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MARK S. RIPPLE * 3610 Park Bank Court, Houston, Texas 77068 * 303.588.0169 * mr5eb156@westpost.

net DIRECTOR/MANAGING DIRECTOR Focus of Interest: Construction Projects and Power Plants QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY Dynamic, flexible, and detail-oriented professional with experience in the devel opment and execution of power plant projects, including fossil fuel combustion, steam generation, pollution control, and power generation systems. Comprehensive background includes providing leadership, management, and customer service in a fast-paced, quality-focused industry. * Highly regarded for successfully exceeding client expectations and maintaining calm demeanor during stressful situations. * Personable with proven ability to anticipate client needs; able to apply innov ative methods, procedures, and systems in solving problems. * Thrive at building strong customer relationships with profound analytical and organizational skills to persuade and retain customer interest toward achievemen t of company goals. * Establish reputation of consistently completing highly complex projects within specification, budget, and time requirements. CORE COMPETENCIES * CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE AND PROCESS IMPROVEMENT * PROJECT DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT * ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT * ESTIMATING, BUDGETING, AND P&L * CLIENT PRESENTATIONS AND NEGOTIATIONS * RESOURCE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT * VENDOR SELECTION AND NEGOTIATIONS * MATERIAL SELECTION AND MANAGEMENT * PROCESS AND SYSTEMS DESIGN * SYSTEMS INTEGRATION * SALES ENGINEERING AND DEVELOPMENT * FIELD INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE DYNEGY CORPORATION, HOUSTON, TX Director (Plum Point Energy Station), 2007-Present Involved in engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of a green field 700 MWe pulverized coal fired power plant fueled with Powder River Basin coal, and located near Osceola, Arkansas. Oversee overall project execution, fro m conceptualization to implementation; provided actions in order to ensure all p roject objectives and schedules are met. Work collaboratively with various Dyneg y departments, contractors, owners, lenders, investors, and outside companies. I dentify and gather compliance and governmental reporting requirements. Manage al l project activities of the company, including but not limited to gas interconne ction, fuel supply and transportation, water supply, electrical interconnect, ra ilroad tie-in, and various others. Draft project management reports on a weekly and monthly basis. Handle capital estimate, project budget, and project schedule ; perform accounting and record keeping processes. * Spearheaded all outstanding project development activities, including site iss ues, easements, land agreements, surveys, ROW, environmental permitting, capital estimating, budgets, project technical configuration and schedule, EPC contract ing strategy, power interconnection and transmission, fuel supply and transporta tion, financing, construction, startup and testing, and others. * Rendered general direction and support to the Dynegy project team members in m anaging and monitoring of the EPC scope of work as well as construction of the p roject. * Ensured all Dynegy employees, contractors, and visitors adhered to all applica

ble health and safety standards and OSHA regulations; planned and implemented sa fety programs at project site. * Dealt with identifying all government approvals required to be obtained by the owner; preparing permit applications and obtaining permits. * Served as a representative in all dealings with EPC contractor, and all other project matters, such as change orders, scope changes, amendments, Force Majeure claims, and OSHA changes in law as required by the owner. * Organized and conducted performance tests and coordinated transfer of care, cu stody, and control of the plant. * Successfully established and maintained effective working relationships with c ontractors, partners, customers, community leaders, lenders, and to the entire D ynegy department functions. GEORGIA PACIFIC CORPORATION, ATLANTA, GEORGIA Manager (Boiler, Reliability, Southern Region), 2005-2007 Initiated and implemented availability improvements on six bleached pulp paper m ills in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas focusing on recovery boilers, power boilers, and energy management. Built relationships with project, production, and plant managers at each site. * Proactively increased unit reliability with short-term outage support and long -term design improvements. * Launched energy management systems in effort to improve production and purchas ing costs and to increase profits from $6 to $10M each year per mill. HINZ AUTOMATION, INC., HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO Project Development Manager (Fossil Fueled Combustion Systems and Steam Generati on), 2003-2005 Developed power plant projects throughout the United States and international ma rkets. Managed business development and supervised 29 employees along with budge ts and schedules. * Conceptualized, planned, developed, and implemented first-of-a-kind integratio n of control systems in a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Power Plant in Italy. Provid ed direction to a team of six engineers. * Substantially increased office revenues by 30% in accordance with new market p enetration. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRIES (PDI), LAKEWOOD, CO Project Development Manager, 2001-2003 Devised and instigated waste-heat recovery systems for two carbon black plants i n Louisiana. * Generated and executed waste-to-energy projects for United States, Romania, an d Brazil. Led the complete design and coordination of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW ) Fired Power Plants. * Negotiated and closed out the first-ever international contract with the Roman ian Government in order to own and operate a lignite fired-power plant in Arad, Romania. RATIOTECH ENGINEERING, INC., LITTLETON, CO President and Senior Consultant, 1994-2001 Successfully created and designed combustion and post-combustion systems to mini mize nitric oxide emissions and improved thermal efficiency of fossil fuel combu stion systems. * Streamlined equipment and control systems that accumulated $1M fuel savings ev ery year for soda ash plants. EARLIER CAREER BABCOCK & WILCOX CO., BARBERTON, OH

PROJECT MANAGER | DESIGN ENGINEER | FIELD SERVICE ENGINEER EDUCATION MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, UNIVERSITY OF DENVER, DENVER, CO Highlights of Continuing Education: Network Systems Design | Power Plant Project Development | Negotiations Contract Law | Cultural Dynamics | Ethics | Safety BACHELOR SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, ROSE-HULMAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, TERRE HAUTE, IN LICENSURE & CERTIFICATIONS Registered Professional Engineer (Colorado and Utah) Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Certification Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Systems and Power Generation Committee | International Representatives Committee American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Member National Fire Protection Association - Builders Engineers and Architects (NFPA) Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Council (BLRBAC) Technical Advancement of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) TECHNICAL SKILLS Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Projects, and Visio) Primavera | PRISM Accounting Management Software | Thermoflow(R) | GT Pro(R) Pro cess Modeling Software P