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DAVID ESCHMANN 1143 Dover Place St.

Louis, MO 63111 Home: 314-752-5463 Cell-314-488-5382 CAREER SUMMARY A Database Developer / Manager with 15+ years experience in: Administering and managing OLAP database applications for executive decision-ma king Collaborating with the executive user community regarding database resources an d training Synthesizing information with business practices to streamline problem resoluti on Providing knowledge-base resources that are both complete and accurate. Background Experience: Hyperion Essbase Database Systems : Administrative Services 7.1.6 Integration Services 7.1.6 Application Ma nager 6.x Esscmd Release 7.1.6 Excel Add-In 7.1.X SPSS ShowCase Suite 7.0, SQL Query Writer SQL on Unix & AS400 Environm ents SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS Optimized Essbase data cubes at Brown Shoe for the Specialty Retailing departmen t. Corrected inaccurate data cube cross-references. Modified cubes to improve timeliness of daily / weekly u pdate processes. This enabled the department to run daily reports two hours earlier. Analyzed Thermadyne's manufacturing labor-hour data daily process and determined that timeliness could be improved. Decided that intermediate data tables would greatly improve the data load times to the Essbase data cube. Wrote the code and inserted it into the daily automated process. This r esulted in data loads executing in 75% less time. Provided the analyst with a 90 minute improvement in the time window in which to prepare the daily report before deadline. Created the largest database on record for the Reporting and Analysis department at May Co. Developed the database to meet all specifications including sales data by day, product line, a nd store location for three fiscal years in an Essbase database. With this OLAP data resource the departmen t was able to produce analytical reports that provided much greater sales detail. Prevented gaps in data integrity by developing daily check spreadsheets to test results of all automated daily/weekly processes. Ensured that data was valuable, useful and available fo r every day of the fiscal year. Developed documentation standards for "one-page overviews" and created one for e very single database. Condensed all overviews into a single pdf file located on the departmental serve r. This provided analysts with

a quick reference to determine where the data resources could be located. Codified and documented the annual year-end rollover process to eliminate errors resulting in a smoother, more effective set up of the databases for the new fiscal year. Reviewed every datab ase and provided meaningful summary of what each cube contained. Streamlined the ability to rollover databa ses into the next fiscal year. Database administrators performed the rollover process quicker and more effectiv ely, which enabled the addition of twelve daily databases requiring rollover processing on fiscal day one. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE BROWN SHOE COMPANY., St. Louis, MO (SyllogisTeks contract) 2008 - 2009 SPECIALIST - B.I. RETAIL GROUP (October 2008 - August 2009) Administration of IT Business Intelligence data warehouse and Essbase database s ystems using SPSS ShowCase Suite 7.0, SQL, Essbase Administrative Services 7.1.6, Essbase Integration Servi ces 7.1.6, Esscmd Release 7.1.6, and Essbase Spreadsheet Add-In 7.1.X on AS400 Data Warehouse system. Managed Hyperion Solutions Essbase OLAP data systems supporting 17 databases, w ith data cubes for retail business metrics including sales and inventory data. Performed database design, modification, optimization, and testing. Served 150 users to provide data via scheduled reports and ad-hoc analysis to S enior Management, Store Operations, Buying Staff, and Merchandising Staff. THERMADYNE HOLDINGS CORP., St. Louis, MO 2007- 2008 IT DATA WAREHOUSE SPECIALIST (May 2007 - October 2008) Administration of IT Business Intelligence data warehouse and Essbase database s ystems using SPSS ShowCase Suite 7.0, SQL, Essbase Administrative Services 7.1.6, Esscmd Release 7.1.6, and Essbase Spreadsheet Add-In 7.1.X. Managed Hyperion Solutions Essbase OLAP data systems supporting 65 databases, w ith data cubes for Sales, Finance, and Operations. Performed data cube design, modification, and testing. Sourced data from RDBMS using SQL. Served 484 users in 29 Essbase access groups. MAY DEPARTMENT STORES CO., St. Louis, MO 1984-2007 ESSBASE DATA RESOURCE DEVELOPER/ MANAGER (1994- May 2007) Administration of Reporting / Planning and Merchandise Information Systems datab ase and network groups. Utilized Hyperion Solutions Essbase OLAP data systems supporting 33 Reporting / Planning databases and 25 MIS databases for 92 users. Supervised 2 administration staff. Performed database design, calculation code, and regular data update responsibi lities. Included extensive database modifications to support transition of May operating divisi ons into Federated systems. Optimized databases for speed and stability. LAN ANALYST (1991 to 1994) Assisted LAN Manager with administration of Reporting / Planning databases and network. Utilized Micro Control database with spreadsheet client. PROGRAMMER / ANALYST (1984 to 1991) Provided computer programming on project basis to prepare reports required by s

enior management. EDUCATION SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY, St. Louis, MO Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Major in Marketing. Course work in marketing, accounting, management science, economics, and liberal arts. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - ST. LOUIS, St. Louis, MO Microcomputer Program Introduction / Intermediate / Advanced Applications of SQL : completed 3/27/200 8 Fundamentals of SQL Using Oracle : completed 5/14/2010 CONTROL DATA INSTITUTE, St. Louis, MO Self-paced, individualized course in Computer Programming and Operations.