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“cay tre” squid house dish of calamari sautéed
with lemongrass, fresh vine tomatoes, viet celeriac, cucumber and dill 6

one dish meal
bbq pork loin with rice vermicelli of pork tender
loin marinated in lemongrass, barbequed, served with fresh herbs and sweet and sour pickle king prawns or tofu with rice vermicelli 6
Viet Grill’s sister restaurant Voted ‘best valued restaurant 2007’ Terry Durack The Independent on Sunday

oven baked mackerel marinated with galangal
and wrapped in banana leaves

8 6.5

bun sa - lemongrass sautéed beef, chicken, spring bowl of imperial rolls, prawn spring rolls
and grilled “la lot” rolls over rice vermicelli, with cucumber, salad, mint & cilantro

5.5 6

basa fish pan seared incredible basa fish coated in turmeric and lemongrass, topped with a sprinkle of chilli slow cooked mekong catfish in clay pot a traditional vietnamese cooking method of fresh water catfish, poached in caramelised fish sauce, finished with cracked black pepper and chopped fresh chilli


wok vietnamse “pho” or “egg” noodle in high

flame, laden with daily vegetables, mushroom and
duck, chicken, pork, beef or tofu chef’s special or seafood

6 7 6.5 5.5 7.5

crispy seabass fillet with julienned mango in
tangy sweet and sour fish sauce

7.5 6 6.5 6.5 7

cassava vermicelli stir fried with tiger prawn,
crab meat and fragrant knotweed bles, with chef’s special sauce

braised citronella king prawns curry with saffron, sun dried chilli and shallot

house rice platter of assorted meat and vegetascallops, king prawns and squid flash-fried with
vegetables in rich ginger and garlic sauce, over jasmine rice


sugpo prawn wokked with cauliflower, ear mushroom and shiitake arrowed scallion

flamed monk fish tail with shiitake, onions and sizzling seafood fresh scallops, king prawns and calamari, stir-fried with fresh vegetables in a rich garlic sauce

“tet” pork with tiger prawn, shiitake, cauliflower,

wood ear mushroom and thai celery, over jasmine rice


stewed saigon pork belly in caramelised coconut juice, served with jasmine rice chilli pork chop over jasmine rice, served with
steamed choy sum 2 2.5 4.5 3.5

6 6 Uniting vietnamese street food and fine dinning

rice and noodles
jasmine rice egg fried rice special fried rice plain noodles with bean-sprouts and onions

sautéed chicken or duck curry over jasmine rice
chicken duck

6 7

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banana fritter with coconut ice cream vietnamese tapioca durian cake
3.5 2.5

set menus
recession set meal choose a starter under a fiver, or a starter size of soup, and a dish from one dish meal section 9.5

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prawn or tofu soft shell crab 5 5. vermicelli noodles. cauliflower. steamed pork. in a fragrant broth. viet herb and julienned mango 6. made with rice noodles. lightly spiced minced pork. dipped with tangy sweet and sour sauce in wok. julienned meat pie and shiitake crispy aromatic duck house platter to share (minimum order for 2) quarter half mixed or vegetarian seafood 6.5 crispy battered pangasius fish maws shaken 3. with cinnamon salt and pepper 5. smothered in vietnamese sweet basil and smashed nuts bun bo hue the imperial capital’s spicier version of “pho”. crispy garlic and choices of “pho” or “my” noodles 3.5 6. vietnamese stuffed swimming crab hunks of sea crab.9 braised aubergine in black bean sauce monk wok tofu of shiitake mushroom. wood ear mushroom and thai celery 6 6 6.5/5. chicken or tofu or tofu 3. pipeapple. presented at every vietnamese meal chilli pork chop on a bed of greens vietnamese chicken curry of chicken fillet braised in coconut “viet an” curry sauce.5 saigon saté beef “pho” noodles with tender beef. tropical viet herbs and honey-lime dressing hanoi “pillow” crispy dumplings of crabmeat. celery. really traditional and authentic.5 6. with fresh herbs on the side sion of “pho”. served with beef.5 4.5 viet summer salad of pomelo. vietnamese chicken royale free-range whole chicken marinated with cinnamon and herbs. crunchy okra. kohlrabi.5 5.5 hanoi “pho” the hanoi recipe of pho of wok-fried tenderloin beef. king prawn. topped with young coriander and ‘tieu’ black pepper wok fried beef or chicken in black bean sauce spicy beef brisket a wicked way of cooking brisket.5 6 campfire sirloin steak marinated with oyster sauce and sautéed in a clay pot.soup (starter and main course size) popular vietnamese hot and sour soup a traditional light and refreshing soup.5 6. coconut and spicy “viet an” curry indochine beef wafer-thin slices of beef tender- loin soaked in lemon juice and garden herbs.5 5 4. onions and chives in home made chicken broth mango salad of sun-dried squid. shrimps. shiitake. onions.5 6 vegetables and tofu “pho” the veggie-tofu ver- 3.5 piggy aubergine with scallion pork.5/7 4/6 special vietnamese quail curry with stewed au- bergine.5 roast duck noodles soup with bok choy. bags of crunchy fresh lotus.5 4 vietnamese seafood rice noodles combination of jumbo prawns. shrimps and viet 3 4/6 herbs.5 bun thang hanoi the street market noodle soup of hanoi. calamari.5 4.5 5 5. poached in a full bodied chilli broth. made with round white noodles. tossed in a flaming wok dressing rolls crispy vietnamese spring rolls imperial spring rolls prawn or vegetables water spinach tossed in flaming wok with garlic 3. shredded corn-fed chicken. mushrooms and minced pork. shredded chicken. served with fresh basil and bean-sprouts grant broth.5 starters prawn crackers lotus stem salad with pork. limey zing and a jolt of sweet chilli sauce 1 5.5 3 3 green leaves with oyster sauce or fried garlic fresh soft summer roll swith king prawn or tofu .8/6 5.5 5. with knotweed. roasted and dressed with a beautiful soy broth 5. round lettuce. laden with fresh garden herbs and a combination of tomato.5 6 4. the beef soaks up herb oil which explodes in your mouth saigon torch roast pork belly braised in caramelised “nuoc mam”. in a ceviche-style vegetables steamed mustard greens with steeped soft boiled egg dip 4 4.5/5.5 12 5. scallops and vegetables 4/6.5 6. a vietnamese classic chicken gems of pan fried chicken liver with scallion. watercress and an organic red onion salad 6. beancurd skin and cauliflower. smashed nut. with choices of fish.5 sicum “tet” pork with tiger prawn. or a combination of the two.5 meat cognac “luc lac” shaking beef fillet mignon with garlic. lemongrass and whole chillies beef. dressed with wicked crispy frog tossed with onions and capchilli salted and peppered squid. leek and sautéed tofu . shallots. in a lightly seasoned crab broth sweet chilli fish sauce 6 5.5 6.5/5.grilled leafy meat parcels wrapped in wild betel leaves 4/6 4. king prawns crab cake 4/6 crispy vietnamese longfish smothered in lemongrass sauce roast duck with seared asian greens and plum curried succulent northern farm duck simmered with coconut milk and whole lemongrass crispy tofu dressed with limed scallion soy bo la lot . chicken.5 “pho” the vintage vietnamese noodle in a fra- 3.5 seasonal choy sum greens soup with prawns wonton noodle soup ground prawn and meat dumplings.