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Lynn Ortiz 1845 Brenthill Way * Vienna, Virginia 22182 * Home: 703.748.1826 * Mobile : 571.

232.5735 * Operations Executive Operational Turnaround & Transformation Expert * Organizational Change Agent * Organizational Alignment Specialist Innovative executive with history of delivering value and developing novel solut ions to operational challenges, implementing changes that alter core culture, an d creating strategies for improving service delivery, profitability, and talent retention. Directs operations of large service-delivery organizations, builds an d leads coalitions of business units to achieve large-scale goals, and spearhead s initiatives that affect up to 22,000 employees of a global corporation. Excels in tackling enterprise-wide challenges through constant awareness of business p ulse, persuasive communication with all levels, and willingness to test norms. T ranslates demands and expectations into solutions and value. Assimilates employe es and processes into new, larger organizations, planning and executing effectiv e organizational transitions. Leverages experience in range of industries, inclu ding federal government, healthcare, and financial services. Strategy Development * Negotiation * Resource Allocation * Budgeting & For ecasting Performance Measurement * Talent Retention * Operational Transformation * Global Policy Development Executive Performance Perot Systems Corporation (now Dell Corporation) 1991-Present Executive Director, Infrastructure Solutions - Government Services, 2008-Present Selected to assume responsibility and accountability for directing operations of infrastructure delivery organization. Forged relationship between 2 organizatio ns that had no previous interaction, managing service delivery in matrix environ ment for a $400 million Federal Government business unit. Implemented turnaroun d solutions for 2 challenged contracts by focusing on building high-performing t eams and delivering operational excellence; directed operations for Department o f Education contracts that represented more than $50 million annually of full su ite of infrastructure services. * Restructured program management of large, multi-phase data center migration to achieve goals within forecasted budget and timeframe. * Dramatically improved customer satisfaction within months of taking over contr acts by developing and sponsoring remediation plan that resulted in 93% decrease in network infrastructure instability and substantial increase in end user prod uctivity. * Bridged gap between company's commercial focus and U.S. federal government exp ectations by instilling understanding of operational requirements among internal business units and ensuring compliance with federal contract mandates. * Developed operating model that allowed federal government clients to utilize l everaged services of largely commercial organization, balancing government restr ictions with commercial aims of low costs and profitability. * Tightened controls in group by aiming to consistently perform within 2% of for ecast, a much smaller margin than with previous leadership; enhanced accountabil ity of non-infrastructure organizations by moving their expenses under their con trol. * Created mentor program that paired high-level staff with high-performing women in Infrastructure Solutions division with goal of building more diversity withi n heavily male workforce and providing up-and-coming women with tools for succes s.

Executive Director, Global Workforce Management 2007-2008 Recruited by CEO for groundbreaking talent management role within global human r esources organization. Defined workforce practices across enterprise, including internal associate mobility, immigration and mobilization, and contingent workfo rce functions. * Partnered with CEO to address employee discontent regarding internal career mo bility, effecting cultural change and working with leaders enterprise-wide to de fine guidelines for internal job changes, including establishing and implementin g processes to move employees between various corporate legal entities. * Realized improved retention of top performers and significant improvement in e mployee morale after rollout of career mobility program. * Advocated best practices for immigration, expatriate, subcontractor, and reloc ation programs. * Implemented new system for subcontractor labor processing after bankruptcy of major vendor, working with subcontractors and management to ensure compensation for work and retention. * Addressed issue of low-performing leadership by creating "Key Roles" program t o analyze qualifications of project managers compared to new projects and make m ore effective matches. * Developed governance process for selection and deployment that ensured strong leadership before project launches and improved cohesiveness among various busin ess units. Executive Director, North American Operations, Consulting and Application Soluti ons, 2006 Hand-selected to implement global delivery model for Perot Systems' applications solutions business unit. Managed policy for foreign-based application developme nt personnel supporting U.S.-based clients. Defined new position that supported more than $100 million in revenue. * Improved profitability by establishing and implementing globalization plans fo r commercial clients that allowed work to be transferred to lower-cost delivery locations. * Achieved global collaboration and cohesive approach to offshore resource manag ement by building critical executive relationships; optimized talent deployment and revenue achievement by formalizing workforce management processes and integr ating with offshore development organizations. Perot Systems Corporation (now Dell Corporation), continued Director and Founder, Enterprise Quality and Standards Office 2005-2006 Program Manager, Corporate CMMI Implementation 2004-2005 Recruited by CEO to head first-of-its-kind strategic initiative to drive standar ds and integration throughout enterprise, partnering with Perot Systems co-found er and collaborating with entire executive leadership team. * Defined enterprise-wide methodologies for account management, account startup, and project management * Designed and initiated "executive scorecard" that was implemented globally and is still in use; measured business units on consistency in meeting forecasts an d retention of top performers. * Formalized client satisfaction program, tallying and publishing scores for eac h account to ensure high performance and provide incentive for performance-based salary increases. * Institutionalized corporate dashboard for reporting account- and project-level metrics that enabled executive reviews, operational visibility, and proactive c ourse correction. * Minimized risk and improved cost management by creating enterprise steering co mmittee for project and program management that deployed consistent, structured project management practices. * Improved market perception and competitiveness by advising business units on i nternational quality certifications, such as ISO and CMMI, that would benefit th

em. * Orchestrated corporation-wide implementation of CMMI process improvement progr am spanning application development business units; successful implementation re sulted in forming of Enterprise and Quality Standards Office. * Increased collaboration across enterprise and built relationships with focus o n organizational change to instill quality disciplines across varying operations . Account Manager/Client Executive, NorthShore Long Island Jewish Hospital 2002-20 04 Took over struggling account valued at $25 million per year, instituting operati onal changes to ensure client satisfaction with IT outsourcing for NorthShore Lo ng Island Jewish Hospital. Managed more than 175 employees, including applicatio n development and infrastructure teams. * Recovered profitability of account within 2 months of taking over management o f team by implementing financial controls. * Established customer trust and dramatically increased satisfaction by stabiliz ing operations and building executive relationships. * Secured $5 million in incremental business by identifying opportunities, creat ing solutions, and negotiating new task orders. * Enforced companywide forecasting process that was previously bypassed, elimina ted pervading issue of incorrect invoicing, and implemented recruiting process t o improve team's level of performance. Account Manager/Client Executive, ANC Rental Corporation 2000-2002 Business Operations Manager, National Car Rental/ANC Rental Corporation, 1998-20 00 Promoted to Account Manager position after excelling in Business Operations role . Managed all components of $40 million IT outsourcing agreement for parent comp any of Alamo and National car rentals, overseeing staff of more than 250. * Orchestrated contract renegotiation for client valued at $75 million, liaising between client and internal representatives to reconfigure agreement from costplus to fixed-rate. * Grew account organically through add-on applications support and staff augment ation to result in average additional annual revenue of $10 million. * Directed successful shutdown of remote location with 100 employees, developing retention strategies and redeploying talent. * Created Chief Operations Officer role for group and built team to provide mana gement and business operations support. Project Office Manager, Washington, D.C. Office 1995-1998 Account Team Manager, Fannie Mae Account 1994-1995 Systems & Programming Manager, First American Bank Account 1992-1993 Group Manager, First American Bank Account 1991-1992 Professional Development B.S., Business Administration, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland Computer Programming Diploma (Honor Graduate), Computer Learning Center, Springf ield, Virginia Executive and Leadership Programs, Perot Systems Corporation Federal Government 6C Clearance