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´Dagan, are you actually listening to me?µ Dagan was tempted to tell him the truth, that no, he hadn·t heard a word Jared had said since he·d answered the phone. But then he·d have to repeat everything he·d just said, and Dagan didn·t have the energy to listen to Jared Taylor any longer than he had to. ´Uh« Yeah.µ He replied. ´Good, so will you do it then?µ ´Wait, do what?µ ´What the hell is up with you this morning? About two years ago, if you remember, you got rid of that little problem for us. Well, his brother has been sniffing around; he·s even started stalking my sisters ² you remember them, don·t you? ´But he·s also killed a few of our friends; Josh and Jackson ² god rest their souls. We need him gone ² I can·t let him get to the twins, and I can·t keep them with me forever. You·re the only one who can do it.µ ´Sorry, I·ve got a lot on my mind. I·ll get back to you, ok?µ Dagan hung up the phone before Jared even had the chance to think of a reply. In truth, he had absolutely no intention to call him back ² he had to sort things out one at a time. He began to slowly rub his temples, trying to get rid of the headache that had started to build up. Dagan walked into the living room and lifted the sword. As soon as the cold metal handle touched the warm flesh of his hand, the world shifted beneath his feet.
«He raised the sword and brought it down with enough force to take the man·s head clean off. A noise suddenly caught his attention; screaming from not that far away. But what made it stand out was that it wasn·t screams of pain or fear ² it was more a shout for help. Dagan looked around quickly, his sharp eyes taking in every detail of the land around him. Then he found the source of the noise. ´Dad, help!µ She screamed at the couple who Dagan assumed were her parents. He ran towards the couple, recognizing the man as the one he·d been looking for. Just as the man turned to face his daughter, Dagan tackled him to the ground. The woman screamed, and tried to help the man ²that Dagan recognized as being Frank-back to his feet. He ignored them, as his attention had once again been caught by the girl. He looked at her tear streaked face, her long dark hair floating in the wind, he r bright blue eyes shimmering in the light. She had a young boy balanced on her hip, her arm wrapped protectively around him. All Dagan could see of him was his black hair. There was another boy next to her, but Dagan didn·t bother focusing on him ²he posed no actual threat and didn·t arouse his curiosity. He was just another face in the sea of people ²nothing made him stand out. He removed his mask, but he didn·t know why; perhaps he wanted to scare her. But it wasn·t fear he saw in the depths of her eyes, he didn·t understand what it was«Anger? Pity? He couldn·t tell. Dagan wanted to kill her; she would just be another one of the countless innocents that had met their end with his blade. But in that moment, his soul seemed to split in two ² part of him ran over to her and slaughtered her before his eyes and other, more sold stayed where it was. It was in that moment, after seeing her killed by his own sword in his mind·s eye; that he knew that he couldn·t ever see her get hurt. He felt as if she could see right through him, that she alone could understand him better than even himself. He had to get away from her.


He turned and ran back to Frank and his wife, painfully wrenching his gaze away from that girl. The woman screamed upon seeing his face, it was that reaction that he was looking for the girl. He laughed, ´Scream all you want, there·s no one else to save you!µ He raised his sword and cut her down. ´No! Not Sarah«You monster!µ Frank shouted, trying to get back on his feet before Dagan kicked him down again. ´Now, now Frankie, we·re going to play nicely, aren·t we?µ He kicked him hard in the chest ´Interrogation timeµ Then he dragged him into one of the nearby gardens. Dagan tied the unconscious man onto a tree, so he couldn·t escape even if he tried. Then, to wake him, he took his wrist, opened his palm and ran the curved knife blade swiftly down the middle. Frank screamed out in pain, but Dagan just laughed. ´Where is he Frank?µ His eyes darted around, looking for an escape, but upon finding none, he re plied, ´Whwhere is who?µ Dagan dug the blade harder into his palm unsatisfied with the answer. ´You know who. Where is he? Where is Bill?µ ´I«I don·t know«µ he trailed off. ´Yes you do!µ He shouted, Frank protested again, and then screamed as Dagan pushed the blade further into his hand, nearly splitting the bone. ´Where·s Bill gone? Where is he hiding?µ ´I don·t know«µ Dagan had had enough; he withdrew the knife from Frank·s hand and cut three long gashes into his chest. Then, assuming he was dead, he dragged the corpse into his own back garden and left it so he could search the house for anything that might lead him to Bill.