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##### # 2010 jan 24th - v0.40c # Deel - <tobby.ziegler::altzero::gmail.

com> # Can be found here : ##### I/ Licence This script is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007 - II/ Using the script II-A/ The "A" part of the script It contains a list of "softwares" that can be installed, you can choose what you want to install changing the default 0/1 value according to your needs. - SPINE plugin setup: Configuration=>Settings=>Paths : Set the Spine Poller File Path to : /usr/local/spine/spine SAVE & check that "OK: FILE FOUND" appears Configuration=>Settings=>Poller : Change the Poller Type to : spine - REALTIME plugin setup : Configuration=>Settings=>Misc : Set the Cache directory to : /var/www/cacti/plugins/rt_cache/ SAVE & check that "OK: FILE FOUND" appears. II-B/ The "B" part of the script It contains a list of options that are not enabled by default because they require specific user configurations or because they are not directly related to Cacti - Spikekill plugin : Spikekill installation is not enabled by default because it needs some additional configurations that can not be done by the script, you'll have to enable the creation of backup files, and allow the www-data user to write RRD files. - Quiet Lamp: This option allows to change the default configuration of Apache and PHP in order to prevent them from being too chatty, in terms of security this is a small yet necessary step. - ModSecurity : This option installs the Apache Mod-Security module and only allows the usage of the "base_rules" rule set, using the "optional_rules" or "experimental rules" requires some configuration that cannot be done by the script. II-C/ The "C" part of the script It contains the different versions of the "softwares" to be installed, you shouldn't change these values unless you know what you're doing. II-D/ The "D" part of the script It contains some user/passwords definitions that you should change WARNING : If you change the MySQL Password in the "MySQLRootPwd" var, make sure you remember it, during MySQL installation, the system will ask your for th is password, this process is not a part of the script but a part of the MySQL server package

33 .10 .33a .2010/09/20 . this script has been written and tested for Debian 5. Thold v0.10 IV/ Support I will only answer the questions posted on the Cacti. you'd better install everything by yourself. "En" translation of comments(+) v0.2010/07/21 . I cannot guarantee the delay between your question and my answer. references are at the very beginning of the script.2011/01/24 .2010/07/18 . cacti patch(+) forum or by email. test if the softwares have already been installed v0. SpikeKill.2011/01/23 .2010/07/22 .31 . Clog v0.40 . this is best-effort. I can not guarantee that everything will work fine on a different Debian version or on a distro based on Debian 5 (Ubuntu for instance). Monitor.plugin additions (+) : LoginMod.Spine installation(+) v0.The script works with Ubuntu 10.2011/01/02 .bugfix for ubuntu users (#!/bin/bash thing) .DEPRECATED v0.Script uses functions(change) v0.36 .2010/08/04 .2010/07/21 .34 .20 . II-E/ The "E" part of the script You should not change anything here unless you know what you're doing III/ Disclaimer III-A/ Standard This script is released under the disclaimer of its licence III-B/ extended This Script has been written to TEST the latest Cacti version as well as the newest plugins.Handling cactiuser password changes(bugfix).30 .Sed enhancements(change) v0.37 .32 .2010/07/27 .2010/07/19 . major changes in the code structure.2011/01/01 .Cycle plugin installation(+) v0.2010/07/20 .2011/01/24 .Apache ModSecurity addition (+).Cacti and PA installation(+) v0.Realtime plugin installation(+) v0.00 .Script uses slightly better user rights(change) v0.38 .plugin additions(+) : NetworkWeathermap.2010/07/20 .Cacti patch(+) v0.35 . V/ Changelog v0.40b . Nectar.40c . EDIT .PA version upgrade(change).X. realtime plugin upgrade(change) v0.21 .installation.Spine patch(+). cycle plugin upgrade(change).2011/01/07 .2010/07/23 . For a "Prod" environment I don't recommend using it.2011/01/09 .Settings plugin installation(+) v0.