles in technical magazines and approximately 25 conference presentations. Abu Dhabi. London and Calgary.

Dr Warren Corns joined PS Analytical in 1991 as an R&D manager where he developed and applied the technique of vapour generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry for numerous applications. It is therefore important for an operator to understand the level and types of mercury that they are likely to find in their feed to prevent these types of incidents from happening in the future. In 2007 he joined the Gas Processing business of Johnson Matthey and now works as the Technical Sales Manager for the Middle East & Africa. safety and environmental implications. He is a Member of the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. David Snodgrass is the Managing Director of No Heat Resources Pte Ltd. Elemental mercury is corrosive and will attack aluminium heat exchangers and can ultimately lead to catastrophic plant failure similar to the failures seen at Moomba and Skikda in 2004. Historically mercury removal units have been situated downstream of dehydration but with the introduction of the newer generation of absorbents. It is important to fully understand the types and levels of mercury in your feed and Warren Corns discusses state of the art technology that enables operators to understand and monitor mercury levels on their facilities. Andrew Hixon graduated from Greenwich University and worked as a Development Chemist in the UK specialising in oil field polymer manufacturing and process optimization before moving to Dialog.00 Welcome and Introductions 08. mixed metal sulphides. The ability to measure mercury ensures that operators can meet product specification. can work in a mercury free environment and that the critical areas of the process remain protected. His area of expertise is the determination and speciation of mercury and the hydride forming elements.30 Recycling of Mercury Contaminated Absorbents and Other Waste Streams 12. Paul Frank discusses mercury occurrence and distribution across the refinery flowsheet. With a growing global population land filling of mercury contaminated equipment is not sustainable and will lead to legacy issues for future generations to deal with.10 Mercury Measurement for Mercury Removal 10. Derek Bryce starts proceedings by discussing Mercury in Natural Gas. he has extensive and comprehensive understanding of the Mercury issues that face the Oil and Gas page 7 . The discussion will extend to the fate of the mercury within refinery processes. A number of oil and gas facilities have been operated either with mercury removal units located towards the back end of the plant or no mercury removal units at all.10 Luncheon 13.30 Catalyst Handling – Loading and Unloading 14.00 Registration 08. Andreas Krebs graduated from the Ecole Technique Supérieur du Valais in Sion. it is now possible to locate mercury removal units at the front end of a gas plant. Middle East and North Africa. WORKSHOP LEADERS Dr Derek Bryce completed his Ph. This will result in mercury plating out onto metal surfaces within the plant that presents the danger of exposure to elemental mercury and consequently mercury vapour during routine maintenance. Switzerland and in 2005 became the Managing Director of Batrec Industrie AG.30 Workshop concludes Each session will be followed by Questions & Answers www. Mercury contaminated waste is a growing issue that will not disappear.20 Mercury in Natural Gas 09. He has been a project manager for Dialog since 2008 and has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of handling catalyst used for Mercury removal. However. refinery effluent streams and refinery products.sogat.D in speciation of mercury and worked as Applications Specialist with a mercury instrumentation company for over 10 years before he became the Mercury Specialist for SGS UK. Specialising in Mercury decontamination chemicals and techniques. David Snodgrass discusses ways of decontaminating mercury contaminated surfaces and vessels enabling operators to work in a ‘mercury free’ environment. mercury contaminated waste and trans frontier shipment of mercury waste.00 Mercury Removal Technology and MRU Location 09.March 28 WORKSHOP 4 MERCURY REMOVAL AND MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGIES E lemental mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature and pressure. Mercury is a naturally occurring product and is found in oil and gas across the globe. mercury is naturally occurring and is often found in oil and gas streams which when processed can result in serious health.50 Plant Maintenance and Decontamination in the Middle East 11. It has a freezing point of -39°C and a boiling point of 376°C and has one of the broadest ranges of its liquid state of any metal. Kevin Robinson joined Johnson Matthey Catalysts in 2005.40 Refreshments 10.00 Refreshments 15.10 Mercury Removal on a Refinery 15. WORKSHOP TIMETABLE AND PROGRAMME 07.30 Q&A and Problem Solving 16. This flexibility offers operators greater protection to a wider footprint of their manufacturing assets and protects operators from the dangers of exposure to elemental mercury during routine plant maintenance. Paul Frank lectures in Petroleum Technology at the University of Teesside and is currently the Refinery Purification Products Manager for Johnson Matthey. Operational data will demonstrate that mixed metal sulphides provides an effective and environmentally assured means of removing mercury from a variety of process schemes. Kevin Robinson touches on the issues of mercury in a gas processing plant and the technologies available on the market for removing elemental mercury from gas. Andreas Krebs discusses mercury recycling of saturated mercury absorbents. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal and is corrosive to certain metals. The purpose of this Mercury workshop is to highlight these potential issues to oil/gas producers and present solutions to help operators deal with the issues related to mercury.

high-acid gas systems. Canada. Attendance is free and is limited to benefit all from the interactive discussions. They are designed to provide effective and economic bulk CO2 removal and selective absorption of H2S.30 Overview of UOP Gas Processing Technology and Services Luk Verhulst. Bruce DeBolt joined Dow in 1980 and has spent 30 years in research and technical service roles in specialty chemicals and oil and gas applications.00 History and Overview of SELEXOLTM Solvent Bruce DeBolt. with focus on Molecular Sieves adsorption process units used for dehydration and purification of gas and liquids streams. highly flexible physical solvents for multiple gas processing applications.15 SELEXOLTM Solvents for Mercaptan Sulfur Removal for LNG Pre-Treatment Integrated Gas Treating Complex Fedrik Vancraeynest. This full day workshop will provide detailed presentations and open discussions of the wide range of potential applications of SELEXOLTM using case studies. Luk Verhulst has almost 2 decades experience in gas processing. TM WORKSHOP TIMETABLE AND PROGRAMME 07. UOP 12. Some of the special advantages of SELEXOLTM solvent include a high flash point. or BTX from a variety of natural and synthesis gas streams. Please contact the SOGAT 2011 Secretariat to obtain your invitation. UOP 14. engineering design and troubleshooting of UOP Gas Treating Technologies in Antwerp. Dow 16. Major topics covered will be: – SELEXOLTM Solvent History – SELEXOLTM Reference base across multiple applications – SELEXOLTM Design Options – Specific Case Studies for EOR. including designs where SELEXOLTM is integrated into other gas processing technologies.30 Options for Treating and Recovering CO2 for EOR Applications from Natural Gas Streams Containing High CO2 Concentrations Fedrik Vancraeynest. His current position is Business Development Leader for Dow Oil & Gas. Dow 10. and the option to create processes with little or no heat input. Before joining UOP. UOP 17.30 Refreshments 15.sogat. Fedrik worked for BP in Belgium as a process engineer of the paraxylene unit responsible for the day to day operation of the plant. working out of the Houston office. He currently provides technical service.15 Workshop concludes WORKSHOP LEADERS Jack McJannett has more than 20 years experience in gas processing at Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. He has been with UOP for more than 4 years. Fedrik Vancraeynest is responsible for sales technical support. Dow 09. his hands-on technology expertise has been extended to other UOP Gas Processing Technologies including solvent treating and NGL recovery .00 Registration 08. Applications include: Purification of lean natural gas Coal and petcoke gasification Sulfur removal from recycled CO2 in Enhanced Oil Recovery Heavy oil partial oxidation Landfill gas purification Light hydrocarbon dew point control SELEXOL solvent is particularly effective in high-pressure. Belgium.15 Natural Gas Processing Case Studies Jack McJannett. process simulation and customer process troubleshooting for UCARSOLTM and SELEXOLTM solvents out of Calgary.00 SELEXOLTM Solvent Design Flexibility for Diverse Performance Objectives Jack McJannett. low-temperature. Dow 11.WORKSHOP 5 March 28 SELEXOLTM SOLVENT TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS The Dow Chemical Company and UOP LLC SELEXOLTM Specialty Solvents from Dow are well proven. page 8 www. simultaneous dehydration capability of process gases. low vapor pressure. COS. With his transition to the role of Gas Processing Sales Manager (Middle East). mercaptans. High Sulfur Treating.00 Refreshments 10.15 Luncheon 13. and Natural Gas Attendance at the workshop is by invitation only.30 Open Question and Answer Session for SELEXOLTM Solvents 15.45 Overview of Dow Oil & Gas Technology and Services Bruce DeBolt.

To cover this significant interest. www. This Reception. a new website has been designed to meet the increasing number of visitors and expectations that the SOGAT event has developed through its sponsors. The Organisers would like to acknowledge the support and sponsorship of the following: Gold Sponsor: Silver Sponsor: Bronze Sponsor: SOGAT Conference: Registration: Welcome Reception: Gala Dinner: Luncheons: Refreshments: Delegate Bags: Conference Proceedings: ADNOC Sulfur Operations Support TOTAL EXHIBITION As in previous years delegates will be able to discuss with the following exhibitors their latest developments in all areas associated with sour gas field exploration and development. SPONSORSHIP There remains a limited number of sponsorship opportunities still available for the 5th International CO2 Forum and the 1st Sulphur Management Forum. sponsored by Dow Oil & Gas. With this online branding. Aecometric AMETEK AMGAS ASRL Black & Veatch Blasch Precision Ceramics CS Combustion Solutions CSI Dana Gas Delta Controls Dow Oil & Gas Duiker Eco-Tec ENERSUL Fluor GLE page 9 .SOCIAL ACTIVITIES AND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Welcome Reception March 28th This is the perfect opportunity to meet your hosts and fellow delegates plus special guests in an informal setting. Gala Dinner March 29th This special event offers superb networking opportunities and a unique chance to foster new business relationships. will take place on the evening of March 28th and all delegates are invited.sogat. exhibitors and visitors. Further details can be obtained from the SOGAT 2011 Secretariat. Ltd.sogat. Allison & Associates Gouda Refractories Hobré Instruments Honeywell Industrial Ceramics Limited LumaSense Technologies Masdar OHL PERMA-PIPE Sandvik Siemens Sulfur Operations Support Sulphur Experts THORPE TOTAL Twin Process Filtration WorleyParsons Dana Gas Dow Oil & Gas Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co. All conference participants and partners are invited to attend. speakers. Ltd Qatargas and Enersul ExxonMobil and GLE Occidental Saudi Aramco CO2 Forum: Luncheon/Refreshments: Masdar Sulphur Management Forum: Forum Proceedings: SULPHUR E-BRANDING The previous website received a considerable number of hits per day from all over the world within the international oil and gas sector. Enjoy the fine food and impressive backdrop at the exclusive Gala dinner hosted by Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co. you are now able to target a highly specialised audience with real interests in sour oil and gas processing. To date the following exhibitors have confirmed their or by contacting the SOGAT 2011 Secretariat. More information on e-Branding can be found at www. This is an ideal chance to renew old acquaintances and a useful opportunity to interact with speakers and fellow delegates prior to the beginning of the 7th International SOGAT Conference. Exclusive e-Branding is now available on this new website to position your company as one of the leaders in technology development associated with the sour oil and gas industry. delegates.

reduce.45 SULPHUR RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY PUSHED TO THE LIMIT – DIFFICULT GAS COMPOSITIONS AND EVER TIGHTENING REGULATORY FRAMEWORK This paper addresses the limits of commercial sulphur recovery technologies and identifies technology concepts which could comply with the regulatory framework of Oman.00 CANSOLV TGT+ SYSTEM: SOLUTION FOR ULTRA HIGH SULFUR RECOVERY Illustrated in this paper is an integrated sour gas treating solution that enables ultra high overall sulfur recovery efficiencies (99. UAE 12. This paper is set to describe the main challenges of this SRU project spotlighting the technologies selection criteria to handle lean acid gases while meeting high emission standards.7th International SOGAT Conference Monday. please visit www. system integrity requirements. the paper discusses ADNOC's setup as a case study and recommends certain Tail Gas streams from future SRUs. Ltd. and implementation of the plant design. and operability assurance program. standards. and discusses the economic advantages and operational flexibility that can be realized through its implementation. and plans will enable Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company Ltd to achieve its main objective of world-class HSE performance and the intention to deliver a project that will set the standard of excellence for the development of sour gas reserves for others to follow. Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co. The paper also refers to alternating injection of CO2 and N2.15 08. The system could be customized for individual applications thus providing a cost effective solution to the challenges and opportunities posed by the undeveloped sour gas fields.30 Tuesday. USA Haytham Abdulwahab.00 LOW ENERGY DIRECT CONTACT CONDENSER DESIGNS FOR CLAUS TAIL GAS TREATING UNITS IN DESERT ENVIRONMENTS Fluor has invented a new Direct Contact Condenser (DCC) design that transfers as much as 50% of the trim cooling duty to the air coolers. UAE SESSION A – Chair: Kamal Morsi. PANEL SESSION Luncheon Sponsored by: SESSION B – Chair: Ismail Alami. Chow. Fluor Energy and Chemicals. Other Claus/Hydrogenation sulfur recovery facilities can achieve significant savings in proportion to the size of the plant. Italy 11. Safety.00 18. These technologies. Rafael Mangas. Henry Z. Shell Global Solutions International BV. The paper will discuss in detail the solution given to each of the problems. Tareq Sahoo. It will discuss key process surveillances highlights and process improvements such as reduction in the SO2 slippage in TGT due to low hydrogen production. UAE and David Schulte.10 THE SHAH GAS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT – A SYSTEMATIC HSE APPROACH TO SOUR GAS PROCESSING In order to eliminate. and ENI GAS E&P for processing 10 billion Nm3/year of natural gas most of which to be transported to the Sicilian coast through a 516 km underwater pipeline across the Mediterranean Sea at a maximum depth of 1150 m. USA 11. KSA 12.45 Rajiv Srinivasan. and the Environment during the development. Kister. Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co. This paper summarises the current status of the project and describes some of the key features and work processes related to handling very sour gas at a challenging site location. An evaluation of a recent large-scale Middle East project indicated that this new design would result in about $20 MM in power savings over the 20-year life of the plant and an additional $70 MM in capital cost savings. A comparison between a conventional line-up required to treat sour gas with trace sulfur species and the Cansolv TGT+ system is presented. Tuesday.55 Refreshments Sponsored by: For regular updates. ADNOC.A. ADNOC. This paper provides a technical background for Fluor’s new patent pending DCC technology. Ciro Di Carlo. Nikolic. Also.40 TAIL GAS RECOVERY AND INJECTION The paper discusses the advantage of capitalizing over existing TGTUs and suggests eliminating the requirement of CO2/N2 separation if immiscible injection for pressure maintenance applications is the targeted utilization of the recovered gas. while minimizing the complexity and cost of the process page 10 www. Abdalla Hamad Almuhairi. UAE 08.sogat. 09. Nielsen. Results of process evaluation carried out by PDO are presented in this paper.9% of the overall sulfur present in the feed gas to the gas processing plant) from sour gas streams.p. practices. construction execution strategy. mitigate. The Netherlands Sudhir U. Thomas K. March 29 07. Petroleum Development Oman LCC. Qatargas. March 28 17. Oman 14. Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company Ltd has required an early and sustained focus on all aspects of the Health.00 Conference Registration Welcome Reception Sponsored by: 10.20 OPERATING CHALLENGES OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST LNG PLANT IN GAS TREATING AND SULFUR RECOVERY UNITS This paper discusses the operating success and challenges of the world’s largest LNG plant in gas treating and sulphur recovery units during the first two years of operation. Esther van Soest-Vercammen. and manage the risks of the SGD Project. Djordje L. March 29 SESSION A cont: HOW DIFFICULT SRU FEEDSTOCK WAS HANDLED IN THE WESTERN LIBYA GAS PROJECT The Western Libya Gas Project was jointly launched by Libya’s National Oil Corp. Sanchez. Fluor Energy and Chemicals. assessment.. solution of sulphur pit pump repeated failure. Vincent . Siirtec Nigi S. Arnold E. Nayak. Ltd. Qatar 09. Ian Ross. study on frequent failure of gasket material in lean / rich solvent plate heat exchanger and elimination of frequent heater tripping problem in selexol unit.sogat. Harry Melton. Saudi Aramco. Dick B.05 08. CEO.00 Registration Sponsored by: KEYNOTE ADDRESS Saif Ahmed Al Ghafli.

University of Calgary and ASRL.45 Refreshments Sponsored by: ‘BURNER TO TUBE SHEET’ – AN EVALUATION OF REACTION FURNACES This is intended to be a paper with a lot of visual information where we start with a chamber drawing and/or CFD image as a guide and work our way through the furnace pointing out various areas for design consideration relative to burners. Slavens. Canada 17. USA 09.. How is Russia approaching development of these fields. Black & Veatch. 300-500 ppmv mercaptans. Clark. refractory and ferrules. Angela F. This paper will provide an account of noteworthy field activities of the authors who spent a considerable amount of time in the plant starting up and troubleshooting the units. 08.10 IMPACT ON THE DESIGN OF SURFACE FACILITIES WHEN SOURING UP RESERVOIRS Petroleum Development Oman LLC is currently developing the Rabab field. Russia Dave Sikorski. Rabab has been classified as gas/condensate field. Several more exist in Kazakhstan. sour gas processing.7th International SOGAT Conference Tuesday. is rapidly consumed by H2S. In 2010 Black & Veatch presented a paper at the SOGAT Conference which compared several alternative Claus sulphur recovery unit (SRU) / tail gas treating unit (TGTU) configurations for achieving high sulphur recovery and reliable operation from lean acid gas containing high concentrations of carbonyl sulfide (COS) and mercaptans.. Lamar. CO2 and H2O. Shell Global Solutions International BV. Salim Al Ojaily.sogat. Mimming Huang. This paper builds upon the work carried out in the 2010 study to compare overall integrated gas treating flow sheet configurations for a given sour natural gas composition and flow rate. We support the information with associated CFD material that will highlight the areas of particular interest involving site information from HEC.50 THE CHEMISTRY OF BTX CONVERSION IN THE CLAUS COMBUSTION FURNACE AND STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE BTX CONVERSION IN THE THERMAL STAGE Recent work in our laboratories has had the objective of determining the detailed chemical mechanisms of BTX conversion in the partially oxidizing Claus system. as well as H2S. Oil & Gas Eurasia. Goar. evaluate the commercial strategies used to mitigate BTX problems and suggest some avant-garde approaches to solving the BTX challenge. reduced sulphur recovery and the sensitivity of burner air control.600 MTPD. Inc. ammonia destruction in incineration such as Noxidizer. THE IMPACT OF THE UPSTREAM ACID GAS REMOVAL UNIT The exploitation of increasingly difficult natural gas reserves has risen in recent years. 130 are in European Russia. USA and Djordje L. John Burrow. The Netherlands 15. This project is regarded as one of the most technically challenging in China's history. 15. Justin A. oxygen enrichment. University of Calgary and ASRL. This observation. USA and Elmo Nasato. requiring the removal of a number of harder to remove sulphur species.10 HYDROGEN SUPPLY AND SULFUR REMOVAL FOR THE MODERN. Oman Steven Fan Yong. This paper will summarize the mechanistic studies. The paper will holistically and quantitatively address these inextricably linked areas and demonstrate how refiners can respond to the challenges of transforming heavier and sourer crudes into lighter and cleaner refined products as cost effectively and with as low an environmental impact as possible. Allison Limited. particularly at a time when Gazprom is attempting to find new sources of gas production? What technologies does it employ and what technologies and partners is Gazprom seeking to engage with globally? This paper will also touch on desulphurization as it applies not only to sour gas but also oil fields of high sulphur content. Allison & Associates. which itself. Canada www. In addition. Dowling. 14 km away from Harweel new facilities.25 18. REPRISE. Canada and Uday Parekh. Black & Veatch. March 30 SESSION C – Chair: Peter D. Canada 08. acid gas enrichment and pre-heat of combustion air and acid gas. In 2009 the company decided to integrate the development of the Rabab and the Harweel fields. with a total sulphur production rate of 8. It is located at a depth of 4–5 km and contains approximately 3% H2S.00 19. Goar. 09. oxygen enrichment. which was recently started up. and the transmission of sales gas via a pipeline across eight provinces to Shanghai. located in South Oman within the Harweel cluster. The Sichuan to Eastern China gas transmission project included exploration and development of the Puguang Gas Field. page 11 . China and Angela F. The demand for more. Nikolic.. Inc. Several examples of damage that has occurred in a variety of locations will be shown. Their development requires solving complicated engineering and environmental safety problems. The optimum configuration(s). March 29 SESSION B cont: 14. cleaner transportation fuels has resulted in a greater need for hydroprocessing. while achieving ever higher environmental performance. The designed annual purified natural gas transmission capacity is 12 billion cubic meters.45 Refreshments Sponsored by: HOW TO PROCESS HIGH AMMONIA ACID GAS IN A SRU This paper explains when the ammonia content increases from Phenolic and non Phenolic heavy crude which will require higher temperature in the reaction furnace configurations.20 Pat Szymczak.15 Mahin Rameshni. Clark. Ltd Ian Brass. amongst others..30 PANEL SESSION Close of Day 1 Gala Dinner Sponsored by: Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co. Black & Veatch. 16. in terms of relative CAPEX and OPEX.35 RUSSIAN SOUR GAS — CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITY Of the more than 400 sour gas fields in the world.35 ENHANCED SULPHUR RECOVERY FROM LEAN ACID GASES CONTAINING COS AND MERCAPTANS. are presented. 16% CO2. This paper will discuss the following options for handling high ammonia feeds in the SRUs: two stage sour water stripper design. and WP ammonia destruction in the tail gas unit. HEC Canada Inc.00 SUCCESSFUL START-UP AND OPERATION OF PUGUANG GAS PLANT Black & Veatch supplied the process engineering design for the largest gas purification plant in Asia. the condensate is waxy with a cloud point of 35°C. USA Wednesday. ENVIRONMENTALLY LOW-IMPACT REFINERY The paper will review options available to juggle the seemingly conflicting demands of processing an increasingly heavier and sourer crude slate at the highest possible conversion. USA 16. 10. Slavens. WorleyParsons.. Peter D. Michael Gai. Air Products and Chemicals. Petroleum Development Oman LCC. and 200 ppmv COS. and therefore higher hydrogen requirements and increased SRU capacity. The focus is on difficulties faced by plant operations and maintenance people with an emphasis to look at the whole system to diagnose and resolve equipment issues. Esther van Soest-Vercammen. Norman I. has made it possible to evaluate the utility of commercial strategies such as methane co-firing. it has been found that BTX is converted in large part by the sulphur species which are formed in the furnace and not by the oxygen. J T Thorpe and Industrial Ceramics Limited. The paper will focus on how the surface facilities will be impacted by integrating Rabab with Harweel and by the souring of the reservoirs due to miscible gas injection.

and The Seven Deadly Sins of Amine Treating. Another problem is that the temperature information that is used during the start-up phase does not reflect the critical conditions elsewhere in the furnace. sorbent size and sorbent preparation method. drying the product at 150°C for one hour and heating the solids at 635°C for one hour. The goal for many operators was to put in a checkerwall that would survive a campaign intact.sogat. dry sieved. Duiker Combustion Engineers.35 Refreshments Sponsored by: RATE PHENOMENA IN THE REACTION OF HYDROGEN SULFIDE WITH A PELLETIZED ZINC OXIDE–ZINC ALUMINATE SORBENT A zinc oxide-zinc aluminate sorbent containing 65% zinc oxide. 15. Liu Sujun.00 THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF PROCESS GAS ANALYZER APPLICATIONS The paper follows a theme made popular in previous papers on The Seven Deadly Sins of Sulfur Recovery. 13. Japan 11.05 12. requires almost no additional capital investment. Optimized Gas Treating. With ultra-deep (more than 5000 m). This paper will describe the development of FLEXSORB commercial applications from TGCU service to these other applications and provide comparative operating data on selectivity with MDEA based systems. Sulphur Experts. ultra-high temperature (more than 150°C). if desired.50 PANEL SESSION Close of SOGAT 2011 Conference Ralph H. Many of these failures can be explained by the interaction between the steel shell of the furnace and the refractory lining and the properties of the refractory materials.55 REFRACTORY LINING IN A SRU Although refractory linings can easily have a lifetime of many years. uses identical equipment. Southwest Petroleum University and Wang Zhongsheng. Zhu Dajiang. USA 16. there have been instances of severe refractory damages after having been in operation for only a short period of time. Robert B. AMETEK Process Instruments. CCDC Drilling & Production Technology Research Institute. high H2S gas wells in Northeast Sichuan Gas Field. USA 12. ultra-high pressure. USA 14. SESSION D cont: 15. onshore/offshore natural gas treating and FLEXICOKINGTM Flexigas treating. the profession is occupied by people from various fields who have made it their life’s work and this is a collection of their findings. Chen Liping. The Netherlands Randy Hauer.7th International SOGAT Conference Wednesday. temperature. This paper uses the ProTreat™ process simulator to substantiate the technology and to discuss several cases of both the original and extended HIGHSULF™ process strategies. Iyengar. and there were no requests for mixing or flow management. wet sieved. and Tofik K. This paper discusses an economical and suitable method of string design combined with sulfur resistance packer completion test technology. Nate Teator. and redried at 150°C for an hour to produce the sorbent.30 UTILISING THE CHECKERWALL AS A STATIC MIXER TO IMPROVE REACTION FURNACE PERFORMANCE Some time ago we began to field requests from some SRU-operating customers that utilized conventional brick checkerwalls to develop a checkerwall that would be easy to install. Sorption rate is shown as a function of hydrogen sulfide partial pressure. casing service environment tends to be critical. Parks. Umbersoll. Abu Dhabi and Bruce R. Texas A&M University at Qatar Jeffery Bolebruch. March 30 SESSION C cont: 10.05 Carmen Gutiérrez. Ted Collins. high H2S (2-70%) gas wells increasing. Blasch Precision Ceramics. ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co. Sun Yongxing. Canada and Zaheer Juddy. Inc. AIMS. USA page 12 www. After cooling the solids were crushed. Among other applications. a total of ~ 6 BCF/D of gas is being treated by this amine system to selectively remove H2S and reject CO2. and could incorporate the use of an integral manway. Zeng Dezhi. implications of the use of these mixing walls in acid plants that typically use multiple baffle walls will be explored and the effects of a more uniform residence time will be addressed with an eye toward an eventual reduction in furnace length. 18% peptized alumina and 17% perlite was prepared by wet pelletizing the solid reactants. Lin Yuanhua. ultra-high pressure (more than 100MPa). are in the engineering evaluation and design phase. Abdallah Berrouk. Failures such as these often lead to high costs. Shi Taihe. CCDC Drilling & Production Technology Research Institute and Southwest Petroleum University. Jags N. This paper will review the modeling methodology that was developed to evaluate various configurations in order to determine which offer the best combination of mixing and pressure drop. Petroleum Institute. This paper deals with methods that prevent refractory failures by analyzing the reasons for these failures and to give guidelines for trouble free operation. Chow. concerns were strictly mechanical. At that time. HIGH H2S GAS WELLS . A number of applications. The intent is to offer examples as well as quantitative information based on historical experience of analyzer engineering and sample handling details. Weiland. China 17. Palmer. UAE and Yasuhiro Yoshikane. Lastly. USA and John Sames. Dave Perry. Fluor Energy and Chemicals. and produces extremely high quality Claus feed with generic MDEA. TKK Company. To date. the HIGHSULF™ technology enhances the well-known SCOT process. Ruben Kranenburg. SOGAT 2011 Conference Proceedings Sponsored by: Laura E. or MDEA spiked with promoters. The subject is one of the least understood facets of a project.35 PANEL SESSION Luncheon Sponsored by: SESSION D – Chair: Thomas K. allow for design with varying degrees of open area.50 NEW STRATEGIES FOR ACID GAS ENRICHMENT A new patented family of HIGHSULF™ amine-based desulphurization technologies and strategies has been introduced. 16.40 CASING SELECTION AND CORRELATION TECHNOLOGY FOR ULTRA-DEEP ULTRA-HIGH PRESSURE. The sorption of hydrogen sulfide was measured as a function of time with a thermogravimetric analyzer.25 STERICALLY HINDERED AMINES – THIRTY YEARS OF PRACTICE The FLEXSORB SE/SE Plus systems have been extended to include applications in Acid Gas Enrichment (AGE). and this method successfully deals with current difficult problem of sulfur resistance casing selection and casing program design in current ultra-deep. Khanmamedov. representing a total of 4 BCF/D gas treating. China.. mechanically stable under all conditions. downtime and loss of production. Fedich.15 .

The new technology successfully addresses shortcomings associated with existing miscible gas EOR processes by using foams of supercritical CO2 fluid and water in the formation to alter mobility and improve vertical conformance. MEA-promoted KDiMGly and piperazine-promoted KDiMGly against the standard. The paper provides a detailed explanation of how and why a process based on piperazine-promoted KDiMGly is likely to perform well. condenser.45 THE SPREX®CO2 TECHNOLOGY – OPTIMIZING CO2 SEPARATION AND MANAGEMENT FOR VERY ACID GAS FIELDS To validate and qualify the application of Sprex ® CO2. The CFZ™ process can reduce the cost of developing these sour gas resources. details concerning how to employ the technology over the applicable range of sour gas compositions. CO2 partial pressure and heat stable salt level on regeneration energy is reported. UAE Robert D. High turbulence in the channel ensures extremely fast heat and mass transfer. Needs. In this paper we will report on recent laboratory study that was conducted using limestone and dolomite reservoir core samples from a carbonate reservoir in Abu Dhabi. 20% CO2) and CO2 injection on the carbonate matrix properties at reservoir conditions.15 CORROSION IMPACTS OF EOR WITH CO2 AND CCS: AN OVERVIEW This paper is an overall review of main corrosion issues related to the use of CO2 for EOR as well as to the Capture and Storage of CO2 or CO2 + H2S. and information on the first few months of CDP operation. initial development.00 CARBON DIOXIDE SEQUESTRATION OF GROUND GRANULATED BLAST FURNACE SLAG Carbon dioxide sequestration of industrial residues.. or plug composites. Gas Liquids Engineering. scheme integration versus energy efficiency. Canada 09. A membrane system was installed to remove CO2 from the produced gas stream and concentrate it for re-injection.P and . heat exchanger technology. Dow Oil & Gas. Weiland. The pilot plant. Kinder Morgan CO2 Company. that had been aged with reservoir oil at a representative initial water saturation prior to the gas displacement.55 Refreshments Sponsored by: PILOT PLANT SCALE CAPTURE OF CO2 FROM BOILER FLUE GAS This paper describes the Advanced Amines Process (AAP) pilot plant and associated laboratory located in West Virginia. Tom Cnop. Combined with their complete lack of volatility.10 FORUM INTRODUCTION THE CONTROLLED FREEZE ZONE™ TECHNOLOGY FOR THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF MIDDLE EAST SOUR GAS RESOURCES The CFZ™ technology provides for the single-step removal of CO2 as well as other acid gas components present in the feed.15 15. Norway www. Ralph H. James Donovan. The results are striking – the regeneration energy required with piperazine-promoted KDiMGly appears to be about 20% lower that for MEA in an identical plant. as this reduces the cost of reinjection. Denton. 14. The impact of circulation rate. 15. and the mitigations undertaken. is processing flue gas from a bituminous coal fired boiler with UCARSOLTM FGC 3000 series solvents. primary application.00 08. UAE 08. ADCO. through mineral carbonation. Process measurements are summarized and compared with simulation. Michel Bonis. stripper. Hatcher. while protecting the environment. Manish Kumar.000 tonne/day CO2 capture plant using NaGly. Jaime A.25 COMPACT CO2 CAPTURE Statoil Research Centre is currently working on a novel concept for capturing CO2 based on accelerated mass transfer. Abdel-Mohsen O. This review is carried out by combining the present knowledge on corrosion. Raymond Jones. A prototype of both the absorber and stripper is in operation. The kinetic energy from the nozzles is sufficient to push the exhaust so there is no need of a fan. USA 08.. This paper presents the methodology. Tawfiq A. 5th International CO2 Forum 12. column internals & efficiency. TOTAL. Inc. Nava. L. A new conformance solution has been developed. which has a removal capacity of ~ 5 tonne CO2/day. The preliminary results show that in most of the experiments no significant change in permeability was observed. USA 16.30 PANEL SESSION Close of 5th International CO2 Forum Torbjørn Fiveland. while simultaneously reducing operating expenditures. alkaline Ca-rich industrial solid waste material such as ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) is utilized as a possible feedstock for mineral CO2 sequestration. 09. UAE 12. basics of existing acid gas dehydration technology. The ability of the membrane system to deliver CO2-rich-permeate gas at elevated pressure (relative to an amine unit) is also highlighted. solvent rates are lower by about 20%.20 LABORATORY STUDIES AT RESERVOIR CONDITIONS ON THE IMPACT OF ACID GAS AND CO2 DISPLACEMENTS ON THE CARBONATE MATRIX Laboratory studies have been performed to evaluate the impact of acid gas (80% H2S. the field was converted to a combination N2 and carbon dioxide (CO2) flood in 1996. In 2004 the field was converted to CO2-only injection and the CO2 content of the produced gas has risen sharply since that time. TOTAL conducted a thorough Risk Analysis Study and a Risk Management Plan (RMP) in 2008-2009. France 14. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co. Statoil. USA. The RMP results and the previous Sprex® pilot experience confirmed that the Sprex ® CO2 technology is validated for industrial applications. TOTAL. In this page 13 .50 POST-COMBUSTION CO2 CAPTURE WITH AMINO-ACID SALTS This paper benchmarks the performance of a conventionally-configured 3.35 13.45 Craig Schubert. A test program covering a wide range of operating conditions is described. The laboratory program used core plugs.sogat. and results will be presented. Nathan A. William Echt. separator and reflux pump. USA 10. The stripper is based on rotation using the G-forces for accelerated mass transfer resulting in an extremely compact machine with integrated re-boiler. The paper will describe the technology development process and successful field trial results.March 31 07. Christopher Dyszkiewicz. This paper will provide a review of the CFZ™ technology.55 17. El Gamal. and providing them as a high pressure liquid that can be readily reinjected for geosequestration or EOR purposes. and potentially field tests of the first two units will be discussed.50 Cristina Maretto. Jaime L. Alstom Power. ADCO. UAE University. Optimized Gas Treating. designed to help producers reach and recover more oil from existing wells. Dow Oil & Gas and Barath Baburao. Aaron Sanders. Mohamed and Maisa M. Obeida. Jim Maddocks.00 Registration Chair: Hisham Saadawi. specific results obtained in dense CO2 or H2S + CO2 mixtures and the existing field experience on acid gas processing and injection. UOP LLC. this finding puts caustic-neutralized amino acids into a class of solvents of potential commercial interest. 30 wt% MEA.20 A NEW METHOD FOR DEHYDRATING ACID GAS This paper will focus on technical and commercial applications of a new method of acid gas dehydration.25 Refreshments Sponsored by: NEW CO2 ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY CONFORMANCE SOLUTION – TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT AND FIELD TRIALS Declining output from mature fields and the high cost associated with new discoveries has driven operators to demand more from existing reservoirs. It included topics such as depressurization / pressure relief and crystallization issues. USA 11. USA 10. Valencia. All processing of the exhaust gas takes place in a horizontal channel where the absorbent liquid is sprayed into the channel at high velocity by use of atomizing nozzles. Masdar. Furthermore. The paper shows the performance of the membrane system over time and compares the current capacity and performance with the original design basis. is a possible technology for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.00 PANEL SESSION Luncheon Sponsored by: Chair: Othman Zarzour. France ROBUST PERFORMANCE OF MEMBRANES IN EOR GAS PROCESSING WITH HIGH H2S Originally designed for nitrogen (N2) flood to enhance oil recovery. UAE 16. the main issues identified during the risk analysis.

Canada Richard Hands. As the unit size increases.20 SOLIDIFICATION OF CEMENT KILN DUST USING SULFUR BINDER The present study aims to offer a new methodology for consuming two industrial wastes. Allison Limited. influence of feeding temperature on pastille size and dust formation. We looked at the requirements in line with the present demands. a field demonstration was initiated to examine various strategies to cover commercial scale sulphur blocks to conserve the sulphur in a high purity state and to mitigate adverse effects on the environment. is currently operational and includes the many different components. SO2). Shiraz University and Fahime Eslami. PREVENTION AND MITIGATION OF SULPHUR DUST FIRES AND EXPLOSIONS IN GRANULATED SULPHUR HANDLING. This paper will report on both field studies providing an overview of the underground storage pilot and of the open storage project. Naulty. the performance and economic impact of traditional unit problems scales with the increased piping/equipment sizes.15 Refreshments UNIQUE COMMON SULFUR PROJECT SUPPORTS CONTINUED QATAR GAS DEVELOPMENTS The Qatargas Common Sulfur Facility (CSF) was initiated by a joint task force of producing companies to determine the optimum means for collection. coordinated by a Qatargas Project Team for Common Facilities. UAE Roya Moradifar. Iran 09. Furthermore. ADNOC. degassing technology options. In this study. Islamic Azad University and Mohammad Kadivar. H2S. 14. particularly for some cash crops such as oilseed rape/canola.15 Refreshments MOLTEN AND SOLID SULPHUR HANDLING AND SAFETY Endeavour to preserve the environment maintaining high standard of health and safety in handling of molten and solid sulphur.50 10. treated sulfur. This paper reviews the current situation globally and looks at the prospects for increased sulphur demand in fertilizer application above and beyond that required in the manufacture of phosphates. Goar. Uday Parekh. USA 13.00 12. with homogenous and compact internal microstructure. Abbas Rahi.25 17. The presentation gives an overview on the state-of-the-art technology and will cover three sections: (1) Handling of liquid sulphur (temperature. the size of piping and equipment in the unit increases proportionally. highlighting the proper handling of H2S released into the un-degassed sulfur collection pit. Steve Fenderson. SULPHUR Magazine. many . Germany Robert Layfield.55 15. Wong. The results indicated that the solidified material exhibits excellent mechanical properties. Qatargas Common Sulfur Project. ICIS PentaSul.. The underground storage pilot was completed in 2007 revealing the merits of sulphur storage both above and below the water table. In 2009. demand for sulphur for phosphate fertilizer production.50 ENGINEERING APPROACH FOR PLUGGING AND CORROSION FREE SRU TAIL GAS LINES The general trend in sulphur processing projects is towards building larger capacity units. Sandvik.sogat. SUDIC data). The paper will provide a brief overview of the historical market and a focus on the current and future markets with a detailed analysis of supply/demand market fundamentals including regional analysis. The behavior and properties of the product were evaluated. (2) Solidification part based on steel belt technology (safety issues. South Pars Gas Complex.. UK Fiona Boyd. The paper investigates the risks of sulphur dust fires and the design precautions in granulated sulphur handling and transport systems. Canada 08. and (3) Design of storage. David J. have an increasing sulphur ‘deficit’.30 PANEL SESSION Luncheon Chair: Richard Hands. This situation was encountered recently in the design of a sulphur train with a 2.45 08. Mohamed. sulphur burning for use in the base metals industry. especially in Asia. Abdel-Mohsen O. UAE 16. Peter D. Controls Southeast. UK 14. but there is also a significant requirement for sulphur. This paper will discuss the project execution and technical aspects involved in development of this demanding project. Inc. phosphorus and potassium. URS Energy & Construction. The move to higher analysis nitrogen and nitrophosphate fertilizers such as urea and DAP has impacted on demand for older fertilizers with an inherent sulphur content such as ammonium sulphate and single super-phosphate. Enersul. Allison & Associates. Clark.1st International Sulphur Management Forum 07.55 10. El Gamal. The world-class and one-of-a-kind project. March 31 11. Coupled with reductions in airborne sulphur emissions and increasing cropping intensity. Goar. STUDY OF GRANULAR SULPHUR FRIABILITY ON STORAGE SILO BLOCKAGE AT SOUTH PARS GAS COMPLEX The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of particle size distribution on Friability and mechanical properties of granular sulphur and its relation to silo blockage at South Pars Gas Complex Phases 2 & 3. in construction industries. USA and Elmo Nasato. and available options for handling the released H2S vapors in an environmentally beneficial manner.20 09. USA and Thomas C.10 FORUM INTRODUCTION THE GLOBAL SULPHUR MARKET – 2011 AND BEYOND Since mid-2007. This paper will present a mechanistic understanding of the cause of plugging and corrosion in tail gas piping along with an engineered approach for preventing these problems with the lowest cost solution. and for industrial uses is set to increase.00 08. SULPHUR Magazine.500 ton/day capacity. Of particular concern was the prevention of plugging and corrosion in the 84-inch diameter tail gas lines. USA 15. University of Calgary and ASRL.00 PANEL SESSION Close of 1st International Sulphur Management Forum Vincent W. ASRL has worked with its member companies to ascertain suitable technology for long term sulphur storage carrying out field pilot studies to examine underground storage and strategies to protect above grade blocks. Chow. The implication of field analysis and laboratory tests is that the granule size should be controlled during sulphur solidification while ensuring that only granular material with the SUDIC mechanical characteristics is stored in the silo and shipped. considerations for pumping or transferring liquid sulfur. USA Sulphur Management Forum Proceedings Sponsored by: page 14 www. PILOT-SCALE STUDIES FOR LONG TERM BLOCK STORAGE OF ELEMENTAL SULPHUR Since 1999. UAE University. Thomas K. processing and market distribution of the sulfur by-product from the multiple producers. Fluor Energy and Chemicals. Haytham Abdulwahab. At the same time. Wissbaum. Inc. sulfur solidified cement kiln dust material was created by mixing molten sulfur. sulfur (from petroleum and natural gas industries) and cement kiln dust (CKD) from (Portland cement industries). the global sulphur market has been volatile in terms of supply/demand and prices when compared with its historical characteristics. Patricia Alegre. This volatility is expected to continue through 2020 as new sources of supply come on-stream driven by investment in oil and gas processing. Maisa M. Canada 12. CKD and sand and allowing the mixture to solidify.00 Registration Chair: Mas Nohara.and handling equipment to minimize dust formation. Bernd Jung. Willingham. Qatar and Johnny Johnson. Richard J.45 SULPHUR IN FERTILIZERS Plant nutrient requirements are primarily for nitrogen. STORAGE & TRANSPORT Future plans of sulphur granulation near to the gas processing plant and transportation via rail to the export terminal in Abu Dhabi may raise some HSE concerns among which is the theme of this paper.25 TECHNICAL IMPROVEMENTS TO SULFUR DEGASSING SYSTEM The paper will summarize un-degassed and degassed liquid sulfur handling considerations.

United States and 5. Citizens of the following 32 countries will be issued with a free-of-charge VISIT VISA on entry to the UAE: Andorra. two minutes away from Marina Mall Shopping Mall at the breakwater and only minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport. Spain. HOW TO REGISTER SOGAT 2011 Conference – day 1 / Exhibition SOGAT 2011 Conference – day 2 / Exhibition 5th International CO2 Forum / Exhibition 1st International Sulphur Management Forum / Exhibition Given that some aspects of SOGAT 2011 run simultaneously. Portugal. being just a seven minute drive from downtown Abu Dhabi. to reserve places 4. water-skis. Abu Dhabi. Special rates for SOGAT delegates are available at the Hilton Abu Dhabi. Luxembourg. Belgium. France. Greece. Information concerning visa requirements is subject to change and visitors should always check with their travel agent or nearest UAE embassy before travelling. Malta. whilst snorkeling and fishing trips can be arranged. Brunei. Hong Kong. Japan. SOGAT 2011 REGISTRATION PROCEDURE SOGAT 2011 EVENTS The various aspects of SOGAT 2011 will take place on the following days: March 27: Workshop 1 – day 1 Workshop 2 – day 1 Workshop 3 March 28: Workshop 1 – day 2 Workshop 2 – day 2 Workshop 4 Workshop 5 March 29: March 30: March 31: Sulphur Recovery Sour Gas Treatment and Effective Management Acid Gas Injection Sulphur Recovery Sour Gas Treatment and Effective Management Mercury Removal and Measurement Technologies SELEXOLTM Solvent Technology and Applications There are five easy ways to register for the various activities in SOGAT 2011. Abu Dhabi. Finland. Email: A large range of water sports are also available including. An eye scan is required for everyone except GCC citizens and the 32 visa-exempt nationalities. Workshop 5 is free to attend with a limited number of attendees and is by invitation only. please take care in choosing which workshop or forum is of particular interest. An online accommodation booking facility for this hotel can be found at www. Denmark. Singapore. Liechtenstein. Tel: +971 2 674 4040 to reserve places 2. wakeboards and catamarans. page 15 . The Organisers will not permit delegates to enter if fees are not paid before the event. Register online: visit www. Iceland. San Marino.E Tel: +971 2 681 1900 Fax: +971 2 681 1696 The Hilton Abu Dhabi enjoys both an enviable setting on the beautiful Corniche overlooking the Arabian Gulf and a convenient location. Also. Ireland. after your reservation is confirmed. Switzerland.500m developed beach. www. A visa can also be requested through the hotel you are staying at. please note the separate registration fee (see page 16) for each of the different activities that take place during the week of SOGAT 2011. Malaysia. Austria.sogat.VENUE SOGAT 2011 will be held at the: Hilton Abu Dhabi PO Box 877. Mail Registration Form to: SOGAT 2011 Secretariat Dome Exhibitions PO Box 52641. Please note that attendance is limited in number in order to ensure positive and beneficial interactive discussions. Citizens of other countries should apply to their nearest UAE embassy. VISA INFORMATION No entry visa is required for GCC citizens. Italy. UAE Note: Upon receipt of registration.sogat. New Zealand.sogat. U. making it one of the largest beaches in Abu Dhabi. Australia. Over-stayers could be detained / fined. Sweden. The Hiltonia Beach Club has a 4. The Netherlands. all delegates will receive an official attendance invoice together with their joining instructions but their participation is not confirmed until payment has been received.A. Germany. 1. UK. Fax: +971 2 672 1217 to reserve places 3. ACCOMMODATION The registration fee for the event does not include accommodation and delegates are responsible for making their own arrangements for accommodation.

......................975) US$810 (AED2.................................... 2011...975) Workshop 4 (March 28): US$810 (AED2.......... Our fees have been paid by bank transfer (attach documents) Please complete and return to: SOGAT 2011 Secretariat DOME Exhibitions PO Box 52641 Abu Dhabi....SOGAT 2011 REGISTRATION FEES & PAYMENT REGISTRATION FEES Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4 Workshop 5 SOGAT Conference CO2 Forum Sulphur Management Forum US$1...340) 1st International Sulphur Management Forum (March 31): US$910 (AED3.............. ** Optionally............ Country: ................................... soft bound) at a cost of US$175 (AED645)........... Tel: .. Our cheque is enclosed for the total amount of AED ......................100) for the set... Each fee includes luncheon(s)........325) ** US$810 (AED2......... *** Although free to attend........................325) ‘Sulphur Recovery’ & ‘Capability of the Modified Claus Process’: US$300 (AED1.......A......... U.....975) Workshop 5 (March 28): FREE BY INVITATION ONLY 7th International SOGAT Conference (March 29–30): US$1........ UAE Tel: +971 2 674 4040 Fax: +971 2 672 1217 Email: projects@sogat.......450 (AED5..........745) 5th International CO2 Forum (March 31): US$910 ( www....................... CANCELLATIONS All cancellations must be received in .......................... Email: ....565 (AED5.........975) Free to attend *** US$1.....sogat.........................325) * US$1.. Postcode: ..............................450 (AED5....................450 (AED5.... Workshop 2 delegates may purchase ‘Advanced Gas Treating: The Engineering Science’ (350 pages.. Please contact the SOGAT 2011 Secretariat to receive your invitation................. REGISTRATION FORM Delegate Details Title First Name Family Name Job Title Company E-mail 1st Delegate 2nd Delegate Please Register our Delegates for (please tick as appropriate): Workshop 1 (March 27–28): US$1. 2011 are subject to a service charge of US$350 (AED1.745) US$910 (AED3... payable to: Dome Exhibitions and forwarding the cheque to: Dome Exhibitions.... by bank transfer to: Dome Exhibitions A/C no. Workshop 5 is by invitation only..... ........... Abu Dhabi................. either: by making your cheque..............565 (AED5............ Cancellations received before March 17............................. Fax: . Attendance at the SOGAT 2011 Conference also includes the Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner...340) US$910 (AED3............................................................325) ‘Advanced Gas Treating: The Engineering Science’: US$175 (AED645) Workshop 3 (March 27): US$810 (AED2............... refreshments and a comprehensive set of the appropriate Proceedings..... Delegates may be substituted at any time.. The Organisers reserve the right to retain the whole fee if cancellation is received after March 17...................... in AED only............340) TOTAL FEES Company ................340) March 27–28 March 27–28 March 27 March 28 March 28 March 29–30 March 31 March 31 HOW TO PAY Payment can be made................. * page16 www........................................E........... PO Box 52641..................................... Workshop 1 delegates may purchase ‘Sulphur Recovery’ by J A Sames & H G Paskall and ‘Capability of the Modified Claus Process’ by H G Paskall at a cost of US$300 (AED1.................................................................................450 (AED5...sogat.......................... 329666020002 ADCB – Abu Dhabi SWIFT Code ADCB AEAA Copies of bank transfer documents should be faxed to the Organisers at +971 2 672 1217 and all bank transfer charges will be the responsibility of the delegate’s organisation..... Address .........100) Workshop 2 (March 27–28): US$1..........................................285) per event..........