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SolidWorks 2009 Stand-Alone Installation

Alignex, Inc.

Revision B (11/06/2008)

then pasting into a document. Stand-alone installation requires a complete file set of the latest service pack (SP). Revision B (11/06/2008) . Inc.exe) located in the folder <disk drive/download folder>\sldim\ within the source files. From the SolidWorks 2009 DVD placed into the user’s optical drive 2. These logs record error messages and critical troubleshooting or individual installation refers to installing SolidWorks on a single workstation directly from source files. These files will be referred to as the source files. these should be documented specifically. This will become valuable for troubleshooting. This is a small application ( Ensure the proper DVD is chosen per the workstation hardware and operating system. Included is both a 32. you can copy the IM logs and email directly to support@alignex. If there are any issues or error messages. a subscription customer has the ability to download the entire installation package from the Customer Portal. From a copy of the SW 2009 DVD contents placed on a network share 3. More information on the Installation Manager can be found in a recent SW Tech Tip: http://www. The front end for installing SolidWorks is the Installation Manager. They will be found in different locations depending on operating system: WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\IM Vista: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\IM Alignex.msi packages) so they do not need to be installed manually. which is a method to centrally-manage multiple client installations. One method is to capture this message by pressing the Print Screen button. This is in contrast to an administrative image. The SolidWorks Installation Manager allows users to install and manage the correct SolidWorks products.and 64-bit version of the DVD. To expedite technical support. See the Customer Portal Guide.html Be sure and complete the guide Preparing for SolidWorks Installation. Tip: ‘Download only…’ and share the downloaded source files on the network As of SolidWorks 2008. This file set is typically accessed in one of three ways: 1. From a complete download from the Customer Portal a. The Installation Manager controls all products (.

g. SolidWorks serial numbers (SN) are sent via email to customers at time of initial purchase.exe file to execute. browse to the DVD drive via Windows Explorer. Revision B (11/06/2008) . The products that are eventually installed are based on which serial numbers are entered during this step. You will be prompted to enter your serial numbers. if a Simulation SN is not entered. Inc. You may also access them via the Customer Portal (see Customer Portal Guide). If it fails to start automatically. Locate the folder <disk drive>\sldim\sldim. Ensure that additional serial numbers are entered – if applicable – by selecting the link “If you have other serial numbers from SolidWorks…” Alignex. Double-click the sldim. e. Simulation will only be installed if the SolidWorks SN equates to a Premium license.Place the DVD into the disk drive and the Installation Manager should Autoplay.exe (or if you are executing from a downloaded file set).

Revision B (11/06/2008) .(network-based serial numbers typically begin with 0010-). The next thing the Installation Manger (IM) will check is a connection to the SolidWorks servers: Alignex. Important: With a network-based SN. Inc. an error message will appear when starting up SolidWorks that a license cannot be obtained. the next screen will provide an update to the serial number. It may be possible that all SN are identical if they are network-based (0010-).All serial numbers are now 24 digits. the license server must be updated to version 2009 before a license can be pulled for this new installation. Keep this for your records! Most stand-alone serial numbers begin with either 9000. If a 16-digit serial number is entered.or 0000. If this is not completed.

If the IM cannot connect to the SolidWorks server. clicking ‘cancel’ to a warning message will bypass this step and allow continuation of the installation.If this process takes more than several minutes. installation is initiated from an SP0. a message box will appear giving an error message. Revision B (11/06/2008) . This entire process will start again. Choosing the updated version will stop the current installation. and download the new IM package. Note that the appropriate addins might need to be enabled manually in later steps if you skip this current step. the IM will give the option to install the current version or download the updated version. you might have issues with your network or firewall. In general. The SolidWorks server will communicate with the IM and determine the default packages to install based on the serial numbers entered. For example. Alignex.solidworks. Inc. This will also require new files to be downloaded to complete the updated installation.0 was recently released. It will also scan the local system and detect existing SW installations. Even if there is communication trouble. but”. The IM will also check for any available updates (Service Packs).0 DVD. or if you get connection-related warning messages. a firewall needs to make exceptions to allow “*.

the system will perform a detailed scan of existing products. Inc. a user will choose to continue installing the current version and also choose ‘Individual’ installation type. Revision B (11/06/2008) . Instead. It will prompt the user if an existing installation is found with two options: Alignex.Typically. After selecting an Individual installation. The download option basically allows you to get an electronic version of the latestSP DVD. a user may wish to download the newest package with a ‘Download files…’ option and then share this downloaded package on the network for other users to install from.

Alignex. Revision B (11/06/2008) . If this is only an updated service pack. Inc. then upgrading the current installation is acceptable.g. It is recommended to always create a new installation. Important: The install location is also set on this screen. extra applications) will be installed/upgraded. this is a cleaner installation for a major version updates. users may select the down arrows next to the category to deselect or add products. Complete the clean uninstall per the guide Preparing for SolidWorks Install. Program Files\SolidWorks 2009 SP0). If necessary. Alignex recommends setting this path to be version-specific (e.The two Upgrade Options are upgrade (replace the older installation) or create a new installation. The following page verifies what products (add-ins.

One example is Simulation (formerly COSMOSWorks) which is somewhat buried in the Add-Ins list: Alignex.Ensure that all products are selected that need to be installed. Inc. Revision B (11/06/2008) .

The format for this entry is port@host: The next screen will prompt for the location of the Hole Wizard database and Toolbox fastener library. Inc. point this folder to a shared network location. If applicable. since this explains the three installation options. This location is typically a copy of the older-version’s Toolbox. Alignex. This is sometimes referred to as the Common Data or SolidWorks Data folder.After selecting ‘Next’ there will be a prompt for license server if using a network-based license. Revision B (11/06/2008) . Read the description on this page carefully.

Inc. If installing from a downloaded file set. Attention should be paid to the download folder location. the IM will download the necessary files (or allow user to browse to an alternate location where the files may be stored).Again it is recommended to use a version-specific file path (e. This is where the files will be placed and these are the same files that may be shared out/copied via network. If a download is required to complete the installation (or if a ‘download files…’ option is selected) the user will see the next screen indicating the estimated file size to download. Alignex. Revision B (11/06/2008) . \SolidWorks Data 2009 SP0). In this case.g. it is possible that the user may want to install products that were not downloaded initially.

Inc.” This should be deselected if any download connectivity issues are encountered. Users are also cautioned that this option seems to ‘eat up’ a large portion of bandwidth on the network! Alignex.Note the option to “Speed up downloads by using more network bandwidth. Revision B (11/06/2008) .

At this point the IM will download any files that are required to complete the installation. Depending on internet speed. this download may take several hours. you can delay if needed: Alignex. If there are any indications of network connectivity trouble (error messages or a large number of retries) the user should verify that firewall settings are properly adjusted. Inc. Revision B (11/06/2008) . Ready to Install SolidWorks.

you may need to reboot the PC (depending on which redistributables were installed).After SolidWorks is installed. The new installation will have to be configured. Verify by starting the program the installation was successful. You will be prompted to proceed with activation the first time you run SolidWorks. it will not appear in this list. A user may modify the installation via the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Verify that all needed add-ins are available via Tools > Add-Ins. Revision B (11/06/2008) . etc. each standalone seat needs to be activated with SolidWorks within 30 days of installation. which will take him/her back through this process. there is no registration code required. arranging toolbars. This includes setting up file locations. Alignex. Inc. After installation. It is not supported to apply SW2008 registry settings to SW2009. and each subsequent time if you choose to postpone activation. As of version 2007. If an add-in was not selected during the installation.