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JACQUELINE ALLEN 641 S. 29th Street a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111 717.564.2492 a ja5eb624@westpost.

net ENGINEERING: Industrial Engineer, Consultant Accomplished industrial engineer with 7 years of experience in optimizing operat ing performance, driving engineering innovation, and expertly leading cross-func tional teams. Design, implement, and support novel systems to promote ambitious performance targets. Develop and upgrade systems as needed to maximize product a nd service quality. Specialize in formulating innovative processes to drive prod uctivity and efficiency while reducing costs, including conducting performance a udits and workflow analysis. Ensure workforce excellence at all levels through u nsurpassed team building and leadership, including recruiting and training top t alent. Cultivate highly productive relationships with upper management, senior e xecutives, and VIP stakeholders. Deploy engineering expertise to evaluate and op timize systemsa functionality. Multisite Management a Cost Containment a Productivity & Efficiency Improvement a Lifecycle Logistics Systems Planning & Optimization a Financial Management a Team Leadership a Facil ities Engineering Strategic Planning a Goal Setting a Performance Auditing/Improvement a Process A nalysis & Optimization Resource Planning & Procurement a Quality Control & Assurance a Technology Manag ement PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE UPS, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania a 2003-Present One of the worldas preeminent providers of transport and delivery services. Industrial Engineer Supervisora"Package Operation (2010-Present) Drive operational excellence through comprehensive hands-on leadership, includin g monitoring on-time departure rates and productivity targets. Analyze systemsa utilization and formulate operating procedures to optimize technology use in sup port of business plans. Develop staffing strategies in response to organizationa l needs, including talent recruiting, training, and scheduling. Advance ambitiou s financial targets by formulating cost containment protocols. Conduct performan ce audits to promote productivity, efficiency, and profitability institution-wid e. Advance ambitious service targets through process reengineering and team lead ership, including providing systems training and support for operators. aBoosted percentages of small packages bagged from 85% to 95% and salvaged $150, 000 in operating costs within 3 months through strategic process improvements. aExpertly coordinated operations across 8 facilities, galvanizing efficiency thr ough process standardization, employee training, and a shared vision of success. aPromoted workforce effectiveness through exceptional communications oversight, including collaborating with management and support staff to define productivity goals and process strategies. aSuccessfully conducted cost justification for procedural and systems modificati on projects to dramatically accelerate productivity, ultimately securing managem ent support for strategic innovation. Industrial Engineer Supervisora"Air Operation (2007-2009) Aligned operating processes with short term and long range corporate objectives, including formulating 10 year capacity plans for volume, real estate, vehicle, and equipment. Promoted customer satisfaction through performance optimization, including conducting time in transit audits to maintain service commitments. Exp

ertly coordinated staff schedules, productivity targets, and operating strategie s. Analyzed volume trends to forecast airport delivery and pick-up volumes. Asse ssed historical data to develop ramp hour and aircraft turn projections. Devised special and urgent event contingency plans. aSpearheaded operations across multiple sites, including developing load charts for 18 buildings. aProduced $100,000 in savings and improved operating performance by analyzing op erating equipment needs, defining procurement strategies, and performing cost ju stifications. aCut operating expenditures $50,000 through stellar fleet planning, including re ducing number of unscheduled vehicles in the yard. aSalvaged $25,000 in expenditures by reducing loose volumes on aircraft to minim ize handles and cut labor expenses. aDeveloped and executed capital appropriation strategies for operational initiat ives. aAnalyzed performance deviations and formulated innovative strategies to efficie ntly resolve issues. Industrial Engineer Supervisora"Feeder Operation (2005-2006) Optimized service scheduling and client experience through operations analysis, including conducting tractor trailer route time studies to facilitate transport scheduling. Maximized profitability and cut costs through process reengineering, including partnering with sort operations professionals to devise more efficien t shifting plan. Performed cost-benefit analyses to promote efficiency and quali ty while minimizing expenditures. Developed standard operating procedures to ens ure service excellence, including formulating rigorous standards for new custome r pick-up. Accelerated productivity and efficiency through performance auditing, including eliminating excesses in start work, finish work, and lunch times. aGenerated $50,000 in savings annually with the creation of new tractor staging sites and processes. aExpertly managed tractor and trailer fleet, including defining vehicle needs, p urchase and procurement strategies, and justification procedures. aBoosted performance capacity, productivity, and efficiency through innovation, including redesigning tractor parking lot layout to accommodate an additional 20 parking spaces. aConsistently met service demand while avoiding excesses, including deploying tr end reports to predict on-site driver usage and service needs in hourly incremen ts. aSignificantly reduced yard congestion by revising parking schematics, operating procedures, and staffing protocols in response to rapidly changing transport tr ends. Industrial Engineering Supervisora"Package Operation (2003-2005) Analyzed and predicted pick-up and delivery volumes, developing staffing protoco ls in response to volume trends. Collaborated with management to define performa nce and revenue targets, modifying operating processes to advance ambitious corp orate goals. Performed geographical analysis to facilitate fleet management, inc luding evaluating vehicle usage by area, town, and zip code. Drove productivity through innovation and strategic planning. Planned, installed, supported, and up graded new and existing technologies, including providing operator training and systems customization as needed. aProduced $100,000 in cost savings by sourcing and integrating advanced technolo gies to drive efficiency in 24,000 flow per hour building. aSuccessfully oversaw 3 facilities, including consolidating and optimizing opera ting processes. aSpearheaded culture change through hands-on leadership, including providing com prehensive driver technology training and route-change information. EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENT

Master of Business Administration in Project Management (expected December 2010) Keller Graduate School of Management, Naperville, Illinois Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania Women Leadership Committee Conflict Management Youth Mentor