Reverse the Disease (Series 2


Meditation on Swadishtana Chakra
Compiled by S. Ramalingam, AGM (Inspection), ZIO, Jaipur E mail address

we are having 7 important charkas. Activation of the Chakras alters the Frequency of mind and solves our Physical/mental problems. Chakra Meditation to be practiced with utmost caution & perfection

Swadishtana Chakra when activated solve Our physical health problems connected with Blood (cholesterol, BP, blood cancer, blood impurity); Nerves system; Liver (jaundice, poor sleep); Kidney & urinary system; sexual & reproductive organs (poor genital health, fertility disorder, gynecological problems); Pain in Lower abdomen, lower back, hips, legs, etc. Our mental health problems connected with Deep rooted hurt & guilt, jealousy, envy, tendency to compare always with others, etc; Over thinking and over planning, aversion to pain; Not able to understand/feel emotions of self and others (unaware of being angry, being under stress, etc.); Fear of deep waters, poor sense of taste; Addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol, food, or any other stimulating sensation; Problems connected with unnecessary/unrealistic imaginations/ hallucinations, etc
Swadishtana Chakra can be activated by the doing the techniques mentioned in this article

Swadish tana Chakra

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Adhering to specific timings on a daily basis. urinary . (a symbolic illustration given on 1st page) Pl. Orange colour gives energy to our physical body. palms up. Being a pure vegetarian. Sitting in “Padmasana” posture. 01 Meditatio n 02 posture Meditatio n 03 time Meditatio n dura 04 tion Combination 05 Others Please do not combine this “Chakra Meditation” techniques with any other techniques/ methodology. etc. hip-rotation exercise. with a minimum duration of 10 minutes in each sitting. or you do not have any specific liking for orange colour. right palm over the left. From now onwards please develop a taste/liking for orange colour also and this will help you to do a qualitative meditation on the Swadishtana Chakra 1 0 1 1 Element Karmendri ya and derive optimum benefits. gently put the hands in your lap. If you have been. practice this separately/exclusively. i) be aware of the flow of etc) (action system the water elements (blood/fluids. by any chance. etc) within organs)sexual the body. in the moon there is a white crocodile. brings in a regularity/habit for you to continue the meditation. Mudras. disliking orange colour in your life. ii) they are purified/cleansed. Water (water falls/lake. The tips of thumbs touch gently. Meditation can be done any time during the day/night. etc would give optimum results. etc will activate Swadishtana chakra Explanation on the attributes of the “ Swadishtana Chakra ” 0 6 0 7 0 8 Location Descriptio n Chakra Mudra of Swadishtana Chakra is located 3 inches below the navel i. While meditating. see the picture in the previous page for the “Swadishtana Chakra Mudra” i. please change your idea.e. lower abdomen (outside our physical body) 6 petalled orange lotus. iii) Please sit in a chair/sofa/cot/floor.e. you have been doing all along. At least twice daily. Doing meditation for a longer duration would give better results. Please remain in this posture 0 9 Colour through out the Meditiation ORANGE. Leaning back to the chair/sofa/wall for support is permissible. inside there is white crescent moon representing water. Pl. Ideal time shall be before taking food. organs.Explanation on the Meditation (in general). kidneys.

g. Lord Vishnu (here God & Goddess are not in the combination of husband & wife) Rakini or Saraswati (Pl. close your eyes. whenever your mind wanders away. please bring in your wandering mind under your control. concentration/meditation.1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 Dhatu Janendriya Vayu Fat (sense organ) Tongue. 14 improves and 15.) A little child playfully makes frequent attempts to go out of it’s mother’s control. your taste sense 13 11 and visualize that these organs are functioning vyana vayu 16. kidneys and urinary system well. and do the Swadishtana Chakra Mudra 8 (please keep the eyes closed. like the untiring mother. etc) and also corresponding water element in your body like organs. White Crocodile represents our unconscious life. river bed. without making any sound  (e. locate the Swadishtana chakra in your body 6. Swadishtana Chakra controls “vyana vayu” (a type of gas flowing outside our physical body) which controls our blood circulation. visualize its description 7. At the Swadishtana chakra region.e. remain in the meditative posture with the mudra through out) Please have deep and long inhaling and exhaling through the nose for 3 times. iv) our taste sense improves Vyana Vayu. etc) in the back ground of orange colour 9 10 (water falls / sexual (may be muddy water. see picture of Goddess Saraswati in the Animal God Goddess Mantra previous page) VAM (to be pronounced as vum) Step – by – Step Meditation Techniques (the numbers given in bold in this table are not serial numbers. blood / fluids. . While meditating. hidden) movement of our karmas. the body procreation system functions well. subterranean (under ground. they denote the serial no.s of the previous two tables in this article) Please sit in a meditative posture 1. But the mother always keep her eyes on the child and untiringly makes all attempts to bring the child within her safe control. i. / blood circulation. nerves system. nerves 17 system is functioning well Please visualise white Crocodile meditative posture) Please chant the Manta “VAM” Lord Vishnu Goddess Rakini or Saraswati and worship them to solve your problems (however without any disturbance in your 18 mentally. please be aware of water element lake.

Om Shivaya Namaha . etc. Readers are welcome to have their own pictures/imaginations. if they need.  Symbolic representation of the Chakras. “chakra healing”.anandgholap. please refer to the book “Kundalini Tantra” written by Swami Satyananda or by general search in the website under the search command “chakra meditation”. Then again meditate on Mooladhara Chakra for about ½ minute and then wind up the meditation. animal. While meditating. please remember/be aware of as much attributes (of the chakra) as possible. “Chakras” by Sri C. etc are given from the available resources. Bihar.  Please first meditate on the Mooladhara Chakra (1st Chakra) for about 5 minutes and thereafter meditate on the Swadishtana Chakra (2nd Chakra) for about 5 minutes. Munger. “Kundalini” by Swami Rama (website = www. A small variation in the order of remembering the attributes is permissible. For further readings/reference.Lead Beater of Theosophical Society (website = www.swamij. “kundalini. pictures of God.

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